Step-by-step instructions for connecting Google Home to a TV

Set up Chromecast using Google Home

Set up your Chromecast using Google Home This is a quick and easy procedure that lets you connect your Chromecast to your TV and then add it to your Google Home related devices. By doing this, you can control your TV with Google Voice Assistant.

To proceed, grab your Chromecast and enter it into HDMI Ride from your TV, then take the USB Cable and insert one end into the corresponding Chromecast inlet and the other end into the USB input from the TV.

Or, if you prefer to power your Google device from an electrical outlet, or you have a Chromecast Ultra (a version of Chromecast that allows 4K and HDR video playback and supports Ethernet), take the USB Cable As above, insert one end into the power adapter included in kit, and plug it into a power outlet.

Then turn on the TV and press the button. External inputs (usually defined by an arrow inside a rectangle) on your remote.

to know The detailed procedure you can read in my Chromecast Connection Guide.

After making sure that Google Home and your smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, take the last one, turn on Bluetooth and launch the Google Home app (Android / iOS), the same one that you used when you first set up Google Voice Assistant.

Make sure Home is checked next to the checkbox and tap the Siguiente item to start scanning devices.

After completing the search, select the Chromecast option Press the Siguiente button to make sure the code displayed on the TV screen is identical to that displayed on your smartphone and press yes y accept.

On the Where is device? Screen, select the room you are interested in (Comedor, Stay, Bedroom, Double, etc.), tap on the Siguiente option, Select Wi-Fi Cake and wait a few seconds for the connection to end. Then press Siguiente several times in a row.

If the above procedure was unsuccessful because you’ve already set up your Chromecast in the past, but later removed it from devices associated with Google Home, tap the little man is present in the menu below. Select the Other settings option is present in the Google Assistant section, select the services tab and tap the TV item and speakers (s).

In the new screen that appears, click the button, check the box next to the Chromecast option and click on Add.

How to connect Google Home to a TV

How to connect Google Home to TV. After setting up and exploring its main features, you saw that with Google Home you can control your TV and start playing content from some services such as Netflix, YouTube and Google Play Film.

Now I can teach you How to connect Google Home to your TV and use it to control the playback of your favorite content. After explaining how to physically connect the required devices to use Google Voice Assistant with your TV, I will show you the detailed procedure for setting up the Google Home app and list the basic voice commands to control your TV.

Previous steps

Before diving into the details of this guide and learning How to connect Google Home to your TV, know that you need a Chromecast to control your TV with the “Big G” voice assistant.

However, before proceeding with your purchase, it will be helpful to know that there are TVs with built-in Google Cast technology, such as Smart TVs from Philips, Sony, Sharp and Toshiba.

Use Google Home to control your TV

After completing your Chromecast setup, you can now use Google Home to control your TV, and more specifically, start, stop, and control the playback of movies, TV series, and video content with simple voice commands.

Take your smartphone, launch the Google Home app, tap the little man in the lower right corner, select the settings option and on the new screen shown, tap the service.

Now select the article Photos and Videos Click the Links linked to Netflix button click on Account Link enter your account details in the Email: y password fields. And click the Login and Connect button.

You are now ready to control your TV using voice commands. To start playing a movie or TV series, use the following command:

To interrupt or pause playback, just say

To understand better, let’s look at a practical example. If you have previously connected your Netflix account and now want to continue watching Stranger Things, you must say “Ok Google, play Stranger Things on Netflix.”.


This method is more complex, but also more functional. If, when connected via USB, a basic set of capabilities opens up to the owner of the devices that allow the Huawei Honor 8A to be perceived as an external storage, then when pairing via HDMI, the smartphone’s desktop will be displayed on the receiver’s screen, and the actions performed on the phone will also be displayed. In particular, the launch of certain programs.

The connection will proceed as follows:

  • USB plug from MHL adapter or SlimPort plugs into smartphone.
  • An HDMI cable connects similar connectors of the adapter and receiver.
  • TV settings open, and then a list of available connections.
  • The used HDMI connector is selected.

If everything is done correctly, then the Huawei Honor 8A desktop will be displayed on the TV receiver screen. After that, you can manipulate the smartphone, and the movements will be displayed on the TV receiver.

How to connect Huawei Honor 8A to TV

Modern technology allows you to perform a variety of operations related to smartphones. Many of them greatly simplify the process of interacting with the device and expand its functionality. In particular, it is possible to connect Huawei Honor 8A to a TV. Why you need such a connection, and how to make it?

Wireless connectivity options

Ways of setting up a connection between devices without using wires are the most convenient and popular. But in order to connect Huawei Honor 8A to a TV wirelessly, the latter must support Smart TV technology. Otherwise, it will be possible to connect only through the cable.

What will connect Huawei Honor 8A to a TV?

Huawei Honor 8A is a full-fledged multimedia device that does not require synchronization with home equipment in standard use cases. But sometimes a smartphone needs to be connected to a TV in order to access the following features:

  • watching videos on the big screen;
  • listening to music through TV speakers;
  • gaming on the TV-receiver screen;
  • output of the smartphone desktop to TV;
  • wireless TV control.

The owner of Huawei Honor 8A can complete the list presented by showing his own imagination. But the fact remains that connecting the phone to the TV is a function that is incorporated by the developers into the Huawei Honor 8A.

You can use several synchronization methods to set up a connection between two devices. Both wired and wireless options are being considered. The choice of a particular method depends on various reasons, including the technical equipment of the house, as well as the functionality of the TV. Therefore, before connecting, it is recommended to consider all possible ways.


This is the easiest way to connect your phone to your home screen. To implement it, the owner of Huawei Honor 8A will need a USB cable that comes with the device.

Next, you need to insert one part of the cable into the smartphone, and the other into the TV receiver. After that, it remains to open the TV menu using the remote control, and in the connection menu, select the involved USB port.

At the same time, the exchange of data with the TV is confirmed on the smartphone itself, choosing the connection as a media device. If everything is done correctly, the TV receiver will detect the Huawei Honor 8A as an external storage, and using the remote control, you will play the photos, audio and video on the TV screen.

Wire connection options

Wired methods of connecting Huawei Honor 8A to a TV are not the most convenient in view of the use of cables, but at the same time, such options do not require advanced technical equipment of a TV receiver.

Via Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct is a feature supported by most smart TV models. It allows you to display the image from the screen of Huawei Honor 8A to the TV receiver. To connect in this way, you must:

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  • Activate Wi-Fi Direct in the “Network” section of the TV settings.
  • On the phone, open the settings and go to the Wi-Fi section.
  • Press the button with three dots and select Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Select your TV receiver in the menu of available devices.

After performing these manipulations, you will need to open the file manager or gallery, select the required file, click the “Share” button and select Wi-Fi Direct as the sending method.

Via Miracast

Mirakast is another wireless connection technology that has a wider functionality compared to Wi-Fi Direct. For example, on the TV screen, in this case, it is possible to display not only a separate file, but also all movements in the phone menu.

  • Activate Miracast in TV settings.
  • On the phone, go to the “Screen Mirroring”, “Screen Mirroring” or “Wireless Display” settings (the name may differ depending on the firmware).
  • Choose your TV from the available devices.

Then the image from the smartphone screen will be transferred to the TV receiver. Any movement of the user, including the launch of individual games or programs, will be reproduced on the large screen.

If you could not find the Mirakast function in the TV settings with Smart TV, then you should not despair. The technology is supported by all models with a built-in Wi-Fi module. You just need to connect your TV and smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network, and then activate the wireless display in the Huawei Honor 8A settings.

You can also use third-party applications from Google Play to perform the operation. For example, AirScreen or Screen Mirroring. There are a lot of similar programs, so finding a suitable one is not difficult.

How to connect to TV Redmi 4a or Redmi 4 pro

These smartphones most likely cannot be connected using a cable, which means we use Wi-Fi Direct:

  • go to the phone settings, and then to the “Wi-Fi” section;
  • below we find the subsection “Advanced settings” or “Additional settings”;
  • find the “Wi-Fi Direct” option and click on it;
  • in the window that opens, a search for devices will start. In our case, the TV. It should be borne in mind that both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. As soon as the device detects TV, we try to connect to it;
  • to display the image on the TV screen, you need to open YouTube and click the broadcast icon. You can simply turn on the movie through the built-in player;
  • now you can watch movies, listen to music and view photos.

How to turn on the broadcast of the Xiaomi screen to the TV | Connecting a phone on MIUI 11 to TV

DLANA is a technology for exchanging media data (between devices supporting this technology), provided that the interacting devices are united by a network connection.

connect, gopro

Attention! To owners of smartphones released by LG, DLNA is known as “SMART SHARE”. Samsung calls this technology AllShare, and SONY calls this shell VAIO Media Server.

How to synchronize a DLNA service with a smartphone (for example, HTC):
You need to make sure that all devices have an Internet signal Launch “Gallery” Select any of the available files Click “more” Select a player corresponding to the brand or specific model of the TV.

After the actions performed by the user, the selected photo will appear on the TV display automatically. This applies to any files stored in the smartphone gallery.

Note: if the task failed, then the user will need to download a shell that is compatible with the brand of the device. As a rule, the name of the shell is identical to the additional software.


But if you need to transfer images from your phone to a relatively old TV that does not support wireless data transfer technology? Then you can connect the two devices via a USB cable. The corresponding connector is available on almost all TV models.

At the same time, the connection procedure is in many ways similar to when you synchronize your smartphone with a PC:

  • Using the microUSB. USB cable, we connect the phone to the TV.
  • Using the remote control, turn on the TV device and go to the menu.
  • Choosing a suitable USB output.
  • Open the desired image or video file on the phone.

The only nuance of connecting two devices via USB is that in the TV the smartphone will be defined as a USB flash drive with a file structure. It turns out that you cannot broadcast anything in real time. That is, you can open a photo on your phone, and it will be displayed on the big screen. But you shouldn’t run a video in your smartphone browser and wait for it to be displayed on a TV set.

Two devices are connected via HDMI as follows:

  • Be sure to turn off the TV.
  • We connect the wires, now turn on the TV.
  • Using the remote control, open the settings or the main menu.
  • We select the broadcast mode via HDMI. If you cannot understand how this is done, then refer to the user manual that came with the TV.

After these manipulations, both the image and the sound should begin to be duplicated on the big screen. At the same time, the quality is usually at a very good level. When properly connected, no noise, graphic artifacts, washed out colors or outlines are observed.

For reference! If you are the owner of a Xiaomi smartphone, then you can use the gadget not only for its intended purpose. Your phone can be easily launched as a TV remote control. This is done using the Mi Remote program. You do not need to download and upload this program, because it is originally built into the firmware.

Can I use the remote on my Honor phone permanently?

Controlling the TV using a smartphone is available for an unlimited time. This method greatly facilitates the method of using the gadget, and also saves space on the coffee table. Since the devices in the house can be controlled using your mobile. Its capabilities are not affected, even if you constantly use the application instead of the remote control.

How to connect Xiaomi to a TV: methods and what you need for them

You can connect your phone to your TV in completely different ways: both wired and wireless, even with the help of other applications. That is, for a wired connection, special cables will be needed, and for a wireless connection, activation of the corresponding functions.

  • Via HDMI. To do this, you will need a dedicated HDMI cable, which is similar to a regular USB cable, but slightly smaller.
  • You can connect your phone to a TV via USB. Please note that this connection may not always be complete and of sufficient quality. Standard cable.
  • WI-FI connection. WI-FI Direct option. You will need to find a TV with a phone in the same WI-FI network.
  • Using third-party programs and software.

Works for models: redmi note 3 pro, Redmi laptop 4, Redmi laptop 5 and other newer versions.

Via Wi-Fi Direct

Using wireless technologies, you can connect your Xiaomi smartphone to your TV. For example, using Wi-Fi Direct. True, everything will work out only if you have Smart TV. The very same connection procedure through this channel is simple:

  • First of all, we connect both the phone and the TV to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to “Settings” on your Xiaomi smartphone.
  • Go to the “Wi-Fi” section.
  • We go down the menu and tap on the item “Advanced (additional) settings”.
  • We are looking for the “Wi-Fi Direct” option. Click on her.
  • In the window that appears, the process of searching for devices with which pairing is possible will begin. We need our TV to appear here. As soon as the smartphone finds it, we try to connect.
  • Usually the TV model is prescribed. So we tap on it. Then we press the completion of the connection process.
  • Open “Gallery”, “Youtube” on a Xiaomi smartphone, or launch a movie through a video player. We see the icon on top, which tells us about the successful connection to TV.
  • Enjoying the big screen.

Wire connection options

Wired methods of connecting Xiaomi Mi4i to a TV are not the most convenient in view of the use of cables, but at the same time, such options do not require advanced technical equipment of a TV receiver.

How to connect a laptop to a TV

We connect the laptop to the TV via HDMI cable.

  • Connect the cable to the HDMI output of your laptop.
  • Insert the other end of the cable into the HDMI input of your TV.
  • On the remote control of your TV, press the button responsible for selecting the source of the displayed signal.

Modern flat panel TVs, like computers, are digital devices. Via HDMI, it became possible to transmit high quality video files simultaneously with audio transmission.

High-Definition Multimedia Interface or abbreviated. HDMI, in translation: high definition multimedia interface. Most video cards provide the ability to connect a computer to a TV via HDMI.

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How to connect a TV to a computer via HDMI

How to connect HDMI to TV

Shutdown. We turn off both devices so as not to burn the ports. We connect the computer (laptop) to the TV using an HDMI cable. Insert one end of the cord into the HDMI out of your computer and the other end of the cord into the HDMI in of your TV. To avoid degradation of the picture and sound quality, do not connect the DVI output (via an adapter) of the computer to the TV HDMI input, and vice versa. The connectors must be the same.

Loading. The cable is inserted. Turn on your TV and computer. Windows will boot on the connected computer. It will become clear that the TV is connected to an external source by the slight blinking of the screen. Do not forget to put the TV in AVI mode, it receives signals from an external source (connected computer), and not from an antenna. In AVI source mode, select the appropriate HDMI input of the TV.

Customization. Adjust the picture to connect your laptop or computer to the TV. On the computer desktop, open the context menu with the right mouse button.

In Windows XP, select Properties, click the Options button. Click the “Advanced” button, select the appropriate value. The TV screen displays the desktop of your computer.

With Windows 7 and Windows 8 installed on the computer, right-click on an empty space, select “Screen Resolution”. Find the line “Screen” and choose the appropriate option. The connected TV is not automatically detected? In the same window, click the “Find” button.

Wait for the TV search to finish. Set the maximum screen resolution by selecting “monitor” and “refresh the screen frequently” in the tab.

At the top in the “Screen Settings” we determine which screen we have the main (1st) and additional (2nd).

You must click “Define”. You will see the number “1” on the TV screen, the number “2” on the computer / laptop screen. To remedy the situation, in the “Screen Resolution” window, click on the screen “2”. Check the “Make the main monitor” checkbox and click the “Ok” button.

If necessary, in the properties of the video card, adjust the resolution of the desktop size, color correction.

Reboot. Reboot your computer. Changes to settings will happen automatically.


MicroHDMI is one of three high definition multimedia interfaces. This “wire” facilitates the task of connecting smartphones to an external display (or TV), which allows you to display an image on it.

  • USB microformat remains “free”: some smartphones have “embedded” HDMI-input in “micro” format.
  • No additional “recharge” is needed.
  • Fully compatible with classic HDMI type.
  • Easy to connect: the user can use several connection methods using a combination cable (classic “full Size” “micro”) or a normal full-size HDMI adapter suitable for him. In the case of a mini-format HDMI cable, the option with an adapter is also relevant.


Development-based Wi-Fi Direct Miracast is a great option for connecting Smart devices to a TV monitor wirelessly.

  • Wireless connection: if the TV does not have a Wi-Fi receiver, it is possible to use a separate adapter by connecting it via the HDMI port.
  • The video resolution threshold is 1920×1200: if the quality of the transmitted image is higher, the system will “adjust” it to its own standard.
  • Dolby AC3 sound quality. for 5.1 multi-channel playback.

There were some drawbacks here: not every gadget supports miracast connections, besides, this standard does not have compatibility with 4K quality, while “smart” mobile phones are able to make such images.


Chromecast is a development from Google that allows you to display an image on a TV screen from a mobile gadget, for example, from the Samsung Galaxy J5 2016.

  • connect the phone to the HDMI connector located on the TV;
  • provide power supply through the network or USB port;
  • install the appropriate extension on the phone;
  • specify the code (it will appear on the screen after installing the extension);
  • allow network access.

The advantages of using a Chromecast service are to increase the speed of interaction with the host of “smart” TVs.

DLANA is a technology for exchanging media data (between devices supporting this technology), provided that the interacting devices are united by a network connection.

Attention! To owners of smartphones released by LG, DLNA is known as “SMART SHARE”. Samsung calls this technology AllShare, and SONY calls this shell VAIO Media Server.

How to synchronize a DLNA service with a smartphone (for example, HTC):
You need to make sure that all devices have an Internet signal Launch “Gallery” Select any of the available files Press “more” Select a player corresponding to the brand or specific model of the TV.

After the actions performed by the user, the selected photo will appear on the TV display automatically. This applies to any files stored in the smartphone gallery.

Note: if the task failed, then the user will need to download a shell that is compatible with the brand of the device. As a rule, the name of the shell is identical to the additional software.

MHL 3.0 (for 4K)

Adapters (as an option, DIGITUS MHL 3.0) have become available to users since 2013, expanding the horizons of smartphone owners:

  • 4K 30Hz image transmission.
  • High quality audio. Dolby TrueHD. for 7.1 and DTS-HD.
  • Battery charging up to 10W.

Interesting: the first gadgets to support the 3.0 standard were the technology produced by Sony: the Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone and the tablet PC of the same series.

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

Two devices in one. as, for example, the Lightning Digital AV Adapter (adapter with cable). will suit the owners of Apple phones. This adapter allows you to synchronize your iPhone or iPad with almost any device that has an HDMI input: connect your mobile phone or tablet to the projector, as well as a monitor and TV. any device will be able to simultaneously broadcast everything that happens on the user’s smartphone to an external source.
Watching videos, slideshows, surfing the web. these processes will not be limited by the size of the device display.

MHL cable

This cord is another option that makes it possible to synchronize a smartphone with a TV screen. MHL is a combination of a function performed by HDMI (such as Dell DA200 USB-C), which is responsible for transferring high quality audio and video signals, and micro USB, which powers the smartphone battery.

  • Classic. involves the use of an adapter cord with three wires: HDMI-in. for connecting to a TV screen, USB-in in microformat. for connecting to a power source and USB-out of the “micro” type. for a mobile phone. The flaw in this synchronization method is the extra wire.
  • Direct Connecting. HDMI-out on TV MHL-out on mobile phone. This method of connection is convenient, however, it is not compatible with every TV.
  • Exclusive. created by Samsung, which is available to users as a separate adapter or as an add-on to some products. Exclusive. there are additional contacts with an indicator of 11 pins, while the standard has only five. It is important to take into account that the number of pins in devices must be the same, otherwise you will need an additional adapter to connect the devices.

How to connect your phone to your TV: 10 ways

Do you want to show photos or video footage from your smartphone to friends and family, but do not want to huddle in front of the small screen of your mobile phone? Connect your Smart device to your TV and enjoy a high-quality picture on a large display. How to do this. read the article. We looked at 10 popular ways to connect a mobile phone to a TV screen.

Some methods are suitable for android gadgets, some for iPhones. Read on to find the one that suits you best. The article describes both connection methods that involve the use of cables and USB wires, and wireless options.

Is it possible to connect a tablet to a TV, and how to do it?

You can connect a tablet to a TV in at least three main ways, the choice of which depends on the capabilities and characteristics of specific devices.

How to connect a tablet to a TV via HDMI?

The easiest way to connect your tablet to your TV is to use the HDMI interface. In this case, the TV will work as a monitor, showing everything that is happening on the screen of your tablet (for example, watching movies and videos from the YouTube channel).

HDMI also transmits sound, so this method is good even when you need to listen to only the recording of a dictaphone or your favorite artist on a “speakerphone”.

Tablet manufacturers are fighting for every millimeter of device thickness, so this output is made for tablets in the “mini” or “micro” version, and to connect the tablet to a TV via HDMI, you will need to purchase an appropriate adapter.

If you do not have an HDMI cable yet, then it is better to purchase not an adapter, but immediately a cable like HDMI. HDMImicro (or HDMI. HDMI mini).

Connecting the tablet to a TV via HDMI does not require any settings: you just need to select the appropriate input in the TV menu.

If you have an old TV without HDMI input, you can purchase an HDMI. RSA converter.

When choosing such a converter, it is advisable to consult with a professional seller, and it is better to agree on testing with the possibility of a return, because there may be problems with screen resolution and image quality.

The sound when connecting the tablet to an old TV through the tulip will have to be fed to the corresponding audio input of the TV from the headphone output of the tablet.

The HDMI to RSA converter is an active device with electronic stuffing. Its cost can be about 20% of the cost of a budget tablet, so you should think about the feasibility of this purchase.

How to connect a tablet to a TV via USB?

Unfortunately, not all tablets have HDMI output. But if the TV has a USB connector for connecting an external disk, then you can try to connect instead of a disk. a tablet.

Use the same cable as for connecting the tablet to the computer. You already understood that in this case we are talking about devices running Android.

After connecting to the TV via USB, the tablet will display a message stating that the device is connected via USB and will offer to select connection options: charging, external drive or camera.

Within the framework of this example, it was possible to “see” only the additional SD card of the tablet on the TV, but it was not possible to switch to viewing the internal memory.

But it doesn’t matter. files can be copied from memory to SD. The USB connection is limited only to work with multimedia files, since the TV does not yet understand other formats. An additional plus of this connection is that the tablet will be recharged.

All about local area networks and network equipment

Your Setevichok

How to connect a tablet to a TV via WI-FI?

There are also more modern technologies. You need to check if your TV supports Screen mirroring.

Other names for this technology are Wi-Fi Direct, MirrorLink, or Miracast. It is supported by modern TV models of most brands. LG, Philips, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and other manufacturers. if the TV uses Smart TV.

Also, support for “mirroring” should be on the tablet. As a rule, most modern devices have it at the level of the Android system itself, starting from version 4.2.

To connect the tablet to the TV via WI-FI, you need both devices were connected to the same WI-FI network.

Screen mirroring settings for tablets and phones are similar.

The ability to transfer the screen image is also available for tablets running Windows. In Windows 8/10, this is a built-in function, but tablets with this system are not very popular in Russia.

Typically, mirroring is easier to set up in a single brand ecosystem, and in Apple’s case, it’s the only option. it the technology is called AirPlay and requires the Apple TV media player. The receiving device must also support AirPlay. As a rule, these are expensive models of receivers and wireless audio systems. Perhaps the most common are audio devices capable of receiving AirPlay.