2 Easy Ways to Convert 4K Video to 1080P Without Quality Loss

You can get more options when shooting in 4K. But that does NOT mean you need to keep working with 4K video. In fact, 1080p is more popular than 4K in many video editing situations. You can convert 4K to 1080p to make your images look better and get other benefits. To change the resolution from 4K to 1080p without quality loss, you need an online or offline 4K video converter. Just keep reading to learn how to downscale 4K to 1080p in two different ways.

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  • 4K VS 1080P
  • How to Convert 4K to 1080P or Convert 1080P to 4K with Video Converter Ultimate
  • How to Convert 4K to 1080P or Convert 1080P to 4K Online

4K vs 1080P

What is the difference between 4K and 1080p? Well, 4K is known as Ultra High Definition (UHD), while 1080p is High Definition (HD). The maximum 4K resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels. As for 1080p, its maximum video resolution is up to 1920 x 1080 pixels. Obviously 4K has better video resolution than 1080p.

4K is always better than 1080p? Actually 4K video. It’s too much to share and edit, especially for iOS and Android users. Sometimes 4K videos are NOT supported on older computers and TVs. You need to convert 4K to 1080p, 720p and more to get a pretty good audiovisual experience. Honestly, you can get great audio and graphics effects from 1080p videos.

How to Convert 4K to 1080P or Convert 1080P to 4K with Video Converter Ultimate

To convert 4K to 1080p without any quality loss, you can launch FoneLab Ultimate Video Converter.Be equipped with high conversion speed and video booster, you can keep the original quality, increase or decrease the video quality depending on your needs. Plus, you can trim, merge, crop, rotate, flip and apply other video effects to 4K and 1080p videos. You can enjoy smooth 1080p playback on any device with ready-made profiles.

  • Convert 4K to 1080p, 1080p to 4K or other resolutions.
  • Keep 100% original quality or improve video quality in fangs.
  • Enlarge or reduce the size of the video file by changing the profile settings.
  • Wide range of 4K and 1080p output profiles.
  • Versatile video editing tools including cropping, merging, adding a watermark, etc.

Video Converter Ultimate

Video Converter Ultimate. Best video and audio converting software that can convert MPG / MPEG to MP4 with high speed and high picture / sound quality.

Free download, install and launch FoneLab Ultimate Video Converter. Click Add File to add 4K video to 4K to 1080p converter.

In the Profile list, you can Get All Possible Results from the HD Video category. If you want to convert 1080p to 4K resolution, you can choose from 4K Videos instead from the list.

Click Access Settings Profile Settings.Here you can change the settings for video and audio output.

You can make other changes from the Edit section. Finally, Click Convert Convert 4K Video to 1080p.

Video Converter Ultimate

Video Converter Ultimate. Best video and audio converting software that can convert MPG / MPEG to MP4 with high speed and high picture / sound quality.

How to Convert 4K to 1080P or Convert 1080P to 4K Online

If you are looking for 4K video converter online, HDconvert may be your good choice. You can convert videos to Full HD and 4K quality online without file size limitation. Hdconvert announces that you can convert low definition 360p videos to Full HD and 4K. Thus, 4K video to 1080p conversion or vice versa is supported.

Visit an online 4K to 1080p converter like: HDconvert.

Click convert now to go to its main interface. Although the interface design needs to be improved.

Click. To choose 4K Video to 4K online converter. Then click Next to move on.

From the Select Output Format list in the BROWSE list and set the output format. Still click Next to continue the process.

In the Select output preset and quality section, select High quality (HD video) and Full HD 1080p, however, you need to upgrade to its premium version.

Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the 4K to 1080p online conversion.

Video lag and stuttering issue can be fixed after 4K to 1080p conversion. As a result, you can watch 1080p videos on most video players and portable devices. Can you compress 4K videos to 1080p now? If not, you can leave messages below or contact us.

Video Converter Ultimate

Video Converter Ultimate. Best video and audio converting software that can convert MPG / MPEG to MP4 with high speed and high picture / sound quality.

4K video. top ten editors

There are countless options for video editing software, but not all of them are created equal. And, importantly in modern times, many of them lack support for 4K editing. Do not despair. Below you will find a brief description of the 10 best 4K video converters that work with 4K video too; and this technology is becoming more and more used in the film industry. Check out the top ten most popular 4K video editing software.

10 best 4K converters

Wondershare Video Editor 4K

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a powerful All-in-One video editor. It can effectively solve all video related tasks such as editing, converting, downloading, burning, DVD burning, video streaming, etc. Main feature. it supports converting over 150 formats including 4K and 3D. details about its features below:

Editing, quality improvement and personalization of video files. Convert over 150 video formats including 4K and 3D. APEXTRANS technology provides 30x faster file conversion speed compared to competitors’ products. Download videos from over 1000 sites with one click. Easily record streaming video on the Internet. Burn video of almost any format, DVD design with free menu templates. Streaming media files to your TV (media server function). Video transmission without a USB cable.

Wondershare filmora

Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor) is a stripped down, simpler option for editors who don’t need the complexity, advanced features and high price of professional video editing software.

It has the most simplified user interface, but at the same time you can choose between Quick Edit or Expert modes, depending on your skill level and needs.

The range of cool effects includes especially cool Hollywood-style effects, sound effects, and awesome templates. Other new and exciting features: Green Screen. the ability to make some colors of one video layer transparent so that through them you can see the background video. Scene Detection. Scene recognition helps a lot to automatically split video into clips. PIP. overlaying one video (usually a reduced size) on top of another. It can also automatically fix clips with color problems or lighting, which ultimately results in a much more elegant end result.

Cyberlink PowerDirector 14 Ultra

It often happens that when you decide to make a movie yourself, you are looking for a very powerful, professional program for converting video, find it and then fall into a stupor when you see its price. Fortunately, you can find CyberLink PowerDirector on the web, which has almost everything that applications have at a significantly higher price, and all this is much easier to use and for beginners has a much like User-friendly interface.

It’s hard to pass by PowerDirector 14 Ultra 4K Converter if you need 4K support and don’t want to sacrifice advanced features that allow you to create professional-grade videos, even if you are a beginner or have minimal experience in video editing.

The latest edition of PowerDirector supports 64-bit processors for faster editing, and of course, 4K video processing is included. At its price level, CyberLink PowerDirector 14 Ultra is surprisingly close to modern editors, which cost much more.

This is what makes it the perfect choice for the budget-conscious video editing enthusiast. And in the Ultimate and Ultimate Suite versions, there are effect libraries, a color corrector, and PowerDVD player 14.

Sony Vegas Pro 13

One of the most high-end options for video editing software is the highly acclaimed Sony Vegas Pro non-linear 4K converter (NLR). Vegas 13 is currently used by both professionals and amateurs. The maximum frame size of 4K video, by the way, here is up to 4096 x 4096.

There is built-in support for XAVC and XAVC S formats, as well as files from Red Epic and Red One. There are a number of add-ons and plugins included with Vegas Pro, including DVD Architect Pro.

Full support for 4K converting pushes Vegas Pro to the forefront of software in this area. Along with 4K, you can also edit SD, HD, 2K and 3D videos using Sony’s intuitive interface. There are a huge number of tools and effects available, giving you total control, creativity and flexibility within an editing environment easily accessible to everyone, including newcomers to NLR applications.

Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum

Studio 13 Platinum is a stripped down version of the full-fledged Sony Vegas Pro editor, albeit at the same initial cost. This stand alone complete video editing application is suitable for beginners and home users.

The workflow and interface have been designed with an emphasis on enabling users to easily create and share videos on social media or create their own family DVDs. At the same time, the conditions of maximum simplicity and intuitive understanding of how in the future the development of this editor can be applied to the study of the older brother of Sony Vegas Pro are met.

Notable features include an easy way to select the best output format using the Movie Make dialog box, a choice of Easy or Expanded Editing Mode, Fast 4K YouTube Direct Upload, Color Match Plugin and more.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Another 4K video editing converter that is considered almost the benchmark for video editing is Premiere Pro CC from Adobe. Like most Adobe programs, Premiere Pro is now part of the Creative Cloud project. To use it with the cloudy Adobe service, you must pay a monthly fee.

A huge number of features are constantly growing in Premiere Pro CC. Software developed for a great variety of third-party plug-ins. The latest version of Premiere has been enhanced to provide a faster workflow during editing, which will be appreciated by both novices and experienced users.

New features worth noting in the CC release include vibrant text templates that integrate seamlessly with After Effects, native support for a number of new formats, automatic cloud backups, masking and tracking improvements, and the ability to export to new standard formats.

At an additional cost, the monthly package includes After Effects, Photoshop and more in addition to Premiere.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X9

Corel VideoStudio X9 (tutorial here) is a low-cost video converting application that provides 64-bit processing and 4K editing support. X9 focuses on a simple workspace with Corel FastFlick native editing mode, providing a three-step method for creating videos and slideshows.

Another standout feature is the improved 4K Smart Rendering, which makes it possible to deliver 4K video significantly faster than previous versions of the software. Other notable features in VideoStudio Pro X9 include QuickTime alpha channels, a subtitle editor, multi-camera support, and frame-by-frame controls and adjustments. It is also possible to add animation to Track Motion video.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016

Movie Edit Pro 2016 is another affordable video editing solution for home and amateur needs that currently has full 4K video support. This app is available in three versions: Basic, Plus and Premium; the latter, of course, contains the largest number of functions and capabilities.

The built-in wizards in the basic version of Movie Edit Pro make it easy for those with little or no experience in video editing. The video editor includes over 1500 effects and templates, editing up to 99 tracks (plus and premium versions). There is also support for multi-camera editing, as well as the ability to easily export the finished product to a variety of media sites and social networks.

Pinnacle studio ultimate 19

Pinnacle Studio 19 (manual here). it is an affordable video editing option for any aspiring and home filmmaker. At an affordable price, the video editor contains more features than you might think by looking at the cost.

For example, 4K Ultra HD and 3D editing, over 2000 effects, and a unique screen capture function that allows you to overlay recording directly from the screen onto your videos (very useful for presentations, etc.).

There is a very large library of free music and sound effects, support for stereoscopic 3D format, as well as optimized output for popular sites such as Youtube, Vimeo. And of course, on DVD and Blu-Ray.

AVID Media Composer

Media Composer by Avid. professional 4K converter for the fastest video editing, as the manufacturer calls it. This is of course not a program for beginners or casual home users, its powerful features can attract those who are serious about video production.

Media Composer has a rich set of features including real-time remote collaboration, FrameFlex tools, improved audio track control, multi-camera stereoscopic 3D editing, faster 64-bit operations, 4K support, as well as 5K and a range of other formats and multimedia (in including movies), Instant access to ProRes and RED without transcoding, and the ability to edit 3D as quickly as 2D footage.

These advanced and high performance features come at a cost to the consumer. This is already the price level of Adobe. And it will appeal to those who are completely responsible for achieving the highest end result using advanced video editing tools. Although sometimes you wonder, and the developers are aware that there are many other video editors that lead to the same result at the cost of incredibly less effort?

Top 10 4K converters have just been featured. Time goes by and information can change. In any case, the worst 10 4K converters will NOT be.

10 best 4K converters 2016-04-10T02: 24: 5400: 00 Alexey Kasyanov Video Editing Video Editing There are countless options for video editing software, but not all of them are created equal. And, importantly in modern times, many of them lack support for 4K editing. Do not despair. Below you will find a brief description of the 10 best 4K video editing converters that work with 4K video too

How to Process Videos?

Ever wanted to learn how to edit video, but most programs are complex and good tutorials are too expensive? In this article, you will learn how to fulfill a dream and not waste precious time and finances on it. Download the video editing program for free on our website! Below you will learn how to edit video in the editor, as well as get some helpful tips on the basics of editing.

In the “video editing” program, any user will be able to make high-quality video editing

Process video in “video editing”. it’s simple!

“Video editing”. video editor with a simple, user-friendly interface. It is suitable for creating a blog, video presentation, greeting card, university video, home archive. Even a novice user can easily master the software, but an advanced one. will find everything to embody his ideas.

To understand how to process video in the application, it does not require additional study. The video editing program provides tips that will help you navigate the functionality.

In the start screen of the program offer several ways to create a project

Before you start full-fledged editing, with an interface. In the start window “video editing” will offer to choose a way to work with the video file. In addition to the options for creating and opening a project, you will see a toolbar for express editing. Among them:

  • Video postcard. Create congratulations in a few clicks.
  • Chromakey. Replacing a solid background in files.
  • Cutting a track. Dividing video into separate fragments.
  • Webcam. Built-in or connected camera recording.

To start full video editing with cropping, gluing and adding transitions, intros and effects, click “New Project”.

How to Process Videos Fast

First choose what aspect ratio your project will be. Click “Install Automatically” and the video editor will adjust to the format of the first file you add to the program. Also you can choose 16: 9, 4: 3 or set the ratio manually.

Set the format of the future video

The most optimal option. 16: 9, it is used on TV, in movies, for modern monitors. 4: 3. This is a Square Approach image. When mounting Considering what kind of material was originally formatted. When choosing the second aspect ratio, the image in the video will stretch or, conversely, shrink.

Start of processing

Processing must begin with loading the material. Click on the “Import video” button and select a folder or device from which to upload the sources. You can change the sequence of clips on the timeline with a simple drag and drop.

Add a processing material to the timeline

Are there extra fragments? Crop the video, go to the “Edit” tab. Place black markers at the ends of the desired fragment on the timeline, or simply enter a period of time in the Corresponding lines.

Remove unnecessary fragments from the video track

Stylish transitions

Any video. it is a harmonious combination of all elements. There are many installation techniques to make the project a coherent whole. One of the simplest and most convenient. using transitions.

Go to the tab of the same name. In it you will find a set of ready-made animation. To insert a preset, select it and drag it into the window between the desired fragments. Use the button “Random transitions”. and the program will randomly place them in the cells. To change the duration of the transition, make it smoother or, conversely, more dynamic, double-click on it and enter a new value.

Combine videos with spectacular transitions

Atmosphere effects

It is not interesting to process video without effects. It is they who give the video entertainment, atmosphere and, in general, make the video more attractive. Go to the “Editing” tab, click on “Effects”. For instant results Use the catalog of ready-made filters. The editor himself suggests the most popular options. Click on the sample you like. and look in the player if it fits.

For convenience, the catalog is divided into categories. Vintage, romantic, childish, dynamic and many more. choose the option that will highlight the peculiarity of your video.

Find the right effect and apply it to your video

In the manual settings mode, you can create your own processing style. Combining various effects with each other, be it toning, film grain, vignettes, color noise, brightness and saturation, and others. To add a component. press plus, remove completely. minus.

The editor offers many settings that you can combine with each other

Each effect offers its own, individual parameters for adjustment. For example, by choosing “Vertical stripes”, you will see that you can increase or decrease their intensity and speed. To save the result and use it further, click “Save Preset”.

You can choose the optimal settings for each effect

Do you run your own YouTube or other site? With the help of a unique DIY filter, you can come up with a single, recognizable style for your videos.

Screensavers and titles

Introductory slide. the first moment when you can amaze the viewer and grab their attention. To work with this important component, open the “Add” tab and select “Screensaver”.

Select a splash screen and place it at the beginning of the project

Find the most suitable from the offered options in the catalog and drag it to the work panel. Click on the knob icon below the selected screensaver and set the duration for it. Optimal. from 5 to 10 seconds. In the same menu, open “Add text” and Place a thematic or simply attention-grabbing inscription on the splash screen. Choose a style below. It can be changed in the “Text Settings” window.

Enter a title for the video and choose a style for the text

In most cases, it is necessary that the text is primarily readable, and not beautiful. So experiment carefully. The viewer loves with his eyes, don’t forget about it.

Music in the film

High-quality video processing is impossible without sound design. By setting up the audio stream, you can fully influence your viewer. Open the “Music” tab, click on “Add” and select a song for the project. You can upload your track or use a selection built into the program. Cut audio tracks if necessary, clicked the scissors icon.

Trim the added audio tracks if necessary

Completion of work

The final stage remains. preservation. Videomontazha offers the most optimal format options. high quality AVI or lighter MP4. Choose suitable.

In addition to the format, you can also adjust the resolution and quality of the future file. Having decided on the output parameters, click “New”, select a folder to save. and done!

The program allows not only to save the video, but also immediately upload it to the Internet

We’ve covered the basic process, but these are not all functions. Collection of footages, chroma key, speed change, titration creation. in the program “video editing” you will find everything you need to edit video with pleasure. Download the editor for free and fulfill your dream right now!

Save yourself an article so as not to lose:

Computer for 4K editing. 4K. destiny of the chosen

4K monitor technology is gaining momentum. In 2014-2015, such a monitor was a rarity, and only in 2017 did the screens go to the masses in the CIS. For example, in 2013 the share of UHD screens was NOT more than 5%, and in 2017 their number approached 15%.

Most of the 4K-resolution screens are used for Special needs as advertising platforms, information boards, interactive panels. Less often workstations are equipped with them, here the percentage of use is enough fig. These monitors are most in demand when working with graphics, 3D models and video editing.

For home use, 4K monitors are used even less often, but their fate is growing. The screens imply high quality content, but so far this format remains exclusively premium class. Even for watching videos, there are special requirements for the PC. the presence of a powerful video card and a DVI or HDMI 2.1 connector. To process such video, you need a computer with very high performance.

Differences between FHD and UHD editing

A video file has many characteristics that determine its quality. The main ones are:

  • Resolution;
  • Frames per second
  • Bitness;
  • Compressing colors.

Bitrate depends on all THESE indicators. It determines how much one second of the video weighs. Accordingly, the higher the quality, the higher the bitrate.

The difference in screen size is easy to see in the picture. 4x more pixels than conventional FHD monitors. With any frame change, the computer will have to process 4 times more information.

The number of frames per second has standard values: 24-30 and 59-60. If you create super high quality content. Ultra HD. then you should forget about 30 frames, only 60.Accordingly, the bit rate doubles.

It’s easier with bitness. the more bits, the larger the spectrum of colors. For example, 8 bit. it is 16,700,000 colors, and 10 bit. 1,070,000,000, and so on incrementally.

Color compression or color subsampling. this is one way to lower the bitrate. It is denoted by 3 digits separated by a colon:

  • 4: 4: 4. compression available;
  • 4: 2: 2. lossless compression;
  • 4: 2: 0 lossy compression.

During processing, when you apply filters, color correction settings, or other options, the program immediately begins to render the changes. The preliminary result is shown in lower quality than the final processed material. So you can immediately see the changes that happened to the video, and not wait for the rendering to complete.

4K video editing software

Not all programs can run in UHD resolution. Most of the free utilities are NOT updated and only support FHD files. However, all paid products have long been working with a video file of this size.

Adobe Premiere Pro

A powerful tool that helps you Process video. Adobe has long taken a strong position in the graphics software market. This tool can be called universal. If it cannot be something, then the functionality can be expanded with the help of second programs of the same developer.

Adobe Premiere Elements

This is the basic version of Premiere Pro for those who don’t need the entire professional suite. Perfect for getting acquainted with the functionality and will allow you to save on your purchase. A beginner will find a good tutorial here and a simplified interface.

Adobe After Effects

A powerful tool for applying effects to videos. Projects are conveniently imported into Premiere Pro. It is worth noting that both programs need a lot of RAM.

Sony Vegas Pro

Many YouTube bloggers love the program. Suitable for creating TV series and short films. A special dignity. the ability to work with “live” video. Supports recording and streaming editing from multiple cameras at once. Like all professional instruments, Sony Vegas Pro allows you to work with a large number of tracks.


A free program that can work with 4K format, however, there are a number of disadvantages. for example, you can only overlay one audio and video track. Exclusively amateur software with a minimum of effects and settings. Suitable for simple gluing and creating slideshows. Russian language is supported, but localization is NOT official.

Video editing

The program of a domestic developer is positioned as a professional software, but it is NOT. A limited number of tracks, a small set of effects and settings do not allow it to reach the professional level. But for a beginner with simple tasks, the utilities will do. Here’s a very simple interface with Official Localization. The product is actively promoted by developers, there are many video tutorials on the network.

Movavi Video Editor

A small paid app for beginners. There is a preview version, but it does not support Full HD and Ultra HD. The extended version has all the functions of the starter software. The interface is similar to Premier Pro. it will be easier to adapt to it after Movavi.


A very serious professional tool for creating feature films. Russian localization comments, the license is very expensive. Definitely for those who know what they want.

Corel VideoStudio Pro

Professional tool, which has a fairly simple interface. The license is paid, but there is a trial period. The program allows you to create three-dimensional videos from conventional.

Avid Media Composer

Another Hollywood movie making tool. With his help, Avatar was mounted. The application is not simple, it contains a huge number of effects. There is Russian localization and even a trial period. The license costs over a thousand dollars, but there is a monthly subscription.

convert, video

System requirements for 4K video editing software

Processor RAM Video card Disk space Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe After Effects

Sony Vegas Pro


video editing

Movavi Video Editor


Corel VideoStudio Pro

Avid Media Composer

Intel Core i7 32 GB 4 GB 20 GB (SSD)
Intel Core i7 16 GB DX 9-10 support 16 GB (SSD or HDD)
4×3 GHz 16 GB DX 9 support 5 GB (SSD)
8×2 GHz 16 GB 1 GB or more, OpenGL support 1 GB (SSD)
4х3 GHz 8 GB 512 MB 1 GB
4×3 GHz 8 GB 512 MB 8 GB (SSD)
4х2.8 GHz 8 GB OpenGL 2.1 support 2 GB
Intel Core i7 8 GB 1 GB, DX 9 Support 200 MB
4х2.8 GHz 8 GB 256 MB 3 GB
Intel Core i7, Intel Xeon 32 GB NVIDIA Quadro SSDHDD from 100 GB

But not all system requirements are taken from the developer’s sites. Some small programs like Avidemux do NOT have hardware requirements for 4K video. Adobe video editing software has been tested with top-end special graphics cards: NVIDIA Quadro, NVIDIA GeForce Titan, NVIDIA GeForce GTX, AMD Radeon FirePro, AMD Radeon Vega PRO, AMD Radeon PRO. Small studios cannot afford such expensive tests, especially when it comes to free software.

Choosing a Computer Configuration for 4K Video Editing

To work with a video file of this format, you will need top-end hardware. It cannot be divided into the categories of semi-professional and professional, but we will try to pick up several options for system units with a minimum occurrence.

In general terms, a workstation of this power should be built on a processor with 4 cores and a frequency of at least 3.0 GHz. This is the minimum for rendering, besides, you will have to wait a long time if you assign the task to the processor. the video card will handle this better. With NVIDIA CUDA technology, the rendering process can be offloaded to the video card.

RAM size makes a huge difference, 4K video bitrate is 4 times that of regular FHD. When working with a file, it must be fully loaded into RAM, if this is not possible, the program will use the paging file or load it in parts.

The hard drive must be fast. see how much one minute of video weighs in different resolutions:

  • HD 30 fps. 60 MB / min;
  • FHD 30 fps. 130 MB / min;
  • FHD 60 fps. 200 MB / min;
  • UHD 30 fps. 375 MB / min;
  • UHD 60 fps. 600 MB / min.

Of course, this data is approximate, the bit rate may differ (above we examined the reasons that affect this). But in any case, a 15-minute clip will weigh up to 10 GB, it is very difficult and time-consuming to work with such large files from a regular hard drive.


A quad-core processor can be considered the minimum for normal operation during rendering, but it is not enough for comfortable work. Its performance is enough for you only for gluing or cutting a video file, and applying effects and color correction will take a very long time.

A 4K editing computer can be built with the latest generation Intel Core i7-9700K processor. Pebble has 8 overclocking cores and will cope with minimal tasks for processing 4K video files. It is these processors that are best used when working with video. Overclocking allows you to increase the power for a time consuming rendering, and in idle, its frequencies will decrease. Any other processor also Reduces frequencies, but not all allow you to increase the multiplier.

The professional station can be made more productive. It is better to build a powerful computer for 4K video editing based on the Intel Core i9-9900K processor. Unlike the previous model, it has 16 streams instead of 8. This means that each core can perform 2 tasks. Despite the same frequencies and the number of physical cores, it is much more productive in video rendering.

It should be noted that the top Intel processors are equipped with integrated graphics chips. You can connect an additional monitor instead of loading the main graphics card. Such a tandem will allow you to use the system unit even when it is loaded with a serious task. For example, on the main video card, you can put the video for rendering, and on the built-in video card you can play or continue working.

Computer for video editing 4K card

For video rendering, it is better to use a video card with CUDA technology. Professional option. NVIDIA Quadro. You will achieve a speed-up of the process several times, besides, the boards do an excellent job of rendering lossless. When working with a capacious video file while applying effects, you can watch the preview without delays and with normal FPS.

Differences between a professional Quadro graphics card and any other GTX or RTX. in the drivers. Quadro’s mid-range offerings have counterparts among playing cards. But the top ones have a huge amount of video memory. this is exactly what you need for video rendering and working with 3D models.

If you are NOT doing video processing professionally, but you need a computer that can handle 4K rendering, you can get a gaming graphics card. Starting with the GTX 9xx series, all NVIDIA graphics cards work with CUDA technology. The performance will be lower, depending on which card you install. But other things being equal, the same Quadro P4000 and GeForce RTX 2080 ROG have the same memory reserve and bus width. However, when rendering 3D scenes and videos, Quadro will perform better, although in games it will NOT give out the power that the RTX 2080 can provide.

Be sure to use multiple screens, this will speed up your work several times. All top-end graphics cards support multiple displays. Needless to say, when working with 4K video, an additional monitor with the same or higher resolution is simply necessary.?


A computer for editing 4K video must have a good supply of RAM. The system works like this: as long as there is RAM, it deals with programs if it is not enough. the swap file is included. This is the allocated space on the system drive that is used to store temporary files. Considering the speed of the HHD and SSD is not even close to the speed of the RAM, you will see terrible lags. But that’s not the worst thing.

If you use HDD, the system will stop responding when it uses the paging file. There will be fewer lags with an SSD, but constant overwriting can kill it in a few months, this drive is designed for such bullying.

A professional 4K video editing computer must have at least 32GB of RAM.

Hard Drive: SSD or HDD?

When working with a 4K video file, an SSD and several HDDs are required. It is advisable to have 2 such drives:

  • SSD 1. for the system and programs;
  • SSD 2. for temporary files and video editing software cache;
  • HDD 1. main, for storing working projects;
  • HHD 2. additional, archived, to keep the developments safe and sound. You can use a network drive or cloud storage instead.

A modern computer for 4K video editing should have an M.2 SSD connected via PCI-E. It is the fastest data warehouse today. The leader in the speed and capacity of such storage is Samsung and their Pro and EVO series.


When rendering, your computer will be loaded to the limit for some time. Very complex tasks can load it for several hours and even for the whole night. The processor or graphics card (whichever you are using for rendering) will keep warm. A sufficiently powerful air flow must be created in the case so that the temperature does not rise under high continuous loads. For example, gaming PCs are not as susceptible to damage from high temperatures as games cannot load 100% for a long time.

All processors and video cards have built-in protection against burnout: when the temperature becomes critical, the PC will simply turn off. This unpleasant moment can ruin your finished project or violate its deadline. Therefore, the correct cooling system. a very important point, you can not take it lightly.

4K Editing Computers

Computers for video editing

HYPERPC offers different video editing workstations.

HYPERPC PRO Q5 STUDIO has enough power to work with 4K video of any complexity. 12 core processor and 24 threads will ensure smooth operation and fast response. 32 GB of RAM allows you to work with files of any size. Water cooling makes the operation of the system unit quiet and stable. The professional graphics card NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 has 8 GB of memory and can handle not only video rendering, but also 3D graphics. 1TB M.2 SSD maximizes system and program speed.

Video editing is closely related to 3D modeling. Workstation HYPERPC PRO Q7 STUDIO. the pinnacle of power of modern 3D modeling equipment. All 14 processor cores can be overclocked to 4.6 GHz, while it has 28 threads, which will further speed up the work. The air cooling is so powerful that at maximum load you will NOT hear the fans. 24 GB memory. This is not only video editing in 4K and 5K, but also work with complex three-dimensional scenes. The NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 graphics card instantly provides any preview with the selected effects. Two drives. 2TB M.2 SSD and 8TB HDD. will make you forget about the lack of memory for many years.