I can not remove contacts from the phone android. How to delete contacts from the phone

During the operation of the phone on the Android OS, unnecessary, irreducible, or simply duplicate contacts in the telephone book, which creates inconvenience when working with contact list.

There is a need to remove unnecessary contacts from the phone book. Sometimes it is necessary to completely remove all contacts in the phone, for example, when changing the owner of the device.

If in “push-button” devices, the removal of contacts occurs elementary, which is called “two clicks”, then the same Android operation causes certain difficulties.

The procedure itself is not as complicated, some difficulties are caused by the fact that to work with the contacts in the Android operating system on many devices, different applications are used, where the contact removal process may differ slightly.

Let’s look at how you can control the contacts in smartphones on the Android operating system.

How to Delete Contact with SIM Card?

All rooms are packaged to the VCF file, which can then be sent by email:

  • Run the Internet on the smartphone
  • Open “Contacts”
  • Press the drop-down menu
  • Select Item Import / Export
  • As an export source, specify a SIM card or internal memory
  • Select an email address
  • Specify contacts for transfer
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How to remove the contacts that are read only?

[Questions] Like on Redmi Note 8 Delete Contacts from SIM Card? I go into the application contacts set up filter other SIM all contacts. Then choose all contacts and delete!

How to Delete Contact with SIM Card?

How to delete Synchronized data from Google Account

  • Switch by reference: https: // www.Google.com / dashboard / and authorizes.
  • Next, the scrolls are almost at the bottom and find the item “Synchronization Google Chrome”
  • You certainly have already guessed that you need to click on the “Stop synchronization and delete data from Google servers”


Many mobile phone users who work on the Android platform do not even think that sooner or later the SIM card will be overflowing and in this case it will be necessary to transfer contacts. For example, if you updated the firmware on your device, then you will visit the Google Play service will begin to automatically recover data. All contacts will be duplicated. If the places and so missing, then their part will simply disappear. We will talk about duplicates a little later, but, however, to delete them just like ordinary contacts in your phone.

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During synchronization with applications for communicating in the phone book, contacts are added. You can remove them like this:

  • Open the phone settings
  • Go to the “Other Accounts” section
  • Select the application, contacts from which you do not want to see in the phone book
  • Disable contact synchronization for this application

Some applications do not have the ability to disable synchronization only with contacts, in which case you can completely exclude it from the list of synchronized applications. You can also not delete contacts such, but configure the display of contact sources. For this:

  • Open the phone book settings
  • Go to the “Display” section
  • Open the “Contact Filter” item
  • Select from which sources you want to see contacts

Removal from other sources

If it does not arise from cleaning the SIM card from unnecessary issues, the question is how to delete individual contacts on Android, synchronized from other applications, often turns into a dead end. The remote contact is constantly returning back to the phone, so many users simply stop contacting him. The problem is solved by disabling synchronization.


After disabling the synchronization, you can safely delete records from books and applications without worrying that they will return back.

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How to remove contacts with Lenova A 5000?

In order to delete contact from the Lenovo A5000 device, you need to go to the book with contacts, click Select the Contact you want to delete, click on the option and select Delete Contact.

First, we go into messages and in the drop-down menu select the message item on SIM. In the window that opens, select the desired SIM card and see a list of all SMS messages stored on it. Next, allocate each message separately or delete everything at once by selecting the appropriate item in the drop-down menu.

How to delete a phone number from Google Account?

Contacts saved in your Google Account will synchronize Google Contacts and all your Android devices.

  • Open the “Contacts” application.
  • Click the contact you want to delete.
  • Click additionally delete.
  • Click Delete again.