Connecting Xiaomi AirDots Wireless Headphones to a Computer or Laptop

Appliances and electronics from Xiaomi are one of the most popular in the world due to their value for money. Wireless headphones “Xiaomi Redmi Air Dots” are no exception. At a cost like budget wired models, they provide good sound quality, convenience and hold a charge for a long time. The only controversial point is the way the headphones are connected. Because of its confusion, joyful shoppers quickly lose their positive emotions and go online to make them work. This article covers how to connect Xiaomi AirDots to a computer.

Wearing the TWS Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones AIR 2

Remove the earbuds from the charging case and insert them into your ears according to the left (L) and right (R) markings.

Note: After using the earbuds, put them in the charging case. This will prolong the life of the earbuds and prevent the possibility of loss.

Manual for Xiaomi AirDots. using wireless headphones

Xiaomi Air Dots are stylish and compact wireless headphones. Good sound quality and affordable price, which is much lower in comparison with competitors, have made this product hugely popular. The most compact, lightweight and functional, these headphones will let you enjoy your favorite music every day.

Manual for Xiaomi Mi AIR 2 Wireless Headphones

✓ Charging TWS Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones AIR 2: The earbuds are automatically charged once they are inserted into the charging case. ✓ Charging the case: during charging, the indicator blinks red, after charging is completed, it lights up white.

Note: The earbuds are turned off before the first use. To activate the headphones, place them in the charging case, press and hold the function button for 5 seconds. It is recommended to fully charge the earbuds before first use.

How to charge Air Dots headphones

Charging Xiaomi Air Dots is provided by the case itself, which is recharged from micro USB. A 350 mAh battery is installed in the case, this is enough to perform three recharges.

If the indicator does not glow red and does not flash, then the battery is being charged. A white LED indicates that the battery is fully charged.

Xiaomi AirDots control

Xiaomi AirDots are in-ear headphones. They sit tightly enough in the ears, they do not fall out, the set includes ear pads of different sizes. Noise isolation is also good.

The headset is splash-proof, so if you get caught in the rain with it, nothing bad will happen. Each earphone has a mechanical control button with LED indicator. It will blink white when connected to an audio source. You can control the headset from any earphone. How to operate Xiaomi AirDots instruction:

  • Press the button once to play or pause a track.
  • A single press is also used to answer a call.
  • If you want to drop the call, then hold the button for a second.
  • To turn on the th assistant, press twice.
  • To turn off or on the headset, hold the button for 3 seconds.

You can switch tracks only through a smartphone. Controlling the accessory is quite simple, but since the buttons are not touch-sensitive, but mechanical, when you press them in your ear, you will not hear a very pleasant sound. Therefore, try to press gently so as not to experience discomfort. When you take one earbud out of your ear, playback will not automatically pause. Tracks will stop playing only when Xiaomi AirDots are folded into a case.

Specifications of Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones AIR 2 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Model: TWSEJ02JY Net weight: 50 g Charging port: Type-C Impedance: 32 Ohm Input: 5.2 V 1.1 A Wireless connection: Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless range: up to 10 m Charging time: 1 h Bluetooth profiles: BLE / HSP / HFP / A2DP / AVRCP Codecs: SBC / AAC / LHDC Earphone battery life: up to 4 hours Battery life (with charging case): up to 14 hours

Step 2. Phone

Now let’s go directly to the phone. Since we are dealing with bluetooth, we go to its settings (all the pictures below are clickable to enlarge):

Headphones should appear in the opened tab after a while:

If they are not here, turn off and turn on the headphones again, and exit and re-enter the Bluetooth settings. As a result, you should have headphones there as in the picture above. Please note that only the RIGHT earbud is visible. Redmi AirDots_R. this is normal for TWS earbuds when one of them is the main one. Those. you connect to the right one, and they somehow agree with each other without us.

It remains only to click on our earpiece and agree to the connection:

Everything. Headphones appear in the list of paired devices.

Primary connection

The bundle will be carried out on the Redmi Note 9 Pro phone and headphones with one of the most popular headphones for the current day. Redmi AirDots. But in general, everything works about the same, so if you need general detailed instructions, you can carefully read THIS ARTICLE.


Then all you have to do is turn on the headphones, and they will automatically connect to your phone. And no more customization! Is it convenient? If one day they do not want to automatically connect. either we try to restart the headphones and the phone, or remove the headphones from the paired devices and try to reconnect as in the first paragraph.

Step 1. Turn on the headphones

Before connecting to headphones, you must first turn them on somehow. I recommend that you read the instructions specifically for your model. some have separate buttons, and TWS like my AirDots are activated simply by removing from the case. we take out the right and left headphones and insert them into our ears along the way.

The rest of the steps need to be done while the Xiaomi wireless headphones are in the search mode (in my case, the white light on the right ear is blinking). If you didn’t have time to connect the first time, just turn off-turn on the headphones again (well, or put them back in the case and take them out).

On some Xiaomi headsets and headphones, to activate the connection mode, you need to hold down a button (for example, on the Xiaomi Bluetooth Headset, the button is held on top). once again I recommend that you simply read the instructions for YOUR SPECIFIC MODEL. But usually everything happens automatically without dancing with tambourines.

How to connect Xiaomi wireless headphones: my experience

Friends, I warmly welcome you to our next instruction article! Now you will find out how you can connect your Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones to a Xiaomi phone (and not only). The whole problem is created from the fact that for some reason the phone does not connect them automatically, as it is done in the same AirPods, but having configured this once, then everything will be connected automatically. I’m sure it will take less than a minute. Getting started.

If you have any questions or doubts, write them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев under this article. I will not be lazy, I will take out my headphones and once again try to bring your script to life on my smartphone. Everything for WiFiGid readers.

Additions from the author

There is nothing more to add here. But if there is something else. write, I will add below.

  • Yes, the headphones mate perfectly with both Android and Apple. there were no problems in operation, the Bluetooth standard is the same for everyone (well, almost).
  • Another very common problem with the invisibility of headphones is that they are simply discharged or the battery has died. I recommend charging to the full and making sure that the lights signal that the device is working and is in search.
  • Not all headsets support connecting multiple devices to them. therefore, before looking for and connecting headphones, I recommend making sure that they are not already connected to another device (in my case, headphones often connect to a laptop before finding a phone).
  • Connection to Windows computers also occurs without any problems. In my practice, Xiaomi always works without any dirty tricks, the sound goes to both headphones.
  • And yes, I almost forgot, Xiaomi phones can easily connect to any Bluetooth headphones without any visible restrictions. Like any Xiaomi headphones, they work with any technology. Those. understand that Bluetooth technology is backward compatible for everyone. Therefore, if something does not work or does not connect. or you have not activated pairing mode, or the battery is low, or your headphones are time to go to the trash can. Happy End) For non-believers, there is still a reset to Factory settings. But personally, oh, how I do not like this thing (I reset it only when I change the phone).

How to connect Xiaomi headphones?

  • Press the buttons on both earbuds until a red light appears.
  • Place the headset in the charging case.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and wait until the accessory appears in the list of available devices.
  • When you click on Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_R (as the headset will be called), the connection will be made.

How to reset Mi True Wireless earphones 2 Basic?

To connect or reset in the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 model, you need to press the function button on the case, in Basic. the touch panel on the headphones.

How to set up Mi AIR 2 headphones?

Place one earphone in the charging case, press and hold the button for 2 seconds. Activate Bluetooth mode for the first device, connect the earphone. 2. Remove the connected earphone from the socket, insert another earphone into the charging case and repeat the operation for the second device.

How to sync Xiaomi Mi True Wireless earphones 2 Basic?

The easiest way to connect Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic is to a Xiaomi smartphone: when you open the case, a pairing window pops up on the screen. On models from other manufacturers, you must first go to the settings and manually connect the headphones. Subsequent connections will be automatic, just open the case.

How to connect mi air 2 to a laptop?

  • Opening Bluetooth options in Windows 10.
  • Then click on “Add Bluetooth or other device” and in a new window click on “Bluetooth”.
  • The search for Bluetooth devices starts.
  • When the laptop or PC finds the headphones, just click on them.
  • Headphones will show up in Bluetooth options.

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Sport headphones to your phone?

Press and hold the multifunctional button until the indicator starts blinking rapidly in white, in the list of found devices in the Bluetooth settings of the second mobile phone, select and connect to “Mi Sport Mini Bluetooth Headset”.

How to turn on Bluetooth headphones Mi?

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to your phone

  • Press and hold both earbuds until you see a double purple-red blinking. This is a signal that you have reset the settings.
  • Put them in the charging box for a while, take them out and wait for the devices to “find” each other.
  • Go to the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone.

How to connect Xiaomi Mi True Wireless earphones?

Place the earbuds in the charging case, then press and hold the function button for 2 seconds. The charging case indicator light will flash to indicate that the earbuds are waiting to be connected. 2. Turn on Bluetooth on the device, then find and connect to “Mi True Wireless”.

Xiaomi left earphone not working, how to fix

Xiaomi AirDots wireless headphones are very popular due to their excellent price / quality ratio. However, even such a popular gadget sometimes has hiccups, as some users complain that the left Xiaomi earbud does not work when you take them out of the charging case to listen to music.

The surprising thing here is that before the incident, the headphones worked perfectly for several weeks or months, but here such an opportunity.

Due to the fact that there is not a word in the instructions for solving such a problem, and it is not always possible to figure out how to make the AirDots left earphone work on your own, I will describe the most effective method for solving this problem.

TWS Xiaomi works in such a way that one of them (usually the right one) takes over the function of the main one, and it is he who keeps in touch with the phone or other sound source, and the second earpiece (usually the left one) takes on the role of the slave and receives a music signal from the presenter, not from the source.

From here we understand that if the left AirDots does not work, this means that the synchronization between them is broken and this breakdown has nothing to do with the sound source, the problem must be solved in the gadget itself.

  • We insert both headphones into the corresponding places of the charging case, wait 10 seconds;
  • We remove them and hold down the touch panel or button, depending on the model, for 40-50 seconds. After about 10 seconds, AirDots will emit a sound signal and start flashing the LED, they inform that they have entered pairing mode, but we do not pay attention to this and continue to press on the panel. Somewhere in the 40th second, the headphones will emit a signal and turn off. This means that the reset was successful;
  • Place the AirDots in the charging case and wait 20-30 seconds;
  • Remove them from the case, they should automatically enter the pairing mode with the phone, find them in the list of available devices in the “Bluetooth” menu and activate. After this operation, you can listen to music, the left Xiaomi should restore full functionality.

This can be helpful:

Hi, my name is Timur. Since childhood, I have been fond of computers and the IT Industry, I like it, this is my passion. Over the past few years, I have been deeply interested in Xiaomi: ideology, technology and a unique approach to explosive business growth. I own many Xiaomi gadgets and share my experience of using them, but most importantly. solving problems and incidents that arise under unexpected circumstances on the pages of

Xiaomi left earphone not working

Headphones of the manufacturer Xiaomi are impressively widespread due to their successful competitiveness in relation to cost and quality. But such devices are not without some glitches, since some of the owners report that the left headset does not work when it is removed from the complete case for connecting to a smartphone and listening to a song.

importantly, before the problem occurs, the headset usually functions perfectly for weeks or months. Since the user manual does not provide for possible problems at all, will have to fix the problem with its own hands in order to restore the normal functioning of the left earphone.

The TWS headset functions in such a way that, as a rule, the right module acts as the main one and is responsible for maintaining the connection with the mobile device, while the other earphone is directly subordinate and does not interact with the source in any way.

connect, xiaomi, left, earphone

Therefore, we can state that if the left module malfunctions, pairing between the headphones is most likely, while the phone itself does not play any role, and the problem lies purely in the device. Therefore, it is often suggested to use the factory reset method.

After resetting the settings, you will need to reconnect to the mobile device, and therefore, before carrying out the manipulations, it is advisable to remove the headphones from the list of gadgets in the Bluetooth section.

  • Place both headsets in the designated wells of the charging case and wait for ten seconds;
  • Remove the modules and click and hold on the touch area or key for 50 seconds. After about 10 seconds, the device will play a signal followed by flashing indicators, indicating that they are in a pairing state, but do not stop pressing the sensor. After a while, there will be a different reaction and the device is deactivated. This scenario confirms that all manipulations were performed correctly;
  • Place the headphones in the case and wait for up to a minute and a half;
  • Remove the modules from the case again, after which the synchronization mode with the smartphone should start, and therefore you can find your AirDots model through the Bluetooth category and connect.

After completing the entire sequence of actions, you can continue to enjoy music, restoring normal operation.

How to enable Air Dots

The inclusion of this model of Xiaomi headphones occurs automatically when they are removed from the case. They also turn off automatically when placed in a case. With all this, if only the left earphone is removed, then the right one will continue to work, if the right one, then both will turn off.

AirDots color indicator: symbols

  • if the earbuds are in the case and the reddish color flashes, the earbuds are charging
  • the headphones are removed from the case, if you hold down the buttons for 10 seconds at once, the indicator will light up reddish, and this will mean that the headphones have turned off
  • the indicator glows with a snow-white color rapidly. it means the headphones are looking for each other for synchronization
  • the indicator glows with a snow-white color slowly. means the headphones are ready to synchronize with an external device

Xiaomi AirDors review. Completion and appearance

The set with the headphones, in addition to the AirDots themselves, is a USB charging cable, a case with an integrated battery and a set of additional ear pads:

The charging case, like the headphones themselves, is more reminiscent of Samsung Galaxy Buds in design and construction (in the photo below. on the right):

From the control parts. only the touch panel, which also houses the LED indicators that turn on when connected to the device or during charging (we will talk more about charging itself later):

The case is made of matte plastic, and the top cover is made of translucent, which allows you to see the headphone charge indicator even if it is closed:

AirDots can be used as a headset (headphones work either in pairs or singly) thanks to the integrated microphones. one on each headphone:

There are no special complaints about the appearance and quality of materials, except perhaps for the translucent cover of the case. Matte or glossy plastic would look more premium.

Everything is assembled perfectly, the lid of the case does not dangle. a magnet is used to fix it in the closed state. The same magnets are used to attach the headphones themselves to the inside of the case.

Redmi Airdots Earbuds Left Right Sound Issue | Blink Problem Re-pair Reset

Xiaomi AirDots don’t feel like a cheap Chinese hack. But, if you associate with rivals (Samsung Galaxy Buds or Honor FlyPods), then Xiaomi headphones look the least premium. Maybe it’s all about the design. it’s very simple.

The case is rather small and fits into jeans s without problems:

AirDots sit well in your ears. They are not bulky (the size of each earphone is 2.3 x 1.45 x 1.3 cm, the weight is 4.2 grams) and do not attract too much attention:

All attempts to make AirDots fall out of their ears did not succeed. Even during jogging or active exercise, they still remained in their own places.

In the kit, as mentioned above, there are 3 pairs of interchangeable ear pads. small, medium and huge. But even with the smallest ear cushions, headphones are most likely not suitable for a child under 14 years old due to their own shape (they simply will not fit in the ears).

general characteristics

The Air Dots package includes headphones, a case with an integrated battery, a USB charging cable, and additional ear pads.

Control elements are represented only by the touch panel. It houses LED indicators that are cut when charging or when connected to a device.

Matte plastic is used for the production of the case. The top is made of a translucent material, so the charge indicator is always visible. The build quality is very good; when closed, the lid is firmly fixed by a magnet. Similar magnets are used to secure the headphones to the case. The case itself is small in size and fits perfectly in a

Air Dots can be used like a headset (they can work together or separately) due to the fact that each earphone has an integrated microphone. The headphones sit well in the ears, are not very large and do not attract too much attention.

Redmi AirDots: popular Xiaomi wireless TWS earbuds

My acquaintance with the Xiaomi brand began with the purchase of the Xiaomi Piston 2 headphones, which were very popular at the time (by the way, the 2nd caps are still in use by me). Later there were Piston 3 (they liked less than the 2nd) and Xiaomi Hybrid, which disappointed.

Soon, I completely finished looking at the headphones made by Xiaomi. But the need for cheap TWS and more than three hundred discussion pages in one popular forum, forced attention to Redmi AirDots.

Short memory of the product. Redmi AirDots are noteworthy earbuds. which have a few not-so-nice features, but still fully justify their cost. A good choice for those who need cheap TWS earbuds, and who are not cats to take an incomprehensible non-name.

  • Bluetooth version: 5.0 (HFP / A2DP / HSP / AVRCP)
  • Connection range: up to 10 m
  • Speaker diameter: 7.2mm
  • Autonomy: up to 4 hours without a case, up to 12 hours with a case
  • Battery capacity: 40 mAh in each earbud, 300 mAh in the case
  • Charging time for earbuds in case: up to 1.5 hours
  • Case charging time: up to 2 hours
  • Weight: 4.1g (one earbud), 35.4g (earbuds with case)
  • Dimensions: 62 × 40 × 27.2 mm (case), 26.65 × 16.4 × 21.6 mm (earphone)
  • Protection: IPX4 headphone only
  • Charging port: microUSB
  • Control: mechanical buttons
  • Microphone with DSP chip and noise canceling for voice calls
  • Voice Assistant Support: Siri, Google Assistant
  • Work with 2 devices: no
  • AptX support: no

Headphones are supplied in a white and blue packaging made of narrow cardboard.

How to Fix Earbuds Problem Connection to each other. SOLVED

On the front side of the package there are: the Mi logo, the image and the headphone title.

On the reverse side you can find: specifications, manufacturer’s contacts, barcode.

Together with the headphones, we will receive: a storage case (aka power bank), annotation, silicone tips.

The USB cable is not included in the package (but for something there is a special place for it in the box). Apparently the manufacturer decided to save a little.

Case made entirely of dark matte plastic.

Embossed Redmi lettering on the lid.

On the bottom are the specifications. They are made in a narrow and low-contrast font.

For comfortable opening of the lid, there is a special recess at the front end. Slightly below it, there is a diode. which, while charging the PB, glows reddish.

Micro USB power connector is installed on the rear end.

The loop is tight enough. Therefore, the lid is securely held in any position. The largest opening angle of the lid is about 90 °.

In the closed position, the lid is held not only by the hinge, but also by the magnets.

I didn’t really like the fact that the lid has an insignificant free play from side to side. There are no squeaks at this time. But I think that over time it may seem.

I liked the fact that the charging connector is at the “correct” distance from the hinge. This allows you to connect a magnetic cable to it without any problems. In TWS headphones from BlitzWolf (which I previously used), there were some difficulties with this.

The wells are equipped with two spring-loaded contacts, created to charge the headphones.

The wells (they are already glossy) of Redmi AirDots are a bit deeper than those of BlitzWolf BW-FYE1 and BW-FYE5. This gives the subject more abilities in terms of the selection of extraneous attachments. But it is better all the same that the nozzles are made of very soft material. Otherwise, it may turn out that the lid closes without problems, but the headphones themselves will not charge (due to the fact that the contacts on the headphones will shift relative to the contacts on the case).

The charge level indicator, unfortunately, is not foreseen.

Inside the case, the headphones are securely held by magnets. If you turn over the case with the lid open and shake it well, the headphones will not fall out.

Redmi AirDots are made of the same plastic as the case.

In fact, the entire outer side of the case is occupied by a large button. At first I thought that it was touch-sensitive, but the button turned out to be mechanical. And that’s great. Will not be triggered by accidental touches.

The button has a built-in mini-diode. Which shines with a reddish color while charging the earbuds. And blinks blue when searching for Bluetooth devices. When Redmi AirDots play music, the diode does not glow.

The sound guides are placed at an angle. There are power contacts and channel lettering near the sound guides.

There are no Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the build quality. The plastic is simple enough to touch.

At first, it was not very comfortable to take the headphones out of the case. Later I adapted, and it became normal.

Redmi AirDots sit perfectly in my ears.

To pair the headphones with the phone, just take them out of the case. the headphones will immediately begin to find devices.

Redmi AirDots connect to “familiar” devices automatically and quickly.

As is usually the case, the right earpiece is the main one.

In the Bluetooth settings of the phone, the subject is displayed as Redmi AirDots_R.

If suddenly only one earphone is connected during pairing, you need to hold down the button on the second one for a few seconds. It will turn on, and team up with the first.

After 5 minutes of inactivity, the headphones automatically turn off.

If desired, Redmi AirDots can be connected to two different devices. To do this, you only need to remove the left earpiece from the case. In the phone settings, select Redmi AirDots_L. Let’s connect. Then we take out the right earpiece and connect to another phone (player, laptop, etc.). If you first pull out the right earpiece, then the left one will unite specifically with it, and not with the second device.

Redmi AirDots are equipped with one button per earphone (like other TWS in general).

When you hold the button for three seconds, the headphones turn off (or cut in)

  • Short press: Answer a call
  • Short press during a call: End call.
  • Long press during a call: Reject
  • Long press during a call: Switch phone / headphone sound
  • Double tap: Switch between interlocutors (lines)
  • One click: Play / Pause.
  • Double tap: Voice assistant.

Redmi AirDots cannot switch tracks. But you can try to get around this limitation.

1st method: Switch tracks with voice using the assistant. I failed to test this possibility. Because in my phone the assistant is cut out of the system. But judging by the videos on YouTube, it should work.

2nd method: Using third-party applications (for example MacroDroid)

2: Add a new macro: Data entry. Media button. Long press

3: In the Acts section, select Media. Multimedia control. Emulate a media button. Subsequent. Next, you need to choose an application for playing music

4: In the Restrictions section, select Link. Bluetooth state. The device is connected. Redmi_Airdots_R

Switching tracks worked for me. The truth is not perfect because it should be. The subsequent song plays when you double-click the button. Despite the fact that in the application settings for changing the track, I chose a long press.

The following sources were used for sound testing

When buying wired headphones, the main factor for me is the sound quality. the rest goes to the 2nd plan. When choosing wireless headphones, slightly different values. Of great importance are: the quality of communication, autonomy and ergonomics. Sound quality is no longer so critical. But all the same, it is important that the sound is not very distorted and annoying. In this regard, Redmi AirDots did not disappoint (maybe since after the Xiaomi Hybrid, expectations were slightly lowered).

At the low frequency, the bias is made towards the middle bass. I think the overall quality of the low frequencies of Redmi AirDots is not bad. The lower classes do not mumble. Do not put pressure on your ears. Well, as for their number, then whoever likes it better. Redmi AirDots are obviously not made for bassheads. The bass does not dominate the rest of the frequencies. This is a plus for me. I do not like humming low frequencies that drown out everything and everyone. Massive low frequencies were not enough for me except when connecting headphones to a laptop (in films and games I would like the rumbling effects to be felt more).

The middle frequencies are slightly shifted upward (HSP prevails over LHF). But on the whole, they do not play quite positively and not negatively. The midrange is not crushed or bulged forward.

Taking into account the price of the headphones, there are no complaints about the quality of the midrange.

The lower treble is accentuated. Therefore, in a echoing place, when you turn up the volume, there is a desire to use the equalizer.

HF quality is typical for headphones in this price range. You can hardly enjoy the small aspects of musical composition. But which wireless headphones over 20 will allow you to do this.

As expected, it goes on a subject so for itself. But something more ordinary (for example, Imagine Dragons or Cold Play, completely suitable)

Compared to the headphones from ANEW (which I used until recently), Redmi AirDots are more pleasant to listen to. AirDots play more excellently. They also do better with signal delay, and better ergonomics.

There is virtually no signal delay.

On a completely discharged case (with the same discharged headphones inside), in almost two hours, it was possible to fill in 02126 mWh. Or 415 mAh at 5.2 V.

The 1st grade was produced when Redmi AirDots were connected to a phone with Bluetooth v4.2. Headphones worked for two hours 50 5 minutes.

Other discharges were generated when Redmi AirDots were connected to a phone with Bluetooth v5.0. In this case, the headphones worked for an average of three and a half hours.

The total battery life of Redmi AirDots was thirteen hours and 20 5 minutes. Good result.

Sound enough and not tiring on the low end.

Popular model (accordingly, you can find a lot of information on this product on the network)

Coupon GBREDMI189 should reduce the cost by 3.70. Inspect. A certain number of days back still worked.

Xiaomi AirDots review. Autonomy

The capacity of the headphone battery is 40 mAh, the battery capacity in the case is 300 mAh. The operating time of the device is directly related to the volume level. When listening to music at 70% volume, the operating time of the headphones is about 3 hours and 40 minutes.

To charge, you need to place the AirDots in a case. The charging time is about 1 hour. The case itself is connected via a cable to the USB port of the computer or to any 5 volt power adapter, and while charging, the indicator on the case shines.

Finding out the percentage of the charge of the case itself is unrealistic. As soon as it is 100% charged, the indicator simply stops shining reddish.

The charging time of the case is about 2 and a half hours, and the capacity is enough to charge the headphones 4 times one hundred percent, eventually getting about 16 hours of listening to music.

When the charge remains 10%, a corresponding notification is sent to the phone. Headphone indicators do not indicate low battery and generally do not shine while listening to music.

Brief instruction

An annotation in Russian will help you understand all the subtleties of the option and operation of AirDots headphones. And we will provide answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What to do when the AirDots earphone does not connect

When a wireless headset is connected to a smartphone, the body of the device is highlighted in red. This indicates a successful pairing. If the phone no longer sees the headset, you will need to do the following:

Important! The case must be charged before this procedure so that the headphones can automatically turn on after being removed from the charging case.

  • Cancel the pairing of the smartphone and the airdots, to do this, delete the saved connection in the Bluetooth settings.
  • Turn off the power to the headset by pressing the corresponding buttons. On both versions, this requires touching and holding the touchpad for a few seconds. At the moment of shutdown, the device will be highlighted in red and white.
  • When the AirDots turn off, you will need to press the touchpad again and hold it for 10-15 seconds. At this moment, the case will again begin to be highlighted in different colors, after which the lamps will go out. You need to continue to press the key until each of the headphones lights up 3 times. After completing this procedure, pairing between the headphones will be reset.
  • Next, you need to put the headset in the charging case, hold it there for a few seconds and take it out again.
  • Wait until air dots automatically turns on and synchronizes between the left and right headphones.
  • When the white signal is illuminated on the right earphone, you need to turn on Bluetooth on the smartphone.
  • Press the button to search for Bluetooth devices and find the required airdots in the list of devices, it is mandatory to connect to the right dots.

Important! Always use the right earphone for initial connection with a mobile phone, as the system cannot connect with the left dots. This is due to the presence of the “Mono mode” function, which allows you to listen to music through only one sound element.

Out of sync sound

Often, the out-of-sync of sound in airdots occurs due to the incorrect connection of the elements to each other. There are several ways to fix the problem. reconnecting or resetting to the factory configuration. First of all, you need to do:

  • Make sure the case and headset are fully charged.
  • Put the headset in the case and wait a few minutes.
  • Get one airdots, and leave the second in the case for now.
  • If the headset is connected to a smartphone, make a forced disconnection. To do this, you need to click on the touch panel and hold for half a minute. Upon completion, the LED should light up.
  • Next, you need to perform the same manipulation with the second AirDots.
  • After both blinking earbuds need to be put in the charging case and wait a few minutes.
  • Take out the headset and reconnect to the smartphone.

Pairing Xiaomi AirDots, Connect Left and Right Earphone

Attention! If the above method did not help, you will need to reset the settings. To do this, you need to take out the headphones and press the touch panels so that the red indicator lights up. Tighten the panels again and hold for a minute. After turning off the LED, the device must be put in a case, wait and try to connect again.

If the Xiaomi device only has one earphone, then most likely the problem lies in the noise canceling function. Any wireless headset has a touchpad that you can use to do the following:

  • adjust the volume;
  • control the player’s tools;
  • turn on the noise canceling function.

You can activate the noise suppressor by long, simultaneous pressing on the touch panel of both headphones (about 3 seconds).

Inoperative battery

Another reason for the impossibility of connecting Xiaomi Redmi AirDots to a smartphone is a faulty battery. This can happen for many reasons:

  • complete discharge of the battery for a long time;
  • too long service life;
  • USB cable incorrectly connected to the case.

When the cable is connected while the battery is not working, the earphone blinks in pink. In this case, the device cannot be repaired, so a complete battery replacement will be required.

And also the problem may be that the case battery is completely discharged. In this case, you will first need to charge the case and then connect it to the right and left earbuds.

Mechanical damage

In frequent cases, if the left AirDots earphone is not connected, the reason lies in mechanical damage. For example, the headset has been accidentally dropped or crushed by a heavy object. Under such circumstances, the wireless device will have to be handed over to a service center, since not everyone will be able to eliminate mechanical damage with their own hands.

Why does Redmi AirDots not connect the left or right earphone, solution to the problem

Redmi AirDots is a popular wireless headset developed by Xiaomi. This model offers decent technical characteristics and a fairly long battery life. However, the headphones often malfunction and there may be several reasons for this. battery problems, out of sync or mechanical damage. This article will discuss why Redmi AirDots does not connect the left or right earphone, and how to fix it.