Frequent question: is it possible to transmit applications from iPhone to iPhone?

“Can I share the iPhone application purchased in the App Store?” Yes, you can! In this article we will tell you how to do it. You will also learn how to betray licensed media files from one computer to another through the iTunes program.

Method 1: How to transfer applications from iPhone to iPhone using Apple id

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How To Share/Transfer Music From iPhone Music Library via SHAREit (Without Computer)

  • Open the App Store on the new iPhone
  • Click the “acquired” option at the top of the screen
  • Click the icon icon icon
  • Transfer of applications from iPhone to iPhone.

Music from Android to iPhone using Datakit Switch Mobile Transfer software

One of the simplest applications for use today, switch a mobile translation offers you the functionality of the transmission of one click. All you need is a USB cable for connecting devices to a computer.

Start by downloading Datakit Switch Mobile Transfer software. Install and run it on your computer to open a window convenient for the user.

Click ‘Phone phone phone, connect the Android and iPhone device. Here you will see both phones on the opposite sides of the open software Switch Mobile Transfer.

Make sure that the source “is Android, and” Destination “is your new iPhone. Use the coup button in the center to change their position.

Between two devices you will see a section in which you can select the files you want to convey. Click the folder with music (and any other files that you want to convey) and click “Start transmission”.

over, you can erase the contents of your old phone or make a backup copy of the data to prevent data loss.

How to share music from iPhone on iPhone using Home Sharing

You can use the iPhone on the drug, and the same, the device on the iPhone. And please make sure you have two iPhone in one Wi-Fi network.

  • one. On the source iPhone, go to the music settings. Scroll down to find Home Sharing.
  • 2. View Apple ID and name “GOTO”.
  • 3. Repeat the accumulation process on the next target iPhone.
  • 5. Open the music on the target iPhone.
  • 6. If you have not turned on the Apple Music, click “more” “General access” and click the “Library”, which.In, if you use Apple Music, just download “My Music”, then download “Songs” or “Albums” and select “General”
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Installation of the application

To transfer the file by Bluetooth from the iPhone, we do the following:

  • We go to Cydia.
  • In the search we type “Airblue Sharing” without quotes.
  • In the search results we see a tweak with the same name. I say right away: Twik is paid, it costs 4.99. Yes, you can look for repositories where the tweak will be hacked and will spread for free, but I will not give any links, since I do not support the theft of applications, like our entire resource.
  • Install the tweet and rejoice, now we can transfer files from the iPhone via Bluetooth

Airblue Sharing. This is a system tweak that is not an application and gives us the opportunity to transfer files via Bluetooth to any file files that have the function “Open the file in. “.

convey, music, iphone, bluetooth
  • It does not require settings.
  • The connection does not require retrovering to the same device.
  • Speed ​​up to 1.7 MB/s.
  • Automatic shutdown of Bluetooth after transmission.
  • The ability to transfer files via Wi-Fi (only between iOS devices).
  • Sending several files at the same time.
  • Compatibility with most modern Bluetooth modules.
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How to transmit files between phones

If your friend, relative, colleagues or just a friend who you want to transfer files, phone or tablet with the same operating system as yours, is much easier for you. And in Android and iOS there are special file exchange systems that work natively and very convenient. In this case, additional crutches are not needed, but sometimes without them just nowhere. Here are ways to transmit files and just media at least a little easier.

File transfer via Telegram

This method will be the simplest if you need to convey something not very large and at the same time you have a good and inexpensive (or unlimited Internet). I myself often use this way. All due to the fact that almost everyone has Telegram and you do not need to install applications separately if a person does not have them.

There are no problems on Android with Telegram at all, and the iPhone has a long.standing application for a long time, which is also closely integrated with Telegram and installed initially. When the iPhone user receives a file, he will be able to save it to this application, and if it is a photo or video, he will have a choice between a media section and “files”.

Telegram solves many problems when transferring files between devices.

The only thing you need to understand that when you want to send a photo or video, choose not a “gallery”, but “file”, and then look for a photo in the file system. So it will be transmitted in the original quality without compression. Some messengers squeeze images and videos even more. For example, WhatsApp reduces the file size by about 10 times. As a result, many details in the transferred picture simply do not see.

How to transfer files, photos or videos from phone to computer

You can also transmit files and media from a smartphone to a computer and back. You just need to install the application on Windows or Mac and you can use. The only negative is that first you need to wait until the file downloads to the server, and then download it. If it is not very large (several photos, short videos or text files), waiting time will be calculated by seconds, but if we are talking about hundreds of megabytes, then at a good connection speed you will have to wait a few minutes.

File transfer through file hosting

In this way I also often use it when I need to transfer the file not urgently. It just needs to be loaded to any cloud. Google Drive, Yandex Disk, Mail Cloud, Dropbox. There are many options and they all offer some volume of free storage, as a rule, we are talking about 15 GB. Therefore, you can exchange large enough files.

Probably Google Drive will be the most subsidized option.

To take advantage of this method of data exchange, just download one of the exchanger applications, register there if you have not done this yet, and you can download files. After that, you can give a person a link to download.

The disadvantage of this method is that it is more laborious, you need to do more actions and downloading the link is more difficult than just from the messenger. However, we consider all the options, so it will also come. This will be especially relevant to transfer files to a computer. And just an exchanger will never be superfluous. be sure to register if you haven’t done it yet.

Files from Android to iPhone via FTP

This method cannot be called the simplest, but in general it works. You can transmit files between smartphones and computers through ftp. In this case, the server for transmission is created and the second smartphone simply downloads them from it. The simplest application of those that I saw was Shareme.

Previously, this application was regular for Xiaomi and was called Midrop. Over time, it has become public and now it can be installed on any Android Smartphone.

Opened, scanned, sent. everything is simple.

Using the application is simple. It is necessary to open it and in the side menu select “Connection to the computer”. Inside you will need to select the “download” item “. The program will show you the address of the FTP server, which it created. Now, to download files, it will be necessary to simply enter the address into Chrome, Safari, Edge or any other browser, and ready, you can download files.

This method will only work in one Wi-Fi network. If the devices are connected to different networks or it is not at all and you transmit files on the mountain, when an eagle flies over you, then in the application you need to select “Direct Gear”. Further, the principle of operation does not change much, just the devices will exchange files directly.

Huawei prepares Lidar for unmanned cars. We need a spare option

Transfer of fals between phones through the application

In order to transmit files from one smartphone to another, many applications were invented that are both in Google Play and the AppStore. One of these applications is Xender, but if you have encountered more worthy alternatives, share them in our Telegram chat.

How to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone [2021]-4 Ways

There are malfunctions and lags in the work of this application, but in general there are no special complaints about it and is more and less stable. At least many applications from those that I tried before, worked even worse.

There are usually no problems with this application either

If you need to transfer the files between the phones, then you need to do the following. First of all, install the application on both devices. Next, open the application on both phones. Then on the iPhone click “Connect Android”, and select “SEND” on Android and scan the QR code from the iPhone screen. Now you can transfer files.

To transfer files to a computer, the algorithm is approximately the same, but you need to choose the option “connect to PC”.

Is it possible to transmit from the iPhone via Bluetooth?

IPhone users are content with all possible functions of smartphones, including a revolutionary fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5s. But they are definitely deprived of one opportunity. to transfer files via Bluetooth from the “apple” smartphone, unfortunately, you can’t.

If you transmit to a computer with Windows files of a different type, they are usually stored in the Bluetooth Exchange folder, which is located in folders with your personal documents. In Windows 10, after successfully obtaining a file, you will be invited to indicate the directory on the computer where it should be saved.

How to throw a ringtone from iPhone to iPhone

AipP company believes that there are enough cloud storage facilities, e.mail and various messengers to transmit information. This, of course, is so, but what if there is no Internet at hand or it is very expensive, for example, in roaming? The Airdrop function has appeared in the iOS 7 operating system, it allows you to exchange information between devices nearby, without the need to make any additional settings. However, data can only be transmitted between Apple gadgets.

How to quickly transfer files from android to Android?

Launch Mi Dropia on two Android devices. On one of the devices, select “Send” and, accordingly, on the second “get”. On the device sent, select the type of transmitted document and select the file itself.

Using Air Blue Sharing Twik is quite simple. in order to transfer the desired document from the iPhone by Bluetooth, you must go into the folder with the right file, find it and touch the desired file for a few seconds. When you see a pop.up window, it will be a sign that the data can now be transmitted.

Sending from iOS

In the Cydia service, the owner of the iPhone can find a lot of tweaks, but they need to use Jailbreak to use them. We will analyze the utility in more detail, which will help us make a program. Her name Airblue Sharing, she comes for all platforms. The program is incredibly easy to use. It can be used to transfer the image from the iPhone to the Android smartphone through a Bluetooth system.

Important: since the store has filtration of low.level applications and a rather high reputation in terms of security, all utilities spread on a paid basis. The cost of such a program will cost 4.99. But in this case, you can find a hacked version.

Note: In addition to the image, using this program, you can exchange files of other formats. To do this, download a file manager included in your smartphone included in the application, which we talked about earlier.

    Go to the file manager of the above application.