Wireless Earbuds Only One Right or Left (Redmi AirDots) Works Separately

than a year ago we published our article about TWS wireless headphones. And during this time a few popular questions that users are asking. To one of them I will try to answer today. So, a fairly common problem is that on Redmi AirDots or Xiaomi Earbuds, one of the headphones left or right does not work. It doesn’t see or sync via Bluetooth to the other wireless module or to the phone. As a result, only one works. What to do in this case and how to connect both headphones Xiaomi (Redmi) at the same time?

How to connect Xiaomi wireless headphones to the phone

The company Xiaomi is engaged in the production of a large number of gadgets, from smartphones to smart sneakers. Recently, the manufacturer has been actively engaged in the manufacture of wireless headphones, which are already very popular among users.

How to Connect & Pair Earbuds of Xiaomi Redmi Airdots ? [sandhikshandas]

After buying a new headset, many people wonder how to connect Xiaomi wireless headphones to the phone. There’s really nothing complicated about it, and the whole initial setup takes a few minutes. Now we will detail the connection sequence, as well as look at possible problems.

How to use Redmi AirDots

There are no buttons on the headphones, so all control is done using gestures on the touchpad:

  • If a single press on the panel while listening to music, the playback will stop;
  • if there is an incoming call, then to reset it, you need to tap once on the body;
  • Accordingly, to accept the call, you need to press twice on the panel;
  • a double tap (if there is no call or music playback) activates Google Assistant or Siri, depending on the smartphone;
  • if you take one earphone out of your ear while talking or listening to music, the sound will continue in the second headset. Playback will stop as soon as both earmolds are in their cases.
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Why does this error occur??

The reasons for the appearance of this bug in the smartphone can be counted almost a couple of dozen, but, in fact, all the errors can be grouped into two convenient groups: mechanical and software malfunctions.

Software bugs

In general, all the malfunctions in the firmware are associated with obvious problems: an old software version, incorrect firmware settings, system garbage, viruses, and anything else you like. However the solutions to these problems are not so obvious, and we’ll talk about them further on in the text.

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Mechanical problems

The causes of this error are more complicated to solve and are connected with mechanical damages. All of us can not keep our smartphones in absolutely pristine condition, and even the flagships, protected from water and soap special grade, will not give complete assurance that rain drops, crumbs, pet hair and other small things do not get into the headphone jack. It is this (literally) garbage that leads to the situation when the headphones have long been disconnected from the smartphone, but the device still registers the presence of something at the system level.

Determining whether we are facing mechanical damage is also not very simple requires a thorough inspection with a complete disassembly of the device. However, if you noticed the error immediately after contact with water, it is most likely caused by problems from outside.

connect, xiaomi, redmi, headphones

Connecting wireless headphones Xiaomi AirDots to your computer or laptop

Technics and electronics from Xiaomi is one of the most popular in the world due to the value for money. Wireless headphonesXiaomi Redmi Air Dots” were no exception. For the same price as budget wired models, they give good sound quality, comfort, and long hold charge. The only controversial point is the way the headphones are connected. Because of its confusing nature, joyful buyers are quickly deprived of positive emotions and go to the Internet to make them work. In this article we look at how to connect Xiaomi AirDots to the computer.

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Connecting Xiaomi Wireless Earbuds and Redmi AirDots to Android Smartphone via Bluetooth Setup App

In this tutorial I want to break down how to connect the Xiaomi Mi Earbuds and Redmi AirDots wireless headphones to your Android phone via Bluetooth and set up gesture-based music and call control via a mobile smartphone app. Why one article for two brands at once? The thing is that these are essentially the same headphones, but produced for different markets. I usually buy the headset on AliExpress for the domestic Chinese market, and these modifications are more commonly referred to as Redmi AirDots. If you take them in the official store in Russia, then as a rule, you will find an international version with the name Xiaomi Mi Earbuds. There is no difference in their connection and setup. But there is something to tell, because the advanced models Xiaomi and Redmi supports the work of the mobile application, through which you can change the programmed functions on the control buttons through your phone. And it will work with any Android smartphone Samsung, Huawei, Honor, Realme, Poco, Meizu, Oppo, Vivo, etc.д. In this detailed instruction in Russian we will understand in detail how to connect Xiaomi and Redmi headphones to the phone and configure their functions via Bluetooth.

Connecting Xiaomi Redmi AirDots (Earbuds) Wireless Headphones to Computer or Windows Laptop?

In this article, we continue to study the inexpensive wireless headphones will show how to connect the Redmi AirDots (in the Chinese version Xiaomi Earbuds Basic) to a computer or laptop on Windows via Bluetooth. This model can work with any device with Bluetooth support, whether it be a PC, phone, TV or TV set-top box. Of course, the portability of the size of the headphones and the wireless technology of TWS is primarily meant to be used with a smartphone, so you can also talk through the built-in microphone and control your music. But like any other wireless headphones, the Redmi AirDots/Xiaomi Earbuds can connect to a desktop computer or Windows laptop. Let’s understand how.

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Connecting wireless headphones Xiaomi to iPhone

The Chinese brand Xiaomi has become well known throughout the world for its high quality and affordable smartphones. In addition to this now under the brand also produces and no less quality accessories. smart watches, fitness bracelets, wired and wireless headphones.

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Wireless earplugs from “Xiaomi” are especially popular. These devices are stylish, quite simple and reliable in use. Any of the models, whether Redmi AirDots, AirDots Pro, AirDots Pro 2, etc. п., can be quite a worthy substitute for more expensive headphones of this type. For example, the functionality of Xiaomi Pro is comparable to that of Apple Airpods.

“Pro” are distinguished by an attractive design, excellent sound, long battery life and the presence of active noise cancellation (ANC). The value of ANC is that ambient noise becomes inaudible, and the user can fully immerse themselves in the world of music or focus their attention on phone conversations. Another huge advantage of the inexpensive AirDots Pro headphones compared to the Airpods is the IPX4 waterproofing and advanced touch controls. Taking into account the affordable price and impressive technical characteristics, many iPhone owners instead of the Airpods choose AirDots.

In order for the connection of Xiaomi-headset to the iPhone to be successful, you need to know that it supports Bluetooth version 4 or higher.2. That is, pairing will be possible with iPhone models and iPads that were released in 2014-2015. Suitable at least iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and above, as well as the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and newer tablets. If you have an iPhone 5s, the “ears” from “Xiaomi” do not fit it.