Connecting a wireless keyboard to a tablet or smartphone

We turn on the keyboard, the switch is located on the back side, it must be set to the (ON) position. On the touch screen of the phone, click on the menu icon, find the “Wireless Device” application and activate the option to search for devices and immediately hold down (simultaneously) and hold two Esc and K keys on the wireless keyboard. After the phone finds the keyboard, select it in the list found devices and follow the phone‘s instructions.

Switching the wireless keyboard layout

Enable Russian language on the wireless keyboard paired with the phone, that is, switch the layout.

On the phone screen, click on the menu icon, find the “Settings” application, select “Language and input” in the settings, and find the wireless keyboard in the “Physical keyboard” section, click on it.

In the window that opens, click on the option “customize the keyboard layout”, scroll down and look for “English (US) Android keyboard” and put a check in front of it, then scroll even lower and find “Russian Android keyboard” and also put a check in front of it. To switch between Russian and English, press simultaneously ctrl and space

If you cannot find the “physical keyboard” section, but the keyboard is successfully paired with the phone or tablet, that is, the phone or tablet has detected the keyboard, in the “Wireless input devices” setting, the keyboard status is indicated as “Connected but not connected”, and when trying to connect, an error message appears. In this case, the problem is that the wireless keyboard, if no action is taken with it (pressing the keys), goes into sleep mode and, accordingly, may disappear from the list of paired devices of the phone or tablet.

In the FLY IQ434 smartphone, this problem was solved in the following way. In order for the phone to detect the keyboard again, go to the “Language and input” section and press any keys on the keyboard several times, after a few seconds the “physical keyboard” section should appear and after that we perform the actions described in the previous paragraph.

On the DNS PW7001 / MW7851 tablet, open “Settings”, click on “Bluetooth” in the window that appears, disconnect the wireless keyboard and after a few seconds reconnect, while connecting, hold down the “Esc” and “K” keys on the keyboard after a few seconds, the tablet will ask enter numbers, type them on the wireless keyboard keyboard, if the keyboard is connected, then in the “Bluetooth” settings in the “connected devices” section, the keyboard name and the “connected” status should be displayed.

In order to start using the wireless keyboard connected to the tablet, open any application in which you can enter text, for example, “Task” and open the window for recording, and try to enter characters from the keyboard, if it does not work, try pressing any key for a few seconds.

Switch to Russian the wireless keyboard connected to the DNS PW7001 / MW7851 tablet. If the method described above did not work out, then download from “Google Play” and install the application “Russian Keyboard GameWarrior”.

Next, in the “Language and input” settings, put a checkmark next to “Russian Keyboard” and click on the settings icon, next to it, in the window that appears, first select “Keyboard activation” and do everything that is written there, then select the “Hardware keyboard” section, then “Select a layout “And select the layout” External Keyboard RU “, return to the section” Hardware keyboard “and open” Switching layouts “, there you can set a convenient key combination for switching between layouts.

How to connect a wireless keyboard to a laptop or tablet via Bluetooth step by step

I think no one will deny that the popularity of tablets has grown a lot lately and many users cannot imagine their work without this gadget :).

But tablets (in my opinion) have a significant drawback: if you need to write something longer than 2-3 sentences, then it becomes a real nightmare. To fix this, there are small wireless keyboards on sale that connect via Bluetooth and allow you to close this flaw (moreover, they often come with a case).

In this article, I wanted to take a step-by-step look at how to set up the connection of such a keyboard to a tablet. There is nothing difficult in this matter, but as elsewhere, there are some nuances.

How to connect a wireless keyboard to your phone?

Connecting a wireless keyboard to an Android tablet

wireless keyboard

This article covers the following issues:

  • Connecting a wireless, Bluetooth keyboard to an Android tablet.
  • Connecting a wireless keyboard to an Android phone.
  • Switching the keyboard layout of the wireless keyboard to Russian.

When connecting a wireless, Bluetooth keyboard to an Android tablet and smartphone, the following devices were used:

  • Tablet DNS PW7001 / MW7851
  • FLY IQ434 Era Nano 5 Black Smartphone
  • Wireless DNS KB-024BQ keyboard

When using devices of other models, the sequence of actions and the actions themselves when connecting, pairing devices and switching to Russian wireless, Bluetooth keyboard may differ.

Connecting the keyboard to the tablet (Android)

The wireless keyboard has dedicated buttons for enabling and configuring the connection. They are located either slightly higher above the keys, or on the side of the keyboard (see Fig. 1). The first thing to do is to turn it on, as a rule, the LEDs should start blinking (or on).

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Next, turn on the tablet and go to the settings (in this example, an Android tablet, how to set up a connection in Windows. will be described in the second part of this article).

In the settings, you need to open the “Wireless networks” section and turn on the Bluetooth connection (blue switch in Fig. 2). Then go to Bluetooth settings.

If your keyboard is turned on (the LEDs should be blinking on it) and the tablet starts looking for devices available for connection, you should see your keyboard in the list (as in Fig. 3). You need to select it and connect.

Pairing process. establishing a connection between your keyboard and tablet. It usually takes 10-15 seconds.

The final touch. on the keyboard you need to enter the password to access the tablet, which you will see on its screen. Please note that after entering these numbers on the keyboard, you need to press Enter.

If everything was done correctly and there were no errors, then you will see a message that the bluetooth keyboard is connected (this is the wireless keyboard). Now you can open Notepad and type a lot from the keyboard.

What to do if the tablet does not see the bluetooth keyboard?

1) The most common is a dead keyboard battery. over, if this is your first time trying to connect it to a tablet. Charge the keyboard battery first and then try to connect it again.

2) Open the system requirements and description of your keyboard. Suddenly it is not supported by android at all (pay attention also to the Android version)?!

3) There are special applications on “Google Play”, for example “Russian Keyboard”. By installing such an application (it will help when working with non-standard keyboards). it will quickly eliminate compatibility problems and the device will start working as expected.

Connecting a keyboard to a laptop (Windows 10)

In general, you need to connect an additional keyboard to a laptop much less often than to a tablet (after all, a laptop has one keyboard :)). But this may be needed when, for example, the native keyboard is flooded with tea or coffee and some keys do not work well on it. Let’s see how this is done on a laptop.

A similar step as in the first section of this article.

Very often Bluetooth is not turned on at all on a laptop and no drivers are installed on it. The easiest way to find out if this wireless connection works is just to see if there is this icon in the tray (see Fig. 7).

If there is no tray icon, I recommend that you read the article on updating drivers:

3) If Bluetooth is turned off (for whom it works, you can skip this step)

If you have installed (updated) the drivers, then it is not a fact that Bluetooth works for you. The point is that it can be turned off in the Windows settings. Let’s take a look at how to enable it in Windows 10.

First, open the START menu and go to the parameters (see Fig. 8).

Next, you need to open the “Devices” tab.

Then turn on the Bluetooth network (see Fig. 10).

If everything was done correctly, you will see your keyboard in the list of devices available for connection. Click on it, then click on the “link” button (see Fig. 11).

Next, a standard check. you need to enter the code on the keyboard, which will be shown to you on the laptop screen, and then press Enter.

The keyboard is connected, in fact, you can work behind it.

To check, you can open any notepad or text editor. letters and numbers are printed, which means the keyboard is working. Q.E.D…

Wireless keyboard

The first category is RF models. They are easy to connect, compatible with all laptops. Allows to control the PC from a distance.

Let’s start by installing the batteries in the corresponding compartment of the keyboard (located on the back panel). We plug the special transmitter into the USB socket of the computer.

Let’s start the laptop. Find and press the Connect key on the keyboard.

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The system will automatically detect the new device.

ON A NOTE. Some radio modules are equipped with indicators. They glow green when in working order. Extinguished LEDs indicate no communication.

The second class of devices is Bluetooth. It is suitable for laptops with built-in Bluetooth function, in this case, the connection does not require any extras. If the option is not available on a PC, an external module with a USB connector is purchased.

The algorithm of work is distinguished by more complex settings.

Launch the driver disk (if available), install the software.

Then we activate Bluetooth on the laptop. This manipulation differs depending on the OS:

  • Windows XP: open the Start button. Control Panel. Printers and Hardware. Bluetooth;
  • Windows 7 (Vista): Control Panel (in the “View” mode, select the Category). Hardware and Sound. Bluetooth Devices;
  • Windows 10: Start Button. Settings. Devices. Bluetooth.

In the last sections, move the tool slider to the on state.

Now let’s use the keyboard. It is equipped with a special switch (works in combination with the Fn key). We look at its name and location in the instructions for the model, activate the function.

We start the search for the device. Highlight the found model in the list. Let’s use the button “Connect”.

How to connect a keyboard from a laptop to a phone?

Monect. PC Remote

Monect is a popular program for controlling a computer via a smartphone. The app can replace keyboard, mouse and joystick for video games. To start working with the utility, you need to download the software to your computer and smartphone. The Monect (PC Remote) app for Android is available on Google Play. it’s free and partially translated into Russian. You also need to download and install Monect Host on your computer, but here the interface is English.

Run the application on your smartphone and PC at the same time. you need to synchronize between devices. The most convenient way is Wi-Fi, so the computer and smartphone must be on the same network. It is also possible to connect via USB and Bluetooth, but we will not consider them. the principle of operation is the same.

In the mobile application, go to the settings (person icon) and click “Connect“. The software will start searching for devices on the same network. Select PC. connection will be made instantly.

After synchronization between the computer and the smartphone, all available connection modes will be displayed on the screen of the gadget: touchpad, keyboard, joystick, PowerPoint.

To turn your smartphone into a computer mouse, you must select the “Touchpad” mode. After that, it will be possible to control the mouse cursor on the computer on the phone screen. you need to move your finger over the sensor to move the cursor across the desktop.

Monect supports 3D Mouse technology. If you activate this function, the application will use special touch sensors that determine the position of the mobile device in space. Thus, the smartphone will turn into a full-fledged computer mouse. All you need to do to control the cursor is to move the gadget on a flat surface. In practice, this solution is not very convenient.

To use the phone as a keyboard, select the appropriate icon (“Typewriter keys” mode). In this case, a regular keyboard will appear on the phone screen, which will make it possible to type text in any text editor, browser and social network.

There is a “Numeric keypad” mode. Here is a keyboard with numbers. from 0 to 9. and special characters: equal, plus, minus, multiply, brackets. Also, this type of keyboard has a built-in calculator that is used for arithmetic calculations.

Remote mouse

Remote Mouse is a free app that turns your Android phone or tablet into a wireless mouse or keyboard. The program supports the function of th text input: can users write a message in the messenger or full text in Word? using a microphone.

At the first stage of work, you need to download the Remote Mouse application to your smartphone. The utility is available on Google Play for free. There are in-app purchases. additional features that expand the basic functionality of the application. After that, you should install the server program on your computer. Remote Mouse Utility is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Launch the Remote Mouse app on your smartphone and computer. Now you need to synchronize between two devices: via Wi-Fi (PC and phone must be on the same network) or via Bluetooth. To connect via Wi-Fi, you need to specify the IP address. it will be displayed in the server program on the computer.

When using a smartphone as a computer mouse, users can move the gadget through the air to move the cursor around the desktop. This function is realized thanks to the gyroscope and accelerometer, which are built into modern mobile devices. Left-handed mouse mode supported.

Also, the smartphone can be used as a touchpad, which is used on laptops. In this case, the mouse cursor will be controlled through the touch screen of the gadget. The Remote Mouse app fully mimics the Apple Magic trackpad and supports multi-touch gestures.

How to connect a keyboard to a laptop

  • wired (USB, PS2);
  • wireless (RF, Bluetooth).

Consider the features of their switching with a PC.

Possible malfunctions, their elimination

It so happens that the connected device does not function. Or errors appear. Consider ways to set up work.

  • General option: in some cases, a regular system reboot helps. The hardware configuration is updated, the keyboard starts working.
  • Wireless models.

Here we check the batteries: battery charge, correct installation of batteries, their performance. Let’s pay attention to whether the commutation button is on. Click on it to restart the connection. Make sure that there is free space between the PC and the device: foreign objects can interfere with the establishment of communication.

Determine the integrity of the wire. We inspect it for damage (especially in places of bending). When connecting, we make sure that the plug fits all the way into the connector.

There may be a problem with the USB socket (dirt, mechanical failure). To check, connect any external media to it (for example, a USB flash drive). If the defect is confirmed, we use another input. When there is no alternative, the damaged port will have to be cleaned or repaired.

Disabled USB controller support in BIOS. When you restart the system, go to this interface.

BTW. Possible input options: Del or a key from the F2-F11 series, depending on the brand of the laptop. On the boot screen, when the motherboard logo appears, the desired button is often indicated at the bottom of the picture.

In the menu we look for the items “USB Controller”, “USB Device Legacy Support”. We translate them into the “Enabled” position. Confirm the changes with the F10 button, restart the PC.

  • A software problem is a driver issue. The system does not always automatically detect and install it.

First, we check the software. To do this, go to the Control Panel. Task Manager. We open the list of devices, look at the line “Keyboards”. A yellow mark next to the equipment indicates a defect. In the list, click on the model name with the right mouse button, select the “Update drivers” command.

After the installation is complete, restart Windows, check the result.

The keyboard can be installed, but work partially (for example, a separate number row does not respond). Or other defects are found. In such situations, we go to the official website of the keyboard manufacturer. Download the necessary software from the portal.

In the Device Manager, select the desired name, press RMB. We select the operation “Delete device”. Then there are two options:

  • install the downloaded files manually, restart the system;
  • do a reboot, the OS will automatically reinstall the equipment.
  • Viral infection of the system. It often causes failures in installed hardware. We scan Windows with an antivirus utility. If it is absent on the PC, we will use Internet scanners.
  • Special nuances often arise with Bluetooth keyboards.

There must be a disk with drivers here, it simplifies switching. This model is recommended to be used in conjunction with a modern PC equipped with a built-in option. After all, laptops do not always work well with such equipment. In some cases, users have to contact the service center to solve the problem.

The keyboard is an essential part of a computer. Easy to connect and configure. Usually the installation process takes a couple of minutes and is automatic. But in some cases there may be compatibility problems (the question is about Bluetooth). Other keyboards sometimes require a driver update. When independent actions for setting up the result do not bring, the call of the computer wizard helps.

How to pair a wired or wireless keyboard with a laptop

Built-in laptop keyboards are designed to last. However, over time, problems often arise with them. Some keys start to stick, in other cases the keyboard does not work at all. Or the user simply prefers taller, more comfortable buttons. In such situations, an external device comes in handy. How to connect different types of external keyboard to a laptop.

How to set up a wireless mouse correctly?

Installing a wireless mouse on a computer is quite simple: turn on the computer or laptop, insert the radio adapter supplied with the mouse into a free USB slot on a PC or laptop, install batteries in the mouse (there are models with 1 or 2 AA batteries), wait, when Windows installs the necessary.

How to connect a mouse via Bluetooth?

Connecting a Bluetooth device to a computer

  • Press and hold the Connect button on the bottom of the mouse.
  • Launch the Bluetooth software on your computer.
  • Open the Devices tab and click the Add button.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

Can I use a wireless mouse without an adapter?

Can I connect a wireless mouse without an adapter? Yes, if the mouse was originally designed to work without an adapter. If your mouse must have an adapter (USB mouse), but for one reason or another it does not, then, most likely, the problem cannot be easily solved.

How to connect a mouse to Xiaomi?

Turn on Bluetooth on the connected device; If “Mi Mouse” does not appear in the list of available devices, click on “Update”; Select “Mi Mouse” from the list and wait for connection; After all the manipulations on the screen of your device, you will see a mouse arrow, which is ready to use!

How to connect a mouse and keyboard to your phone?

How to connect a keyboard and mouse to an Android smartphone

  • USB OTG (On-The-Go) cable / adapter, which has a USB-A connector on one side, and Type-C / MicroUSB on the other;
  • If we want to connect two devices, for example both a mouse and a keyboard at the same time, then we need any USB hub.
  • The keyboard and mouse itself.

How to connect a keyboard to a smartphone?

Connecting the keyboard to Android via USB OTG

How to connect a mouse to a smartphone?

This is necessary so that the mouse can identify the smartphone. Turn on the mouse that supports Bluetooth. After that, it should appear in the list of detected devices on the phone. Select the found accessory and after 5-10 seconds the cursor will appear on the screen of the gadget.

connect, phone

How to connect a mouse to the phone?