How to copy contacts from the phone to the SIM card: all options

The list of contacts on mobile devices can be stored by choosing a user: on a SIM card or in the memory of the device. By default on smartphones, it is usually worth saving new records in memory of the gadget.

But if necessary, you can quickly copy contacts from the phone to the SIM card, using the built-in functionality of the Android OS or third-party applications. The reverse operation is easily available-transferring the phone book from SIM card to a smartphone.

How to transfer contacts from phone to phone. Several ways

Each time you change the smartphone or there is a need for its repair, the question is: how to transfer the contacts of the phone book and other important information?

It is not difficult to transfer contacts from the phone to the phone, for this there are several ways that even an inexperienced user will cope with. We will talk about the simplest and most reliable of them in this article.

For example, the Samsung A50 smartphone on Android 11 was used. The name of the menu sections, depending on the device and the manufacturer, may vary slightly, but the action algorithm will be approximately the same.

How to transfer contacts using a Google account

Each owner of the Android smartphone has a Google account. account. Transferring contacts or other information with its help is the easiest way to switch to another phone without loss of information.

  • Open the settings of the phone from which you want to copy the information (for this, brush down from top to bottom, opening the notification curtain, and click on the gear in the upper right corner).
  • Select the section “Accounts” or “Accounts and synchronization” (on devices from different manufacturers, the name may vary slightly, but in general it will be similar).
  • Select the Google account or “backup”, and then select the data that you need to save and click “Start copying” or “synchronize”.

To transfer the information to the new smartphone, enter the account from it that you used on the previous device and run synchronization. Contacts, as well as other information will be loaded to the new smartphone.

Using a SIM card or memory card

You can also transfer contacts to another phone using a SIM card. This method has a drawback, which consists in a limited number of numbers that can be copied on a SIM card (about 200).

  • Open “Contacts”
  • Select “Contact Management” (on some devices “Settings”)
  • Open the “Export and Import” tab
  • Indicate the card to which you want to copy contacts and wait for the end of the process.
  • Insert this SIM card into a new smartphone and select the display from the SIM card in the contact settings. Next, you can copy the numbers in the device memory.

Depending on the manufacturer and model of the smartphone, the names of the menu sections can be called a little different, but the transfer process itself will be similar to the described above.

How to copy contacts from phone to sim card on samsung J2|J5|J7PRIME|J7NXT|J7MAXX|M30

How to transfer contacts to a memory card

Contacts are transferred to the memory card in the same way as on the SIM card, only in the Import and Export section you need to choose “Export to the drive”. Then, by inserting the memory card into the new phone, in the same section, select “Import from the drive”.

Using PC

When moving contacts using PC, you will also need a Google account. We recommend this method if you need to transfer contacts from one to another Google account, for example, if you decide to use a new account in the new smartphone.

  • Synchronize contacts with Google account
  • Open the browser to the PC and go to your account or click here (click on the account icon in the upper right corner and select “Google Account Management).
  • In the menu on the left, select “Data and Personalization”
  • Find the section “Your actions and data” and click on “Go to your personal account”
  • Go to “Other Services” and select “Contacts
  • In the menu on the left, find the “export” tab, click and make sure that the contacts will be saved in CSV format
  • After confirmation, the file with the contacts will be uploaded to your PC

To import the file into another account, log in to the PC in the new account, take steps 3-5, and then select “Import”. Indicate the path to the CSV file that you have previously preserved.

Using Bluetooth

Contacts can also be transferred via Bluetooth connection. For obvious reasons, this method is best used if both of your devices are included and are nearby or contacts must be sent to a person near you.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on both devices
  • In the Bluetooth smartphone settings, from which information is transferred, search and conjugation with the device you want to transmit contacts
  • Open “Contacts”, mark all or those that need to be conveyed
  • In the lower part of the screen, click on the “Share” button, and then Bluetooth
  • In the list of connected devices, select a smartphone to which you send contacts

The selected contacts will begin to be transmitted to the device. Wait for the end of the process.

How to transfer contacts from Android phone to a SIM card

Many people when changing the phone are faced with the need to transfer telephone numbers from one device to another. This can be done using various methods, but often users prefer to move contacts to the SIM card, and then install it in the smartphone. It would seem that it is easy to cope with this procedure, but due to the constant update of Android, the principle of action is slight, but it changes. Let’s look at the process of transferring contacts from the Android phone to the SIM card and vice versa, and also deal with its some subtleties of this procedure.

First of all, we propose to consider the procedure for moving telephone numbers directly to the SIM card. Recall that, depending on the version of the operating system and the installed firmware, the name of the sections and tabs may differ from those given in the instructions. So, in order to transfer contacts to the SIM card correctly, we recommend using the following guidance:

  • We open the application responsible for making calls. Usually the desired program is located at the most prominent place of desktop.
  • By default, you will open a section with challenges, so we go to the “Contacts” or “Telephone Book” tab.
  • Open an additional menu by pressing the icon in the form of “three points”. On some phones, it unfolds by clicking on the touch key responsible for the option.
  • In the menu that opens, we find the item “Import and Export” and click on it. By the way, its name may be different, for example, “copy contacts”.
  • Choosing the option “Exports from SIM cards”. If several SIM cards are installed on the phone, then select the one to which you need to move the phone numbers.
  • Next, mark the phone numbers that need to be transferred. And in conclusion, we confirm the export procedure by clicking on the OK button in the window that appears.

If for some reason the standard capabilities of the system cannot be transferred to the SIM card contacts, then you can use a special application from Google Play.

Information transfer to Android 4

As on other versions of the Google operating system, all actions begin from the “Contacts” section. The corresponding shortcut on the desktop will help to open the address book again.

Next. a call of the context menu through a button located directly on the smartphone case, or. through the threefold, which appears on the top right.

A list of possible actions will immediately appear on the screen, concentrated around the preparation of new records, the association of contacts, reporting messages, settings and imports/export. In the latter case, Android offers to “throw” information from external media, from internal memory and SIM cards, and also to share data through social networks and email.

Suitable from the listed options-“Import from SIM card”. Before starting the procedure, you will have to choose the saving place: directly in the memory of the smartphone or in the Google account for further synchronization. Regardless of the choice, Android will offer to decide on the necessary contacts: the list is transferred both entirely and selectively.

copy, contacts, samsung, card

Contacts will be transferred in the background automatically, and will become available without rebooting.

How to transfer contacts from SIM card to phone

After the contact/export of contacts was made, you can rearrange the card to another phone. all the phone numbers will be immediately available.

In order for the new information about the contacts to be saved and in the phone’s memory, it is necessary, accordingly, to transfer data from SIM card to a smartphone. For this:

  • We go into contacts through the icon on the home screen.
  • In the menu (opens after pressing the “menu”, “option” or “” button, depending on the version of the OS, which is installed on the smartphone) select the “Settings” item. In newer versions of the Android operating system, you need to select “Contact Management”.
  • Choosing “Export/Import of Contacts”, then “Import”.
  • Indicate where the information needs to be copy (in our case with SIM card).
  • Select contacts, complete imports.

After these actions, the contacts will be stored in the phone’s memory. If you change the SIM card, the numbers will still be available for viewing.

Contact export to Google

Now you can open a Google account and synchronize information on any device.

Additionally, we describe the method for those who decided to save a backup copy of the computer. It also allows you to transfer contacts to a new smartphone, but most importantly. so access to information will always be on your PC even without connected to the Internet.

Google account

This is the most reliable way to transfer or save contacts from Samsung on Samsung, for a long time. At the same time, this is done only once, and the information from the smartphone is synchronized with the cloud constantly. You can have access to information from the account not only from the phone, but also on the computer. Also, when using this account, the video is synchronized, photos, as well as saved documents. You can have access to numbers from any device that has the Internet.

Input or creation of account

  • To copy contacts from the Android phone. brush your finger from top to bottom to open an additional menu. Connect to the Internet (mobile or wi-fi). Next, you need to go to the “Settings”. click on the sixth icon.
  • If you already have an account, then enter the phone number that is attached to it, or email, and click “Next”. If the mail is not yet created, we click “Create an account”.
copy, contacts, samsung, card
  • When registering, nothing is difficult. you need to specify the accounting data, and at the end come up with an email. When authorizing, you need to enter existing information for authorization. At the very end, you will be offered to tie the phone number to the account. you can skip this step or agree. Next, you will be shown an agreement that you just need to “accept”. After that, the account will be added.

Enter Google account

To transfer the phone numbers, you need to simply enter the already existing account on the new smartphone. I wrote about this in the first step. we just repeat it on the new smartphone. Let me remind you that you can view this information on the computer. for this it is enough to log in in the account and go to the desired section. There you can also view photos and videos.

How to copy contacts from the Samsung Galaxy phone on the SIM card

Using a smartphone for a long time, we save in memory of the phone, a large number of contacts.

When buying a new device, there is a need to transfer all these numbers to it, since it is a newly long and time.consuming process to write down each a newly, a newly long and time.consuming process.

And it will help us in this, an ordinary SIM card, it has a small amount of memory that is enough for all our numbers.

We will copy contacts from the old phone to the SIM card, and then install it in a new device.

How To Copy iphone contact to sim card | updated 2021| Poudel TV

However, I want to immediately warn that only the numbers and names of subscribers, other information, such as email, address, information about work, notes and the names of subscribers.t.D. Can be lost.

Now let’s move from words to business, and complete the task.

How to send contacts from phone on SIM card on Samsung

We go to the “Phone” application, or as it is also called “Ringeon”.

We open the section “Contacts”.

Next, click on the “three vertical points” button.

In the window that opened, click on the point “Management”.

In the menu that opens, you must click on the “move” item.

Before us opened the window “from where”, select “Phone”.

We highlight the necessary subscribers, you can immediately press the button in the upper left corner.

After click on the “Ready” button.

Now the window “where” has opened before us, select “SIM”.

In the window that opens, read a warning message, then click on the “OK” button.

It remains to click on the corresponding button.

At the end of this process, click on the OK button.

Congratulations, the task is completed, I have everything on this, I wish you success.