How to permanently delete a profile from the dating site Mamba

How to delete a profile from the Mamba site, if this one is popular in the area.You are no longer interested in? You do not want the data of the application to be displayed on the Internet, you want to get rid of all contacts. Anyone can do it. Follow our instructions, and the page will cease to exist.

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Absolute removal

In order to completely erase the data about yourself in “Mamba“, you need to go to the settings menu. A link to it will appear in the upper right hand corner of your screen after you click on your first and last name.

In the settings, we are interested in the top tab called “Personal Data”. Let’s scroll down to the bottom of the page. There is an item that allows you to delete or block your profile on “Mamba”. Next to the corresponding inscription there is a “dead” smiley face with crosses instead of eyes and a stuck out tongue.

If you click on the link, a new window will open. The system will ask you to choose one of three variants:

In this case we are interested in the last point. Simply disabling the search function is not enough. It will still remain on the site. Partner can enter your personal page through a direct link. Access in this case is open. Only in search results will not appear. There is also no point in logging in to the new dating site. The goal is to show your partner that you do not need anyone but him.

So, select “Delete page” and confirm the action. To the email address you gave when you registered, you will receive a notification of deletion. In the letter, among other things, there will be a link, by clicking on which you can complete the conceived.

Deleting your profile irretrievably is a serious action. There is a risk that it can be done by some unauthorized person, who has access to your login and password from “Mamba” and e-mail. For example, some malefactor or a partner. By the way, in the latter case, it is enough that the person has access to a computer, in the browser of which all the data for logging in are memorized. It should be noted that the administration of the site is always underwritten, requiring the user to confirm the action by entering in a special field the code that came to the cell phone.

As noted, the contact on “Mamba” is not erased immediately irretrievably. There will be no profile on the site, but the data will be stored on the servers for a while. The page can be restored. The owner will periodically be informed of this by letters arriving at the post.

After how many days the right to restore will be lost? The possibility to return everything as it was, remains for 6 months. Quite a reasonable period. During this time, the person may change his/her position, realizing that the relationship is not developing the way he/she would like it to. There may be a desire to meet other candidates for the hand and heart. If the specified time passes, you will need to register again.

How to delete Mamba profile from your phone

It is difficult to imagine the modern world without the Internet. Mamba is a popular social network that allows you to start new acquaintances and relationships all over the world. Many people find their love exactly here. But how to delete the application from the phone? And why?

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When registering in social networks a person creates a profile with his contact data. Consequently, other people can reply to you, respond to your updates. If you have not accessed your profile for a long time, your account will still be active and people will continue to write to you. To prevent this from happening, you should delete your profile or stop it, writing in the status that the profile is no longer active.

Often a Mamba profile is deleted for the following reasons:

Signing up for Mamba is easy. In addition, you can find many tutorials on the Internet.

But in any case it is important to delete your profile if you don’t use it already, so you won’t have different messages.

The easiest option is to delete Mamba through an app on your phone. To remove it, you should go through the following steps:

  • Open the application and enter your page with your password and login.
  • Go to the section where the person is drawn. It is located on the right side of the bottom panel.
  • Press the three dots on the right, but already on top.
  • These dots will take you to Settings. Press the “Basic” button.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see the button “Delete questionnaire”, which you should press.
  • Then go to your email and confirm the deletion of the profile.
  • You will be able to restore your profile for 200 days.

How to delete messages

The procedure for clearing conversations is slightly different depending on the device and operating system that runs it.

From a phone

To delete correspondence from mobile application in your phone:

If you still have questions. Tell us Ask a question

The mobile version of Mamba also has a function that allows you to send a contact to ignore. The data collected in a special folder can be sent to the trash according to the algorithm:

From a computer

If the user does not plan to add the interlocutor to the blacklist, but wants to delete the message in Mamba correspondence, act according to the instructions:

  • Go to the dating service site, log in;
  • Go to the tab with the necessary correspondence;
  • A counter of received messages will appear in the upper right corner of the window and an icon in the trash. select the action to send the texts to trash. Even unread messages will be deleted.

Since the user is not sent to ignore, the ability to communicate will remain for both parties. No restrictions.

In previous versions of the service it was impossible to delete the sent image in correspondence. This function is now relevant and is actively used by users. This requires:

  • Open the service.
  • Go to the “Messages” section.
  • Select the desired dialog.
  • Click on the “Attach” button.
  • The menu will show images that have been sent to the interlocutor. To delete, you need to select the desired files and click on the “Delete” button.

If you use a mobile app from your phone, you need to completely clear the chat with the user.

Before deleting a profile, you need to understand why it may be necessary. As soon as a user makes a profile in Mamba, he creates a page in which he specifies all his important data. That is, other users can at any time to write to this page, ask about the case, and so on. If the user is no longer sitting on this site, the account is still active! It will receive various applications that may interfere with the user.

To avoid this, you need to delete the account or just suspend its activity. It is enough to write that the page is no longer valid.

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Also frequent reasons for deleting an account are:

In any of the above cases, the only way out is to delete the account so that it does not receive any more additional offers. There are several ways to remove the program:

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, each of them is unique. It’s worth going into more detail about the basic methods so that the user understands what’s relevant to them and what’s not.

Deleting a page in Mamba from the phone, the user must initially save personal data. For example, photos or correspondence, through the function: “Screenshot”. There is a recovery period that the page owner can use after deactivation. Data is saved, as are chats, Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and ads.

Browser version is identical to the computer version: the owner can edit the account, add photos and delete the profile.

The dating site offers several options for deactivation:

If the user deletes only the application. profile, connected premium services remain active.

Delete profile through mobile version of the site

Mamba page can be deleted from the phone by iOS and Android owners, using the installed browser. To log in to your account, you need to use a combination of username and password or log in with a social network.

  • Go to the official website.
  • Authorize. click on avatar icon.
  • Settings. Basic.
  • Scroll down. Delete profile.
  • Select: “Delete completely” confirm action with password.

Offer to hide profile from general search: visitors won’t be able to send friend requests, see biography or photos. Also will not be available when searching in Google and Yandex. To restore this profile you need to log in again and go to the display settings on the site.

Profile Transfer to Teamos. Transferring your credentials to another dating site similar to Mamba. The user can take a psychological test to increase the chances of finding a soulmate quickly.

Deactivate from the Mamba app

The mobile app is available through Play Market and AppStore. The user needs to log in to perform any actions with the account.

  • Open the dating site app on your smartphone.
  • Sign In. My Account.
  • Click on “Settings” icon at the top.
  • The main one is to scroll through the list: “Delete profile”.

As in the browser version, it is necessary to choose what type of deactivation. Before deleting:

If the profile owner has not previously paid for services on the dating site. Mamba will not appear in the list. Need to check the status of the account after a month: users note that funds continue to be debited even after disconnection. In this situation, you need to submit an application to technical support, adding a screenshot of the receipt, the date of disconnection.

Users can delete messages in Mamba in two ways:

It is not possible to remove a photo or text notification. If the owner of the page clears the correspondence, a copy stays with the interlocutor. If blocked. the chat will be deleted from both sides. But the interlocutor will not be able to go to the account, write another notification or leave a comment.

Как удалить анкету на Мамбе с телефона 2021

To save important moments of correspondence, you need to use the “Screenshot” or “Copy” function. From the mobile version: press your finger on the message and select from the drop-down menu: “Copy”. Next, the text can be transferred to any text editor.

By deleting correspondence

You can clear a conversation from the mobile version and the computer version.

  • Go to Mamba. log in.
  • Go to the “Chats” section by pressing on the down arrow.
  • Delete. confirm action.
  • Open the application. go to “Messages,
  • Press your finger on the correspondence. select: “Clear”.
  • Confirm.

You will not be able to restore it even if you contact technical support. Another function of the messages is to move the correspondence to the category: “Important”, and the interlocutor to “Favorites. E-mails from this person will be the first to come and will be highlighted among other notifications.

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If the profile owner does not want to receive any messages from Mamba:

  • Go from the mobile version.
  • Tab: “Chats” press “Settings” from above.
  • Message notifications. remove the switch.

Now new emails will not be in alerts, also the sound and vibration are disabled.

Blocking another user

To not receive new messages or to clear a conversation with all participants. you need to block the interlocutor. Available from the “Correspondence” section and by going to another person’s account.

  • Go to “Dialogs” from the mobile version.
  • Select the icon at the top: “Send a complaint”.
  • Specify the reason. Ignore.
  • Go to Mamba.
  • Go to: “Messages”, click on the conversation.
  • At the bottom of the warning icon. complain.
  • Select a reason. send.

Or, go to the page and send a complaint through the general settings. If the owner of profile just doesn’t want to communicate or you want to delete correspondence. choose in the reasons: “Not interested”. The rest of items include violations on the site. When checking, the administration may block such an account, if he had previously made similar complaints. It is not uncommon to block users who have not committed any violations in Mamba.

After registration, two albums appear in the profile: Main and Miscellaneous. The first one contains pictures from the avatar, the second one contains other pictures that the user uploaded separately. There are separate privacy settings for each, which you can specify in the account settings.

To upload photos to Mamba from your computer:

  • Go to the site. log in.
  • Click on “My account” next to the chosen avatar: “Upload more”.
  • Select a photo on your computer. add to the site.

If the user has registered through social media, the photos will be taken from those already published in the first account.

  • Go to “Albums.
  • Select: “Main” or “Miscellaneous.
  • Go to the photo by clicking on the three dots at the top.
  • Delete. confirm the action.
  • Open Mamba mobile app.
  • Go to “My profile” and click on one of the photos you’ve uploaded.
  • Scroll. three dots at the top: “Delete“.

Unlike the computer version, in the mobile version you can specify the privacy of the album by the gear icon next to the names: “Main” and “Miscellaneous”.

How to specify album privacy settings

To avoid deleting photos in your Mamba profile, the profile owner can hide them. The settings are available both for the main and additional albums. If you specify privacy for the first, visitors won’t see avatars.

  • Log in to Mamba from the computer version.
  • Click on the icon of your profile.
  • In the drop-down menu select: “Settings”.
  • Privacy. go to the album name.
  • Press: “Available for” specify the category of users who will be available.
  • Save.

Owner of the profile has three choices: All, Favorites, and Only me. Premium status owners can hide both albums when the base profile only shows “Miscellaneous.

If you don’t set your privacy settings, guests may like and scroll through your uploads. There is a separate button: “Share”, that is, send someone else’s photo to social networks, messengers.

To delete all the photos you need to go to the album itself and select the entry. Next, mark the photos and click in the menu: “Delete”. In the same way you can move the media files to another album.