How to install two WhatsApp on one phone if it’s Android?

Here we take a look at three of the most popular options for using two Whatsapps on one Android phone. Naturally, for this, the first account must already be created on one of the sim cards.

Option two

This and the following options may require permission to install third-party applications. You can do it like this:

  • Go to device settings
  • Open the line “Security”
  • In the sub-item “Device management” look for “Unknown sources”
  • Check the box next to “Allow the installation of applications from unknown sources”

Be careful when choosing the sites from which you download applications. To avoid contamination of your phone with malicious viruses, install an antivirus on your device.

The next option would be to install the OGWhatsapp application. It is a little more complicated than the previous one and requires some skill.

How to Create WhatsApp Stickers using iPhone/iPad?

  • Using search engines (Yandex or Google), you need to find OGWhatsapp and install it on your phone.
  • In the official WhatsApp go to “Settings”, open “Chat” and make a backup.
  • In the file manager of the device (may also be called “Explorer”) find a folder named WhatsApp and change its name to WhatsAppold.
  • Through “Settings” go to “Applications”, find WhatsApp there and click on “Clear cache”. After that, uninstall this application from the device.
  • Rename the desired folder again, now from WhatsAppold to OGWhatsApp.
  • Install OGWhatsApp, register in it the previous number to which the official WhatsApp was installed before.
  • Download the official version of Vatsap from PlayMarket again and register the second number in it.

Now you have the required program installed for two sim cards. You can start using it!

How WhatsApp works on a dual-SIM phone?

On a regular smartphone that supports the use of two SIM cards, only one number can be connected to WhatsApp. Unfortunately, the developers did not include the ability to use 2 WhatsApp accounts in 1 device in the program’s functions. Therefore, in the standard version of the application, a person has to choose the number that has the most calls.

But, for most people using two SIM cards at once, this turns out to be a rather inconvenient option. Therefore, most of them are wondering. how to install two WhatsApp on a phone with two SIM cards?

Option one

For this method, you do not need any special permissions, because the application that will help you duplicate WhatsApp for two SIM cards can be downloaded from Google Play. It’s called Parallel Space and lets you create a second version of almost any application. It’s nice that it’s completely free to download.

  • Download Parallel Space and open it on your device.
  • Choose WhatsApp from among the programs for making copies.
  • After copying is complete, create an icon for the new program on the main screen using the application prompts.
  • Enter the created program and register the second number in it in the standard way.
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Is it possible to set two WhatsApp accounts on one phone?

Although this option is not provided in the official version of the messenger, there are always craftsmen who can bypass inconvenient rules. So, now you will also find out how you can download and install a second WhatsApp on your phone.

Please be aware that the installation methods differ depending on the operating system of the device. Below you will find instructions on how to install this application on iPhone and Android.

How you can install WhatsApp for Windows mobile, you can find out from our other article.

Is it possible to use two WhatsApp on one phone?

People who find communication in WhatsApp convenient and familiar begin to experience certain difficulties when they want to register two SIM cards in the application at once. Today you will find out if you can use two WhatsApp in one phone and how to do it.

WhatsApp is a popular modern information sharing application. Among the owners of Android phones alone, there are about a billion people using it. With it, you can send each other photos and videos, as well as voice messages. At the same time, you pay only for consumed traffic, and not for each message separately. Do you want to send media files? It is not difficult, for example, how to send a video to WhatsApp, you will learn from our other article.

Option three

You can also make two WhatsApp on one Android using the GBWA program. This method is somewhat simpler than the previous one, but you may also need permission to install third-party applications, see the previous option.

  • Download GBWA and wait for the program to be installed.
  • Enter the number of the second SIM-card and follow the prompts of the system.

If at the moment the card on which you want to put dual WhatsApp is in another device, then use the voice confirmation function. Touch the virtual “Call” button in the application and a voice call will be made to the device where the required SIM card is currently located, in which you will be given a special code. Enter it in the required field of the program and the installation will be completed.

It should be borne in mind that when updating the official version of the application, all downloaded programs may stop functioning.

Updating the old version of GBWhatsApp

  • There is no need to uninstall the old version to update.
  • Just download the new one (at the moment it is 5.60) from our website and start the installation.

There are many reasons why you may need to install two WhatsApp on one phone, and it is strange why the developers not only have not added such a function to the application, but also periodically release updates that make third-party applications stop working. But still, this is not a reason to despair, given that a really working method exists and is described in this manual.

Installing two accounts on one Android device

    Most likely, you already have WhatsApp installed on your phone, you don’t need to touch it. We are just installing another additional application. GBWA, for this we need download GBWA (password to archive 123) to your phone and start installation.

During installation, you may need to go into the settings and enable installation from unknown sources.

Go to settings and check the box Unknown sources

Once installed, open the app and enter your second phone number.

After activation, you can use two WhatsApp accounts on one phone, it will look something like this:

  • The chat in the GBWhatsApp application practically does not differ from the original.
  • But there are many additional features, for example, advanced privacy settings have been added to it, which will help you remain invisible.
  • You can hide your online status, even in groups, hide the second tick and blue microphone, which can give you away.
  • Second way

    There is one more way for it, we need the Parallel Space application.

      Install it on your phone through the Play Market and run.

    Choose a cloning app (you can clone any, but we are considering WhatsApp).

    Create a shortcut on the desktop by dragging the icon down the screen to the “Create shortcut”

  • Open the clone, enter a new phone number and start chatting.
  • How to enable emoji

    To activate the Emoji keyboard, go to the iPhone Settings Menu, then select the “General” tab, then “Keyboard”, then “Keyboards”, then “New Keyboards” and then select Emoji. Immediately after these actions, the keyboard with emoticons will be activated, and the user will have free access to it. But before that, do not forget to click on the globe icon, which is located in the lower left corner of the display.

    Please note that Apple is constantly releasing new emojis with updated versions of iOS. So if you want to access new emojis, make sure you are using the latest version of iOS first.

    Where are the WhatsApp emojis on the iPhone?

    WhatsApp lacks built-in emoji for iPhone. But this problem can be solved by using the Emoji keyboard. With its help, the user will be able to use emoticons on any iPhone device.

    How to use emoticons

    After the emoticons in WhatsApp are found, they can be used in messages, put in the text, or sent separately. An emoticon is an icon (icon) that can convey any positive and negative emotions: anger, rage, joy, fatigue, jealousy, resentment, falling in love, drowsiness, disgust, indignation, and even bad or good health.

    Children, adolescents and young people actively use emoticons in correspondence in various messengers. This language of emotion is intuitive and requires no further explanation. People who have no experience of communicating with emojis may become confused, afraid of offending someone, or look stupid. If in doubt, you can check the meaning of emojis in Apple’s Encyclopedia of Symbols.

    Not all users can figure out right away where the emoticons in whatsapp are on the iPhone. If you also encounter such a problem, this article will help you find all the additional opportunities for expressing your emotions in the popular messenger.

    How to enable emoji

    You can install the keyboard with emoticons in the iPhone settings, sequentially going through the following sections:

    A list will appear on the screen in which you need to select the “Emoji” option, after which a new keyboard with emoticons will appear. To switch to a set of emoji, you need to click on a virtual button with a globe on the standard keyboard. The Apple development team is constantly creating new emojis, so their set on the Emoji keyboard is constantly expanding and supplementing as the program is updated.

    How to install emoticons

    The method of installing additional emoticon packs depends on the presence of the jailbreak application installed on the phone. The program significantly expands the capabilities of Apple devices, but it is unofficial and is installed by users at their own peril and risk.

    If your phone has such an extension, you just need to go to the Cydia application, type the word Emoji in the search and select a package with emoticons from the list, download and install them on your phone.

    If there is no utility on the device, download Emoji directly from the AppStore. Just type this word in a search engine and download any of the packages you like.

    How to add emoticons to WhatsApp on iPhone

    Communication with WhatsApp has become much easier and faster. You can not only send familiar SMS messages, but also share photos, videos, audio materials, and also participate in various groups. To make the text in the SMS more fun, you can insert an interesting smile into it. Today we are going to talk about how to enable emoticons in WhatsApp messenger for iPhone devices.

    How to check your version of the app

    • Go to PlayMarket;
    • Open the menu on the left;
    • Select the item “My applications and games”;
    • If the button next to WhatsApp Messenger says Update, then your version of the application is out of date.

    Why update WhatsApp

      Safety. updates are primarily designed to ensure the safety of your data. If a vulnerability is found in the code, the developers try to fix it as soon as possible and release a new version of WhatsApp with the corrected code, and your task is to get ahead of the attackers to download and install it.

    Stability. An equally important reason to install a new version is errors in work. If you encounter problems with the messenger, you should check the version for relevance.

    New features. not every update can boast of new functionality, but no innovation can be complete without downloading a new version.

  • Availability. if you always want to stay in touch, keep an eye on the release of new versions, otherwise one day you will be surprised to find that your phone is silent, not because no one is writing to you, but because messages do not reach you.
  • Auto update

    To always use the latest version, enable Auto-update via WI-FI. Using this function, you will not waste your mobile Internet, downloading will occur only when connected to WI-FI.

    • Go to PlayMarket. Menu- Settings. Auto-update apps
    • In the window that opens, select one of the three items;
    • The choice will be optimal. Only via WI-FI.

    How to update WhatsApp on Android

    • To update WhatsApp for Android, you need to go to PlayMarket;
    • In the search, type. WhatsApp, and click the Refresh button.

    Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone

    Below we will look at two easy ways to transfer all the information stored in WhatsApp from one iPhone to another. Doing any of them will take you a minimum of time.

    How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone


    Dr.fone is a tool that allows you to easily transfer data from instant messengers from one iPhone to another smartphone running iOS and Android. In our example, we will look at the principle of transferring WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone.

    Please note that dr.fone is shareware and features such as transferring WhatsApp are only available after purchasing a license.

    The download of the component starts. As soon as the download is complete, a window will appear on the screen, on the left side of which you need to open the “WhatsApp” tab, and on the right, go to the “Transfer WhatsApp Messages” section.

    Connect both gadgets to your computer. They must be determined: on the left side, the device from which the information is transferred will be displayed, and on the right. to which, accordingly, it will be copied. If they are reversed, in the center click on the “Flip” button. To start transferring the correspondence, click in the lower right corner on the “Transfer” button.

    Please note that after transferring chats from one iPhone to another, all conversations will be deleted from the first device.

    ICloud sync

    This method using iCloud backup tools is worth using if you plan to use the same account on another iPhone.

      Launch WhatsApp. At the bottom of the window, open the “Settings” tab. In the menu that opens, select the “Chats” section.

    Go to the item “Backup” and tap on the button “Create a copy”.

    Just below, select the “Automatic” item. Here you can set the frequency with which WhatsApp will create a backup copy of all chats.

    Go to the iCloud section. Scroll down and find WhatsApp. Make sure this option is enabled.

    Further, in the same window, find the “Backup” section. Open it and tap on the “Create a backup” button.

    How to Create WhatsApp Account on your iPhone?

    You are now ready to transfer WhatsApp to another iPhone. If another smartphone contains any information, it will need to be completely canceled, that is, return to the factory settings.

    Read more: How to Hard Reset iPhone

  • When the welcome window appears on the screen, complete the initial setup, and after signing in to your Apple ID, agree to the offer to restore from an iCloud backup.
  • Once the restore is complete, launch WhatsApp. Since the application has been reinstalled, you will need to re-bind the phone number, after which a dialog box will appear on the screen with all the chats that were created on the other iPhone.
  • Use any of the methods given in the article to transfer WhatsApp from one apple smartphone to another easily and quickly.

    IPhone to Android

    Use Whatsapp Recovery to transfer information between devices. You need to install it on your PC and then connect your iPhone to your computer. After that, you should open the program and find the “WhatsApp” folder there, go to its contents using the dir command line.

    You need to download the messenger on your Android device and, without installing it, copy the “WhatsApp” folder using the Copy button, transferring it to your smartphone. After installing the application, all that remains is to confirm the phone number registered in the system, and then restore your correspondence.

    Between two Android smartphones

    When copying files locally, either a memory card or the phone itself is used. Many modern smartphones have an automatic data backup function. By default, it turns on every day at 2 am. You can view the saved database in folders named Whatsapp Images, Whatsapp Animated Gifts, Whatsapp Video.

    Also, the autosave option is present in the Whatsapp messenger. If automatic saving is paused, the function can be restarted.

    • Open “Settings” on the phone, and then. “Data and storage”.
    • In the “Mobile network” and Wi-Fi section, set the necessary values ​​for copying.
    • Then go back to “Settings”, tap on the line with the name “Chats” and check the box next to the item “Chats backup”.
    • Finally, click on the green column “Backup” and save the settings.

    You can then reinstall the files to another Android device. If a memory card is used to transfer information, then first you need to install it on a new smartphone, and then download the “WhatsApp” mobile application to it and specify the old phone number at the first start. After that, it remains to allow the restoration of the backup copy of the correspondence from the messenger and follow the further instructions of the system.

    If everything is stored in the internal memory of the old phone, then you will have to transfer the files first to the computer using a USB cable. The messenger should be installed on the new device, but not launched. At this time, you need to connect both phones to the PC, open the sdcard / Whatsapp folder on the old smartphone and transfer it to the new one. After that, you can proceed with the installation of the WhatsApp application on the new device. Then you need to follow the instructions of the system and finally indicate the old phone number: if you write a new number, the data cannot be restored.

    How to save Whatsapp conversations when changing phone

    Every owner of a new smartphone or tablet is faced with the need to transfer important information from the Whatsapp messenger from an old mobile device. The question arises, how to transfer “WhatsApp” to another phone, keeping the correspondence and contact list. Observing simple rules, the user can transfer messages from the old device to the new one and continue communicating with friends and acquaintances.

    Transferring conversations between Blackberry devices

    Blackberry has its own “cloud” storage. Link. With it, you can make copies of files, including the correspondence “WhatsApp“. In the future, all that remains is to transfer everything to a new smartphone and launch the messenger on it.

    Transfer to smartphones with Windows Phone

    All Windows smartphones have a Data Transfer function. If the option was not found, it can be downloaded as a special application from the Windows market. In order to make a duplicate of the messenger’s correspondence and send the file to another device, you need to enable Bluetooth on both smartphones. After that, you should activate the option “My data” in the application “WhatsApp” and click “Continue”. From all available Bluetooth devices, you need to select the desired smartphone and start synchronizing with it. To download files, you need to check the boxes next to them and start the copying process.

    Transferring Whatsapp chats within the same platform

    You can transfer chats to a device with the same operating system by saving the files in the internal memory in advance, copying them to an SD card or cloud storage. At the same time, all information is protected from accidental loss, provided that it has not been deleted earlier.

    Setting up a backup and transferring WhatsApp to another phone while saving the correspondence

    When you change your phone, backup folders are created for all contacts and chats with correspondence. User can copy files manually. To do this, he must go to the “Settings” of his device, and from there go to the “Chats”. Here you need to tap on the inscription “Chats backup”, and then click on “Backup to save information”.

    If the number has changed, then you can enter information about it in the messenger as follows:

    • Install on a mobile device that supports 2 SIM cards, old and new SIM cards.
    • Open “Settings”, and then go to the “Account” section and the subsection “Change phone number”, and then enter a new number in the field that appears.
    • To confirm the action, click on the “Save” button.
    • Reply to an SMS message that came to the previous number, having passed verification.

    You can also save the necessary information using the Google Drive storage. In the future, with its help, it will be easy to transfer everything you need from “Vatsap” to another device. To do this, you just need to connect the new phone to the computer via a USB port, open the folder with it and find the backups (they are called “msgstore”). All files must be copied and saved to the PC.

    On a new phone, you need to download the “WhatsApp” application, but do not open it, but first connect the mobile device to the PC. After opening the database, you need to create a new folder and transfer the backup files from the old phone there. Only after that you can log into “WhatsApp” and allow saving chats and contact lists on the new phone.

    How to install “WhatsApp” on iPhone 4: instructions

    Apple is constantly evolving and releasing new iPhones. These are unique smartphones with special quality and high cost. Some people buy older versions of apple products. For example, iPhone 4 or 5. Unfortunately, not all modern programs will work on outdated Apple devices. I still want to communicate and play. Therefore, some are wondering how to install “WhatsApp” on iPhone 4. We will have to answer this question later. If you prepare correctly for the process, no special hassle will arise.

    Program description

    What is WhatsApp? Every modern user should know about this. It is possible that a person will not need the application. Then there is no need to think about how to install “WhatsApp” on iPhone 4.

    The mentioned utility is a convenient and easy-to-use messenger. With its help, people can exchange data and carry on correspondence. This is a kind of mobile analogue of Skype. Very useful and convenient program.

    Compatible with Apple phones

    Can WhatsApp be installed on iPhone 4? This question is not easy to answer.

    The thing is that WhatsApp has stopped supporting some outdated versions of operating systems. iOS also got hit. And therefore, it is now impossible to install the messenger on devices with iOS 6.

    Accordingly, if a user has an old version of the software installed, he will under no circumstances be able to launch WhatsApp on an “apple” device. This is quite normal.

    Ideally, you can think about how to install “WhatsApp” on the iPhone 4 S or just on the iPhone 4. Especially if the user has iOS 7 or higher initialized. Then the process we are interested in will cause a minimum of hassle.

    iTunes to help

    Now a few words about how to start working with the messenger. There will be nothing incomprehensible or difficult in the proposed instructions. Even a novice user can handle the initialization of the software.

    How to install “WhatsApp” on iPhone 4 via iTunes? It is recommended to proceed as follows:

    • Open iTunes.
    • Connect smartphone to PC. It is best to use a USB cable to accomplish the task.
    • Download WhatsApp for your iPhone. This can be done through the iTunes Store.
    • Launch iFunBox on PC and connect an existing gadget to the application.
    • Click on the “Install” button.
    • Find WhatsApp Installation Wizard.
    • Click on the “Install” or “Open” button.

    All that remains is to wait for the system to initialize the software. Now I understand how to install “WhatsApp” on iPhone 4. This trick is perfect for iPad owners.

    Browser to help

    The second variant of the development of events. this is using the browser to download and initialize the messenger.

    • Open any browser on your Apple phone. For example, Safari.
    • Find WhatsApp on the Web for iPhone 4.
    • Download installation wizard.
    • Launch the app you just downloaded.
    • Follow the instructions on the screen.

    Important: to successfully complete the operation, the user will first have to connect to the Internet in any convenient way.

    Is it possible to install two whatsapp on iPhone?

    This option is not provided in the official version of the application. However, different craftsmen have come up with a couple of ways to make a watsap work on one phone with two different accounts. At the same time, both accounts were active at once. What should be done?

    • Download and install WhatsApp on iPhone.
    • Open the Safari browser. Go to the website iOS.othman.TV
    • You will see a list in which you need to select the item “whatsapp 2”.
    • After that, under the icon with the application, click on the green button.
    • Next, press the install button in the window that appears on the display.
    • As soon as the installation procedure is over, go to the “Settings” section. From there to the “Basic” subsection, where we select “Device Management”.
    • In the proposed list, you should find a certificate whose name begins with “VNE Software and”. Then you need to click on it and select “Trust”.

    After all these manipulations, another messenger icon will be displayed on the iPhone desktop. We click on it and set up a second account, not forgetting to bind it to another SIM card.

    Instructions for downloading and configuring the WhatsApp application for IOS

    Initially, this messenger was created exclusively as a mobile application. Now WhatsApp can be easily installed and used on a large screen with quality speakers and a webcam. And for this you need to follow all the steps according to the instructions:

    • Select your iOS operating system and click on the green download button;
    • Install (if you haven’t already) the WhatsApp service on your iPhone;
    • Run the setup file from your computer;
    • Open WhatsApp on your phone;
    • Click “Menu” or “Settings” and select “WhatsAppWeb”;
    • Point your phone at the screen and scan the QR code;
    • Take full advantage of the WhatsApp app on your computer.

    WhatsApp for iOS on Android

    This is the case of StefanoYG, who developed GB iOS X with a GUI emulating the iPhone version of WhatsApp. Therefore, based on GBWhatsApp (which is considered one of the best), he developed this new version with a design and lines very similar to those used in instant messaging applications on mobile devices from Apple.

    So you can enjoy a design where the skins, fonts, line design and other elements of this app are adapted for iOS, not Android. The only thing you need to do is download the APK of the application and replace the original WhatsApp with this version however, remember that the mods are not updated at the same pace as the official versions.

    Requirements and additional information:

    • Minimum operating system required: Android 4.0.3.

    Features and features of the messenger

    Only the services of the Internet provider are paid according to the previously selected tariff.

    • Unlimited transfer of files containing photos, videos, documents.
    • Free calls anywhere in the world.

    You can call any WhatsApp user regardless of their location. At the same time, payment for international calls is not required.

    • The ability to chat with multiple WhatsApp users at the same time
    • Receive messages even offline. The next time you connect to the Internet connection, the previously sent messages become available.

    How to download WhatsApp on iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

    Installing WhatsApp on iPhone 4 is a more complicated procedure, but still possible. What do you need? Windows or Mac OS computer, old version of iTunes and a little patience.

    • First you need to install old iTunes 12.6.3 for Mac, Windows (32 bit) or Windows (64 bit).
    • After installing the old version of iTunes, go to your Apple ID.
    • Now go to the AppStore section and search for WhatsApp and click Install!
    • It remains to install WhatsApp in iPhone 4. Take your phone (you do not need to connect it to your computer) and go to the AppStore Update Purchase
    • Here you should see the app you have installed from iTunes. In our case, this is WhatsApp. Just click Install!
    • A message should appear that an older version will be installed, but do you mind? Press YES!
    • It is worth noting that you will not find most of the modern functions in this version of WhatsApp, but the basic ones will work perfectly.

    Which versions of Whatsapp work on iPhone

    The older the variation of the application, the less diverse its functionality. The developer makes updates to subsequent program modifications. They fix bugs, add various features, change the appearance of the application.

    To use the innovations of WhatsApp, it is recommended to update the messenger. To do this, close it if it was open. Go to the App Store. the market icon is on the main screen of your phone. Click the “Updates” button in the lower right corner. A list of programs loaded on the phone will open. Find WhatsApp and click the “Update” button next to the name.

    However, the most recent versions of the program are only supported by certain operating systems of the phone. About it

    Download WhatsApp for iPhone and iPad in Russian

    Detailed instructions in Russian for installing and registering WhatsApp (WhatsApp, WhatsApp) on iPhone

    Click on the picture to see detailed instructions for installing and registering WhatsApp application on iPhone and Android

    create, whatsapp, iphone, phone

    At first it may seem that all this is complicated and does not make any sense. However, in practice, this procedure looks much simpler. In just 5 minutes, WhatsApp is available on your personal computer, from which, using the Internet, you can make calls, send messages and use video calls. Experienced users have already confirmed that this program is a worthy replacement for the outdated Skype, as it uses efficient communication protocols that provide excellent video and sound quality. In addition, the application is completely free and can be installed on absolutely any device. And the constant work on improvements in the author’s workshop of WhatsApp suggests that this service has not yet revealed even half of its potential.

    Using the program’s privileges to the maximum, you can achieve the most serious cost savings, because all processes in the program are carried out at the expense of Internet traffic, and mobile tariffs are left aside. That is, if you have a stable Internet connection, then you can call your friend or write a message to him absolutely free of charge.

    Cloning the messenger in MIUI

    How to create a copy of “Watsap” in the “operating system” MIUI, consider the example of version 9:

    • Go to the gear icon on the home screen. Scroll through the list of sections. open “Applications”. We go directly to the block for cloning.

    You will see a list of utilities that are currently on the phone. Click on the switch to the right of WhatsApp. Wait for the system to install the clone.

    When the switch turns green, return to the home screen. there should already be an icon of the second “WhatsApp”. The second messenger will be identical. with the same functions and interface. It just will work regardless of the first.

    To help you distinguish between the two programs, an orange icon was placed on the second icon. Go to the clone. register a second account, but only to a different phone number (the second “SIM”, which should be in the smartphone).

    How to install two “WhatsApp” on “Android

    Android is more open than iOS, making it easier to install a second WhatsApp. At the time of installation of the second messenger, the phone should already have the official version of “WhatsApp”, downloaded either from the website or from the “Play Store”.

    Via Parallel Space

    If the version of “Watsap” for business does not suit you and your Android does not have a built-in function for cloning applications, you will have to use third-party tools, for example, Parallel Space.

    create, whatsapp, iphone, phone

    This program will create a shell inside “Android” in which you can create a duplicate of the installed “WhatsApp”. The minus of the utility is advertising (in the free version) and the inability to uninstall the program, since the second “WhatsApp” will disappear with it. Where to download and how to use Parallel Space for cloning:

    All applications are checked in the main tool window. Leave a mark only on “WhatsApp”.

    Click on the blue “Add” button. Click on “Accept” and wait while the tool creates a copy.

    Launch the second “WhatsApp” in the Parallel Space interface (there will not be a copy of the messenger icon on the home screen).

    Flyme OS

    The Clones of Programs option is available in Flyme starting from the sixth OS version. The procedure for copying a program is as simple as the previous one:

    • Tap on the gear icon to enter the settings. Go to the block with special features.

    Click on the “Software Clones” menu. We activate the item “WhatsApp”.

    A second application icon appears on the home screen. Click on it to start, and register a second “account”.

    All about local area networks and network equipment

    Installing WhatsApp Business

    The Vatsap developers offer two variants of the messenger: regular WhatsApp, which is used by ordinary users, and the Business version, created for companies. The option for businessmen, however, includes the functionality of the regular version (plus additional features for entrepreneurs). An ordinary person can work in it. there are no restrictions for installing applications. So use the business version for your second number:

    • Open the “Play Store” and find the WhatsApp Business application there, or immediately follow this link from your smartphone. Click on the green button to start the installation.

    Click on “Open” or go to your home screen. there will be a WA Business icon. Register a second account and use the app.

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