The best application for editing video on the iPhone is not easy to highlight. In App Store you can find a huge number of similar programs. In this collection, we collected the most popular paid and free video editors and found out what tasks they solve

We record the happy events of our lives. It is more interesting to remember them, looking at mini-films with your favorite music, and not just scattered files on the phone. And bloggers and just active users of social networks and at all without bright rollers. In this reviews, we have collected popular applications for installing the video on the iPhone and found out what the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

How to record video with iPhone music using applications

In order to make a video with music on a mobile device from Apple, you just need to install a special application that can help in this matter.

In addition, the video can be edited using stickers, texts and other tools. Also, you can configure the brightness and contrast of the video.

The program presents 8 topics that can be used to create a video. In addition, the user can create soundtracks using audio materials that can independently adapt to the length of the video.

The program has 18 different styles with which you can also diversify the videos.


The application has finished styles that noticeably simplify the process of creating a new video.


The program has a huge number of effects, thanks to which you can create unique videos.

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The user can add sounds and music from a personal media text, and you can also insert a sunbeam. iPhone functions

Rush into the arms of nostalgia with functions on the iPhone is easy. There are “memories” for this.

The film “Memories” is an automatically mounted video showing photos and videos selected from the gallery, supplemented by crossings and music. To watch the film, you need:

Here you can choose the mood: dreamy, light or epic. The duration is also adjusted.

In order to personalize the video “Memories” even more, click on the “edit” button or editing key. You can make edits in:

  • title;
  • cover;
  • the duration of the roller (short, medium or long);
  • photos and their order;
  • Musical accompaniment.

Consider the possible problems in the format of “question-answer”.

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For several years he worked in mobile salons of two large operators. I understand the tariffs well and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

Yes. To do this, on the iPhone you need to choose pictures for the future video. Then press the additional information button (three points) and click on “Add to memories”.

Yes. In the parameters of editing the video, slip a general access button and select a suitable sending option (through messages, mail, etc.D.).

Yes. In the settings, press the “Music” button. Instead of “Sound paths”, select “My Music” and the right song.

Thus, you can create a video from the photo using standard settings or through applications. A suitable program is selected exclusively from its own preferences.

Video music

iPhone does not provide its owners with the opportunity to edit videos with standard functions. Therefore, the only option to add music on the video is to download special applications from App Store.

The fully free application developed by Apple is popular with the owners of the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Supported, among other things, are the old versions of iOS. When installing, you can add various effects, transitions, filters.

Before proceeding to the process of connecting music and video, you need to add the necessary files to your smartphone. To do this, we recommend reading the following articles.

If you already have the necessary music and video recording, go to work with Imovie.

TOP-5 best video editors

To make it easier for you to choose the best video installation application on the iPhone, we have made up the top 5 editors. You can compare the programs according to several, important criteria for you and download the most you like:


The most famous editor for the iPhone, as it is produced by Apple itself. Since 2013, Imovie has become completely free for all owners of new versions of iPhone and iPad. The application is characterized by simple management, so it is very popular among video bloggers. There are templates of projects, credits and transitions, the ability to work with Super HD and 4K permits, chromakey (green rear background), movies. You can also apply your audio traffic, write a voice from a microphone and embed sound effects.

recording and adding video stream from the camera to the project;

Titra editing. a change in font, size and location of inscriptions;

adding plain, gradient or textured backgrounds;

regulation of the focus point and a change in the depth of sharpness;

Sending a project to Mac to Imovie or Final Cut Pro applications.

“Picture-in-picture”, effects of slowing down and accelerating video;

How to Shoot CINEMATIC VIDEO with your iPhone

On outdated iPhone models, some options for installation are not available.

Who is suitable for bloggers and for home use.

Adobe Premiere rush

Adobe Premiere Rush. applications for processing video on iPhone with functions worthy of computer software. There is almost everything to carry out even complex installation: a convenient multi.track panel for combining media files, adjusting the speed of playback, headings and crossings, editing audio roads and recording your own voice.

Image processing is also available: manual color correction, balance, filters. Adobe Premiere allows you to change the resolution of the created file, use the album or portrait orientation of the frame. Finished projects can be sent to. YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram and synchronize with other iOS devices.

imposition of images and stickers over the video;

adding panoramic or zoom effects;

tools for balancing audio based on AI;

editing headers. font correction, size and animation;

automatic change of focusing point.

Who is suitable for bloggers and novice video editors who need to prepare creative clips for social networks.


Magisto does not have extended manual installation functions, all actions occur in automatic mode. This is what makes him popular among many bloggers. This development of the famous Vimeo video service has a large set of ready.made templates that need to be applied to the selected video to get a qualitative result at the exit.

In addition, there are presets to improve the video camera, pruning and combining, and manual sorting of files. This is the best video editor for the iPhone if you want to automate the creation of rollers, but at the same time maintain control over the process.

imposition of inscriptions, pictures and stickers from the catalog;

tuning the duration of the video clip;

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Filmmakers: How To Shoot a Music Video on an iPhone | 5 Must Have Items

creation of video collages and a slide show from photos;

creating video clips in 5 minutes thanks to a variety of templates;

create, video, iphone, music

requires a constant connection to the network.

To whom it suits: beginners who need to quickly arrange a beautiful and bright clip for social networks using automatic options.


The video for the video on the iPhone Splice combines a video and photo editor for a mobile phone. Allows you to caress video files, apply the effect of slow or accelerated shooting and insert transitions from a pre.installed library. You can apply animated slides with titers and headlines, cut out unnecessary fragments and combine files.

An advanced work with sound becomes a separate plus. The musical path is automatically synchronized with video file. You can embed sound effects and record voice Комментарии и мнения владельцев through a recorder. All added audio trains can be cut and mixed.

regulation of exposure, contrast and saturation;

replacement of the background with chromakey;

Creation of a slide show with the effects of panoraming and scaling.

sending video clips to social networks;

synchronization with other devices and cloud ICLOD.

The music library is available after the full payment of the program;

Who is suitable: advanced users who need to create a video for YouTube, as well as social networks like Instagram and


A popular video editor for iPhone will allow you to process clips without loss of quality using ready.made topics or manually. The user will be able to trim the video, apply effects, create inscriptions and credits, apply music from the phone or from the collection. The program is distributed in free and paid versions. You can use standard options, however, a premium package per month will require export in high resolution.

support for key personnel for the development of animation;

For export without a watermark, a paid subscription is needed;

Users report that after buying a VIP version, the premium package functions are not available.

To whom it suits: novice and medium.level users who need to make a simple video with bright effects and stickers.

Slideshow Add Music to Video

Easy to use application for creating a slide show and editing video. Both the first and the second can add musical or sound accompaniment by choosing it from the library by writing on a recorder or loading from iTunes, icloud. All work is performed in three simple steps, and the only additional opportunity is to change the reproduction rate. Of course, the functions of trimming and the connection of fragments are also available here.

Slideshow Add Music to Video has an intuitive integration, and the presence of Russification makes it even more easy to learn. In addition to this advantage, there is an obvious drawback expressed in the distribution by subscription. the already modest functionality of the editor will be very limited, if one of the available plans, but the melody library (over 200 tracks) divided by genres and mood, which is not available by the developer, is not selected, It will be partially hidden.

MM Vintage Camera

Vintage cinema lovers will appreciate the 8mm Vintage Camera application. The description of its coolness can be limited by one sentence: in 2013, Oscar for the best documentary received “In search of sugar” Malik Benjellul, who used this application for shooting.

8mm Vintage Camera imposes effects on frames: granularity, dust, scratches, flickering to make a video as if it were shot on an old film. You can combine retro lenses and film, achieving the effect of different times and conditions.

The realism of what is happening in the past is supported by the addition of retro.sounds. For example, you can apply clicks of a film projector or remove the sound track by creating the effect of silent cinema. The editor offers several topics for quickly creating a video with credits, transitions and music. If free topics are not enough, in the 8mm Vintage Camera you can make an internal purchase.

Free online program application on iPhone

Online video editor Fromfoto allows you to make a beautiful video from photos in 15 minutes. Our site uses a professional program Adobe After Effects Slide Editor. Computer graphics and effects are simply amazing. Make a slide show on the iPhone from photos with music for free https: // fromfoto.COM/Slayd-Shou/Slayd-Shou-Besplatno/!

This program for online manufacturing slide show on iPhone or Android. Freely distributed to the App Store. The main advantage is the absence of restrictions on the number of files. The format is selected depending on where the finished video will be used. than a hundred forms, transitions, effects are offered. Ready.made videos are stored in the gallery, from there they can be sent by e.mail, by. YouTube, Instagram.

The choice of the program is difficult for a wide assortment. Most focus on the convenience and quality of the rollers. It is difficult to recommend something specific, each development has its own advantages and disadvantages. For beginners, simple free options are preferable. It is worth spending money if you have at least minimal experience.