How to increase the accuracy of geolocation on iPhone

Many users do not even think about how many applications use the function of determining geolocation on a smartphone. Weather, taxis, food delivery services, online stores, locator-we are so accustomed to using this software that sometimes we do not even notice this. Problems begin at the moment when the iPhone determines the location incorrectly. The taxi driver leaves a couple of streets further, and the weather thinks that you are somewhere near Nizhnevartovsk. Today I propose to understand all ways to increase the accuracy of determining the location on the iPhone and discuss all the details.

We tell you how to increase the accuracy of geolocation on the iPhone.

Problems with geolocation on the iPhone. the phenomenon is quite rare. Over the years of using Apple technology, I have never encountered similar problems. Despite the fact that almost every day I use a taxi and food delivery services, where improper geolocation on the iPhone can be fraught with large consequences. But those who need the location at work often inform us of such problems.

iPhone does not determine the geoposition

First you need to make sure that geolocation on your iPhone is turned on. For this:

  • Open the settings on your iPhone.
  • Next, go to the confidentiality section, geolocation services.
  • Check if the toggle switch is installed opposite the geolocation service point.

Be sure to turn on the toggle switch opposite geolocation services.

After that, it is necessary to allow the application access to geolocation. When starting a new iPhone program, it usually asks permission to access geolocation in a separate window. But just in case, you need to make sure that the application has all the necessary settings. For this:

  • Open the settings on your iPhone.
  • Next, go to the confidentiality section, geolocation services.
  • Find the right application from the list, go to it.
  • Install the option of determining geopolition you need.

Select the desired option and turn on the slider accurate geopolition.

If you use this program often, it is best to install a checkplace opposite when using the application. For taxi, delivery and other services, I would prefer this particular option.

You should not disconnect geolocation at all, because you can just forget about it and the next time there will be difficulties. If the program needs your location, she will ask you about it herself. Typically, such notifications are not common about.

Plus, keep in mind that by default the iPhone determines the geopolis only approximately. If you want to increase the accuracy of geolocation, be sure to turn on the exact geopolit.

How to replace the location with iPhone using Foneazy Mockgo

The amount of useful software for mobile users is growing every day. But really working programs with a simple and understandable intenses. units. Foneazy Mockgo is another utility to your piggy bank that can help you out if you suddenly need to change geolocation on your phone, that is, replace it with another. Thus, you can easily make a change in the location of the iPhone without jailbreak.

Why is this necessary, you ask? There are all sorts of situations Here are at least a few real scenarios, when users need to change the location on their device:

  • If you are a gamer, and cut into games that are tied to geolocation (for example, Pokemon Go), you can easily imitate another location, while being in one place.
  • A real case from life, when your second half checks you and asks to throw off the exact geolocation at the moment, and you do not want to reveal all the cards.
  • If you want to post a photo with a geotochka from another part of the world on social networks, while others are sitting on a quarantine.
  • On most sites, you can go around your geographical position and gain access to the media library for free, for example.

How to hack anyone phone without touching his phone||Hacking Prank||Technical Vidyarthi

This is far from all scenarios of the use of the program, but the most common. Let’s look at the ways how to change geolocation to iPhone. As a rule, such an opportunity is available to those who made a jailbreak of their gadget and are ready to put tweets with suitable functionality. However, today users are no longer ready to hack their phones, fearing for the vulnerability of the data, and for the sake of one function I don’t really want to do this. Therefore, the second working method is the use of the Foneazy Mockgo program. Next, we will talk more about it, about the functionality and its main advantages.

  • teleport to anywhere in the world by changing the location of GPS
  • change the location in just one action
  • Movement imitation with several stops
  • Using the joystick function (it is necessary to adjust the direction to get the exact location you want)
  • Realistic mode (accidental speed change)
  • Favorite geolocation and route
  • management of several devices at once
  • The mode of several points
  • GPX files routes

In my opinion, the functionality is excellent and quite advanced.

Как телепортироваться в любое место, изменив местоположение GPS

  • Download and install the MockGo program on your computer. Please note that the tool works both on Mac and PC. Next, after installing, start the program, and then connect your iOS device to the computer and click CNFHNF to start changing GPS your iPhone.
  • In the window that opens, you can see your current geomete on the map. If the location is incorrectly displayed, just click on the sight button, which is located on the right. And then your location will be adjusted.
  • Next, click on the “TelePort Mode” button, activating teleportation mode. After that, enter the address of the location or coordinates in which you want to teleport. Then you just click on the GO button so that the geomete is found.
  • Mockgo program will show the coordinates that you introduced on the map. If everything is true, then in the pop.up window click on the “Move Here” button. To move there. Automatically your location in GPS will be changed to the selected. To check this, you can just go to your native card application on the phone and see the current location.

You can also go to the “map” application on your iPhone to check the new GPS location of your device.

Как имитировать естественное движение?

As you already understood, the Mockgo program can also simulate the movement between two points, and then automatically sets the route between the start and end point, imitating the real route. What you need to do for this.

  • Choosing on the map the place that you supposedly want to visit. Then the distance between the two points and the coordinates of the destination will be shown in the pop.up window. Click “Move Here” to continue.
  • Then, in a new pop-up window, select repeat the same route (A- B, A- B) or go back and forth between the two positions (A- B- A) with the set time in order to maximally imitate no point from one point to another.

You can also choose the speed. Then click “Start” to start a car driver on a real road. And you can see how your location on the map changes at the speed you have chosen. You can suspend the movement by pressing the “pause” button, or accordingly adjust the speed.

As you can see, no difficulties and the program integration is quite easy to use. If you need to imitate a visit to several points on the way, then you need to activate the third mode on the right in the upper corner. Similarly, you choose several geometeles that you want to go through, indicate the speed and number of “visits”. Next, the program is done for you.

Gamers can also use the GPX mode. the fourth in a row on the right. Its meaning is that you load a certain ready.made route into the program (for example, download it on the game forum), after downloading it to your computer.

How To GPS Track An iPhone

Forbid the application to monitor

However, Apple would not be itself if she did not carefully protect information about the current location of her users. To exclude the likelihood of determining the point where they are actually located, the borders of the districts were strictly recorded in Cupertino, abandoning the idea of ​​their displacement, depending on where the user is located, which is never the point of counting coordinates. Therefore, if you conduct a circle on the map, then the user may not be in the middle of the radius, but in any place, which greatly makes it difficult to determine its real location.

Apple protects its users from surveillance, perhaps more carefully than others do it

Most applications do not need to know your exact location. Weather, cameras, calendars and other types of software can work, even if they have only approximate data. Even a taxi service can not be given the opportunity to take care of themselves by allowing only to contact an approximate location. In the end, set the point on the map, where you need to pick you up and where to deliver, you can already. After all, you call a taxi to your friends and relatives, being in a completely different place. Therefore, there will definitely not be any problems with the work of software.

It is important to understand that the mechanism for determining the approximate location is activated for each application separately. That is, in the settings there is no special item that would allow it to turn it on for all types of software at once. Firstly, this could provoke a conflict in their work, and, secondly, perhaps you yourself would not want to forbid some applications access to your geolocation. For this reason, just run through the programs that have already been installed, and decide for yourself how to open access to your location, and which is not.

How to start

To launch our global positioning system, we would have required an orbital grouping of satellites, ground stations, etc.D. Now everything is easier. We need:

  • A computer with a Winduz or Linux operating system and, preferably, with a USB 3 port.0. At Porto 2.0 I did not test, but I have to earn.
  • USRP B210 (other options are possible).
  • Generated file with a signal, or a program for its generation GPS-SDR-SIM from prof. Ebinums.
      Professor blog (a little not in Russian)
  • The source of the simulator

Installation procedure

To launch all this good on the computer, you need to injected and carefully install a software set from the manufacturer. Although, maybe this is not necessarily. But let it be. When installing under the Windul, it sometimes complains that it cannot add itself to Path, but this does not interfere, since I needed only UHD_Find_DEVICES utility from all this.exe, which allowed to understand whether the system saw this fee at all. You can find the utility at:

Then we stick the board and open the device manager. Where you can find that the drivers under the device were not installed automatically. What happens. it happens. Manually using the Zadig program, we indicate the system that the libusb drivers must be used under the fee, t.e. Winusb.

After the system has picked up the standard driver, you can start UHD_Find_DEVICS from the sampling set from the manufacturer. This utility should find a fee and flash its controller (there is FX3 from CyPress). It seems that after this the device will change its PID and it will be necessary to tell the system (using Zadig) that the standard WinUSB drivers can be used for this device. Of course it will not work the first time. And of course this can be cured by disconnecting the board and connecting back. Here is a detailed instruction. It is necessary to install a Gnuradio that contains a pyton-piton inside. I took from here the last version for AVX2 processors.

I was too lazy to configure the environment correctly, so I used the script included in the kit: C:/gnuradio-3.7/bin/run_gr.Bat through it I will run the script for the package of the generated file to the B210 board. For convenience, the path to this script must be added to the plot of the environment.

GPS signal generation

We take the source here. What was pleasantly surprised is the ease and ease of assembly. No addictions, no additional actions. Everything would be so. Assembly for Linux

  • Start Visual Studio. Launch the studio (I used 2015)
  • Create An Empty Project for a Console Application. Create an empty console project. It is empty!
  • On the Solution Explorer at Right, Add “GPssim.C “and” Getopt.C »To the South Files Folder. Add two green files to the project.
  • Select “Release” In Solution Configurations Drop-Down List. Change the type of assembly for the release, choose architecture X86 / AMD64.
  • Build the Solution. Actually, collect.

I did not collect under Linux, there was a need to launch everything on a particular car, and there was a dozen on it.

There is a detailed description of the parameters of the generator in Ridmi. To begin with, you can not understand, and make it very simple, generate the signal in this way:

GPS-SDR-SIM.EXE.E Brdc3540.14n.S 2500000.L 30.286502.120.032669,100.B 8.D 300.v.o Sim.Bin

  • GPS-SDR-SIM.EXE is a file that you collected studio.
  • BRDC3540.14n is a file with satellite ephemerides.
  • 2500000 is a sampling frequency
  • thirty.286502.120.032669. coordinates
  • 100. height
  • 8. this is the bit of numbers in the output file (one counting is IQ, two numbers).
  • 300 is the duration in seconds.
  • -v is to write more in the log
  • SIM.bin. name of the output file.

You can take a line of Ridmi, but it generates a signal with BE = 2.6 MHz, then B210 will have to be configured for the same PD (sampling frequency). If you generate with one frequency, and give it to the fee from the other, then, of course, nothing will work.

I gave a signal to the board using such a command:

run_gr.BAT GPS-SDR-SIM-UHD.Py.T Sim.Bin.S 2500000.x 40

40 is the level. 2500,000 is the BE. A detailed description of the settings can be seen in the GPS-SDR-SIM-UHD file.Py, it is very simple for understanding. For B210, the value of the HD should be aimed to divide the frequency of the internal generator, and it seems there, it seems 40 MHz.


And now the most interesting.

  • Disconnect the board.
  • We connect a fee.
  • Run uhd_find_devices
  • If not determined, then GOTO 1.
  • Run Transmit.Bat, we are following the log.
  • At a certain moment, the second diode will light up on the bitch, which will mean that everything has already begun to radiate.

If the letter U is constantly displayed in the logs, then your system does not have time to slip the data in the fee. You should check if something works against the background and have you indicated a very high hd.

After some time (up to 3 minutes), all devices will begin to determine the location as a given you set. But before that they will suddenly lose their current position.

Having carefully read the instructions for the program. Ebinums can be understood how to generate a file with a changing location, how to use other dates and more.

How to change the location for iOS

Unfortunately, in iOS, location is impossible using fake GPS data. A high degree of closed system does not allow you to install programs from other sources, except for the official App Store app store, in which there is no place for such tools. Apple moderators check all applications and, if there are violation of the rules of functions, refuse the developers in the publication.

The only chance to change the location in the iPhone or iPad is to make a jailbreak and use one of several Twiks available to Cydia like Locationhandle or Locationfaker. However, this option is available only to users with iOS 10.2 and earlier versions that are amenable to Jailbreak.

We use VPN service

I will not advertise any service, I will only tell you about those that I use myself.

  • Fornex VPN. The allocated IP of several countries costs 175r/month. (120r./month when buying for a year). We put an extension for the browser and change the country (to choose from 10 countries) for a couple of clicks. It works pretty quickly.

Or you can set Safari manually by prescribing the necessary settings. Periodically, promotions are held on the site, I was able to “snatch” VPN for a ridiculous 0.5 euro/month (75%discount) and has been using the second year for the second year.

  • Onion Browser from the App Store. uses an anonymity system with TOR technology. For those who go to sites.Onion in the Darknet. The connection speed is low, and is only suitable for reading the text and viewing compressed videos.
  • Expansion for the Chrome browser “Walking of Runet locks”. purely for visiting blocked sites on the territory

You can also use a bunch of free anonymization services and free proxy, but the speed of their operation, safety and stability of the channel leaves much to be desired. I never use free programs when you need to enter a password on the site. Although the developers say that they do not conduct logs, all the information entered passes through their services and can be open, and the HTTPS protocol will not help.

through the FAKE GPS application (for Android)

On my second Xiaomi (Android) smartphone, I use the FAKE GPS Location Spoofer Free application. Download it for free from Play Market.

  • We activate the “Developer mode” (for Xiaomi we read here). To do this, go to the settings-about the phone and click on the assembly number 7-8 times. There will be a message that the developer’s mode is activated.
  • We go into the developers mode. “Appendix for Fictive Locations” and select Fakegps Free from the list.
  • Run the application, select the fake location on the map and press the Play button in the lower left corner to save the changes.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, write what services you use and share discounts on the VPN, I will cut off obvious advertising.

How the approximate geopolitance works in iOS and iPados 14

In the iOS / iPados 13 and earlier versions of the OS in geolocation services, you can only configure the application parameters to your location: always, only when using the program or never. Regardless of the type of access to the application, the exact coordinates of your location will be available.

There are still access to the location in the iOS and iPados 14, but complemented by the new option-the ability to hide the exact geopolition. If you ever used Airbnb, then you know that before the booking on the card only the approximate location of the housing is available. The same thing with Apple: regardless of when the application uses your GPS-data (always, disposable or when using the program), if you turn off the exact geo-position, the program will see only your approximate location (within a radius of several kilometers).

How to disable your exact location in iOS and iPados 14

The default applications are available for the exact data of your location. At the same time, most of them are quite approximate location.

To prohibit the application of access to your exact location:

  • Go to the settings on the device, select the confidentiality section.
  • Click geolocation services and in the list of applications select the right.
  • For the selected application, disconnect the Parameter accurate geopolition.

It will not be possible to prohibit all applications at all applications at once. you can disable the function only separately for each application.

You can turn off the accurately geopolition along a different path: open the settings and leaf down to the desired application. In it, select the geopolitic item, then also remove the switch from the parameter accurate geopolition.

If you have activated limited access to the location (that is, the application should request permission each time), then when opening the application on the left on the map, click on the parameter highly as well to turn off the exact location. You can turn on the exact position in the same way by pressing the button.

How not to share a geo.position on the iPhone

The iPhone has a convenient option called “Family Access”. Thanks to this function, you can not only share various subscriptions like Apple Arcade, Apple Music or Apple TV or manage devices of other family members, but also provide access to your location.

This is useful, because in which case your friends can help you or simply help you find your iPhone. However, adding people once, then you can forget that they can see your geolocation, so it is better to turn it off. You can do this in several ways.

You can limit access to geopolita through the “locator”

  • Open the locator on the iPhone.
  • Click the “People” tab: a list of users in “family” will open.
  • Under the user’s name will be the inscription “sees your geopolia.
  • Click on the user icon, scroll down the page and slip “Do not share a geo.position”, and then confirm the choice.

You can do the same through the settings of family access or confidentiality. In this paragraph, you can disable the transmission of geopolition for individual users or for everyone.

In this way, you can disable geolocation for members of the “family”

  • Go to the settings, click at your Apple ID profile.
  • Select “Family Access”.
  • Click “Transfer of Geopolition”: click on a line with the user’s name and select “Do not share a geopolist” in his card in his card.
  • If you want to prohibit access to the iPhone location for all users, turn off the slider near the “share a geo”.

So you will protect yourself from surveillance, but keep in mind that your devices will not be displayed on the map in the locator, as well as the devices of your loved ones.

How to disable geolocation in iPhone applications

As you know, almost every iPhone application requests access to geopolition. This is really convenient, for example, to determine the location in a taxi or when searching for any organization on the map. But if you do not use geolocation in any application or rarely go there, then it is better to turn it off. Fortunately, the iPhone displays a whole list of applications that gained access to your location.

It is better for some applications to disable access to geopolition

  • Go to the settings, select “Privacy”.
  • Click “Geolocation Services”.
  • Select the right application: if you do not use it at all, put “never”.

So that geolocation does not work constantly, turn on “when using the application”. Now it will not be determined when the application is rolled or closed. Do not worry: even if you completely turn off the access to the geopolition in any application, when opening it will offer you to include it back and transfer it to the settings.

In addition, I recommend that you view the list of system applications that use the geoparty of the smartphone. To do this, select “System Services”. I recommend that you leave the following services without fail.

The use of geopolition in some services does not bring benefits and plants the battery

  • Compass calibration.
  • Calibration of metering.
  • Find iPhone.
  • System Setup.
  • Search for a cellular network.
  • Installation of the clock belt.
  • Emergency services and SOS.

The geolocation icons may appear at the top of the screen: purple means that geolocation has recently been used, the gray. geolocation has been used over the past day, and empty. that geolocation could be used in certain circumstances.

Fake location GPS on iOS using Tenorshare Ianygo

This is another effective way to fake iOS location on the iPhone. You will need a computer to complete this task. If you are looking for the easiest way to perform this action, then Ianygo tenor is a great option.

Itnorshare Ianygo is the best means of changing the location that you will find on the Internet. As the name implies, this application can change the IPAD/iPhone GPS month in any place with one touch.

You can even lay the route by setting the speed and time of movement. Users do not need to go outside when they play popular AR games.

Tenorshare Ianygo remarkable possibilities:

  • With Ianygo you can fake locations on iOS devices in all corners of the world.
  • This allows you to hide your location without the possibility of tracking.
  • The application changes the location of GPS on smartphones without jailbreak.
  • Ianygo allows you to fake GPS in each iPhone application that determines the location.
  • He supports each version of iOS, even the latest version of iOS 16.

Steps on how to fake GPS iOS using Tenorshare Ianygo:

1: First download Tenorshare Ianygo into the system. After that, select the “Change location” mode.

2: Connect your device to the system and click “Trust” on the phone screen. You need to enter a password to unlock the device. After that, you can see the virtual location of the GPS on the phone card.

3: Tenorshare Ianygo will start loading the card. Enter GPS coordinates or addresses that you want to change.

4: Click “Start Changing” on the side panel. The location of the phone will change to the desired place. This allows you to track your family or friends with a fake GPS iOS in various applications of social networks. In addition, you even get access to geographical functions in all applications based on the location.

The best part of Tenorshare Ianygo is that you just need to restart the device if you want to restore the actual location of GPS.

Fake GPS on iOS using a location stimulant

If you like to fake the location on your iPhone and you want to show others your route between two destinations, DR.Fone. Virtual location (iOS) can help you complete this task.

Using this professional tool, you can not only fake GPS location on your device, but also simulate the movement between several points.

If you want to do this, take the steps below. Before moving on, you must load this iOS location into your system and install it.

teleport anywhere

For teleportation anywhere, follow the following instructions:

1: Launch a fake application in your system and go to the Virtual Location tab at the entrance to the home integration.

2: Connect the device to your system and click on the “Start” option in the displayed results.

3: In the next window you can easily determine your current location. If you cannot find it, tape the icon “Turn on the center” on the right. This will help you check your current location.

4: Three modes will be available on the right side of the screen. You need to choose the third mode to activate the “teleport”. After that, enter the name of the place in this field and click “Cross”.

5: A pop.up window will appear on your screen whenever your system correctly determines the location of GPS. This can tell you about the distance to the access place. Then click on the “Move here” button.

6: Now you have successfully forged GPS location on your device. The device will begin to show a fake GPS location in all applications to determine the location.

Imitation of the path between two destination points

To simulate the path between two destination points, follow the following actions:

1: After you launched the application and started the procedure, you must click on the icon on the right to select the “Unified Route” option.

2: Select the place indicated on the map where you want to move. Here you will see a pop.up window that simply informs you about the distance.

3: Select the speed mode you want to use for walking. For example, cycling speed. Now click on the option “move here”.

4: Then the pop.up window shows where you need to enter the figure. This number will show how often you travel between these two places. After you finish, you can click on the Mart tab.

5: The location of the location on your device and the simulation of movements will soon begin. You can track this movement, and the position will move at the speed that you have chosen earlier.

By the way, if you are worried about questions, you can’t determine the location, click to correct them now.

Want to hide or change geolocation to iPhone? Easily!

In life, it may happen that you will need to hide or completely change the coordinates of geolocation on your iPhone or iPad, the situations are different and do not always want to show your location. Today we will tell you how to hide/change geolocation on iPhone or iPad in two ways.

This method of sending “fake” geo-data to the network is quite simple, but requires two devices operating on iOS 8 and above. For example, you were asked to send the coordinates of your current location in the same Imessage application, but you do not want to transfer real geolocation. An iPad will come to your aid, which is at home (we will simulate the situation). The iPad must be connected to the same Apple ID account and geolocation should be activated on it.

    On the iPhone we go to the “Privacy” section of the “Geolocation Service” and select the item “Share Geopolition”. You will have a list of gadgets active for this Apple ID account;

Now, in order to hide/change geolocation on the iPhone, you just need to leave the second device in the right place. Profit!

Change geolocation data using a tweak. Method

The second method will be relevant only for the devices on which the jailbreak is installed, t.e. for hacked iPhone or iPad. You will need Locationfaker8 Twik. You can download it from the stock repository of Bigboss for 2.99 or free from the repository

Twik settings are minimal. To hide or change the geolocation on your iPhone, just go to Locationfaker8, select the location you need on the map and click on the ON button in the utility intensity. Your coordinates are changed.