How to throw off the video from the computer to the phone

There is a need to transfer the video to the phone from the computer or on the contrary. There are a large number of ways thanks to which it can be done successfully. The best and proven. using a USB cable. This is the easiest and same time widespread option for transferring video to your phone from a computer. In addition, it is not necessary to download additional utilities.

It is worth considering other common ways. Some of them require additional equipment, and some. no.

Short domain method

There is another option, even simpler, using the SaveFrom service.Net. It is in the modification of links to a video from YouTube. So, consider how this is done:

Google Chrome

  • We enter YouTube to the address Search service through the search can not. If you do this, then the browser will open YouTube through the Android application that it categorically does not suit us. So we write a link exactly as we did in the instructions or just click here.
  • Downloading completed. To play the roller, you can click on the record directly in the notification string. Naturally, the file will also be saved in the phone’s memory.

How to transfer files to your phone via wi-fi

Another interesting and unique way. transfer with the Internet Wi-Fi.At the moment, the method is relevant, as many devices are equipped with wireless Internet technology. Computers and phone numbers. Some PCs though do not have built-in Wi-Fi, but you can purchase a special adapter that is inserted and is used together with a USB slot. The cost of this adapter is different. Maybe both 3 and 4 thousand. It all depends on the quality of the product. For the transfer of materials, this adapter will also suit.

The transfer method of benefits by the fact that the user may not be cable, but can use the Internet, router and configure high-quality transmission. There are different ways to copy files.

If you use a Web server, you should use such instructions:

  • Download a special software called “WebFileTransfer. The application is easy enough to find in official stores on the Android PlayMarket systems. Download and wait for the installation of the provision. After loading taping on the icon and go to the program. You should also connect Wi-Fi on both devices. It is better that this was the same network;
  • When opening the program and connecting the Internet, the user can see the IP address. Copy this value or rewrite it separately;
  • Now open any web browser or browser, the same Yandex or Google. In it we drive into the address line what was previously rewritten or copied. The inteeis of the device opens. In it, the user can copy all the necessary file on the phone. On the right side there is a special folder about the transfer of files to the device. Pressing the icon, the user starts the transfer. There are restrictions that give only 5 MB.
  • Go to the utility. Application store, after which in the search bar drive the name FTP server. In it, you can transfer large files. We go into the settings for downloading the utility and taping on a wireless connection;
  • Create a new Internet access point. In the name field, any user-friendly network is introduced. By default, the user sees the installed device folder model. We invent a password and install a secure connection;
  • Synchronize with a point of access on a computer, you can also with click on the “Wireless Connection” folder. Among all the points of connection, the user needs to find the right one that previously created himself. We enter a password and connect;
  • Go to the installed program, enable the server and write those numeric values ​​that need. We continue setting up with PC. To do this, tapa on “My computer”. When opening tapam PKM, activate the window with options. Click on creating a new item. We write the address that was previously highlighted on the phone;
  • Tada on the “Next” button. Select the item “Anonymous Login”. Enter the IP address, after which the user will create a new service in which you can cross the files. You can copy it absolutely any files.
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Although this method of data transfer is quite complex, but it is also productive.

Transfer files from a computer to the device.

Note: If your device’s screen is protected by a PIN or password, unlock it, which will allow your computer to access it.

  • If you want Windows when connecting the device automatically opened a file conductor, click “Always do this for this device” (2).

The Explorer window opens with the contents of your device.

The contents of the folder selected on the device are displayed in the Explorer window.

The library or folder you selected will open. For example, if you press the Photos button, the image library of your user account opens.

How to download video on android

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From this article you will learn how to download a video on the Android device (smartphone or tablet). You can use the “Instube” application to download videos from various websites, such as Vimeo, or similar application “TubeMate” to download videos with YouTube.

Open browser. Standard browser on Android devices is Google Chrome. Since the “Instube” applications in the Play markete, this application needs to download from his site.

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Wait for the file when the file is loaded. When the “Instube” application is completed, a notification of this will be displayed in the upper or bottom of the screen.

  • SAMSUNG GALAXY Press “Open” at the bottom of the screen (when the file is loaded).
  • On some Android devices in the App Draw application, there is the Downloads application (downloads) in which downloaded files are stored.

Click Install. When the query appears. An application “Instube” will be installed on the device.

Start the “Instube” application. Click Open in the Installation Wizard window or click the “Instube” application icon in App Drawer.

Open the page with the video to download. Enter the website address (for example, WWWCC) in the text box at the top of the screen. You can also click on the application icon on the “Instube” main page, enter the name of the desired video, and then click on it.

Click the Download button. It has a view of a red circle with a white directional down arrow and is located at the bottom right of the screen. The drop-down menu opens.

How to download video from YouTube on iPhone or iPad using a quick team

On iOS no applications for downloading video, but ways to do it still have. The easiest. use the automation command that downloads the roller and saves it to the gallery or files “Files”.

Add a command by clicking on the link and providing the necessary permissions. Open video in the browser and run through the Standard menu “Share” Run the YouTube Pip DowLoader command. Then select Save Video and specify the save space. the gallery or files “Files”.


Service with a very extensive list of supported sites for which there is even an alphabetic pointer. In TubeoffLine, you can choose video resolution, as well as on the go to convert it to various formats, including MP4, 3GP, WebM and MP3.

Minimalistic online tool that boasts an impressive list of supported sites and allows you to download video from them just a couple of clicks. From additional features a choice of resolution, conversion to MP4, 3GP, WebM, MP3 and M4A.

Android Keepvid

Keepvid. one of the few services for downloading video from YouTube and not only that has not only a web version, but also its own official client for Android.

Method of downloading video through the web version of the service is similar to the SaveFrom method: we find the video video you need, using the official Youtube application or the mobile version of the site (M.YouTube.COM) and copy link to video. If the application is used when searching the video, you must click “Share” and click “Copy Link” from the drop-down menu, but if you have been using a mobile version of the site, the link to the video must be copied from the browser address line.

After the video link is copied to the clipboard, you need to go to the Keepvid service website. In the text box from the clipboard insert the link to the video and click on the “Download” button. After that, the service will propose to choose the video format.

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Loading video from YouTube through Keepvid on Android

First you need to download the Keepvid application from the official site. So far, there is no Russian language in it (at the time of writing an article), but I think, soon he will appear.

Run the Keepvid application. At the top of the application, press the search button and enter the keywords or video name in the text field or the video name and again click the search icon. From the list found on request video click on the roller you need.

YouTube’s mobile version will be launched, where you can pre-view our video and start downloading by clicking on the arrow in the lower right corner of the application. After a short load, the application will provide a list with accessible file download formats: as video or audio. By clicking on the desired option, the video load will start.

In the official Youtube application we find the needed to download the video, press the “Share” button and select “Copy link” from the drop-down menu. Then in the KeepVID application in the lower right corner click on “” and in the “Enter URL URL” window insert a previously copied link to the video and click “OK”. All other actions are similar to the method

And also, you can select another 3 way, but it was already described above (you need to copy the link through the official application).

How to save video from VK on Android using a computer

The process of downloading a video on a mobile device from a personal computer as simple as possible and does not take much time. To begin with, you will need to download video on a personal computer using an additional third-party tool. In this case, the SaveFrom utility can perfectly help. After that, you need to follow the following instructions:

  • Connect your mobile device to a personal computer using a wire;
  • On the personal computer screen, you must select the connection properties and the mode called “File Transfer”. In case your mobile device operates on your mobile device version below 4.0, then it will also need to turn on the drive mode;
  • Now click on the “My Computer” label and select your gadget in the list of available devices. It is necessary to transfer all downloaded media files to a folder defined for this.

The user can then view the installed content on its mobile device. To do this, you will also need to install the player.