File transfer to Xiaomi (Redmi) via USB and Wi-Fi, provided that it is in one wireless network

In this note, I want to show you the two most common and convenient ways to transfer files to Xiaomi (Redmi) from a computer, or vice versa, by USB and Wi-Fi.

Personally, I like the second option more. transferring on a wireless network of files, because it is convenient, you do not need to mess with the wires, look for them throughout the house. It is also convenient that it is possible to do this away, because you do not take a USB cable with you when you go to visit, correctly?

Available Methods for connecting to a computer

Type of connection
Connection via USB drive This option is suitable for almost every user. It requires the availability of the necessary drivers on the computer and the corresponding cable (as a rule, all stock chargers already have this cable).
Wi-Fi wireless communication The method with wireless connection is much more convenient, but for its use you need the presence of a router and connecting to the network.
Using data to transmit data Bluetooth If a computer or laptop has a Bluetooth, then to connect it is enough to turn them on. A convenient method without requirements for additional equipment and Internet connection, but slow compared to the above methods.

Now we will analyze all these options in order.

Looking back in advance, we note that one of the most popular and reliable connections is the USB drive. This is a simple wire with large and small connectors on both sides. Now all modern chargers can disconnect and turn into a USB cable. This method is considered the fastest transmission speed and very reliable, but at the same time long, because you cannot use the phone in this position, and you need to constantly insert wires to connect.

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PC does not see the device

What to do if the computer still does not recognize the mobile phone? Consider simple methods and complex solutions that will help to eliminate the error.

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The easiest method is the reboot of the computer. If he did not help, then it is necessary to download additional software on PC so that he can “see” a mobile device.

The popular reasons why the computer does not see the connected phone

The most common reasons are often quite simple in solving. Consider them:

  • Non-working USB cable.
  • Lack of drivers necessary for such actions.
  • Problems in the computer operating system, possibly, a virus or any failure.
  • Inoperative USB-sides.

It often happens that the USB-slots on the computer are clogged with dust, crumbs or something else. To exclude this option, clean them and repeat the attempt to connect.

If everything works out, excellent, you can calmly transmit data. And so that such a problem does not occur again, use special plugs for USB-slats.

Complex ways to solve the problem

So we got to more complex methods to eliminate Xiaomi malfunctions. Consider them below.

Setting through the phone

We will eliminate the error directly through the phone by installing additional programs. One way is the installation of Terminal Emulator for Android.

Connection Xiaomi to PC using Terminal Emulator and via QcustShortcu

Terminal Emulator has an icon with the image of a green man with horns.

To use the program, you need to download it on Google Play. After downloading and installation, it follows:

  • Write in the terminal “SU”, then. “confirm”.
  • Dial Setprop Persist.SYS.USB.Config MTP, Adb “. It is necessary to gain exactly as it is written, otherwise the program will complete the task incorrectly.
  • Next. “Introduction”. “Reboot” and “Introduction”.

After these actions, the gadget will reboot. Now it can be connected to PC. This manual is suitable for the transfer of photos, pictures and screenshots. The rest of the documents will not work. There is another way for this.

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If you suddenly disappeared the connection settings, Qcubomshortcut will come to the rescue.

How to connect redmi note 5 pro to pc via usb

And so, after the program is installed, select “COM” in the Package field.Android.Settings “, in the” Class “field.” COM.Android.Settings.Usbsettings “. Then. “Create Shortcut”. That’s all, you can shift data without problems.

We connect Xiaomi to a USB computer

I hasten to share how to connect Xiaomi to a computer via USB (at the same time, do something like a visual bookmark for the future).

I will skip such mandatory conditions for a successful connection with the “cord” of the Xiaomi smartphone to PC, as the inclusion of “USB debugging” in the “for developers” menu (which appears after seven.time tap according to Android in settings).

and switching the operating mode of USB in a pop.up window (“file transfer (MTP)”).

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Changing the connection mode to PC

Smartphones with Android 4.4, 5.sixteen.0 (Xiaomi Redmi 4x, Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 4x, Redmi Note 5, Mi 5) are connected by default to PC in multimedia device mode (MTP). This allows you to download and pump photos, music and video from the internal memory.

Sometimes he spontaneously changes to the camera mode. In this case, you can view and transfer files only from folders from photos and videos in the smartphone memory from the computer.

In Android 7.0–9.0 Developers to increase security changed the basic connection mode with MTP to “Charging”. This change leads to the fact that the computer does not see the phone from Xiaomi via USB connection, but charges.

In both situations, the problem is that the computer does not see the smartphones of Xiaomi series Redmi, Redmi Note and Mi, is corrected the same way:

  • Connect the phone to PC.
  • Pull the curtain down.
  • Switch to the Notification tab.
  • Click on the line “Connected as a device” on Android 4.4-6.0 and “Charging via USB” on Android 7.0–9.0.
  • Select the line “Media device (MTP)” or “File transfer”.

Connection Xiaomi via USB in mode without data transfer

This is the easiest type of connection that is used to charge the phone battery due to a computer or laptop resources. In this case, there is no way to transfer files or other objects to the smartphone, the computer will not see it as an external device with memory.

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To select the connection mode, after connecting the USB cable to the phone and computer, a notification of successful connection will appear on the Xiaomi screen, pressing a pop.up menu where you choose the desired mode.

Selecting the USB Division “File Transfer

All Xiaomi smartphones support the charging function. By default, it is activated when connecting to the computer via USB cable. As a result, the phone is charged from your PC. Sometimes it is even successfully detected by Windows, but when trying to open a folder of a mobile device, it will turn out to be empty.

You need to provide access to the system by choosing the desired mode of operation.

  • Connect the smartphone to the computer via USB.
  • Open the notification curtain. To do this, make the swipe from the upper part of the screen to the lower.
  • Below icons Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flashlight and so on, click on the system notification “Charging the device via USB”.

If nothing helped

In this case, you need to make sure of which device it works poorly: PC or phone.

To do this, try connecting a smartphone to another PC, if everything goes smoothly, then the first PC is guilty and you need to carefully work with it, it is extremely desirable to a specialist.

Smartphone not connecting to PC | Xioami Redmi Phone is not connecting to PC | Hindi

If Xiaomi does not see the second computer, then the probability of a malfunction in the smartphone itself is great, try to restart it if this does not help, after making backups, drop it to factory settings.

Or, if you do not want to suffer for a long time and to no avail, seek help from a certified service center. A hardware error is likely, but it cannot be fixed at home.