How to configure Apple Watch Series 3, 4, 5, SE, 6, 7 after purchase: instruction

After purchasing smart clocks from Apple, it is necessary to produce the procedure for their primary setting, which takes 10-30 minutes depending on the amount of content loaded to the device. Step-by-step instructions with explanations for setting up Apple Watch is shown below.

How to create a couple with a Bluetooth accessory (connect wireless headphones or column)?

To begin with, turn the accessory to the Creation Mode. How to do this, indicated in the user manual. Most Bluetooth devices.

Go to the Apple Watch menu and select “Settings” → “Bluetooth”. After that, the watch will search for all accessories available in the reach area.

If necessary, enter a password or PIN code.

Step-by-step instructions on how to connect Apple Watch to iPhone?

If you connect each step of connecting or synchronizing the Smart clock to another Apple device, you will receive a step-by-step instruction that will help the user to solve this problem. So, to successfully connect iWatch to the iPhone, you need:

    , By clicking on the button on the side, it must be held for 1-2 seconds, in a word until the Apple logo appears.

  • After the company icon appears, you will see a message on the accessory screen in which you need to select a language (only 4 of them). Stop on what you know better.
  • Next, confirmation should be confirmed to create a pair between Apple Watch and iPhone. it must be taken.
  • Following the instructions, set the application for Smart clock on the iPhone, go to it, select “Create a pair”, and the “I” button should appear.
  • After moving the camera of your phone on the dial of the newly purchased goods and wait until it synchronizes the devices. In the same way, you can bind Apple Watch to another iPhone.
  • When the previously described process ended, a very important choice is to make a very important choice between: “Use Apple Watch as a new” or “Restore backup”? If you first bought this device to you, then you need to specify the first option, but if you have lost iWatch and purchased a new one, choose the second option (to check the gadget to originality, use this article). It loads from the clouds previously used parameters and possible system tools.
  • Deciding with the choice of parameters, the user will have to be specified on what hand he will wear a gadget (depending on whether you are left or right).
  • As in each legal product, it is necessary to confirm the terms of the license agreement (without this).
  • Each owner of at least one product from Apple has its own ID. After making a license agreement, you need to enter a password on your iPhone from it (logged in).
  • When the user’s authorization is successfully passed, you need to decide whether it needs geolocation in Apple Watch (it will allow you to track the approximate location of the user and fix it).
  • Next follows another choice, on which it depends, whether you can manage the device with a voice, voice commands.
  • For increased security measures, Apple Watch will offer a person to report, send notifications of any program or systematic clock failures, on the iPhone and in support.
  • When the initial setup procedure was completed, you need to come up with a four-digit password (peculiar PIN) for your smart watches. It will help prevent outsiders access to iWatch.
  • To ensure maximum use comfort, the user will receive a proposal to establish additional software, programs for Smart hours, with which new functionality opens.
  • The final stage of the installation is to apply all parameters to the device. He is the most boring and long of all (takes up to 10-15 minutes). It is better to postpone the clock with the iPhone to the side (connecting everything in advance to the charger), and go to do it yourself.

How to break the pair of Apple Watch and iPhone

This procedure is made extremely quickly, in contrast to synchronization, and even in remote mode. A little easier to do it if the gadgets are near. To turn off the Apple Watch, run on the iPhone application Watch and click on the button with the “I” symbol. If the clock is far from the smartphone, in the same application we go to the “Main” tab and tapam on the “Reset” button.

ATTENTION. It is important not to confuse the reset of the iPhone itself with a discharge of smart watches. The last procedure is performed exclusively in the Watch application!

Removing Apple Watch watches and breaking a couple with them

To delete the clock you need to open the Watch program on the iPhone and go to the “My Watch” tab. There you need to choose your clock, press the icon of information “i” to the right of the image of the device and break the pair with it.

create, couple, apple, watch, iphone

To check the connection between devices, you need to open the Watch program on your smartphone and choose your watch. Casual hours will be labeled in the form of a dawkey.

Information about activity and training may not be updated immediately after switching between hours. Then you need to position the iPhone next to the Apple Watch and wait for the synchronization of devices.

The Watch program can disable “when climbing” and “wrist recognition”. In this case, the function “Auto-section” may not work. In this situation, it can be turned off at all. You can then open the Watch program on the iPhone and open the “My Watch” tab there. There it is necessary to choose your watch, and then put the icon in the form of a tank at the moment.

Do Apple Watch Works with Android-Smartphone

Can Apple Watch be connected to Android, combine them into one system? Theoretically. Almost yes. In practice, it will be like an attempt to call a network administrator to monitor the weaving machines in the night shift: he may agree, but it turns out that the machines do not work, in the server fire, and the administrator himself went on vacation, putting you goodbye check. Shorter. expensive, chorely, ineffective.

create, couple, apple, watch, iphone

You can say this: Apple Watch and Android devices cannot work together, but both types of devices are not against working nearby, in parallel, from one network. The question is then reduced, rather, not to compatibility issues, but in the one you can bypass incompatibility. And, of course, to whether it will be convenient to use such a hybrid.

Do Apple Watch devices work with Android just like that, without preparation? No never. And do not believe applications promising somehow maize them to approach each other. or at least for a start, see the assessment of such applications in the App Store. Most likely, there will be a bold unit and desperate cries: “Do not swing, it’s spam”.

What to do if the iPhone does not see Apple Watch

When problems with connecting to create a pair of Apple Watch, you must connect devices again:

  • Place the Apple Watch device and mating iPhone at close range.
  • Check if the iPhone is on the included airport, and whether the Wi-Fi modules and Bluetooth are activated by opening the “Management” item.
  • With the aircraft of the airline icon on the screen, enter the “Management” item and disconnect it.
  • Perform a restart of the connected devices.

Without iPhone

Apple’s developers have long been translated “smart watches” from the tool, inseparable with a smartphone, in an independent gadget, with ease coping with any tasks. Including with the “rupture of the couple“. over, such cases provide for two options for action:

Through the Watcho operating system menu

  • Open “Settings”, go to “Main” and “Reset”, and then select “Erase Content and Settings” and agree with the beginning of the procedure. As practice tells, it will be necessary to complete the cleaning from 2 to 5 minutes;

Emergency methods

The second version of the “reset” is applicable in cases where the code password is forgotten, capable of unlocking the screen. The situation is frequent, but not deadly. it is enough to repeat the action algorithm described below and no longer forget about the measures taken.

The first step is to install the clock for charging (in some cases, the cleaning procedure starts and without power sources, but is it worth risking the time and start the procedure again?). The second is to press and hold the side button until an inteeis appears on the screen with the following action (three options. to display a medical card, contact your support or turn off the clock). Immediately press the “OFF” button. it is enough to imagine a finger, press and hold.

If the procedure is carried out correctly, the proposed actions will change to the only available option. “erase the content and settings”. As in the cases described above, the procedure begins almost immediately, but first. a backup copy is created and transferred to the cloud, and after. the method of saving the selected tariff for communication is selected.

And, although the first way based on the “settings” transition and seems “correct”, in fact, reset the second way faster and much more convenient. From restrictions. the need to search for charging, but if actions are performed at home, then there should be no problems.

How to connect to iPad?

The principle of connecting Apple Watch to the iPad tablet is no different from the method of connecting to the iPhone smartphone to familiarize yourself with which you can be higher in this article.

The first thing to be done in this unpleasant situation is to check the availability of the connection, as described above in this article, if there is no connection means the problem is precisely in this.

The manufacturer of smart watches offers several ways to solve this problem to choose.

First method: re-connection

Repeat Apple Watch clock connection to iPhone. So that everything went to successfully make sure that the devices are close to each other, it is also worth sure that the iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and the “air mode” was opposite. To do this, open the bottom curtain of the device, shutting the screen from the bottom up. Note Round images Wi-Fi and Bluetooth? They must be active, the image of the aircraft must not be active.

Next Check Apple Watch Dial. If you find an airplane icon, then the “air mode” is on on the clock. In this case, go to the control point, for this make the dial from the bottom up and turn off the air mode by clicking on the aircraft symbol.

Finally, restart Apple Watch with the iPhone.

create, couple, apple, watch, iphone

If and after that it is impossible to restore the connection resort to the second method.

Second way: gap and re-creating a connection between Apple Watch and iPhone

  • In the clock settings, you must open the “Settings” then select the “Basic” tab and click “Reset”, then “Erase Content and Settings”.
  • In the Apple Watch application on your iPhone you need to choose “My Watch” and click on the clock at the top of the display. Next to the clock symbol will be the icon in the form of the letter “i” Click on it and select “Break up a pair with Apple Watch”. Click you need two times to confirm the action.
  • Now create a pair between Apple Watch and iPhone re-adhering to the instructions above.

Third way: those supporting Apple

If not one of the above methods does not work, it is recommended to contact Apple Support on the official website of the manufacturer, or in the “Restore” stores, or in the absence of such an opportunity to the service center. Do not try to eliminate malfunctions in connection related to damage to devices yourself.