We connect a television receiver to the Internet

Today, Internet access is implemented on many devices, and the TV was no exception. The easiest way to connect new television receivers to the network-they have built-in Wi-Fi modules, and setting is intuitive. However, you can connect the Internet on old devices using a cable connection and special external Smart settings. Read more about various ways to output to the network through the TV. in the material below.

The vast majority of modern television receivers have already built.in opportunities to join the World Wide Web. All that is required of you is to correctly attach the device and configure the Internet. In practice, there are 2 methods of connection:

over, the second option can be implemented both using a router (router) and without it.

Connection via router

Some TV models are not equipped with a Wi-Fi receiver, but they can go to the network, or they need synchronization to update the firmware. In this case, they are equipped with a RJ-45 connector, and a standard LAN cable will be required to connect. It can be asked to squeeze it in a computer equipment store to the required length, or buy a ready.made option. One end is connected to one of the yellow routes of the router. The second must be inserted into a similar connector on the TV (RJ-45).

After connecting on the screen, a window will appear with a notification that the Internet connection happened. It disappears independently, and no additional settings are required. you can immediately use SmartTV or update the firmware.

Direct connection

If the router in the house is not provided, and the Internet is needed only on TV, then the Internet cable laid in the apartment with a provider should be immediately inserted into the TV by analogy with the previous paragraph.

In the case of using the provider of the technology of dynamic IP addresses, synchronization will be automatically performed. If the technology uses a static IP address, then after the connection you will have to open the “Network” item in the TV settings and select “Manual Settings”. Next, we prescribe the parameters of our connection. IP address and DNS. This information can be obtained from the provider or search in the contract for the provision of services. as a rule, a sheet with settings is issued with it.

Important! If PPPOE is used for the connection, it is very likely that this type of connection will not work directly. In this case, the purchase of a router is saving. Even the most budget option is suitable,

Some providers bind the connection to the MAC address of the device. In this case, having a PC connected to the Internet in the house, it will not work to connect to it. You need to contact the provider and ask to change the tied MAC address to the one that is assigned to TV. To do this, you should enter its settings and find the “Supporting device” or “Product Information” tab. The list of information will also indicate the MAC address. We rewrite it and inform the provider, after changing the address we component according to the above methods.

Through Wi-Fi

How to connect a modern TV to the Internet via cable, was considered above. But this is not the only way to get the ability to use the Internet on TV. You can do without laying wires around the apartment using a wireless connection. To connect a TV to the Internet (wireless) via a router, you will need a minimum of actions, provided that the device has a Wi-Fi module. Before you make a setup, you will need to prepare information about the name of your network and remember the password for it. Next, taking the remote control in your hands, with the apparatus turned on, follow the following:

  • Turn on the device and go to the menu by pressing the desired button.
  • Next in the settings you need to select “Network” and “Network Settings”.
  • After that, select the type of connection, in this case. wireless.
  • The device will begin to search for Web-rejection, and after a short period of time it will give out its list (it will be displayed in it, except for yours, a network of neighbors, if you live in an apartment building).
  • Select your network, and after pressing the OK button on the remote control, you will need to enter the password into the corresponding line. After a moment, a window will appear with the report that the connection is established and the inclusion is completed successfully. If this does not happen, find out why the TV does not connect to Wi-Fi.
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If there is no Wi-Fi module

How to connect a TV without a built-in Internet module via Wi-Fi, but with the possibility of using an external device? Everything is very simple-you need to purchase a Wi-Fi adapter and connect it to the USB port of your television receiver.

Next, having entered the settings, select “Network”, “Network: Wireless” and click the OK key located on the remote control. You will see the menu in which we select the right connection.

  • “Settings from the list of access points (AP)”. is selected if you have data for authorization and information about the name of your home network.
  • “Simple installation (WPS-sknock mode)”-it is used if your router supports the possibility of automatic installation of connecting to Wi-Fi. This method can be called the simplest, since all that is required of you is to choose this item and press the “WPS” button (holding it for a few seconds) located on the router). Settings will occur in automatic mode.
  • “Network setting” is designed if you want to configure the connection with your computer without accessing the Internet, that is, local.

List of models without Wi-Fi

The number of TVs without a built-in Wi-Fi module is small. The list included some of the Samsung models, which were released until 2016. This applies to the series e, f, h, j. Later series (K, N, M, Q, LS, R, T) can connect to Wi-Fi network.

TVs without Wi-Fi: ES5557, ES5550, ES5507, ES5537, ES5530, ES5500, EH5307, EH5300, E557, E550, F5300, H5203, H4203V, UE58J5200.

Turn on Wi-Fi on the listed models after connecting the adapter. The device looks like an ordinary flash drive externally. Inserted into any USB port on TV.

The manufacturer “Samsung” recommends using the branded adapter of the Wis12 model. Without it, you can set up the Internet only through the cable.

Connection by wire

Let’s start with the simplest. let’s try to connect our Samsung TV on the wire to the router. We break the screenshots by TV series. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the management of the R-series-it is the most complete. Further, everything will be simplified as distinguisial model.

In case of connection problems:

  • Reload the router.
  • We pull out the cable, try to connect again.
  • Check if you can go to the Internet on other devices!


F, H-series


Modern Xiaomi TVs have a built-in adapter for connecting via. Connection is a little easier than on past models. True, as some users complain, some teliks do not have a Russian language. We hope that in the future the manufacturer will add it to the firmware.

connect, internet, samsung
  • Turn on the TV.
  • Next, we need a remote control. Pour two side buttons for 2-3 seconds. If nothing happens to bring the PU closer to the telly.
  • Then just go further. To do this, select the arrow button in the upper menu right. To change the language, go to the settings settings.

Connection of a TV TV cable with a provider.

This method does not require any additional devices and may initially seem that everything is simple, but this is not entirely. The thing is that providers use various connection technologies, such as PPPOE, L2TP, dynamic IP, static IP. It is on what technology that your provider uses the settings that need to be made on the TV that the Internet will work there. You can find out what technology your provider uses by looking at the contract with the provider or by calling those support. Next, I propose to disassemble each of the connection technology:

Dynamic IP. If your provider uses a dynamic IP, a minimum of effort requires you:

1 connect the provider’s network cable to the TV;

2 Make sure that the TV uses automatic search for network settings.

For example, I will describe how to do this on LG TVs with Webos.

Samsung Smart TV: How to connect your television to the Internet | Samsung UK

connect, internet, samsung

Click the “settings” button, on a regular control panel.

If you have a remote magic remote control, click the “Input” button.

Then select “Network”. “Ethernet wire connection”. There you should see the inscription “connected to the Internet”, if so, then congratulations, you set up the Internet on TV.

If you have the inscription “Do not connect to the Internet via Ethernet”, select this connection and make sure that there is an automatic receipt of network settings.

Static IP. In this way of connecting, you need to learn from the contract with the provider your network settings and register them in the TV settings. We do everything in steps:

1 Connect the Setter Cable of the Provider to the LAN Port TV.

2 Go to the TV settings and write down the network settings of the provider.

For example, on LG TVs, click the “settings” button, select in the menu. “Network”. “Ethernet wire connection”,

Remove the checkplace “automatically” and write down the IP address, mask, gateway, DNS issued by the provider.

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PPPOE, L2TP. Unfortunately, not many TVs allow you to configure the Internet if your provider provides the Internet using PPPOE, L2TP technologies. And for most, the way out of this situation is to use a router to connect a TV to the Internet.

Connecting TV to the Internet using Wi-Fi.

Another popular way to connect TV to the Internet via wireless Wi-Fi network. The traditional scheme looks like a network cable of the provider goes to the router, and the router already gives the Internet through Wi-Fi.

If you do not have Wi-Fi on TV, for this you can purchase a Wi-Fi adapter.

Attention. It is worth emphasizing that the acquisition of an adapter Wi-Fi is suitable if the TV supports this wireless technology. This should indicate the line in the instructions for the TV- Wi-Fi Ready. In addition, you need to purchase a Wi-Fi adapter for your TV model, what kind of Wi-Fi adapter model you will find out from the attached instructions for the TV or on the site of the manufacturer TV.

Without a cable laying, you connect TV to the Internet.

In the absence of Wi-Fi, the TV requires buying a Wi-Fi adapter.

Wi-Fi network may not “get” to your TV, how to expand the Wi-Fi network coverage area Read in the article how to increase the Wi-Fi Network signal.

From this article you will learn:

The connection diagram to the Internet is quite simple and in most cases it looks like this:

Properly configured TV network card, connect with your home router, which, in turn, provides a constant connection with the Internet.

If the TV has a Wi-Fi wireless card, then the principle of connection is no different. A tuned wireless map of the TV, connect to the modem access point.

How to connect to a router (modem) using a network cable and Wi-Fi, as well as its step-by-step settings, we examined in detail in the article “How to configure a router to work in a media network”.

I strongly recommend this for the article for careful reading, for understanding the essence of the issue.

So, let’s start connecting your Internet TV. In ib, the right instruction, depending on the model year of the TV:

Consider the example of the UE40S6100 model.

First of all, connect the network cable from the router to the LAN TV nest:

Then click the “Menu” button on the TV remote

Here click the “Start” button. The TV itself will try to connect to the Internet:

Even if TV has given you a message about a successful connection, click on the IP settings and indicate the following:

  • Setting IP: select “Enter manually”
  • IP address: any value from 192.168.one.2 to 192.168.one.254
  • Mask subnet: Indicate.
  • Gateway: ip-address router. In our case. 192.168.one.one
  • DNS Settings: Select “Enter manually”
  • DNS server: Indicate your provider, or. eight.eight.eight.eight
  • Press the OK button

In the event that everything is done correctly, you will receive a message of this kind:

Green checkmarks in the screenshot above, they talk about a successful connection. Press the OK button to complete the setting.

If you see red crosses instead of them, then something was done wrong. Check all over again.

You connected your TV TV with a network LAN cable!

  • Before you start setting up the TV-Fi TV connection, make sure that you do not have a LAN network cable is not connected. Otherwise the wireless setup menu will not open.
  • When connecting a Wi-Fi Internet TV, various malfunctions and hanging may occur (especially when using the IPTV service).

Click on the TV remote control button “Menu”:

In the menu opened, select “Network. Network settings “:

In the list of wireless networks, select your own (the one that was tuned on the router), then click the “Next” button:

Enter the connection key to your Wi-Fi network (access point key). Then select the item “Next”:

TV must report on a successful connection (provided that the “DHCP” function is on on the router).

In any case, do not pay attention to this, click the IP “Settings” menu item:

  • Setting IP: select “Enter manually”.
  • IP address: any value from 192.168.one.2 to 192.168.one.254
  • Mask subnet: Indicate.
  • Gateway: ip-address router. In our case. 192.168.one.one
  • DNS Settings: Select “Enter manually”.
  • DNS server: Indicate your provider, or. eight.eight.eight.eight
  • Press the OK button.

Now press the “Repeat” button again, to update the connection with new parameters. This is where the setting is completed!

First of all, connect a network cable coming from your router to the LAN connector:

Then click on the TV console button “Menu”:

Indicate “Type of network. Cable “and press the” connect “button:

After that, the TV will automatically try to connect to the network. Wait for the completion of the joint check and select the IP Settings item:

Wireless connection (Wi-Fi)

For a wireless connection to the network, you will need a wireless modem or router, as well as for Samsung LED TVs. Samsung Wi-Fi Adapter (Wis09ABGN, WIS09ABGN2, WIS10ABGN), which must be connected to the USB-sketch on the rear panel of the TV. The adapter supports IEEE 802 communication protocols.11a/b/g/n. Samsung recommends using IEEE 802 protocol.11n.

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Samsung Wi-fi adapter is built in plasma PDP-television and a separate external USB adapter is not required.

connect, internet, samsung
  • If the High-Throughput (Greenfield) 802,11N mode is selected in its pure form and as the type of encryption for the access point, the WEP, TKIP or TKIP AES (WPS2MIXED), Samsung TVs will not be connected in accordance with the new Specifications of the Wi-Fi certificate.
  • If the wireless router supports WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), then you can connect to the network by pressing one button (PBC) or using PIN.code. WPS will automatically set up SSID and WPA key for each mode.

When you connect the adapter of the Samsung wireless local network, turn off the TV, connect the adapter, then turn on the TV again. The image can be distorted on some channels if the TV is connected to the adapter of the Samsung wireless local network. In such cases, you should install the connection using one of the following methods or connect the adapter of the Samsung wireless local network using a USB cable in a place where radio interference is excluded. Connection using a rectangular usb adapter.

  • Connect the usb rectangular adapter to the adapter of the Samsung wireless local network.
  • Connect the other end of the rectangular adapter to the USB port.

Connection via an extension cable.

  • Connect the extension cable to the USB port.
  • Connect the extension cable to the adapter of the Samsung wireless local network.
  • Attach the adapter of the Samsung wireless local network to the rear panel of the TV in its upper part using a bilateral adhesive tape. The Samsung wireless local ADapter must be installed at a distance from the TV connectors in order to avoid the mutual influence of the adapter and tuner.

Most wireless networks are protected by an additional security system that requires the connected security code from connected devices, which is called access or safety code. This is. password phrase, usually the word or sequence of letters and numbers of a certain length that the user must enter when setting up the safety of the wireless network.

When choosing this method of setting up a wireless network connection and if there is a wireless network security key during the configuration procedure, the user must enter a password phrase. Samsung’s wireless connection to the network is possible in several ways:

  • Car (using the automatic network search function)
  • Go to the network settings screen; → wireless;
  • Network function; Searches available wireless networks. Upon completion of the search, a list of available networks will be displayed.
  • In the list of networks by using the shooter, select the network, and then press the Enter button.
  • A network check screen will appear. This is where the network setting is over.

LG Smart TV Connect To Wired Connection Ethernet Lan Cable Quick View

If the hidden mode (invisible) is selected for a wireless router, you need to select the parameter add the network; and enter the appropriate values ​​for the parameters network name (SSID) and the security key to establish a connection. If a pop.up window protection appears;, indicate the safety key (protection; or pin;) and select further;. When entering the security key, use the shooting buttons on the control panel for selecting numbers or letters.

  • Manual
  • Go to the network settings screen; → wireless;
  • Network function; Searches available wireless networks. Upon completion of the search, a list of available networks will be displayed.
  • In the list of networks by using the shooter, select the network, and then press the Enter button;. A network check screen will appear.
  • Select the IP settings point; On the network check screen.
  • Set the IP mode for the parameter; manual value;
  • Using arrows and digital buttons on the control panel, enter values ​​for the parameters of the IP address;., Mask of the subnet;, gateway; and DNS server;. After completing the setting, click OK;
  • A network check screen will appear. This is where the network setting is over.
  • WPS (PBC)
  • Go to the network settings screen; → WPS (PBC);
  • Press the WPS (PBC) button; on the router and hold it for 2 minutes. The TV will automatically receive all the necessary values ​​of the parameters that are required to connect to the network.
  • A network check screen will appear. This is where the network setting is over.
  • Ad HOC
  • One Foot Connection
  • Go to the network settings screen; → One Foot Connection;
  • Install a Wi-Fi-marching parallel to the Samsung Wi-Fi Adapter at a distance of not more than 25 cm.
  • Wait for the automatic establishment of the connection.
  • A network check screen will appear. This is where the network setting is over.