how to connect Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE TWS headphones to a smartphone or tablet

This means that the Mi Air 2 SE TWS model connects to an iOS or Android device as follows:

  • if the headphones are completely new (i.e. just out of the box and have never been connected yet), then before the first connection it is recommended to charge them completely (i.e. put them in the case and connect it to the USB port of the computer or charger via cable) or, if time does not allow, leave them for at least 10 minutes (and during this time you cannot remove the headphones from the case);
  • then we take out the charged Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE from the case, after which the headphones should turn on and switch to pairing mode automatically (and if you have a Xiaomi smartphone with MIUI and Bluetooth is not disabled, then he will also “see” the headphones himself, what is there will also inform you with the appropriate notification);
  • turn on the Bluetooth-module of the smartphone (“Settings” “Bluetooth” On);
  • in the list of detected devices we find and tap “Mi Air 2 SE” (if the system asks for a code, enter 0000. that is, four zeros).
  • firstly, Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE is able to remember the last Bluetooth pair, that is, the smartphone or tablet to which it was connected for the last time, the headphones are automatically found;
  • secondly, in order for the headphones to connect to the smartphone / tablet automatically, it is enough to open the case cover;
  • Thirdly, the following Xiaomi models currently support the headphone detection notification function:

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE: how to connect new ones, and what to do when they stopped connecting

Xiaomi’s new wireless Mi Air 2 SE TWS have been on sale for a week now (in China at least). They say that the audience really liked them right from the start and are simply megapopular.

also because this model is also initially designed to work with smartphones of the “native” brand Xiaomi and other Android models, as well as with the iPhone. In this regard, briefly about.

How to reset the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE headphones

This is for the case when, during operation, the smartphone has ceased to “see” the headphones, either they do not connect, or they do not play, or only one is playing. Problems like this happen sometimes too.

At the same time, if Mi Air2 SE was not beaten, dropped and bathed for a long time, then in the vast majority of cases, this kind of trouble occurs due to a software failure. To put it simply, the headphones are malfunctioning. Consequently, the problem can be eliminated in the standard and most effective way, namely by the so-called “hard reset” of the headphones, i.e. force reset their software to factory settings.

The Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE is rebooted as follows:

  • put both earbuds into their charging case (do not close the lid);
  • press the touch panel of any earphone and hold it pressed for at least 3 seconds until the LED indicator starts flashing alternately red and blue. the reboot is complete;
  • now open the Bluetooth settings of the smartphone and delete the current pair from Mi Air2 SE;
  • after that we connect the headphones to the smartphone again (we create a new pair, the procedure is usual. see above).

Communication and microphone:

For the first connection to the phone, you need to hold down the touch surface while the headphones are in the case for 7 seconds, after which it will be possible to connect to the headphones, in the future this is not required. The connection to the phone is very fast, the connection itself is good, no breaks or loss were detected during use. The microphones are good, the noise reduction works well, especially including the price. Indoors you can hear very well, on the street. naturally worse, but this is an order of magnitude better than other manufacturers offer for a similar price. The interlocutors did not complain about the sound quality under the comfortable conditions described above, I heard the interlocutor well, despite the fact that the sound insulation in the headphones is mediocre. As a result, it is very pleasant to use as a headset.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE: feel the pain

I welcome everyone, today I want to tell you, probably, about one of my worst purchases of TWS headphones for my money, namely the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE. These are the first headphones in my memory that I could not use for a week, why?. more on that below.

One of the most important remarks is that there are a lot of fakes, the link where I bought these headphones is below (they were checked on the Xiaomi website)

Appearance and ergonomics:

One of the most pleasant moments of the headphones, the case is relatively large in area (54×54 mm with rounded edges), but rather narrow (24 mm), which makes it great to fit into any s (the photo shows a comparison with the tronsmart onyx neo). The case is made entirely of white matte plastic, which has good features: a tenacious, pleasant rubberized surface is not easily soiled. There is 1 LED notifying about some functions (charging, case opening indication, headphone charging). The closing mechanism is made with high quality, there is a minimum backlash, which during the operation (a week) did not loosen a bit (I took out the headphones 30-40 times a day). The hinge has a clear move, the lid is opened by applying a fairly small force (magnets with good magnetic properties are used), if you get used to it, you can safely open it with one hand (take the case in your hands and turn the recess to open it to the middle finger and open it with the middle finger). The headphones are attached with a magnet, the fit is good, they are taken comfortably, they never fell out during use. There is a charging input (Type-C) at the back. As a result of the case. great, 5/5

And now a huge fly in the ointment. the earpiece itself. to the barrel of honey. Made of the same plastic as the case, which is good. Not just a minus, but a huge minus. the size of the earphone. It is simply huge, which is why during operation problems occur not only in people with a small ear canal, but also with an average one. My girlfriend cannot wear them at all, because they simply do not fit into the ear, I can. but they cause incredible discomfort already during landing, it is impossible to stay in them for a long time. When worn for more than 30 minutes, it already causes pain in the ear canal, I assumed that the peculiarity of the structure of my ear. but no, the way I let my friends use it. is a similar problem. ergonomics, they not only significantly lose to Apple Airpods, but also bring pain to their owner

Another 1 minus is touch control. The panel is responsible for turning on / off / connecting to the device, calling the voice assistant, as well as answering a call when pressed or pause / Play music, depending on the situation and which headphone to control. The following commands to control:

  • Answering / ending a call. double-tap any of the headphones.
  • Pause / play music. double tap on the right earbud.
  • Call the voice assistant. double tap the left earphone.
  • When using one left earbud, double-tapping does not function as a call to the voice assistant, but pauses / plays music.
  • Switching tracks, increasing / decreasing the sound volume is possible only through a smartphone.
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For a week of operation, I was still not used to control, before that I used Fivi and Tronsmart, where the panel works in most cases. Everything is much worse here, the probability of triggering is about 20-30%, which is often annoying.


I used them with the Lenovo Z5S smartphone, I used them with the AAC codec. The sound itself causes an ambiguous impression, since other people said 2 opposite opinions: “TOP FOR YOUR MONEY IS HIAOME !!” and “Sucks.” Do not forget that these are earbuds, because of which, in any case, the sound will be different. Is it good? Probably not, since the sound will greatly depend on how you position them. In general, I can single out the following: moderately detailed, high frequencies are very strongly lifted, voiced (but there is no strong discomfort), mid frequencies are best implemented, very good, which is why, in particular, the interlocutor can be heard well during a conversation, low frequencies are present, but the most accurate word that describes it. overdrive, no detail, bass for the sake of bass, if you place the headphones deep in the channel, the effect is enhanced. Not bad for audiobooks, or pop music, no more, although most people will find them quite good.


The packaging is extremely nice on all sides, not the thickest cardboard is used, but it is of good quality. On the front side there is a photograph of the headphones themselves, as well as the case. On the back side, all the main characteristics are stated in Chinese, as well as a barcode with the date of manufacture of the headphones.

The kit itself is the minimum necessary. a case, headphones, instructions in Chinese, as well as a type C cable of decent quality

connect, xiaomi


Autonomy. I have a record holder. they keep on a single charge almost 5 hours at 75% volume, given that the case will charge them from 0 to 100% at least 4 times. the result is excellent. There is a fast charging of the case, in 30 minutes. 50%, a full charge takes about an hour and a half, headphones. the same for an hour and a half.


  • Headphone type: TWS
  • Connection type: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Supported codecs: AAC, SBC
  • Purpose: For smartphone and player (with Bluetooth support)
  • Emitter: Dynamic
  • Earphone frequency range: 20. 20,000 Hz
  • The presence of a microphone: There are 2 microphones for noise reduction
  • Control: Touch panel
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Protection: No
  • Earphone weight: 4.7 grams
  • Capacity, mAh: 40 (earphone), 250 (case)
  • Working time: almost 5 hours at 75% volume, with a case. 20 hours
  • Case charging time. 1.5 hours (there is fast charging (almost 50% in 30 minutes))



Are Mi Air 2 SE good. rather not, they are presentable, have a very cool case, good sound for earbuds, one of the best noise controllers in its price category, excellent autonomy, but at the same time the strange design of the headphones themselves, namely the “rod”, terrible ergonomics of the headphones, which overlap all the advantages of the model, because of which their use will most likely bring physical pain.

AirDods Pro headphone device

The Xiaomi AirDots Pro manual contains information about the device of the gadget. The headphones have silicone pads, microphones, indicators and various sensors. Before using the device for the first time, you must select comfortable ear pads that will not fall out of your ears. The wearing comfort also depends on the correct placement of the left and right earbuds. Right (R) and Left (L) are located on the headphone tubes. Finding them the first time can be difficult.

The light indication is located at the top. In daylight conditions, it is hardly noticeable. On the side there is a noise canceling microphone. A touch sensor is used to activate it. The placement of the spoken microphone is shifted to the bottom of the headphones. This makes the conversation sound directional. At the same time, microphones are present in both devices.

The headset also has a touch sensor capable of recognizing two types of touches:

  • Double short.
  • Double with hold.

The tap functions are as follows:

  • Double-clicking on any earphone with an incoming call means answering or ending the call.
  • 2x tap on the right earbud starts or pauses music playback.
  • 2x tap on the left earphone launches the voice assistant Siri or Google Assistant, depending on the operating system of the external device.
  • If you hold the sensor for three seconds at the same time, noise canceling will be activated. A sound signal is used to confirm the successful activation of the mode. Repeated tap disables the function.

How to charge AirDots Pro

To charge the AirDots Pro headphone case, you need to connect a USB Type-C cable to the connector on the bottom of the case. The charging process takes no more than 1 hour and is accompanied by a flashing light indication

The earbuds are charged from the case and do not require any additional actions. The user just needs to place them in the case and wait until charging starts.

does not work

If your earbuds aren’t working, it’s worth making sure they are sufficiently charged. In most cases, the error occurs when the battery is zero.

How to manage track switching

To pause music playback, simply remove the earbuds from your ear and place them in the case. To switch tracks, use tap on the device.

do not connect

If Xiaomi headphones refuse to connect to external devices, you need to restart them by holding the touch button for a long time. If there are no positive results, you will need to perform a factory reset.

How to tell if they are charged

Information about the low charge of the case and headphones is displayed with the same indication. When the level is restored, the indicators will light for 5 seconds. If they are blinking, this indicates that charging is required.

How to untie headphones from an external device

To disconnect the headphones from an external device, you need to reset the connections. To do this, they are placed in a case, and then the key is held in the side of the case for 10 seconds. After such actions, the factory settings will be restored.

Connecting wireless bluetooth headphones TWS Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones AIR 2

Aborting the connection

If you turn off Bluetooth on your device or exceed the Bluetooth signal range, the headphones will automatically enter connection standby mode. In case of unsuccessful Bluetooth connection within 10 minutes, the headset will enter sleep mode. To activate, put on the headphones again and establish a connection.

Connecting to a new device

✓ Place the earbuds in the charging case, then press and hold the function button for 2 seconds. The charging case indicator light will blink white, indicating that the earbuds are waiting to be connected.

✓ Turn on Bluetooth on the source device, search for “Mi True Wireless Earphones 2” in the device list and establish a connection. If a password is required, enter “0000”.

How to connect Xiaomi TWS Mi AIR 2 headphones to the phone

Connecting to two devices

✓ Place one of the earbuds in the charging case, then press and hold the function button for 2 seconds. Use device A to search and connect to the earphone

✓ After connecting the first earbud to device A, remove it from the charging case. Now place the second earbud in the charging case, press and hold the function button for 2 seconds. Use device B to search and connect to the earphone. This will allow each earphone to be connected to a separate device.

Attention: Before using this function, you must clear the connection history of each earbud.

Connecting to a Xiaomi smartphone

To connect the headset to a Xiaomi smartphone, place the headphones in the case, close the case cover, and then open it. Make sure the Bluetooth function is activated on your smartphone. Follow the prompts on the smartphone display.

Note: make sure you have the latest MIUI 10 software.

Automatic connection

If the headset is in the charging case, open the case cover and the earbuds will automatically connect to the last paired device. If no connection history is found or the headphones cannot connect to any device, they will automatically enter connection standby mode.

Note: If the headphones cannot automatically connect to the device, you need to manually connect them to the device through Bluetooth settings.


Type: earbuds, Speaker: 14.2 mm, dynamic composite diaphragm and dynamic driver Profiles: HFP, A2DP, HSP, AVRCP Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz Codecs: SBC, AAC, LDHC Bluetooth: 5.0 Use as a headset: yes Listening time: up to 4 hours Impedance: 32 Ohm Noise suppression: ENC, only during a call Battery life in case: up to 14 hours Charging connector: Type-C Degree of protection against moisture: IPX4 Charging case: plastic Weight: 4.5 g (one earbud), 52g (earbuds with case)

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Contents of delivery

The packaging is inexpensive, made of non-thick cardboard, and a little crumpled along the way. Inside, on a cardboard backing, both headphones and a charging case are fixed with tape, there is also a Type-C charging cable, instructions in Chinese.

Controlling Xiaomi Air 2 Headphones

The controls in Xiaomi Air 2 have not changed compared to the predecessor Xiaomi AirDots Pro, so the owners of the previous gadget will not have to retrain. The operation is different when both or one earbud is worn. When two earbuds are worn:

  • to answer a call or end a conversation, double-tap the sensor of any headset;
  • to start or stop music, double-tap the right earbud;
  • to start the voice assistant, double-tap on the left earpiece; you can also give voice commands to him to switch tracks or adjust the volume.
  • remove the headphones and they will automatically pause;
  • to resume playing, put on the headphones and double-tap on any of them.

In the Chinese Xiao AI app, you can change the name of the earbuds or reconfigure the touch button of the right and left earbuds to your preference.

Headphones Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2. review: specifications, connection and control

It is worth noting that the earbuds have different names Mi AirDots Pro 2, Mi Air 2 and Mi True Wireless Earphones 2, however, they are the same type of earbuds with names for different markets. Connection For the initial synchronization, it is necessary that the headphones and the case are fully charged so that there is no failure when the Xiaomi Air 2 is connected for the first time.

  • Put both earbuds in the case and close it.
  • Hold the side button for a few seconds until the indicator on the case lights up. This procedure needs to be done once to activate the headphones as they are shipped from the factory in a switched off state.
  • Now once again hold down the side button for a few seconds until the indicator on the case starts blinking.
  • Headphones ready to pair.

In the list of available devices, we find Mi True Wireless Earphones 2. Click on this name and accept the pairing request, in which you can allow the exchange of contacts. Regardless of the version of the headphones for the global market and the Chinese market, the name in the list of available devices will look exactly like Mi True Wireless Earphones 2

After a successful connection, information about the status of the device and its charge level will appear in the menu of paired devices. The headphones are plugged in and ready to go. With further use, the Xiaomi Air 2 headphones have an automatic pairing function, so the next time they will connect to your phone (if the Bluetooth function is enabled on it) as soon as you open the case with the headphones. Taking the headphones out of the case is no longer necessary. The auto-connect function is only supported from the MIUI 11 shell version.

You can check the headphone charge in the Smart background Bluetooth menu when pairing devices. The function displays full information about the Mi Air 2: the charge of the case and the charge of each earphone separately as a percentage.

By default, the following functions are assigned to the touch control buttons:

With an incoming call, double tap on any earphone. answer the call.

Double tap the left earphone. call the voice assistant.

Double tap on the right earphone while listening to a track. pause / play.

Management and configuration by installing an additional application.

A special Mi AI application is used to customize the headphones. There is a special QR-code on the box, after scanning it will immediately start downloading the “.APK” file of this application if you have an Android smartphone. If you scan the code on the iPhone, it will switch to downloading the file from the App Store. There is also an insert inside the box with a brief description of the application and a QR link to download it (in Chinese).

After installing the application, a shortcut appears on the desktop, we go into the application, and since it is in Chinese and nothing is understandable, see the next steps below on the screenshots.

The application will ask for a number of permissions, we agree with everyone:

After the application opens, go to your personal account, and then to the settings:

In the settings, we find the item Bluetooth device. Since the application is suitable for setting up different devices, we select Air 2 headphones from the list of devices:

After the headphones have been selected, the headphones are searched for, press “Connect”, at this moment the headphones should be inserted into the case with the lid open. After synchronization, a window will appear displaying the charge level and case, go to this menu in “Settings”:

A menu with information about the device will open, in which further configuration will take place. We go to the “Function settings”:

And then we select the action from the proposed options, which must be assigned to double touch on the right or left earphone:

Enjoy music wirelessly with Midusa!

A few days ago, new headphones from Xiaomi entered the market, which have joined the ranks of copies of Airpods and will easily crowd out competitors. The Xiaomi Mi Air 2 model is simple to operate, but still requires minimal knowledge of connecting to the phone, charging and mastering the control keys. We will consider all this in this small instruction.

Sound quality

It should be noted right away that the headphones came to me with the old firmware. The sound was quite quiet, and the low frequencies “wheezed”. The firmware was updated, and these shortcomings were eliminated. The miracle did not happen, the maximum volume increased by 20-30 percent, but the bass stopped upsetting. Very briefly and subjectively about the playback of musical compositions. The sound of the Xiaomi Air 2 was evaluated both separately and in comparison with the Bluedio Hi TWS headphones, QCY T1 Pro and Xiaomi ANC wired (Type-C) headphones. A test set of tracks familiar to me was used: Monument. Röyksopp Cloudspotting. Orsen Tout est bleu. Jean Michel Jarre Speed ​​King. Deep Purple Jazz Music (De Capo Edit). De-Phazz STÜBAphilharmonie S. Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.2 Op.18. Valentina Lisitsa Xiaomi Air 2 is definitely not for club music. the low frequencies are predictably cut off, so the “pumping” rhythm looks very pale. Here the channel plugs QCY and Bluedio definitely win, the sound of Air 2 is similar to wired channel Xiaomi. This does not mean that there are no low frequencies at all, they just sound polite and non-defiant. In all other genres, Air 2 has a clear advantage: Faithful and non-irritating transmission of midrange and voice in Jarre’s electronics, distinctness of background sounds. The richness of vocals and the brightness of guitars and keyboards from Deep Purple. Distinguishability of all instruments in De-Phazz. And finally. the depth, volume, detail of Rachmaninoff’s Second Concerto, “to the shivers.” Once again. this is a subjective opinion, but I ask you not to pay attention to the colorfulness of the phrases. As a result, I really liked the sound of the headphones. Of course, they will not be suitable for fans of “pumping bass” The equalizer can raise the low frequencies by just a few decibels without annoying artifacts. In other genres of music, the sound is extremely decent.

Connecting to audio sources

The connection is simple. you need to hold down the button on the case for a few seconds. and the indicator on the case will blink, indicating that the headphones are ready for pairing. It remains to find and select the name of the headphones in the list of Bluetooth devices on the sound source, and then finally confirm the pairing by pressing the button on the case. After pairing, the earbuds are automatically connected after opening the lid and removing from the case. Pairing tested on Xiaomi Mi9, Android TV box and PC. By default, the smartphone is connected using the AAC codec, you can manually switch to the SBC codec. The high-quality LHDC codec (900 kbps) is currently only available on Huawei smartphones and on some older Xiaomi models. With the advent of new firmware, we can expect the appearance of the LHDC codec in other Xiaomi models.

Still have questions? Ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and we will try to answer them.

In September of last year, Xiaomi Air 2 TWS headphones were presented with support for Bluetooth 5.0, LDHC codec and improved autonomy. The progress compared to the first generation is significant. It is unclear why the line’s naming system was changed. the first model was called AirDots Pro, simply considered Air 2. I suppose that this happened as a result of some legal conflicts over the consonance of the name with Apple’s Airpods Pro. Interestingly, the two firms are moving in different directions. if Apple Airpods are earbuds, then Airpods Pro are in-ear duct headphones. The first model, the Xiaomi model, was opposite the duct, and the second, which we are considering, was the earbuds.

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XiaomiMiAir 2 headphone device

In terms of their design, the Xiaomi Air 2 earbuds have noticeably changed compared to the previous versions of AirDots and AirDots Pro. Now these are not earplugs, but earbuds that have become much more like the original Airpods. While there are differences in the earbuds themselves and the case, the case is made of matte plastic and is less streamlined than the Airpods. On the bottom, it has a Type-C charging port, and inside there is a built-in battery for charging the earbuds. The charging contacts themselves can be seen at the bottom in the headphone compartments. On the side of the case is a button for activating the gadget, pairing it with a phone and rebooting, and on the side of the lid opening there is a single indicator. The headphones are similar in shape to Airpods, although they have a thicker leg. At the bottom of the leg there are charging contacts and the inscription L or R, denoting the left or right earphone, respectively. When placed in the case, the headphones hold well and do not fall out of it, even if you turn it over and shake the open case. Both Mi Air 2 headphones have built-in microphones, so you can talk on two headphones at once or at first one at a time, and after discharging on to another. If your conversation drags on for long hours, the ability to speak on any of the headphones will help charge the second one in the case at the same time. The headset also has indicators and an infrared optical sensor. The latter recognizes whether the earphone is in or out of the ear, so when it is triggered, the music is automatically paused. And this is very convenient, because a dropped earphone makes us rewind the instructional audio back or skip our favorite song. On top of the leg of each earphone there is a sensor that allows you to control tracks or calls without any button presses.


  • inconvenient case;
  • marriage;
  • backlash cover;
  • wide legs, you may not like it;
  • no volume control on the headset;
  • more suitable for conversations.

Nuances of use

The main feature of the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Se headphones is the use with the Xiaomi application, you can adjust the headphones for yourself and change the modes of the right and left gadgets.

Management and firmware

Xiaomi Mi Air firmware is updated along with the release of new functions.

It is better to carry out the firmware from specialists so as not to spoil the device.

New functions can also be clarified in the application or on the official website of the company.

How to connect and use

The Air 2 Se’s connection is standard, like other Bluetooth devices. When opening the cover, a pairing window appears on the owner’s smartphone.

It is also possible to find out the battery charge. Xiaomi Initial Connection:

  • activate the headphones;
  • turn on the Bluetooth function on your smartphone;
  • start searching for devices;
  • find headphones in the list of found ones;
  • start pairing.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 TWS Unboxing and Tests

Further connection of Air 2 Se occurs automatically.


Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Se is sold in a standard package with a picture of the functions and features of the gadget.

  • charging box;
  • headphones;
  • type-c charging cable;
  • instruction in chinese.


IPX5 protection. standard water and dust protection for headphones.

It is not recommended to immerse the device in water.

Characteristics table

device type Xiaomi Air 2 Se Wireless Headphones
view liners
emitters dynamic
bluetooth version 5.0
codec support AAC
impedance 32 ohm
profile support Hands Free, Headset, A2DP, AVRCP
radius of action 10 m
voice assistant Yes
working hours 5 h
battery life 20 h
time to charge 1 h
moisture resistant coating IPX5
USB connector Type C
wireless charge No


Battery capacity lasts for 4-5 hours of continuous music listening.

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Mi Air 2 is an update to fully wireless headphones from Xiaomi, which changed the form factor of earplugs to earbuds, and now can directly compete with the popular Airpods. Whether this is really so and what this model from Xiaomi has to offer, I will tell you in this review.

Package Contents Xiaomi Mi Air 2

Xiaomi has not changed the design of the box, it is the same as the other fully wireless earbuds from this manufacturer.

The Mi Air 2 comes with a charging case and USB Type-C charging cable. The presence of a modern charging connector suggests that the company listens to its users and is trying to modernize new devices.

The appearance of Xiaomi Mi Air 2

The headphones are made of white glossy plastic, and the design was clearly inspired by Apple gadgets. But so that no one accused Xiaomi of plagiarism, the shape of the headphones was made a little larger and more flattened.

Fortunately, the increased proportions did not affect usability. Headphones firmly hold in the ears and do not fall out with sharp turns of the head and nodding.

On the side of the emitters, which are hidden behind a metal mesh, infrared sensors are located. They track the position of the headphones and, if one is pulled out of the ear, playback is paused, which is very convenient.

The case is also made of white plastic, but already matte. It is flattened and resembles that of the previous Xiaomi “flasks”, only more square and without rounding.

In addition, it has a key for synchronizing headphones with a playback device and a device status indicator.

The ergonomics of the case are good, it fits comfortably in the hand, it is quite easy to open the lid and take out the headphones with one hand. The case has its own compartment for each earphone, in which they are fixed with magnets. The only negative is the size, the case is not always convenient to carry in a jeans

Connection and management

Now the owners of Xiaomi smartphones have access to “magic” when connecting headphones. Smartphones themselves detect them, display an image on the display, but after confirming the connection, you need to hold down the sync button on the case for 3 seconds.

For other devices, you also need to hold down this key, and connect the headphones through the Bluetooth settings. It is worth noting that Xiaomi Mi Air 2 can work separately from each other, but only with one device.

The Xiaomi Mi Air 2 has a touch-sensitive playback control panel:

  • double tap on any earpiece. receiving a call;
  • double tap on the left earpiece. call the voice assistant preinstalled in the device with which the earphones are synchronized;
  • double tap on the right earpiece. play / pause. If only the left earbud is used, everything works the same.

Sound and microphone

The Bluetooth 5.0 module is responsible for wireless sound transmission. And for better transmission of the audio signal, SBC, AAC and Huawei HDW codecs are used, which is based on the LDHC codec.

Reproduces the sound of a 14.2 mm dynamic driver with an impedance of 32 ohms. In total, the audio scene is quite well developed, with good detail and good high and low frequencies. But in some compositions, a drop in the middle frequencies is heard and the sound turns out to be harsh.

The volume level is enough for comfortable listening in the subway, but do not forget that these are earbuds. they have poor sound insulation for both the listener and others.

Thanks to the use of two microphones in the headphone legs, the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 has excellent voice transmission. The presence of active noise cancellation during a conversation allows you to communicate on the phone in very noisy places.

Autonomy Xiaomi Mi Air 2

Built-in batteries last 3.5-4 hours. this can be called a standard for TWS headphones.

Case will be able to extend the work by another 14 hours. In addition, the earbuds have a quick charge function, with which the model is fully charged in one hour.