Pairing Xiaomi TWS headphones with the phone and with each other

Pairing of wireless headphones is the mode of the first connection to the sound source, is necessary for the exchange of security keys to establish a connection protected from interception.

Xiaomi TWS AirDots wireless headphones, like any other, require a pairing procedure before first use with any new audio source.

It is held once, after which the devices remember each other, and the next time you turn them on, if they are both in range of Bluetooth, the connection is automatic.

After we receive the headphones in the parcel or buy them in a store, we come home and the first thing we try is to connect them to the phone. But it is often the case that only the left or right one connects.

But both Xiaomi Redmi AirDots do not want to play music. This is what happens when we rely on our intuition without reading the instructions. Although in Russian it can not be in the kit (at this link you can find a Russian-language manual).

Headphones from different brands often have their own way of pairing with a cell phone or other device via Bluetooth. This emphasizes their individuality and demands attention from users. Depending on the model, the connection methods may also vary. To find the information for yours, accurately specify the symbols from the name of the headphones.

Wireless headphones Xiaomi AirDots does not connect to the phone, what to do?

A distinctive feature of all fully wireless headphones, including Xiaomi AirDots, is the need to synchronize them with each other. In some models, this process is automated well, and the user by his actions can not break it, at least accidentally. In other samples, you need to strictly follow the sequence of operation, otherwise you can break the synchronization and when connected to a smartphone Xiaomi will play only one earphone, either right or left.

I suggest you read the Quick Start Guide, which allows you to remove the AirDots settings and pair them to your Xiaomi phone again, which will allow you to configure both the synchronization between the headphones and the Bluetooth connection to your smartphone.

Go into the Bluetooth settings on the phone, find in the list the name that you want to delete, press and confirm your intention with the “Undo Pairing” button. Next, we need to reset the settings in the AirDots, this is done as follows:

  • Remove both earphones from the case and they will automatically turn on the power. Hold down the buttons on each of them until they stop flashing LEDs. This will take about 40 seconds. Place them in the charging case;
  • Now you need to take them out, take out the right earphone first, and after a couple of seconds the left one. They will start flashing white, then red and white, then only white again. At this point, the headphones should establish a connection with each other;
  • Now you should enter the Bluetooth settings of the phone and in the list of available devices select the right AirDots and agree to pair with it.

If you follow these instructions, the connection will be set up so that both headphones will work simultaneously.

How to connect the AirDots Pro 2 headphones to your smartphone?

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It is worth noting that the headphones have different names Mi AirDots Pro 2, Mi Air 2 and Mi True Wireless Earphones 2, but they are the same kind of headphones with names for different markets.

  • Put both headphones in the case and close it.
  • Press the side button for a few seconds until the light on the case lights up. You only need to do this procedure once to activate the headphones, as they are shipped off at the factory.
  • Now press the side button again for a few seconds until the light on the case body starts flashing.
  • The headphones are ready for pairing.

In the list of available devices we find Mi True Wireless Earphones 2. Click on this name and accept the pairing request, in which you can allow the exchange of contacts. Regardless of the version of the headphones for the global market and the Chinese market, the name in the list of available devices will look exactly like Mi True Wireless Earphones 2.

After a successful connection, device status and charge level will appear in the paired devices menu. The headphones are plugged in and ready to use. In future use, the Xiaomi Air 2 headphones have an auto-pairing function, so next time they will connect to your phone (if it has Bluetooth enabled), as soon as you open the case with headphones. There is no need to take the headphones out of the case anymore. Auto-connect function is supported only from MIUI 11 version.

You can check the charge of the headphones in the Smart Bluetooth background menu when pairing devices. The function displays full information about the Mi Air 2: the charge of the case and the charge of each earpiece separately in percentage.

By default, the following functions are assigned to the touch control buttons:

When a call comes in, a double tap on either earbud will answer the call.

Double-tapping the left earpiece. calling the voice assistant.

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Double tap the right earphone when listening to a track. pause/playback.

How to connect Redmi AirDots headphones to your smartphone?

The Redmi AirDots wireless headphones, also known as Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic. Consider connecting two earbuds to your smartphone at the same time, as well as the option to connect one as a mono-headset.

Before you use the device, it is necessary to remove the protective film from the contact surfaces of the headphones, put them in a case and charge them. Indicator light glows red while charging. When fully charged, its color becomes white, and after 1 minute goes out.

You need a Bluetooth enabled smartphone and Redmi AirDots headphones to connect. The earbuds turn on automatically when removed from the case. Connecting two headphones to the smartphone:

  • Take both earphones out of the charging case and wait for 2 seconds until they turn on.
  • after turning on the left earphone automatically connects to the right, the indicator light starts flashing white.

Go to your smartphone: in the Bluetooth menu, search for available devices.

In the list of available devices find Redmi AirDots_L. This is the left earpiece. Press this name and accept the pairing request, in which you can allow the exchange of contacts. Depending on the version of the headphones: Redmi AirDots or Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic, the name in the list of available devices may be different. If you have the Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic version, they will be listed as Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_L. The only difference between the versions is that one is made for the domestic market in China, and the second for the global market. This has no effect on functionality and operation. The package and specifications are identical. But the price can be different.

After a successful connection, in the menu of paired devices you will see information about the status of the device and its charge level. Headphones connected and ready to work. Now after the first successful pairing, the Redmi AirDots will automatically connect to the previously paired device if it has Bluetooth enabled.

If for some reason you are unable to pair the headphones, remove the headphones from the charging case and make sure they are disconnected. Press and hold the buttons on both earbuds for 15 seconds. After the indicator light flashes red and white alternately three times (then flashes again), release the buttons and return the headphones to the charging case. Remove Redmi AirDots from the list of paired devices on your smartphone, if they are there. Then re-pair.

  • Remove any one earphone from the earphone case and wait for it to turn on automatically;
  • The indicator light on the headphone blinks white quickly and then slowly;
  • search for available devices in the Bluetooth menu;
  • depending on the earpiece you choose, the device will be called Redmi AirDots_L or Redmi AirDots_R;
  • left to click on the name of the device and accept the request for pairing.

What to do when the headphones do not pair with each other?

The communication between the headphones can be established by resetting the Bluetooth modules.

  • Disconnect both headphones. press and hold the buttons until the red lights turn on;
  • Now press the buttons again for 30-50 seconds, wait until the headphones turn on. you should see a white light, then after another 10-20 seconds the indicators will light up and flash twice white and red (do not release the button) and then flash twice more and go out;
  • insert both headphones into the case;
  • now remove them from the case, wait for the synchronization procedure to complete and reconnect the headphones to your smartphone.

If after resetting your smartphone began to see the left and right earbuds separately, you need to connect only the right one to the phone, and when it starts playing sound, you need to press the power button on the left. it should connect to the right.

If it didn’t work the first time, try resetting again. Also, as a last resort, it wouldn’t hurt to clear the “Bluetooth” app data on your device.

To pair your Xiaomi Redmi AirDots and your smartphone, do the following:

  • Cancel the existing pairing of your headphones with other devices (phone, tablet, PC, etc.).) using the settings functionality on these devices;
  • Remove the headphones from the case and disconnect them completely by pressing the buttons for 5-6 seconds until the red LEDs light up ;
  • Now press these buttons for 20-30 seconds. They will first signal with white lights flashing, after 10 seconds with red and white lights flashing, and then again with red and white lights flashing after about 5 seconds;
  • Turn them on by holding their touch area for about 3 seconds ;
  • The left earpiece will synchronize with the right earpiece. During the sync, you will hear simultaneous sound in the right and left earbuds, and only the right earbud will flicker white;
  • You just need to plug them into the phone. As we wrote above, it is usually enough to connect only the right (“R “) earphone.

How to synchronize TWS AirDots with your Xiaomi phone

Place both earphones in the charging case for about 10 seconds, then remove them from the case.

  • AirDots are removed from the case when the case is turned on and immediately begin to search for a device that you can connect to, but with the one to which they were previously paired. But t.к. in the previous paragraph, we deleted the pairing on the smartphone, we need to put the headphones in a new pairing mode, so that they are synchronized with the phone. To do this, press and hold the touchpad on the right earpiece for about 7 seconds, you should see a red blinking diode, then it will stop;
  • Now that the headphones are disconnected, you need to turn them on and immediately put them into pairing mode for synchronization by pressing and holding down on the right earpiece panel for about 30 seconds, this should cause the LED to flash red and white alternately;
  • When the blinking begins, place both headphones back into the case for 10 seconds, then remove them and place them in front of you;
  • Take your smartphone, go to the Bluetooth menu. scroll to the bottom, where the “Available devices” section will be located. In it you should see the name of your AirDots. Click on it and follow the instructions on the screen.

In some cases you will see a separate name for the left and right earbuds, if this happens, choose the right one and sync your Xiaomi phone with it, t.к. It is the master of the pairing. Once the pairing is complete, the sound should appear in both headphones, synchronization completed successfully.

When plugging in headphones, users often find that one headphone plays music and the other doesn’t. Although both earmuffs show up in the list of connected devices in the Bluetooth menu.

This may be some kind of factory defect in the entire line of AirDots. Or a flaw in the model with a synchronization problem. This is also due to the fact that the headphones can be separated. You can only connect one of them to your phone, while the second one is connected to your laptop. Or to lend it to another user to listen to music on his smartphone.

Even if you try to connect a second Xiaomi AirDots earphone in parallel, it will be connected and the second one will be disconnected. And it will go on and on and on. Let’s look at how to synchronize them correctly.

When unpacking, you need to remove the case with the earmolds from the package:

  • You need to make sure right away that the battery of the case and the headphones have enough charge to connect between them;
  • Take both devices out of the case and wait a few seconds. At the beginning, the indicators on their bodies will glow red ;

This instruction will be useful for those who have not yet connected AirDots to the phone before. If you have already done it and were unsuccessful, read the next section of this article.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone;
  • Taking the headset out of the case;
  • Press the external touch pads of both headphones until the white indicators light up, release;
  • The LED on the right starts blinking;
  • Under detected devices, the right earpiece “Mi AirDots Basic_R” (it’s the main one) will show up, which itself connects to the left one;

If the sound comes only from the right earpiece, touch the touch area on the left earpiece to connect the second one.

According to the manufacturer’s idea, when you take out both headphones, they should automatically connect to each other. First there is frequent blinking on both, then only on the right headset the LED pulsing slows down, this means it is ready for pairing.