Deleting contacts from WhatsApp for iPhone

Clearing your WhatsApp contacts list of entries that have become unnecessary is as easy as refilling Contacts. To delete a number, you can go one of two ways.

Use the iOS Phone Book

Since the entries in the messenger and the contents of the iPhone address book are synchronized, the easiest way to get rid of the data of another WhatsApp member is to delete them from the “Contacts” of iOS.

    Opening “Contacts” on the iPhone. Find the entry you want to delete, and tap on the name to open its details. Touch “Edit” at the top of the screen on the right.

Messenger tools

You can also access the WhatsApp contact deletion function without leaving the messenger client app.

    Open the conversation with the person you want to delete from the address book, and tap on their name at the top of the screen. On the page with the detailed information about the number, press “Change”.

Note that after deleting a contact from WhatsApp, the content of correspondence with him will remain intact, and further exchange of information through the messenger continues to be possible!

Messages from users on WhatsApp are not always desirable. The interlocutor can spam or write unwanted messages. If you simply delete a contact from the chat, the problem will not resolve. Your interlocutor will still be able to make calls, write text messages, and see your profile activity.

To permanently sever all communication with the user, you need to block him in the messenger, and then delete him from the list of contacts. The paragraphs below will tell you how to do this on Android and iPhone.

On Android

Delete from WhatsApp a contact who is blocked on a cell phone in the Android version can follow these instructions:

  • Launch the messenger on your smartphone.
  • Press the “Chats” key.
  • Select the icon with three dots.
  • Access the “Settings” section.
  • Press the ” Account” button.
  • Choose “Blocked” from the list.
  • Select the desired user from the list.
  • Tap the name of the contact at the top of the screen.
  • Navigate to “Open in the address book”.
  • Select the icon with the three dots.
  • Press the “Delete” key.
  • Update your contacts list. To do this, click on the ” New chat” tab.
  • Press the icon with three dots.
  • From the suggested list, press the ” Refresh” key.

After these steps, the contact will be permanently deleted from WhatsApp chat. Your conversations will no longer appear in the chat window, and the person you are chatting with will no longer be able to contact you or view your account activity.

On your iPhone

On apple smartphones, you can delete the list of blocked contacts in WhatsApp by following these instructions:

How to delete WhatsApp contact in iPhone

  • Launch the app on your phone.
  • Press the ” Chats” key.
  • Select the icon with the three dots.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Press the button “Account”.
  • Select “Blocked” from the list.
  • Select one or more users from the list.
  • Press the name of the contact at the top of the screen.
  • Go to “Open in address book”.
  • Select the icon with three dots.
  • Press the “Delete” key.
  • Perform an update of your contact list. To do this, go to the “New Chat” tab.
  • Click on the icon with three dots.
  • From the proposed list press the button “Update”.

After these steps, the dialog with your conversation partner will no longer appear in chats. The user won’t be able to contact you and view your profile information. To completely delete a contact from messenger you need to delete the backup copy from the smartphone memory or cloud storage. After these actions, the phone number of the blocked user will be impossible to find.

Blocking users on WhatsApp

Deleting a contact from WhatsApp is not 100% guaranteed to stop communicating with that user, as he may text you first. In this case, the chat will resume, but instead of the name of the subscriber you will see only his phone number. To prevent this from happening, you can block the user completely. It’s very easy to do:

delete, contact, iphone
  • Open a chat with a user.
  • Call up the menu by tapping the three dots at the top of the screen.
  • Tap on “more”.
  • In the window that appears, tap on “Lock”.

After that, you will no longer receive messages or calls from the unwanted user.

To block an unknown number (not from your contact list) is even easier: messenger offers to do this right from the chat, by pressing the “Block” button.

This method of blocking contacts has several advantages:

  • You will not receive unwanted messages anymore;
  • calls will also not be disturbed;
  • The blocking is invisible to the blocked person because they do not receive any notifications.

The blocked user can still send messages or call the blocker, but the addressee will not be disturbed. The disadvantages of this method of blocking include the fact that an attentive person will still be able to guess that he was banned.

Messenger imports the contact list from the user’s phone book. It’s the one that WhatsApp turns to if the owner wants to clear contacts. The cleaning process is accompanied by the removal of the number not only from the messenger, but also from the phone book. If the user plans to contact the number owner in the future, you should not delete his contact from the messenger. Alternatively, you can write down the number before deleting it and store it in a safe place.

delete, contact, iphone

On iOS

To remove a contact from Whatsapp on iPhone, act according to the following algorithm:

  • Go to the “Chats” block in the messenger and open the “New Chat” (an icon with a piece of paper and a pen in the upper right corner of the display).
  • In the drop-down list, look for the name of the person whose contact you want to delete. You can also use the search bar.
  • Go to the settings of the contact to be deleted, and click on “Change”.
  • Scroll down to the end of the page that opens with the subscriber’s information and click “Delete.

On Android

On smartphones with the Android operating system, the process of deleting the caller’s number will look like this

  • In the messenger, go to the “Chats” tab, and then click on the green icon in the lower right corner.
  • Search for the desired contact by scrolling or via the search bar.
  • Tap on the avatar’s preview and in the new window tap on the inverted exclamation point.
  • Press the dots at the top of the display, and select “Open > Settings”. in the address book.”. This opens a new page with the contact information.
  • Clicking on the dots at the top of the display, select “Delete”.
  • Then open the list of contacts in the messenger, click on the group of dots and select “Update. This operation allows you to check if the number was successfully deleted.

Note! Messenger does not support the simultaneous deletion of a group of contacts. If you want to delete more than one contact on your phone, you can do it in the address book.

On a Windows PC

If you’re using messenger on your computer, it’s also easy to delete a user:

  • First, open WhatsApp and click on “Contacts.
  • Find the person you’re looking for. Clicking on the right-most icon at the top, select the option to view the contact.
  • On the contact details page that opens, look for the icon in the left (blue) space. Clicking on it, click on the option to view information in the address book.
  • On the new page that opens, click on the three-dot icon in the upper right, and select “Delete. Confirm the action by pressing “OK”.

After that, the user can go to the “Contacts” tab again and make sure the deletion was successful.

Deleting through the address book

You can delete a caller on your mobile device by removing his or her information from the phone’s address book. In this case, the data will automatically be deleted from the messenger as well. The procedure is very simple and in general looks like this: in the address book find the desired contact, tap on it and click on the icon with a dotted dot on the page. In the drop-down list you need to select the deletion option. The details of the description of the procedure may vary slightly depending on the brand and model of the smartphone.

How to delete a contact from Whatsapp

Can not understand the new application on your smartphone? Do not know how to delete a contact from Whatsapp? Do not worry, in fact everyone can get in a similar situation, even an experienced user. Unfortunately, when using a large number of utilities, a situation arises when some functions in the programs are implemented differently and not too obvious. Sometimes it’s hard to find a way out on your own. That’s why, today we will look at a detailed, but simple instruction on how to solve this issue.

How to delete a group in WhatsApp on iPhone?

Group chats are very popular in any messenger and WhatsApp is no exception. It’s very convenient, you can add the right number of people and chat on your iPhone.

To delete the group, you must have two points:

  • you must be an administrator;
  • You need to delete all members of the group (go to the group, click on the name, click on the member Delete from Group).

Once the conditions are met, you will have the option to delete. The deletion scheme will be exactly the same as with chats.

As soon as the procedure of deleting numbers is completed, all information is no longer shown in the messenger. For cases where you want to keep the number on your smartphone, but remove it from the app, there is also a specific way.

delete, contact, iphone

On Android

To erase the contact, do the following:

  • Go into the messenger, open the list of dialogs.
  • Select the desired chat with the subscriber that you want to erase, and go into the conversation.
  • Press on the user’s avatar and hold for a moment until the list of actions on the contact is displayed.
  • Find and click “Block”.

The chat will automatically be deleted once the action is complete. This method takes into account the fact that the number remains with the subscriber and when sending new SMS conversation returns. That’s why blocking in advance helps to avoid such cases.

On iPhone

Delete data on iPhone is no more difficult than on Android. To do such an operation:

  • Open the list of numbers on the device, select the number, go to edit.
  • Tap the line with the deletion. and check if the selected data has been erased.

Delete via phone contact book

This is the easiest and most affordable way to delete a contact from the messenger “WhatsApp. But this method has a big disadvantage. It is not possible to determine whether the “WhatsApp” application is installed on the persons recorded in the phone book. Here’s this method:

  • You need to enter the address book on the phone, which contains a list of all contacts;
  • find in this list the person with whom you will need to stop all communication;
  • Delete the contact information of this user.

Is it possible to see the blacklist data of the WhatsApp app

If the user was able to block a contact in Whatsapp on iPhone, they can check the blacklist base. The procedure is performed according to the following instructions:

  • First, on the main screen of the cell phone, you select the application;
  • the user launches the messenger and finds the settings section there;
  • then use the Account item;
  • then click on the Privacy section;

After that, the screen will display the list of those cell phones that were previously put into the Blacklist.