How to transmit photos from iPhone to iPhone

8 ways to transmit photos on the iPhone. detailed instructions with illustrations.

Gadget manufacturers equip almost every device with good cameras, thanks to this, users have the opportunity to take a lot of quality photos. After time, many owners of apple devices have a question of how to throw pictures from iPhone to iPhone. There are several working methods for this.

Through the cloud

Any cloud service allows you to quickly convey photos between devices. You can use the company iCloud, and Dropbox, and Google Drive, and other analogues.

It is necessary to unload photos into a cloud through a browser or application and create a general link to saved files. After that, it remains only to transfer the link to the addressee.

The disadvantages of the method are: the need to have an account in the cloud service, for unloading and viewing it is better to have an appropriate cloud client, the photo will take a place in the cloud.

At the same time, the sender and the recipient do not need to be near the data transfer.

How to transfer data without iCloud

For convenience, the device from which the data will be postponed will call the “old”, and the second smartphone will be “new”.

We turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both smartphones, they should be not far from each other.

The new iPhone should be dropped to factory settings or be at the activation stage.

Old IPhone will notice a new device and offer to transfer data.

After confirmation on the new smartphone, you will see a special animation that needs to be scanned using an old camera.

The new iPhone will need to make several settings, set the unlock password and activate Face ID/Touch ID.

Next, select a direct transfer without iCloud and, if you have a cable with an adapter, connect one iPhone to another.

In a few minutes, the data will be postponed, the new smartphone will be rebooted and dogs all the necessary applications.

In the process of such a data transfer, only the attachment to Apple Watch and added cards in Apple Pay are not tolerated, they will have to be set up manually.

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How to convey a video from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes

This option will require not only the presence of two iPhone, but also the computer. You can execute file transfer both through the creation of a backup and manual mode. In our case, the second option will be considered.

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  • Download iTunes to computer.
  • Connect the device to PC from which you need to transmit the video.
  • Click on the phone icon, and then mark the synchronization of video files.
  • Connect the second iPhone to PC.
  • Similarly confirm synchronization.
  • You can also throw the video from the computer’s memory by dragging the mouse.
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After the operation, the iPhone can be disconnected. The video will be in the folder that is noted for synchronization by default.

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How to transmit photos from jailbreak

In addition to the above methods, you can use an equally effective utility. Bigboss Repo. Of course, the application is also paid, but in many respects differs from previous options. First of all, it is worth noting the high speed of data processing. The application can save the transferred files to the standard gallery of the iOS smartphone.

Using this utility, the user can exchange objects with phones on any operating system. It is also possible to transfer files to a computer. The main thing is that the Bluetooth module is present in it. Another distinguishing feature of Bigboss Repo is to support almost all media content extensions.

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Using cloud storage facilities

Another method of transferring photos and iPhone to the iPhone includes the use of cloud storages. This process is quite simple, especially for those devices that use one cloud account.

The user needs to transfer the image to the cloud, and this process is performed using official client applications. Then synchronization is carried out and you can “pick” the pictures on another device.

The following cloud storage facilities can be used:

If you have chosen Yandex disk, then you can make such a settings that all the photos taken will immediately load on the cloud. The user can only provide public access to the necessary files directly from the iPhone application.

If you need to transfer content to a device that is connected to another cloud account, then you can apply direct links.

To search for the desired link, it is enough to select the required picture in the official cloud client and open the “Share” item.

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When the link to the selected photo will be copied to the clipboard, it must be sent to the recipient for the device in the most convenient way. To do this, you can use SMS, social networks, messengers and other methods.

It is also worth mentioning about icloud service. This apple function provides the owners of several devices from the Apple brand. The opportunity to gain access to their own collection of media files on Mac, iPad, iPhone. All new videos and photos will automatically be loaded in the cloud, and then users get access to their viewing and editing on any of the devices.

We use a computer and a browser via iCloud

Important! In this case, the function of synchronization of the photo with iCloud in the settings should be enabled.

Go to the iPhone settings, go to the photo “Photo” and see if the function “Photo icloud” is included.

Connect the Android device to the computer in file transfer mode, go to the DCIM folder and copy all the photos to some directory. The phone can be turned off from PC.

Open in a browser on a computer site. https: //, enter your data from the account and go to the section with photos.

Click on the uploading icon in the top panel and in the conductor select all the photos you want to throw. Immediately after the synchronization of not iPhone occurs. all photos will become available on the device.

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We transfer through PC

In conclusion, we mention the old, known for many ways to transfer photos to the device through a computer.

  • First of all, we will make sure that all the necessary photos are copied from the iPhone to PC for the subsequent transfer of them to another iPhone. You can transfer photo files to PC using a USB connection. Connect the iPhone to the computer and copy files, following the instructions of the system. Or if your files are in any cloud storage (for example, Google.Photo, Yandex.disk, etc.D.). Open the server on the computer and save files from there. Then we choose a way how to convey a photo via PC to another iPhone:
  • If the photo is posted in a cloud service, such as Yandex or Google. just download the appropriate application on the new iPhone, and get access to the photo;
  • You can send files by e.mail (see.previous chapter);
  • It is possible to transfer files from PC to iPhone via iTunes (first the program should already be installed on the computer). one. To transmit photos, we create a separate folder on the computer, where we put all the necessary photos. Then we connect the iPhone to the PC via a USB connection and start iTunes on a computer. The synchronization process will start.
  • We click in the upper corner on the right in the iTunes application icon of our iPhone to gain access to its memory. Then, select the “Photo” tab in the program:

Click on iTunes tab “Photo” to transfer photos to iPhone

  • To convey the photo, we put a mark opposite “Synchronize photos from. “, After which you need to select the folder from which we will transfer the photo to the iPhone. After that, click “Ready” in the corner of the screen and wait for the completion of the synchronization process.

Choose where we will synchronize the photo, then we click ready