How to transfer contacts from a sim card to the iPhone and vice

A few years ago, the process of transferring contacts was accompanied by certain difficulties. I had to put special programs, try personally several ways (and then find out which one is suitable for your model), and then carefully store the uploaded file with the phone book. But even this did not save from the fact that absolutely all the copied numbers would like. those that were attached after creating the file would remain

The transition to a new device means that you have to encounter contacts from the SIM card to the phone. Fortunately, in the smartphones from Apple there is a simple function that allows you to import data from SIM card in a matter of seconds. The article will describe still effective and working methods, how to do it, and also how to transfer the phone book from the iPhone to the SIM card.

Move to iOS program

Move to iOS. This is a special application that is installed on Android, and thus makes it possible to transfer phone numbers using a full wireless connection. Follow the instructions, everything is simple and clear there.

The oldest, but still working method. If your contacts are stored on a SIM card, it will be enough just to rearrange the card in the iPhone. After that, you only need to go into the settings, and then to the section called mail, address and calendars. In this paragraph, it will be necessary to select the item import contacts with SIM.

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If there are no contacts on the SIM card, you will have to do the following in advance:

Expand the hidden menu and select an item called import/export.

From the proposed options in a new window, select an export item for a SIM card.

Select contacts and press the export button.

Using the VCF file import/export export

How to copy contacts from android to iPhone?. Use this way to do everything as quickly as possible. Everything is simple here. we first make an export of the phone book on the device with Android, and then import it to the iPhone.

Launch a standard contact/phone book on a smartphone. Click on the troetic icon in the upper right corner to open the menu.

Here it is necessary to cross the export item. Do this and export VCF format for a drive or memory. Information about which folder the file was created in. it will be immediately displayed. In some launches, such an operation should be done in the book settings menu, you can also go into it by clicking on an icon with a multi.plate.

The resulting file must be transferred to the iPhone. You can do this in a variety of ways:

Consider in more detail the option. by mail

Open the mail client on the Android device and attach only that the created VCF file. Send it to your own mail or to another box, to which there will be access to the iPhone.

Open the received letter and click on the attached file. iPhone himself will immediately offer to add all the numbers to the phone book. do it.

Features of SIM cards

Pay attention to transfer numbers from SIM to the iPhone, make sure that the card size is suitable for the device slot. For the latest models, Nano SIM cards are needed, for older ones. micro SIM, and for completely outdated devices. a regular SIM card.

  • The usual full.size card was inserted into the first three gadgets: iPhone, iPhone 3G; iPhone 3GS.
  • Micro SIM card was used only in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s;
  • Starting with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, the developers began to introduce nano SIM card. To date, both in the iPhone 7, and in the iPhone X, and in the devices between them, are just such cards.

If the card from which you need to transfer the data does not fit the slot of the new smartphone, it needs to be cut. We recommend doing this in the nearest communication salon. If you carefully study the material, you can try to trim at home, but be careful. If you spoil the plastic, the contacts will be irrevocably lost.

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A method that will help not only transfer to the iPhone contacts, but also other files: notes, music, video, etc.D. This requires only a USB cable and a computer. In addition, it is with the help of iTunes that you can perform recovery without using a file with VCF extension.

Itools. a program that resembles iTunes, can work with various data on iPhones and iPades. Including with a phone book.

    Download, install and open itools. Connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable.

how to transfer contacts from android to iphone | move contacts from android to ios

If the user has a pre.created reserve copy of all iPhone files, the process of throwing off the contacts on the phone will not take much time. You just need to connect the iPhone to the computer and go to the iTunes program. About how to do this, you can read in the method 2 of our article on the link below.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone [4 EASY WAYS]

Transfer through programs

Try to use the program for transferring contacts from Android to the iPhone, for example, Zapya or Send Anywhere. Applications are installed on iPhones and on phones with android.

  • Download one of the programs with Play Market and App Store on both smartphones (they work identical, so there is no difference which application to install);
  • Launch the program on Android and find the “Contacts” section;
  • Highlight the necessary numbers and click on the “Send” key;
  • Bring the iPhone to the Android screen and count the QR code;
  • Ready.

The only negative of this option is the need to install additional applications. We have listed a lot of other methods in which there are no needs in software. But, if you still decide to dwell on this, be careful and install the utilities only from official stores!

Sending the file (by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, via USB cable)

The essence of the method is that you save your phone book to a separate file, and then you can transfer it anywhere (including to a new device). This method allows you to transfer contacts from the iPhone to iPhone without iCloud, through Google-synchronization.

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Through Google

By default, synchronization has already been completed (instructions in the previous section):

  • Go from the phone to Gmail mail, but not to the mobile, but to the desktop version. To do this, open the electronic in the browser, click on three stripes on the left and below you will see the transition to the full version;
  • Click “Export” and after a few seconds a file will be formed, which can be sent by mail, via Bluetooth, throw through a USB cord.
  • Next, just open the file on the new smartphone and the address book will automatically download.

Important! With this method, you will only transfer mail contacts! This is convenient if the rooms were duplicated on the Android device with automatically tied mail.

If you want to know how to transfer contacts to a separate file via iCloud on the iPhone, you can use the way we talked about in the very start. As well as with the help of applications and in the storage.

Through iCloud

This method is quite long, since each contact will have to be transferred separately. contacts to transfer contacts

App Store breaks from free tools that allow you to interact with the phone book. List even half a real problem. Nevertheless, attention should be paid to the following copies:

    – beautifully designed “optimizer”, allowing to put things in order in contacts in just a few seconds. Automatic duplicate cleaning, fighting unnecessary photos, the ability to exchange data with friends and loved ones, the creation of backup copies, a quick change in various information. The main plus of the project is a visual integration that really simplifies the work. But there weren’t any minuses. and there are sometimes too many advertising, and you will have to pay for some services;. a long.known contact manager known to the world, having the broadest capabilities in interaction with the address book. The service allows you to change information about phones and addresses, enter “birthdays” to the calendar, save backups and transmit by mail, through Airdrop or ICLOUD, change some parameters (like personal descriptions and photos) and even track which people are not active for a long time And, in general, it’s time to remove it for a long time. All functionality is available for free, advertising rarely appears. But the integrated integrated and poorly optimized for modern devices;. Perhaps the main assistant in working with the address book. And the point is not even the number of functions (although it will not be possible to immediately list all the available opportunities in five minutes-there are the same synchronization, copies of data, transmission of information on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, configuring numerous parameters and options), and in a bold approach to interaction with contacts. It was in TEMPPHones that the developers implemented a system of temporary addressees (if someone needs a phone for literally one call, why once again score an address book?), invented business cards, opened quick access to the calendar, and special groups, where calls “work” are not mixed with “study” or “household chores” in any way. It will become easier to communicate, but it will not work to lose data even with a strong desire. everything is always at hand!

Both tools, and Google and ICloud work with contacts and allow you to fill out the phone book of a new smartphone or tablet in two accounts. If there are problems with the choice of a suitable method and you need an obvious advice, then most likely it is worth dwelling on iCloud and gmail. options that have been tested for years, protected and working in any conditions!