How to use wireless headphones: include, set and charge

Wireless headphones have already firmly entered the fashion. And this is not surprising, they are compact, they hold a charge for a long time and connect to almost any device, whether it be a player or TV. We tell you how to use wireless headphones, so that the process of enjoying music is as simple and affordable as possible.

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Wireless headphones are connected to mobile devices via Bluetooth. They are stored in a special covering cover. Today we will tell you how to configure wireless headphones of different brands.


There are two types of headphones. The first. usually have one cast form, that is, two headphones act as one single apparatus. The second type is when the headphones are separated. Such models usually include liners, and the type of connection is called as TWS, or differently True Wireless. If you use the second type, then on old models you may need to conjure them with each other.

So one headphone will act as the main, and the second as a secondary. The driven headphone will have to connect to the host. There are buttons for both headphones to conjure that you need to simultaneously squeeze. After that, you must hear a certain signal. But I repeat that this usually needs to be done precisely on old devices and on some Chinese models. In other devices, both speakers are associated immediately from the factory.

Next, I will show everything on the example of Android, but the connection is absolutely the same for iPhone and iPad.

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  • On the main screen, find the gear icon with the inscription “Settings” and go there. Now we are looking for the Bluetooth section. On some versions of Android, the section can be called as “connected devices”. As soon as you get inside, click “Turn on Bluetooth” or “Add the Device”.
  • You can also turn on the “blue tooth” using the upper menu of the “curtain”. just brush your finger from the top of the screen down and click on the Bluetooth icon. To get inside this section, just click on it with your finger.
  • Now you need to activate the headphones themselves. Some devices are activated immediately after you pull them out of the case. If these are liners. see if there are special buttons on the sides. If they are, click them until you hear a sound signal. If these are large outrageous ears, find the power button or button with the Bluetooth icon and click on it.
  • Now the Blue Tooth has been activated on both devices, on the phone in the same Bluetooth section, your ears should appear in the list of “Available Devices” list.
  • Next, to connect to wireless headphones from the phone, you just need to choose them from the list and wait for the mating.

NOTE! If you see two headphones, then you did not mate them with each other. Find special buttons on them and clamp them. Also, the problem may be accompanied by the fact that you will hear the sound in only one headphone.

You can connect the headset to the phone via Bluetooth in the same way: turn on the device itself, then turn on the Bluetooth on the phone and select the devices from the list. As you can see, it is not so difficult to connect two such motley devices correctly. I repeat: that if you were not able to configure the connection or there are some nuances that I have not written about-urgently write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the instructions for connecting Bluetooth lungs to the phone

If you have problems or questions about any of these points, then more detailed instructions with illustrations and Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

First, decide exactly what you have headphones. If these are completely wireless TWS hobbys with a charger case, then carefully look at the case, if there are no buttons on it.

See where this button can be placed and how it looks like an example of Apple Airpods:

If there is such a button, then open the case cover and click on this button for 2-3 seconds. You will see how the LED indicator inside the case will begin to quickly flash white. This means that the headphones are in mating mode and are available for connection to any device.

There are such buttons on many models, including:

If there is no such button (Xiaomi Airdots, Sony WF-1000xm3 and others.) or your headphones do not have a charger at all, then:

  • If there is a mechanical button on the headphones, click this button for 7 seconds, until the LED indicator on the headphones begins to flash white
  • With sensory management, clamp the sensors on two headphones at the same time and hold for 5-7 seconds until you see the indicator blinking white color

Now you can move on to the following steps.

Connection to the phone

In the picture. a sample of wireless headphones:

At the heart of “without wires” technology is the development of Bluetooth. The very one cannot be called her new. It appeared back in the mid-2000s, used to transmit files between phones, until the high-speed Internet and cloud storage facilities were widespread.

The modern Bluetooth protocol is updated compared to the first options. Now it works faster, guarantees a stable connection and good sound quality.

Before you figure out how to connect Bluetooth gowns, you need to understand what they are. These are devices with an independent microbatary and a built-in module of receipt and transfer of communication at a certain frequency.

Promotions. headsets, also have existed for a long time. They initially worked only with phones, so connecting more modern devices will not be difficult.

  • The first stage in how to connect any Bluetooth headphones should be checking the charge of the devices themselves. Accessories are equipped with their own battery, which in the same way as on any other mobile gadget must be charged in time. If you bought headphones in a store, they will most likely be charged. But purchased in online steers often arrive with zero supply of energy, so it is reasonable to put before the first inclusion for 3-4 hours of recharge.
  • See where the power button is. If the model is interconnected (the only “wire” throws around the neck), then the desired key will be located next to the sound adjustment. Overhead models provide for placement on one of the headphones, more often on the right. The same applies to “separate”, starting with the famous Airpods.

In the picture, AirPods wireless headphones:

  • The ON button must be clamped and hold for three to five seconds. If everything went fine, you will hear a mechanical voice. The phrase often sounds, like: “Ready to Pair”, that is: “Ready to connect”. But even if you did not understand the words, it is enough to know the meaning.
  • Now pick up a smartphone and press the characteristic Bluetooth icon. Sometimes you have to go into the settings to configure and install the conjugation with a specific model. This is often necessary if you have several wireless devices, and the phone begins to “think”.
  • In the settings, indicate the desired model. About two to three seconds are spent on the conjugation. Automatic voice will tell you about the successful connection of gadgets to each other.
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This is the easiest way to enable wireless headphones. This algorithm is almost always enough. If errors occur, for example, “No Bluetooth”, you will have to deal with the source of the problem.

Connection of the headset

If you need to find out how to connect a wireless headset, then the algorithm will be enough. The principle is absolutely the same, except that the headphones are intended for constant work. broadcasting music, and one.way device works only during the conversation. Problems with how to connect a Bluetooth headset should not arise. Devices make the “user of the frenley” maximum as possible.

How to connect a headset, you can find out by looking at the following

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Android, iOS and Windows Mobile systems are practically no different in terms of wireless sound using. The settings system, with the exception of the menu features, are exactly the same, as well as the basis of the module work.

Step-by-step instruction

Charge wireless headphones. If TWS headphones are used, which are equipped with a charger case, check that it is charged. Usually, this is evidenced by the corresponding LED indicator.

Before connecting, take out the headphones from the case. For full.sized or headphones, this step can be skipped.

Put the device to search mode so that the smartphone can find it. For example, to connect wireless Redmi Airdots, you need to hold the buttons on both headphones until completely disconnected (you will hear the sound signal). Then, it is necessary to hold both buttons for turning on the headphones and some time after that, until both indicators glow white.

note! You can learn about how to convert your model of wireless headphones into a search mode from the instructions or on the manufacturer’s website.

Open the Bluetooth settings on the smartphone, holding your finger on the corresponding icon in the notification curtain.

Activate the switch next to the “Enable Bluetooth” item.

Your wireless headphones will appear in the Available Devices section. Click on them to start a mating.

note! Left headphone automatically synchronizes the sound with the right headphone. Therefore, if the phone has discovered both headphones, the connection is still executed to the right, since it is the main.

Put the mark “Allow access to contacts and calls of calls” (will allow you to accept incoming calls) and click “Accept”.

Headphones will be displayed in the “Connected devices” section. The battery charge and the current state will also be shown here, for example, actively and connected.

connect, wireless, headphones, video

In order to open additional settings, select a conjugated device from the list. The menu will be displayed in which you can configure whether you need to use headphones for calls and playing music. Here the device can be turned off.

Why not headphones are not connected: search and solution to the problem

If it is not possible to connect the phone to the headphones, most likely one of the following problems arose.

Device detection mode is turned off

Some users simply forget to convert the headphones to the connection mode. This is especially sin by those whose headphones are not equipped with a light indicator. Before connecting wireless headphones to the phone, they must be turned on and activated Bluetooth according to the instructions. The same applies to the phone. check, suddenly you forgot to turn on Bluetooth.

The connection broke

It often happens that the connection mode in the headphones works only a certain time and then automatically turns off. If your headphones have a light indication, check it, if not, refer to the instructions to understand how to convert the device into the connection mode.

Devices are located far from each other

Most devices cannot “legalize” if the distance between them exceeds 10 meters. In some models, the distance for connecting should be even less. Therefore, try to connect the headphones to the phone that lies in another room is the venture doomed to failure.

You cannot find headphones in the list of devices

Users who have purchased budget Chinese headphones may encounter unexpected difficulties when looking for a device in the smartphone settings. Some manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom call headphones with complex combinations of letters and numbers or even hieroglyphs. As a result, you cannot understand which device you need to connect from the list. To detect headphones, turn off them, and the corresponding name will disappear from the list.

Connection of headphones of different brands

The initial acquaintance with the wireless headphones of any brand should begin with the solution of the problem with the connection. Today it is not enough just to stick a wired headset plug into the smartphone connector. It is necessary to go through the connection and settings procedure for two devices. Depending on the brand of the manufacturer, it may differ. Nevertheless, to figure out how to connect a Bluetooth acceur to Android is not so difficult.

Connecting wireless headphones Honor

The following sequence of actions is provided for connecting the wireless headset of the well.known brand:

The successful connection can be guessed by indicators: the red light should go out, and the blue of the blinking should turn into even and continuous.

Connecting wireless headphones JBL

JBL wireless headphones are connected to a mobile device using Bluetooth technology according to a standard scheme. Those who first purchased an accessory of this brand will need to fulfill the following:

If the headphones are connected to the device not for the first time, synchronization will be performed in automatic mode. You can also watch the video instruction.

Connection TWS IS headphones

In a similar way, you can connect the TWS IS headset. The manual is relevant for modifications i11s, i7s, i12. The algorithm is simple:

  • On the headphones you will need to activate the radio module;
  • On the phone through the “Settings” menu or a fast access panel, enable Bluetooth gear;
  • Wait until the smartphone finds available devices;
  • From the list, select the model by name and resolve the conjugation.

If the connection is successful, the blue indicator will begin to flash. If the devices could not synchronize, you need to restart the headphones (for this you need to press and hold the power button), and then repeat the process.

After performing the restart of the headset, press the power button and hold it until the sensors begin to blink alternately in red and blue.

Connecting wireless headphones Xiaomi

Connecting a wireless headset of a popular brand provides for the abolition of its pairing with other devices, and then perform the following actions:

  • Disconnect the headphones. press the power button and hold it for 5 seconds;
  • When red LED indicators light up, re.squeeze both keys for 15 seconds. sensors should start blinking alternately in red and white light.
  • Keep the power button again (no more than 2 seconds.) so that the left “liner” find the right one, and their synchronization occur.
connect, wireless, headphones, video

When the preliminary setting of the headset is completed, you can proceed to the conjugation of it with a smartphone. For this, as in previous cases, you will need to complete the standard connection procedure.

How to set up sound in headphones on the phone

Many modern TWS downts have a noise reduction mode. Depending on the model, there may be up to three levels: disconnected noise reduction, active and transparency mode. Despite the fact that Schumoddav removes outsiders surrounding sounds, allowing you to enjoy music or podcast, it should not be used constantly: many have a headache from him, and it is dangerous to walk along the street with noise reduction.

Due to the lack of surrounding sounds, you can not hear the approaching public transport or start an obstacle to the obstacle, carried away by the sound. Still constantly included noise reduction discharges the battery due to the load on the processor-it is better to alternate it with the transparency regime.

Set up the sound so that it is comfortable for you to listen to music, but your ears do not get tired

Do not forget to configure the equalizer in the headphones: this is done either through standard Android settings or through your musical application, and through a proprietary headphone application. Select the necessary preset or manual settings, and also try additional built-in effects, for example, 3D-sound-this helps to improve the sound, removing unnecessary noises or, conversely, improving the sound of the track. Read more about why it is important to configure the equalizer, read here.

Do not forget to configure gestures to make it more convenient to switch music

It is important to configure gestures for wireless headphones: they will allow you to switch music, activate noise reduction, respond to calls. They work differently: some headphones by pressing the sensor, in others-by pressing the head of the headphone. In full.sized headphones, you can find the control control of the key. the most familiar and reliable way. For example, in the headphones of JBL

We hope that now you will be able to correctly configure wireless headphones for excellent listening. And if you love it louder, then we have found 10 cool Bluetooth collars to 1000.