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How to delete messages in WhatsApp (WhatsApp)

You want to delete a message, media files or just clean the smartphone memory? WhatsApp provides for such an opportunity! Below are all methods of removing sent messages, including after an hour when it is no longer possible to cope with this task by pressing a pair of buttons.

Open the chat in which the message was sent. Click on the appropriate line. note! At the top, next to the menu call button, the basket icon appeared. click it and select in the menu that opens the item Delete. If less than 1 hour has passed since the sending, then you will have access to the function “delete” for everyone. In the first case, the message is removed only from the sender’s chat and remains available to view the recipient. Users are given the opportunity to delete several messages at the same time, including audio files and videos. highlight several messages, click the button in the form of a basket and select the corresponding item in the menu opened. Methods of removing messages described above are also relevant for WhatsApp Web.

How to see remote messages in WhatsApp

To read the old chat with messages that were sent no more than 7 days ago and erased, you will need to delete the program and install it again.


To see the correspondence on the iPhone, you should perform the following actions:

  • Delete WhatsApp using an application manager. To do this, hold your finger on the application icon, then click on the appeared cross.
  • Install the messenger again. At the beginning of the process there will be a request for information restoration. Confirm this action. The operation involves the archive in WhatsApp, placed in the device memory.
  • After installation, restart the program.
  • Make sure that the dialogue of interest is restored.


To restore data on Android, you need to use the following algorithm:

  • Go into the general settings of the phone.
  • Open the “Application Manager”.
  • Find the WhatsApp app and click the deletion button.
  • Make the installation again.

This method helps restore the data that WhatsApp managed to fix.

If the application is carried out up to 3 hours of the morning, when the information is preserved, then fresh correspondence will disappear.


The procedure for removing correspondence in WhatsApp for the iPhone in the same way as in the midst of other OS does not require special efforts to apply. To clear the conversation of some messages or delete a dialogue with any interlocutor, you can go in different ways.

Separate messages and dialogs

The first method of removing unwanted or unnecessary information received/sent through WhatsApp is to erase one, several or all messages in the chat (ah).

One or more messages

Of course, using the method described above, you can delete all messages from any conversation with the participant of WhatsApp, but if necessary, the full destruction of the contents of individual chats may not be quite convenient and take a lot of time if the correspondence is voluminous. For quick removal of all messages, it is better to apply the following instructions at the same time.

    Open the target dialogue and taps at the top of the screen by the name of the WhatsApp participant with whom the conversation is being conducted.

Some or all correspondence

The destruction of chats is not such a rare task when working with Whatsapr. For example, after removing contacts from the address book, correspondence with them remains untouched and it must be washed separately. For the mass removal of information transferred or received through the messenger, the IOS service application for iOS provides for two options for actions.

To erase correspondence with a separate interlocutor, you can not open a chat with it, as described above, but use the functionality that is available from the screen containing a list of headings of all dialogs. This is especially convenient if it is necessary to remove several conversations created ever, we repeat the instructions for each chat that has become unnecessary.

    We go to the “Chats” tab of the WhatsApp application for the iPhone and find the conversation to be cleaned or removed. Press the chat header and move it to the left until the “” button appears. We try not to move the element to the end of the screen, otherwise the correspondence will automatically be sent to the archive.

    Choose “Clean the chat” if the goal is to remove all the messages transferred and received as part of the conversation, but the dialogue itself should remain available from the “chat” section to the Watsaap for the exchange of information in the future. On the next screen, tap “delete all messages”.

The above methods for destroying correspondence through WhatsApp involve the removal of individual messages or chats with specific interlocutors entirely. over, sometimes there is a need to erase from the phone absolutely all the information received through the messenger. Such an opportunity in the clice application for iOS is also available.

    Opening the messenger and touching the corresponding icon in the lower right corner of the screen, we go into the “settings” of WhatsApp. In the displayed list, select the item “Chats”.

    “Clean all chats”-to delete all messages from all the dialogue ever created.

In a group

In the group chat, the file and the text are erased, even if any of the participants has already opened the message and it has the status of “read”. You can remove one or more letters in the group according to the same principle as in chat with 2 participants. If the messages were not deleted due to failures with the network or for other reasons, the notification of their deletion will not be received.

delete, messages, votsap, iphone

Audio recordings are removed from the history of dialogue in the same way as the text. After squeezing the desired voice message, click “Delete“. But the audio messages in the “Votsap” may not disappear forever, since they are stored not only in the chat, but also in the internal catalog of the application (when activating this option). In order to activate the function of saving offline files, it is not necessary to make attempts to restore remote records. It is enough to select a backup function and a virtual storage in the phone settings, where the audio messages will be duplicated.

Features on the iPhone

On the iPhone, you can also save voice records in the cloud storage and have access to them after removing from the application chat. All voice messages will remain in the iTunes service. Files will be available for listening and outside the network.

Another way to save the audio file from Vatsapa in the device’s memory before deletion is to send a sound message to your own e.mail, indicating yourself as an addressee.

How to delete WhatsApp account on iPhone

If you are tired of WhatsApp and want to erase all your information from this application you can delete your account on the iPhone. After that, the information of your account, the profile photo, all WhatsApp groups and the history of messages on this phone will be deleted forever.

Step 1 Go to the settings and account.

Step 2 click delete my account.

Step 3 Follow the order by entering the phone number and tape, delete my account again.

We delete messages from WhatsApp messages

The Messenger Wottsap considered under this article is cross.platform. This means that you can install it on mobile devices with Android and iOS, whether it be smartphones or tablets, as well as computers running Windows. Next, we will consider in detail how to remove the erroneously sent “messages” from the interlocutor based on what kind of operating system the application-user is used by the sender.

delete, messages, votsap, iphone

Important: removal is applicable to read, unread and even inscrutable messages, but only for the condition that no more than 60 minutes have passed since their sending to WhatsApp.


The owners of smartphones and tablets using the mobile version of the VOTSAP application for Android can delete the message and their interlocutor literally several slippers on the screen. This is done as follows:

How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages in iPhone || How to Recover WhatsApp Deleted Mesages in IOS

    In a neglected Client, VotSAP go to the Chat tab if it is not open by default. Open the dialogue from which you need to delete.

Similarly, you can get rid of several messages from the dialogue at once, but, we will repeat, exclusively on condition that less than an hour has passed since their sending to WhatsApp. For this:

    In the correspondence window with a long slippage on the first unnecessary message, highlight it, and then mark all the other elements that need to be erased by touching the screen.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in removing a message by accidentally or an erroneously sent message to whatsApp both on your side and in the client’s application with the interlocutor. The main thing is to do this as quickly as possible, hoping that the user does not have time to familiarize himself with the information received, if it is critical, or simply will no longer have access to it.

As mentioned above, restrictions on the use of the messenger’s functionality depending on the operating system in which the service client operates does not exist. when using WhatsApp for the iPhone, the same rules for removing messages apply to other applications.

The algorithm of actions, which involves the destruction of the expelled information from the addressee and Apple used by the owners of the devices, is the following.

    On the “Chats” tab of a neglected WhatsApp for iOS, select a dialog containing messages to be removed from themselves and the interlocutor.

How To Delete Whatsapp Messages Permanently on iPhone | Clear Whatsapp Chat History

Keep in mind if you touch on “delete from me”, in the future to remove the message from the history of the chat accessible to the interlocutor, there will be no possibility!

Removing dialogs

Another universal solution to the task may be the global removal of correspondence, which will instantly echo not only available for reading the message, but also all marks about previously remote publications. It is cleaned in many respects similar to separate messages by clicking on the correspondence on the “chat” page and the subsequent use of the “Delete Chat” function.

To get rid of messages in group correspondence, before that you will have to use the “exit from the group”, and only after that to remove. At the same time, take into account that, as in the previous sections of the instructions, it will not work to restore data, especially if backup copies have not been created before.