Set up a screen lock

You are already logged into your Google account and are on the home screen. Now is the time to set a screen lock for your Android. Why? Because if lost or stolen, all your data can fall into unwanted hands.

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Some people prefer to use Android without passwords and other locking tools, they say it is much more convenient. It is worth remembering that Android offers other forms of security for mobile devices, in addition to the use of security codes. such as drawing pictures or face recognition.

The third step is to activate debugging and a special mode

The file exchange between the mobile device and the computer is realized very simply: we take a USB-cable and use it to connect the phone to the computer.

After a short pause, during which the computer at the first connection with the mobile device loads the necessary drivers to make a connection via USB channel, the phone screen will display the message “USB connection” with three menu items:

To exchange files, you need to select the “File transfer” position.

Two windows will then appear on the COMPUTER screen:

How to connect Huawei Honor smartphone to computer via USB

This way for many PC users is the easiest and most effective, which allows in the shortest time to download a collection of photos from a mobile device or record a movie on the phone.

To implement this method in the first window of the “HUAWEI P Smart” to open the “Explorer” of the computer select the position “Open device to view files”.

In the new window that appears select “Internal memory” of HUAWEI P Smart smartphone.

In the next window “Explorer” we will be presented all the folders on the smartphone available for work. Here, entering the appropriate folder, we can perform the operations with the smartphone files (copy, rename, delete) or copy files from the PC to these folders.

After file exchange is finished you have to disconnect the mobile device from PC, to do this select the icon of USB-device in the lower right corner of the PC screen and click “Eject HUAWEI P Smart”.

This completes the data exchange session between the computer and the smartphone.

Connecting Huawei smartphone to PC using HiSuite

The second way is to use the utility HiSuite, which helps to perform many useful operations. In particular, you can use it to open the synchronization of contacts, to activate access to photos, as well as access to all files in general. This takes into account both those files that are stored in the memory of the device and those that are placed on the microSD-card. In this way you can read and edit messages and use the basic smartphone options.

To activate the connection of your Huawei phone to your computer using the above program, you will need to download an archive with files to install the program. After that in the settings of the communicator you need to set the USB Debugging Mode. On the PC we install the program, which will launch the utility needed to quickly connect the Honor Huawei honor.

This way you can quickly display all the necessary data on your personal computer screen. The actions that the user can do with the help of such a utility are broader than when connecting the smartphone via an explorer. At least the synchronization process here is much easier than in the standard mode.

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When you connect your smartphone, the “charging only” mode may be activated. So the gadget will not transmit data to a personal computer, but it will be recharged. In addition, the computer can display information about what he saw Huawei.

Also the user of the utility will be able to set the “photo” mode. It is the most convenient for transferring photos from the SD-card (by the way, in this option you can only work with it).

Ways of connection

To connect a Huawei smartphone, Honor, as well as a tablet, you can connect to any TV, no matter is it LG of the latest model or an older Samsung. The only thing that will be different is the way of signal transmission, the need to buy additional equipment.

To connect the Honor 7A to the TV, you can only have the appropriate communication input on the panel. As a rule, all TV models up to 10 years old have an integrated USB.

To set up the connection, you need to have:

When buying a cord, you should consider the input version. USB 2.0 marked in black, USB 3.0 in blue. The wrong choice of cord can reduce the data rate.

When connected, a menu will appear on your phone where you can select the type of pairing:

If you select “Use as External Storage”, you can access files using your TV’s built-in media player.

HDMI connection allows you to transmit a video signal in 4k, FullHD format, which allows you to use the full potential of LED-televisions. Depending on the model of smartphone you will need to buy an adapter HDMI-USB Type-C or HDMI-microUSB (third-party adapters are allowed).

To output video signal from Honor to TV, you need:

  • Connect the cord to the panel, smartphone;
  • On the remote control, press Source until the phone image appears on the screen.

MHL technology

The ability to connect your TV to Huawei is not available on every device. As a rule, the function is absent on outdated, ultra-budget models. To check if the image can be displayed on the big screen, you can use the MHL Checker app:

  • Go to Google Play, App Gallery (depending on the smartphone or tablet model);
  • Type “MHL Checker” in the search box;
  • Click on the tile with the program logos;
  • Click on “Install”.

To check it, you need to run the application, wait for the verdict, which will appear on the screen in the form of a notification.

MHL Checker does not have access to the internal memory of the smartphone, and in determining the functionality uses its own database of devices that support the option.

The way to view video from your phone is relevant only for Smart TV owners. Synchronization requires:

  • Go to Settings;
  • Find the “Wireless Networks” tab;
  • Select Wi-fi;
  • Find the section Wi-fi Direct;
  • The device will search for devices available for connection;
  • From the list, select the TV.

Wi-fi Direct connection allows you to connect your phone not only as an external storage device, but also as a multimedia device.

Mirror Share

Mirror share is designed to clone your smartphone screen on a monitor, LCD panel. Huawei announced support for the technology at the first product launches. Almost every model running Android 4.4.2 and newer allows you to create a mirror of the desktop, broadcast it on external panels.

  • On a smartphone
  • On the smartphone, swipe to open the notification curtain;
  • Go to the expanded menu;
  • Here click the Mirror Share or Wireless Projection icon;
  • On the TV:
  • Open the menu;
  • Find the section “Broadcast”, “Wireless connections” (the name may vary depending on the manufacturer, firmware version);
  • Press “Turn on broadcast.”

Both devices must be connected to the same wireless network, and it must be deployed with a router that supports this technology (usually all models under 5 years old).


Google’s proprietary technology is designed to connect your TV to your Honor smartphone. To synchronize devices, you will need to purchase a Chromecast set-top box. This is a media player, connected to the TV-panel via HDMI-cable, set via Wi-fi. Once set up on the TV, you can play mobile games, watch photos, do presentations.

  • Turn on the Chromecast media player;
  • Download the Google Home app on your smartphone;
  • Start the program, in the list of available devices find the name of the device
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You can now output the image from your smartphone to the TV.

Smart TV Box

Multimedia set-top box is the easiest way to turn your TV into a Smart-TV and output the signal from external devices. Smart TV Boxes have different modifications. from simple ones with basic functionality to advanced ones that support 4K signal transmission, work with resource-intensive applications, and top games.

Smart TV Box to connect your smartphone to the TV.

You can control the set-top box in several ways:

  • Using the remote control included in the package;
  • Wireless mouse and keyboard;
  • Voice commands;
  • Smartphone, if you install the mobile app on it.

To synchronize a Smart TV Box and a Huawei, Honor phone, you need:

  • Connect the set-top box to the TV via HDMI cable;
  • Go to Settings;
  • Find “Synchronization of devices”;
  • After searching on another device, enter the access code.

Now you can open files from your smartphone using the interface of the multimedia set-top box.

Wired connection options

Wired ways of connecting Huawei Honor 9A to TV are not the most convenient due to the use of cables, but at the same time such options do not require advanced technical equipment of TV-receiver.


This is the easiest way to connect the phone to the home screen. To implement it, the owner of Huawei Honor 9A needs a USB cable, which comes with the device.

Then it is necessary to insert one part of the cable into the smartphone, and the other. into the TV receiver. Then you only need to open the TV menu using remote control and select the USB port in the connection menu.

At the same time, the smartphone itself confirms data exchange with the TV by selecting the connection as a media device. If everything is done correctly, the TV receiver will detect Huawei Honor 9A as an external drive and using the remote control you will play photos, audio and video on the TV screen.


This method is more complicated, but at the same time more functional. If by connecting via USB the owner of the device can perceive Huawei Honor 9A as an external storage, when pairing via HDMI the receiver screen will display the desktop of your smartphone, as well as display the actions performed on the phone. In particular, the launch of certain programs.

The difficulty of the method is that Huawei Honor 9A is not equipped with an HDMI port to connect to TV. But this disadvantage can be bypassed with the help of MHL or SlimPort adapter. You can buy the appropriate accessory in an electronics store at a price of 200-300.

The connection will be as follows:

If everything is done correctly, the desktop of Huawei Honor 9A will be displayed on the screen of TV receiver. After that you can manipulate the smartphone, and the movements will be displayed on the TV receiver.

  • Go to “Settings”. “System”. “About phone.
  • Click on “Build Number” several times.
  • After the inscription “You are a developer” go back to the tab “System.
  • Go to the “For Developers” section and activate the “Debugging via USB.

Unlock the phone and in the notification bar, click on the USB charging notification that appears. A list of possible connection options opens, in which, to work with the file system of the smartphone, select “File transfer” and go to work on the computer (with the smartphone can be locked).

Features for Honor 7a, 7c, 8x (X), 9 lite and 10 Lite models

Each smartphone model is unique. Therefore, the type of connection to the TV will be different. But the connection procedure is identical to the above methods.

  • Honor 7a. Connect Honor 7A to TV only via micro-USB cable. Perform the activities described above. After automatically configuring the devices, the necessary information will be available on the TV screen.
  • Honor 7c. Connection is via USB port. Here you need to run a special application that allows you to use your cell phone as a remote control for the TV. Following the prompts, you can quickly and easily pair the devices. If the app does not work, it is recommended to download a similar third-party app from Google Play.
  • Honor 8x. The mobile device can be connected only to a Smart TV that has a built-in Wi-Fi module. Connection procedure is described above.
  • Honor 9 lite (9 Lite). The smartphone supports the “Multiscreen” function. It is responsible for transferring data from the phone to various devices. TV, projector and so on. At the same time, the TV must be equipped with Miracast technology. If you do not have it, you need to buy a special Android receiver. It is enough to go to phone settings, click on Miracast item, choose TV name.
  • Honor 10 lite. Here a simple and affordable way will be the connection via HDMI. You should follow the above instructions. The automatic setup will start the “Mirroring” mode.
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What you need to connect

To connect Huawei with your PC via USB you’ll need drivers and the corresponding cable. The cable is supplied with your smartphone, it is needed for charging the battery. Newer gadgets use the Type-C port, older ones mostly microUSB.

A cord to connect your smartphone.


This is the name of the software that “links” the two devices. If computer does not see your phone, then you need to install drivers. On Windows 10, these are automatically installed, which means the user can transfer the photo immediately after connecting.

If there are no drivers, they can be downloaded from 4PDA forum, entering the branch of the required model. How to install or update the “drivers” for the USB port:

  • Right click on “My Computer” icon. The name may vary depending on the OS version.
  • In the context menu select “Management” item.
  • Click on “Device Manager.
  • In the new window, select “USB Controllers.
  • If the cord is connected, but the drivers themselves have not been installed, the port will be displayed, and next to it is a yellow icon with an exclamation mark. Double-click on it.
  • In the new window select “Driver”.
  • Click on “Update Driver”.
  • Click “Automatically search for driver updates.”.

Auto Search does not always work even if you have files already saved on your computer. In that case, select “Search on PC” and specify the path to the drivers.


Connecting your Honor phone to your computer via the included USB cord is the most stable way to sync the devices. Unlike an online connection, the likelihood of connection breakage is minimized. The connection will only be severed if the user disconnects the phone or damages the cable during data transfer.

Not everyone is comfortable watching movies or reading information on a miniature screen. If you connect your cell phone to a TV, you can get a widescreen, enjoy better image quality. The smartphone, in turn, plays the role of a projector.

The connection procedure is necessary in the following cases:

  • While viewing pictures, music videos, or movies;
  • launching apps, programs, or games;
  • seing on the internet;
  • Create and showcase different presentations.

Sometimes the phone can act as a remote control. If you additionally connect a mouse, keyboard or joystick, then the use of conventional technology will be expanded.