How to connect the Xiaomi MiJia Mi Home Security 360 camera to a smartphone

If you need a device that will replace the concierge and security guard in the house, Xiaomi has already prepared for you a smart camera MiJia Mi Home Security 360. We will tell you how to connect it to your smartphone.

Once the installation is complete, open the app.

Read the privacy policy, confirm your consent and click on “Login”.

If you already have an account, enter your details. If it is not there, go through the registration.

Connect MiJia Mi Home Security 360 to the network, and then click on the plus icon located at the top right.

The smart camera indicator should turn blue, after which the device will be displayed in the list of available for connection. You are required to select a camera.

The next step is to connect the Xiaomi camera to a Wi-Fi network. Only 2.4 GHz frequency available.

A QR code will appear on the screen of your smartphone. To scan it, place the screen about 15 cm away from the camera.

After receiving a notification about a successful scan, activate the checkbox and click the “Next” button.

After a couple of seconds, the Xiaomi MiJia Mi Home Security 360 camera will be connected, and you can specify its location, set a name and configure.

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How to connect the camera to the computer

Usually, connecting the camera to a PC or laptop is not difficult even for beginners. The connected device is installed automatically, and the contents of the device memory are displayed in the explorer. But there are situations when the computer does not want to find the connected camera. The reasons for this can be very different. Let’s consider them in more detail and analyze how to fix problems with connecting the camera.

How to connect the camera to the computer

Broken USB port

The most common cause of this problem is a problem with the USB port in use on the computer. Many modern cameras require a USB 3.0 connection, which not all PCs are equipped with.

For the computer to see the camera, you must use any other USB port. However, the device must be connected directly to the motherboard, ignoring the connectors on the front panel of the system unit or USB hubs.

In some situations, the USB ports may be defective or disabled. To eliminate such problems, you can read the relevant articles on our website.

Read more: How to enable USB ports in BIOS USB port not working on laptop

Sometimes difficulties arise after reinstalling or updating the operating system. In this case, we have prepared the appropriate solutions in separate articles.

Read more: USB does not work after installing Windows Windows does not see USB devices

USB cable problems

The second but not least common reason is the use of a non-working USB cable. Due to such malfunctions, the camera can be detected by a computer, however, in most cases data cannot be transferred from it.

If you suspect this problem, you should check the cable used, for example, using any other suitable device or computer. If the problem persists, try replacing the wire or directly connect the memory card from the camera to the PC using a card reader.

Read more: How to connect a memory card to a PC or laptop

The computer does not see the camera via USB

Often, a USB cable is used to connect the camera to a PC, completely eliminating the need to remove the Flash drive and purchase a card reader. However, sometimes the computer sees the camera incorrectly or does not recognize it at all. To solve this problem, we have prepared this article.

The computer does not see the camera via USB

There are many reasons for the problem under consideration, most of which we will try to tell you about. At the same time, not all malfunctions can be eliminated, since it is quite possible that the camera itself or the USB port on it breaks down.

The computer does not see the webcam via USB, what to do

Today, a webcam is a fairly popular tool for communicating with other people. It is available to everyone and is quite easy to use, but any device may have problems that need to be eliminated in time.

Reference! According to statistics, the equipment itself breaks down quite rarely, the problem lies in the incorrect operation of the drivers. First of all, the user must do all the actions related to bringing them back to normal.

The computer does not see the webcam via USB, what to do?

This device is built into laptops and netbooks by default, in case you have an old PC, you need to check if this camera is turned on. It is likely that it is turned off or blocked. This problem can be solved very easily. It is enough to simultaneously press “Fn” “F12”. Instead of “F12”, you can use “F1” or other variations of “F”, since this key depends on the components of the computer, often on the version of the motherboard.

Also, before starting to fix the drivers, it is important to remember all the actions that were performed on the eve of the problem. It is likely that the user has updated the system to a more modern version, or mechanical damage has occurred. All these factors need to be considered.

What else can you do if your computer can’t see your camera

If, even after the above manipulations, the memory card is not displayed on your PC, you can resort to alternative methods:

PC does not see the camera due to viruses

It happens that the reason that the files on the camera are easily viewed, but the system does not see them on the computer, is in viruses. Some of them (for example, the autorun virus) hide files on external media. To avoid the launch of malicious programs, you need to scan the card with an antivirus, first displaying hidden files.

Go to File Explorer Settings.

For Windows 10, in the “View” section, check the box next to “Hidden items”.

Check the box next to the item “Hidden items”

connect, xiaomi, camera, computer

Run your antivirus. By deleting all potentially malicious files, you can view and safe the photos you need.

Step 2. Connecting via USB

As I wrote above, most of the cameras are connected without any distortions via a standard USB port. We take and insert into any free port:

Install Xiaomi Mi Home Security Cameras on Windows Computer

Now here are some important notes from me. Cameras are different, so different abnormal situations may arise:

  • It didn’t work in the first USB port. plug it into another. Well, you never know, suddenly this port right now ordered to live long. Better yet, find the port from the current “farther”, so as not to hook a single controller. Those. if connected from the back, connect from the front and vice versa. The rear ports now cling to several controllers and can be allocated to different groups. try it. The main problem with camera connections (except for drivers) lies right here.
  • Front USB ports sometimes won’t pull power. I recommend giving priority to the rear.
  • USB hubs also sometimes lack power. We avoid them whenever possible. Although the camera usually does not consume a lot of power, but suddenly the neighboring hardware will affect it.
  • No USB port? Surely there is another port (for example, USB-C). then you need to buy an “adapter” for a regular USB.

After connecting the camera, the system will start making pleasant purring sounds. Additionally, such windows can crash:

In my case, everything was installed automatically, and the camera can already be used in any application.

Step 1. Installing the Camera

Whatever you have in mind with this camera, you still have to physically connect it initially. Most likely you do not have a Wi-Fi camera, but the connection is via a regular USB connector. But if something is wrong, you already know where the discussion of problems is. But before connecting, you need to install it. And sometimes it’s not entirely obvious.

And advice from me. Usually, there is an instruction manual for any camera. I recommend you to go over it with your eyes, some manufacturers try to “surprise” their users with their non-standard features. If you see beautiful hieroglyphs or other basurman text in the instructions, I recommend that you turn to the YouTube search for the exact numeric name of your model. And it helps better than any article.

There are many ways to fix the camera, I will not dwell on this for a long time. Some are put on legs, some on suction cups. But most home webcams are attached to the monitor using a neat “clamping” method. I show using my old Logitech C270 as an example:

This is how the mount looks And this is how it already looks on the monitor (in this case, for example, on the laptop screen)

Installing Drivers

If at the last step you found a driver among the official software, great. Bet and don’t worry. After this process, most likely everything will work for you. But sometimes it is difficult to find it. Or the situation is worse. you do not know the name of the model. In this case, you can use the general methods for finding drivers.

  • You can take a look at this article on installing network drivers (a little off topic, but the search principle is the same). Particular attention to finding drivers by device ID for DIY installation.
  • You can immediately search the Internet for “Driver Pack Solution”. This is my personal favorite app. It will determine the necessary drivers itself, download, install, and simultaneously update others to work better. But you need to be more careful with it. I recommend making the setting only in manual mode (“for administrators”) and unchecking unnecessary checkboxes. Otherwise, it will install 100,500 unnecessary browsers and antiviruses. we are only interested in drivers! There is little information on working with her in the above article, although everything is simple there.

After installing the drivers, we do one more verification step. We make sure that the camera is displayed in the Device Manager. If suddenly not. either the camera is bad, or an obvious compatibility problem without a logical continuation.

Mi Security Camera on Windows Desktop and Laptop

And very often a simple reboot helps. No kidding.

If the sound doesn’t work

This is a common problem that should be considered separately. The bottom line is that you have set the camera, but the sound is not coming. Personally, I generally urge you not to use a webcam microphone, especially if you purchased it for “inexpensive”. ​​your interlocutor’s ears may break, because for some reason, the sound from the cheapest microphones is usually better anyway (at least because of the distance from you to the camera). Well, okay, there is an exception to any rule.

Let’s get back to the problem. If your camera has a precisely declared microphone (look at the specifications and packaging), and the drivers are installed correctly, then the sound source is simply incorrectly selected. Those. Imagine that Skype is working, and the sound is trying to take from some other connector. And this applies to all programs that work with a microphone. over, the system has a separate “unified” system for capturing sound, but it is also easily bypassed by third-party programs.

Total. there is no sound. we run to the settings of our program.

Please note that there is a certain “Device by default” in the selection list. So it is set in the system itself. I’ll just show it here just in case. We are looking for a sound icon in the tray near the clock and right-click on it and select “Open sound options” (the same can be found through a search in the system or by typing in the “Options” menu):

The “Sound” tab will open immediately, where in the “Input” section the default microphone is indicated. this is where you can set your WEB-camera (but if you click on “Device Properties”. there will be a microphone sound level setting, which is also a common problem, when you are not heard, although it is ok to rebuild the sound already in the application).

Step 3 (intermediate). Checking the camera

Before proceeding with further settings, I recommend that you check the operation of the camera. What if everything is already working, and nothing needs to be done? On Windows 10, the check can be done by the already installed tools. the Camera and Skype applications. If you know how to do this, skip (but do not forget to set your camera in the settings, you never know).

  • Camera (if any)
  • Skype (if suddenly not. install)
  • Device manager (always present)

We go point by point. Search or Start search for “Camera” and run:

As you can see, this thing ate everything at once and without any problems. If it doesn’t work here, go to Skype. With Skype, a little less obvious (especially with newer versions).

Settings. Sound and video. Select a camera

Here you can select the desired camera (especially if there is a non-working built-in one). Doesn’t work here too? We check in the Device Manager. The easiest way to open it is by right-clicking on the Start button:

We are trying to find some section related to cameras or so. I have it “fell” a little not here, so we look through everything and look for a model similar to ours:

Couldn’t find it? Or maybe there are suspicious unknown devices with exclamation marks among the devices in the Manager? Rather, this is it. Congratulations! You have a non-standard camera. Go to the next section.

connect, xiaomi, camera, computer

How to connect a camera: a step-by-step guide from WiFiGid

Friends, greetings! Botan from WiFiGid is online. Got a camera in your household and are already in anticipation of great things? Something does not work? Not a problem, in this article, using my own Logitech webcam as an example, I will show you how you can connect a camera to a computer, and maybe something else interesting. Well, that’s how it goes

Still nothing happens or you still have questions? Write a comment for this article! You might get an answer, but at least a good comment helps the next reader. Thanks!

Installing official programs

We go to the official site and look for the name of our camera on it. You can make it easier. just drive it into any search engine. Most likely, the first link will be the official page (but I recommend to be careful. you never know the villain got divorced).

On the official website near our webcam page we are trying to find something related to programs or drivers. By typing, I came to the Downloads page:

How to Install Mi Smart Security Camera Software for PC | OFFICIAL APP

We download the application for our camera, install it, everything should work. I will omit this process, since specifically for you it, on the contrary, can introduce confusion. after all, everyone’s cameras are different. But do not forget about questions and Комментарии и мнения владельцев, you never know what.

Please pay attention to the compatibility issue right away. Some older webcams do not officially support newer versions of Windows or other operating system (Linux, MAC OS). There are situations, and vice versa, when the hardware refuses to work with old versions of operating systems (for example, it works only on the “top ten”, and is not friendly with Windows 7). These are the decisions of the manufacturers themselves. What is worth trying in this case is to forcibly install the same program or driver. What if it does? If not, only the replacement of the system will save.

How to connect a Xiaomi smartphone to a personal computer

The mobile phone has long ceased to be a simple means of communication. Now this device has a lot of functions and purposes: it has long replaced digital cameras, voice recorders and diaries. Therefore, your smartphone is filled with various information that needs to be moved somewhere. The user often saves all data from a smartphone to a PC. In this tutorial, we will look at ways to connect your phone to a Windows computer.

To connect a Xiaomi smartphone to a personal computer:

insert the USB cable (which comes with the Xiaomi phone) into the smartphone and computer; then the system automatically detects the device and starts the process of charging the smartphone (by default on MIUI firmware); to switch the operating mode, you need to open the shutter on the display of your phone and click on “Charge via USB”; from the list provided, you must select the desired command “File transfer” (all folders and files of the smartphone will be available to the computer) or “Transfer photos” (only folders containing photos will be available); after connecting, PC explorer will display your smartphone.

Ready! Move the necessary files and read useful instructions in the vast Xistore!

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