How to create a children’s Apple ID, or how to register a children’s account in Apple

Thanks to the family access, first presented in iOS 8, you can share applications, music, files and a place in icloud, geoposition and even spend money from one bank card in a group of up to six people. You can also add children to the family by controlling their purchases. To do this, you need to create a children’s Apple ID than we do in this material.

How to register american apple id

To appear the option of creating a new Apple ID, you must first get out of the existing. To do this, open the “Settings” → Apple ID, click “Exit” and after entering the password “Off.”

Press “Exit” again and confirm your choice. Do not worry, all information will remain in iCloud and automatically synchronized when the account is repeated.

Wait until the data is loaded into the cloud. After that, the settings screen will look like this.

Find any free app or game in the App Store and click “Download”. Select in the pop-up “Create Apple ID”.

Specify your mail that will be used as a login, come up with a password. Select the country of United States, turn on the Agree to Terms and Conditions toggle switch and click Next. Fill in personal information and ask answers to secret questions.

Select the method of payment NONE and fill out accounts for invoicing. Use Google Maps and take the address of any hotel. Preferably from the state where there is no purchase tax, such as Florida.

  • Street. Street with Selected Building (1751 Hotel Plaza).
  • City. City (ORLANDO).
  • State. Staff (FL. Florida).
  • ZIP. index (32830).
  • Country / Region. United States.
  • Phone. phone number (407-827-4000).

Confirm account Create. Make sure the Agree to Terms and Conditions are enabled and click Next. Enter the verification code that will come to specified when registering E-mail.

Wait for the setup and click Continue. Now everything is ready.

To check, find in the App Store any inaccessible application in Russia, such as Spotify, and install it. If it turns out, then you did everything right.

How to create an Apple ID on iPhone without a credit card

The main complexity for the iPhone owners is as follows: how to create an Apple ID on the iPhone without a credit card. Suppose you do not have the required plastic, or you want the first time to use the account capabilities without tieting the card.

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So, an action algorithm for registering an Apple ID without a card:

  • Open the App Store on your gadget (iPhone or iPad).
  • Find the “Free Applications” tab, and then find the “Best Free Applications” section.
  • Click one of the free applications and start installing it on the iPhone.
  • Click on the pop-up window “Create Apple ID”.
  • Enter the exact data in the Country column.
  • Explore the user agreement and only then accept it.
  • Try to fill out all the fields.
Apple id without card 1

E-mail. Specify the correct address of your mail, which is necessary to confirm your Apple ID registration.

Password. Create a password. It must be difficult and containing numbers and Latin letters. Of course, the repetitions and gaps should not be.

Security. Do not neglect additional security issues.

Date of Birth. Install your real age, but keep in mind that users who have not reached thirteen years cannot log in. Device owners younger than majority will be able to use limited features.

  • After entering your data, click on the “Next” button;
  • After the offer “Payment method”, give up him;
  • Next, enter your coordinates. They may be inaccurate;
  • Click “Next”. Immediately after that, a letter will come to your electronic. Click “Confirm now” and designate your Apple ID.

Create an identifier without a credit card from a computer

It will take the iTunes program. For PC running on Windows, download and install it. On devices with MacOS, it is already installed.


Create a unique identifier may not be in all versions of iTunes. Starting from 12.7 There is no shop in the program. Therefore, before creating an identifier without binding a bank card, check the version of the program. How to do this look in the article: “iTunes does not see the iPhone”. If the version is older than 12.7 Do the following:

  • Uninstall the installed version of the application. Look more in the article: “Delete Games and Programs”;
  • Install ITunes 12.6.5. Download link: MacOS. Windows.


Run iTunes, go on the left at the top of the panel with the navigation arrows in the “Programs” section. In the “Arr Store” section, download the free app. Select: The form where specify email. It will be a unique identifier. Choose security password:

  • at least eight characters;
  • at least one capital letter
  • Without equally coming in a row, letters and symbols (333, AAA);
  • should not be simple, type: 12345678, Password.

Select the country, click “Continue”. Push your personal data. Use secret questions to confirm the identifier. Used if you forget the password. When choosing a payment method to create an idle identifier, click “No”. In the future it will always be able to bind to the identifier. Push home address, phone. A form of where specify the code. He will come to email. Open mail, copy the code, cut into the form, click “Confirm”. Account created.

How to create an Apple ID from a computer for iPhone

You can also create a new Apple ID ID through a computer in the browser by clicking “Create Apple ID” on the Apple ID website (https: // AppleID.Apple.COM /).

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However, in this case, Apple will ask you to enter a custom email to create an ICloud address. If you create a new identifier via Apple ID, the original address will remain tied to your Apple ID.

Therefore, if you want to use as an Apple ID exclusively an ICloud email address without binding other email addresses, then at the E-mail entry stage, select “Test Email on ICloud”. Then the only e-mail associated with your Apple identifier will be an email address icloud.

How to create an apple id for a child

Already, more than once, we read stories about unfortunate parents, whose children, retreating with the iOS-device, spent the most appropriate amounts for applications and games. Fortunately, Apple was thinking about the resolution of such problems and in the new version of iOS added the “Family Access” option, where family members (up to 6 people) can use one purchase at all. They took care of both playful children who spent parental money from credit cards, integrating the so-called “Apple ID for a child”. Let’s see how it works and what to do to configure it.

I have already told about the configuration of the family access myself in one of the previous articles, but what the usual, “parent” Apple ID differs, from him, but for a child? Everything is very simple: Apple ID for your child can create only a family access organizer, confirming its payment information from the CVV code tied card. In addition, only the organizer can put the rights to other family members to confirm the requests for the purchase of content to the child. “Children’s” ID cannot make purchases from a card without special approval from the organizer and / or family member, which is allowed to give the appropriate permits. In other words, even if your child uses family access, it will not be able to make purchases when it wishes. Instead, parents will receive a notice with a request from the baby, that he wants to purchase, and, accordingly, this request can be approved (by writing off the money from the card) or reject.

Now let’s see how Apple id is created for a child:

1) Open the setup application and select ICloud (Remember that you must be a family access organizer). 2) select “Family” and scroll through the page at the bottom. 3) Click on “Create Apple ID for a Child”. 4) In the setup screen that opens, click “Next”, after reading the service features. 5) Set the birth date of the child. This action will automatically hide the application from the eye of the application that do not fit it by age restrictions. 6) Confirm the CVV code your payment information. 7) Enter the name and surname of your son or daughter. 8) Come up with the email address on iCloud.COM 9) and finally set and confirm his password. 10) Next, you will need to choose three control questions and set answers to them to restore ID if it is lost / theft. 11) On the next screen, turn on the “Ask to Buy” option so that you come to the corresponding request from you before buying. 12) Then you can enable the “Share geoposition” setting to track the location of your chad through the “Find iPhone” applications, “My Friends” and “Messages”.

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What do you need apple id

Apple ID will allow access to all Apple online services, including: icloud, iMessage, Facetime, Apple Music, and of course, iTunes Store and App Store.

If you describe simple words, using Apple ID, you can:

We strongly recommend understanding and trying each of the items.

If in the near future you do not plan to make purchases in Apple online stores, then create an Apple ID account without a credit card. In any case, replenish the account of this account or link to it can be and later.

How to create an Apple ID in the App Store on Mac

Go to App Store Application Store, click “Log in” on the sidebar, and then “Create Apple ID”.

Enter your mail (it will act as a login), come up with a password. Choose a country and note that I agree with the terms and conditions. Click “Continue”.

Specify the name, surname and date of birth. If you wish, subscribe to the newsletter. Click “Continue”.

Add payment method or select “No” if you are not going to buy anything. Also fill in the address.

Enter the phone number and select a confirmation method. Then answer the call or drive the code from the SMS that you get. Click “Confirm”.

After that, another code will come to mail, specify it and click “Confirm”.

After a few seconds, the account will be created.

How to create an apple ID for free on Mac or PC

1st step: Run iTunes and go to the “Store” section

2nd Step: Select the country, in the branch of which go to create, using the button with the image of the flag in the lower right corner of the section

3rd Step: Find any free content and click on the Download button

4th Step: When the content store will ask you to enter Apple ID data, select “Create New Apple ID”

5th Step: Follow the instructions on the screen, and when you get to “payment information”, select the option “No”

6th Step: After specifying all the necessary information and confirm the creation of an Apple ID, activate the identifier using the letter that will come to email

Note, remove payment tool in the already created Apple IDs can only be used if family access, subscriptions and other duties are not tied to it.

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