How to delete an account on Instagram?

We begin a series of articles “Instagram for the kettle”. Simple instructions for the proper use of functionality and much more. First Topic: “How to Delete Instagram”.

No, for this you need to enter your account in a browser: from a mobile or computer.

Yes, Instagram provides such an opportunity. Read more in our article.

No, no you can create a new account with the same nickname that was previously deleted.

How to create a backup copy of your instagram profile

What is convenient, while maintaining the backup of the Instagram profile allows you to save almost any information that refers to your profile. You can download not only photos themselves, but also a bunch of other data: all your likes, Комментарии и мнения владельцев, contacts, signatures to photographs, including all used hashtags, and even your search queries and settings.

However, everything except photos will be packaged in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) file files. Such files can be opened and try to read using simple text editors. notebook, WordPad, Textedit, and so on. but isolated information from symbol mixers is not very convenient.

Fortunately, you will receive photos in a normal, human format JPEG. and they are even sorted by folders for each date. One small problem: all pictures will be characterized by “Instagram” low resolution. 1080 x 1080. Since it is in this form that they are stored on the social network, you can’t correct the situation in any way. just keep this in mind.

How to create a backup copy of your data from Instagram via Android or iOS

To order backup your Instagram profile from a smartphone or tablet, follow the following actions:

  • Open the Instagram application.
  • Click on the profile button. this is the right button on the lower panel, to the right of the heart.
  • Press the menu button (three horizontal strips) in the upper right corner.
  • At the very bottom of the panel that appears, the setting button is hidden-here you need it.
  • Scroll through the opening menu to the section Privacy and safety and select downloading data.
  • Instagram will show you the email address to which your account is tied. If you want the data to be delivered to some other address, you can specify it.
  • Confirm the email to deliver the backup archive and enter your Instagram password.
  • That’s all. Within 48 hours (usually this happens much faster. in a few minutes) Instagram will send you a link by which you can download the archive with all your data.
  • Open the letter from Instagram in your postal application and click the link.
  • The entrance page of the Instagram website will open. Enter your username and password to enter the account.
  • Click download data. The loading of a ZIP archive with photos and other information related to your profile will begin.

How to create a backup copy of your data from Instagram using a web browser

Making a backup of the instagram profile from the browser is somewhat easier, especially if you use a computer or laptop. This is what you need:

  • Open the browser, go to the Instagram and enter with your current accounting data.
  • Click on your profile avatar in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Click edit the profile next to your name.
  • In the menu on the left, select confidentiality and safety.
  • Scroll through the list you open and select request a file in the data download section. After that, Instagram will send you a letter with reference to the archive in which there will be photos and other information from your profile.
  • Further, everything is the same as when working with the application: having received an email from Instagram, open it in an appendix or browser and click the link.
  • The entrance page of the Instagram website will open. Enter your username and password to enter the account.
  • Click download data. The loading of a ZIP archive with your photos and other information related to your profile will begin.

Now that the backup copy of your photos is ready and uploaded to the computer, you can delete the Instagram profile.

How to temporarily delete an Instagram account through a browser

Instead of an irrevocable deletion of your account, you can also temporarily block it. At the same time, your page, photos, Комментарии и мнения владельцев and likes will be hidden until you activate the account again. for this you need to re.pass authentication. A temporary block is available once a week, and only through a web version.

Open the Instagram website and go through authentication using your account data.

Click on the main photo of your page in the upper right corner and go to the “Profile” section.

Expand the menu “Edit the profile”.

Click on the “Temporarily Disable my account” button at the bottom of this menu.

Determine the reason in the drop.down menu “Why did you decide to block your account”.

delete, page, instagram, computer

Enter the password from the account in the field “To continue, enter your password again” and click on the “Temporarily Disable Account” button.

delete, page, instagram, computer

⚠️ If the instruction has stopped working or you have problems at some step-please inform about this in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. We will definitely study the problem and update the article.

How to temporarily turn off the profile

Want to turn off the page for a while without losing personal data? The functionality of the social network Instagram provides such an opportunity.

Important: you can temporarily turn off the page only through the browser. on the phone or computer. In the application, this function is not available.

Go to the official Instagram website through the browser. Enter the profile and go to the main page.

In the lower part of the editor there is a button “Temporarily disconnect my account”.

Select the reason and enter the password. After that, click on the blue button “temporarily block the account”. instructions for removing account

There are 2 ways to retire from Instagram:

This can only be done through a computer, more precisely through a regular Instagram, you can go to it in a browser on the phone.

Delete (block) page with the possibility of recovery

We go to our profile on the Instagram website.COM via a browser on a computer, tablet or phone.

I will show on the example of an old account, which I created when I wrote an article “How to register on Instagram”.

We leaf down and in the lower right corner click on the link “temporarily block my account”.

Choose the reason for blocking the account and enter the current password. After click the fat raspberry button below.

After that, your page will be blocked and inaccessible to other users.

How to restore profile on Instagram?

When you want to restore your locked account, you will need to just enter it through a mobile application on the phone using an old login and password.

Delete an account on Instagram forever

Using this method, you cannot restore your remote profile and all photos in the future.

Damn, I temporarily blocked my test account, it is impossible to restore it immediately until the administrators promote it, so I will continue to show with the example of the main.

delete, page, instagram, computer

Enter your profile through the browser, as in the first method.

Go by direct link to the deletion page: https: // www.Instagram.COM/Accounts/Remove/Request/Permanent/

Select the reason for the removal and enter the current password. Click “irrevocably delete my account”.

How to Delete Instagram Account on Computer/Laptop (2020)

I recommend that you keep all the photos before full removal.

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently on Desktop, PC, or Chromebook

If you don’t remember the password! Dear readers, if you forgot your password from Instagram, and cannot enter the page, then use the function “Forgot your password?”, And then follow the above instructions.

Is it possible to remove Instagram

For those who decided to delete their profile on the social network, Instagram provided two options:

Having blocked the account, you can restore it, all posts, messages and photos, if you later change your mind.

If you delete the account, then restore the account and its contents will not work. In addition, you can never use the same name and email address to create a new Instagram profile.

How to delete the second account on Instagram

If for any reason you do not need an active Instagram account, you can remove it. There is no instant and simple method. you will have to act step by step according to the instructions. It should be borne in mind that the social network is updated quite often, and such functions can be changed by developers.

How to delete your Instagram account account

If several accounts are “tied up” on one profile, and one of them needs to be removed. fail it and make it “autonomous”.

  • Enter the general profile and switch to the account that needs to be removed.
  • Enter the settings. you need to click on the button with the image of three vertical lines in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • In the window that opens, sink into the lower part of the screen and click on “Exchange from the account. “”.

Now you need to go again. Enter the nickname page that you will delete and restore the password. The old one does not need to be introduced. By restoring the password, it is necessary to attach the page to another email address or phone number.

If everything is done correctly, you can go to this account with updated entry data, and there will be no connection with other pages.

The easiest way is to remove through the reference center. For irrevocable deactivation, you can use any device. a computer, a smartphone or tablet. For example, how to act on a smartphone with Android OS.

  • Enter your instagram profile. Press the button with the image of three parallel lines in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • In the window that opens from below, select the “Settings” line.
  • In the menu that appears, click on “Help”.
  • After clicking on this line, you will get on the menu of the Instagram Help Center.
  • Here you need to make a request. in the search bar, briefly describe your problem. In this case, the request should sound like “delete the account”.

On iPhones and computers, the process is similar. the differences are noticeable only in the intense.

Some features and recommendations

The Instagram reference center presents a rather impressive functionality. For example, if you are not sure that it is necessary to get rid of the profile. it can be temporarily deactivated. This is convenient. recovery is possible at any time while maintaining all the profile information. Before removing Instagram, offers to copy all the information contained in the account. such a link will appear after the transition to the reference center.

  • Do not wait for the rapid removal of the profile. 30 days are provided for consideration.
  • Immediately after receiving confirmation of the irrevocable removal of the account, you can create a new one with exactly the same nickname.
  • If your profile is forcibly blocked for violating the rules of the site. creating exactly the same nickname will not work.
  • In the process, the system requests a login and password. Be sure to save or write down this data. without them, you can’t get rid of the account.

Removing an account on Instagram is a simple, but long procedure. Before removal, weigh the pros and cons, and if you decide, act according to the above instructions.

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How to delete page on Instagram through a computer

Now almost every person knows what is Instagram (Instagram). Being created in the form of an application for mobile devices (iOS and Android), currently this social network has millions of users from around the world.

Instagram has a site that generally has the same integration as the mobile application, however, the functionality of the desktop version is significantly cut.

We have already written about how to install Instagram on a computer and how to perform actions that are originally available only in the application. In this article we will talk about how to delete a page on Instagram through a computer.

It is not as easy to do as it may seem. If you go to the website of the social network, log in in your account, you will not even find the settings section there. The only thing that is striking from this is the tab “Edit the profile”. By opening it, you will not find anything related to removal, and below the inscription will flaunt: “Temporarily block the profile”. As we understand, this is not a complete removal of the account. So how do you do it?

Instagram has long been belonging. Most likely, for this reason, the support services of both social networks were combined. Therefore, all recommendations regarding certain actions on Instagram are on certificate.

Before proceeding to remove the Instagram account, it is important to understand the following:

This is an irrevocable action, that is, you cannot restore this page again, all your photos, videos, messages, subscriptions and subscribers, likes and Комментарии и мнения владельцев will be deleted forever.

You will not be able to register under this name on the social network again, you will also not be able to add this name to the existing account.

If you want to take a short break, so to speak, take a break from Instagram, and even so that no one bothers you, you can just temporarily block the page. You can do this on the site in the “Edit Profile” section.

Removing the page on Instagram from a computer 1. Follow this link. If you need authorization, enter your data (login, password).

Be sure to indicate the reason why you decide to remove your account. Repeated the password from your profile.

Click on the “Full Removing of the Account”.

After the actions done, your page on Instagram will be removed completely and irrevocably.