How to find out a password from a Wi-Fi neighbor

At times there are situations when own Wi-Fi stops working. Or there is a need to connect on the street, with a smartphone in the hands. I would like to know the password from the Wi-Fi neighbor, end your affairs on the network, and never return to someone else’s router.

You can get to a access point in several ways. The speed of the “production” of the password depends on the trick of the owner, the power of existing devices and the amount of free time.

Password selection method

The easiest, most affordable and effective technique is to sort out obvious combinations. People poorly remember codes, resorting to familiar numerical variations: 12345678, 1111, 1234.4321 and so on. This list should be added to QWERTY123, YTREWQ321 and QAZWSX123.

Change of MAC address

You noticed that some Wi-Fi points in the city are deprived of protection? It will not be possible to connect to it, because it filters users by MAC address.

For uninitiated, Mac address is an identifier, a kind of key that is assigned to devices connected to the Ethernet network.

To get to the key, you have to use special scanning programs. They analyze Wi-Fi points in the district and reveal their addresses.

Interception of traffic

The most difficult way to get to someone else’s password. With the help of applications, a huge amount of data is intercepted with which the router exchange with the device of the network user. The information received can be decrypted, the password is removed from it.

There are mass complications. You need to use the network in full. You have to deal with a complex, confusing Inteeis. If you want to experience your strength, opportunities. load the program “ComMview Forwifi”. She selects handed out packages and displays them in the form of nodes, channels, signal types, nets from connections and available wireless access points. In professional circles, it is most often used to search and eliminate dangerous viruses transmitting encrypted data to the cloud.

Hacking through Pin Roter Access Point

This method opened in 2011. The user gets to the network through the hacking of the WPS protocol. This system includes encryption and prescribes a protective key automatically, without user intervention. Simplification for inhabitants.

Experienced hackers quickly found the serious vulnerability of the technology, which allows you to open a neighboring connection in a matter of hours. Hacking occurs using OCLINUX and requires understanding the basics of programming, a wireless network adapter to intercept data and several hours of free time.

If the router’s software supports such a function, then WPS can and should be disconnected.


Fishing will help if you know the address of the neighbors e.mail, and also understand what degree of computer letter they own. The bottom line is to send a letter to their mailbox with a demand to send a Wi-Fi password and other useful information.

This is a method of fraudsters to get to bank cards rooms, or dishonored ways to select virtual values.

Detailed instructions on how to use phishing does not exist. Act at your discretion. Mass options: scare the caught virus, blackmail the Internet with a shutdown, or approach softly. offer to accelerate data transfer, improve the stability of the network and, in a pre.created form, offer to enter the login and password to the router.

Hamper programs

Applications for the extraction of other people’s information duma hundreds. Some enjoy the vulnerability of the built-in protection, others act on passwords, others are looking for a MAC address, or exist as dictionaries where the Internet community introduces current passwords of the surrounding access points.

Turning on wi-fi on Android

To configure wireless Internet, you must first start the Wi-Fi module. This is done by pressing the wireless connection icon in the notification panel in the status line. Put your finger down the screen from top to bottom, select the icon in the right corner, among the highlighted icons, find the Wi-Fi icon and press it on it.

If for some reason you cannot use this scheme, include access in the settings menu. Go to the settings → Wireless networks → Wi-Fi → Turn on.

Then select the network to which you go to connect. When using the status line, click the connection icon for a few seconds, after which you will see a list of available connections. If it is encrypted, gain access password. If you are going to use it regularly, mark the point “Remember”.

If you turned on access through the settings menu, in front of the inclusion slider, enter the Wi-Fi menu, after which possible connections will be displayed. Perform the operations described above.

Perform these steps to configure the phone connection to the new network. When you stay in the coverage area of ​​the remembered connection, the device will be able to connect you automatically.

If you use Wi-Fi mainly at home, you can establish the Internet directly through the router. In any of them there is a WPS safe communication button that allows you to connect any device through an encrypted signal. To use this function, you need:

  • Go to the settings → Wires → Wi-Fi, click on the icon in the form of two ring arrows.
  • The system will offer to press the WPS button on the router. Follow this requirement.
  • After some time, the connection will be established.
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This method is relevant only at home, because you do not need to enter a password every time. Of course, you won’t use it in a cafe or store.

Reset of the router

This method will not allow you to penetrate the Wi-Fi networks, as you need physical access to the router. Before you fulfill the full reset of settings, try to enter the router integration. After that, you can easily discard the Wi-Fi password if you forgot it.

This is impossible if you do not know the password from the router itself. The password from the Wi-Fi network and the password from the router integrator are usually different, unless you specifically put the same. The reset of the router works only when you have access to it via Wi-Fi or through Ethernet cable.

(Easy) HOW TO CONNECT TO WIFI WITHOUT PASSWORD!! (Android) in Hindi 100% working way

If the router is provided by your Internet provider, check the stickers on it before performing the discharge. SSID and network security key can be printed there.

The most radical option is to use the reset button (Reset), which is on almost every model. You need to press it with a paper clip and hold for about 15 seconds. After that, the settings will be reset to the factory.

When the router is dropped, you need to set a new login and password for access to it. This is possible to do a computer through an Ethernet with a cable, since the Wi-Fi connection after reset will be absent. Access is carried out through a browser, although many routers and MESH systems have a special application for this.

On some routers there is a sticker that indicates the name of the network by default (SSID) and password. With their help you can enter the router integration after resetting its settings.

In the browser, you usually need to enter the URL address “ “or””. To find out exactly which of these addresses is used on a router connected to the router through the Ethernet computer, open the command line window and enter the IPConfig command.

Look for a line (IPV4 address), which begins with 192.168. The next line (subnet mask) will contain values ​​from 0 to 255. In the last line (the main gateway) indicates the address of the router, this is the first device on the network.

Type in browser 192.168.X.X, replacing X with a line found in a line (main gateway).

At this moment, the router should request a login and password. We repeat once again, this is not the name of the Wi-Fi network and the password to it. Read the user guide from the router or go to the RouterPasswords website. This site indicates logins and passwords by default from all the routes ever created. Sometimes you need to specify the model of the router.

Often manufacturers use the word admin as a login, and just Password as a password, so you can try this combination.

Most people recklessly do not change the logins and passwords by default, so you can try this combination even before you drop the settings of the router.

When you opened Wi-Fi settings in the router, turn on the wireless network and set a difficult password. Surely you will not want to share access to your Internet with your neighbors.

You can try to make the password simple enough for recruitment on a mobile device. Since it may not be easy to connect to the Wi-Fi network from a smartphone, if the password has difficult symbols for recruitment on the touch keyboard (%#@ and t.D.). In this case, you can donate a little protection.

What are the options

There is always an opposition to any action. So with access to Wi-Fi, things are the same. The more complicated the levels of protection become, the more sophisticated methods are to get around it. The situation is also with Wi-Fi. The most effective protection methods are the creation of a password and data encryption protocols.

Things are much more complicated with encryption protocols. everything that was encrypted can be deciphered, the only question is how much time and resources will require. However, the topic of decryption of data is a somewhat difficult thing, and requires some basic skills, in addition to everything else. Therefore, we will put it aside, but we will talk about passwords a little more.

Simple and effortlessly

The easiest option to use free Wi-Fi will go to some large shopping center or cafe, where free Wi-Fi is distributed to attract customers, to which you can connect without any password and enjoy your pleasure.

connect, wi-fi, password, android

Another option that does not require great efforts from you will be an option to connect to a Wi-Fi neighbor if he, in his kindness of sincere or simply by naivety, has not set a password. To do this, go to the start. control panel. network and Internet. center of network connections. network connection. A list of available networks will appear in front of you and, if at least one marked with an exclamation is found among them, you can triumph. this will be your “good” neighbor. Connected to it is allowed at any time, and you can use this.

Passwords are different

If your neighbors turned out to be greedy and vigilant, then hope is also not entirely lost. First you can try to pick up the password manually. According to statistics, passwords 1111, 1234, QWERTY and so on are very common. Perhaps, if there is a small share of patience and free time, luck will smile at you, but here we will not give any guarantees that we will be able to connect, we will not depend on your luck and ingenuity of the neighbors. The chances of success, frankly, are very ghostly.

Another way, how, without knowing the password, go to the neighboring Wi-Fi, will be the use of programs for the collection of passwords by Aircrack-NG 0.nine.3 Win and CommView For Wi-Fi. They have an intuitively understandable intensity, which allows you to easily figure it out.

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And they work on the following principle: the program contains a password base, begins to select from the most popular and descending. This procedure can take from several hours if you have a fast and modern computer, up to several weeks, if this is not. Do you have enough patience to choose the desired password.

It is worth it or not

We examined the methods how to connect to Wi-Fi, not knowing the password. They can help you, but there is no one hundred percent guarantee. And if we also take into account that the use of a stranger Wi-Fi is not legal and can be punishable by both a neighbor and by law, it will probably be easier to contact an Internet provider and connect your own wireless Internet.

Wi-Fi network connection methods

There are several ways to connect to Wi-Fi without a password. The most important are the overkill of options, phishing and interception of the key. First of all, try choosing the right combination. At first glance, it may seem that this is impossible, but this is not so. Often people, so as not to forget the access code for Wi-Fi, make it as simple as possible. For example, 12345678 or like. Imagine yourself in the place of the one who sets a simple password to connect to Wi-Fi.

If you choose the wi-fi key, and you have not connected, try installing the Wificrack program. They don’t take money for its download and use, but we must remember that this operation is illegal and you do it only in exceptional cases and making sure that the owner of the Wi-Fi network to which you are going to connect is not a bank, police or other special structures.

So, now we will learn how to connect Wi-Fi without a password:

  • Start after downloading an exe file.
  • We note the networks, the password to which we need to choose and click “Next”.
  • Put a daw on the line “your dictionary” and find in the same archive that contained this EXE-file, a document with a dictionary and mark it with a flag. This is necessary so that the program can use it during the enforcement.
  • Click on the start button.
  • If everything goes smoothly, the program will create in the same directory where it is located, the Good file with a list of marked networks and access codes to them. Now you can connect.

But how to connect to Wi-Fi without a password if this method did not work? Connecting to a stranger Wi-Fi may be a difficult task and interception of traffic may be required. The optimal program that can cope with this task is Airslax. It acts on the following principle: when you are trying to connect to someone else’s network from your phone or from your personal computer, your device is still associated with a router on that side. There is a transfer of packages, although you do not notice it. And these same data packages contain an encrypted access code. It turns out that if you decipher these packages, you can get a password. Knowledge for the implementation of interception needs more than average, but there is nothing superfilled in this program.

So, let’s see how to connect to Wi-Fi without knowing the password by interception:

  • We unleash the downloaded program for flash drive.
  • Launch BootinSt battleship.
  • After the completion of the process that appears, you will have a boot drive in your hands.
  • Click the combination of altf1 and there, in the menu that appears, click on Airoscript.
  • From the list of wireless connections that appeared, mark the one whose traffic must be intercepted.
  • Now select Automat in the menu. And then the utility itself will produce the necessary manipulations with the traffic of the selected devices and the desired decryption.

But how to go to someone else’s network, if this method also did not fit or it is unacceptable for you for various reasons? You have only one way out. a phishing attack. We will leave the moral aspect of this issue outside of this article, because we are not attackers and just want to enter the network under someone else’s password for some time. Just like that, no one will tell you your access code to connect to Wi-Fi and it is difficult to imagine a situation where the network owner considers it possible to share this information.

Therefore, we will use the WiFiphisher program to make this attack.

  • After installing the program, first turn off their wireless point to them. How to do this. at your discretion, but do not bend.
  • Then there will be a transition of the Wi-Fi router to the “Access point” mode and the program will be able to copy the name and name of the access point.
  • DHCP the server will automatically set up on this access point and give our client a fake page disguised as anything.
  • The client will switch to this page and most likely introduce his name for access and password on it.
  • The program will give you an access code and you can connect.

Once again we want to repeat that no one can identify you or in any way punish for any of the above actions, but, if possible, it is always better to ask the owner of the Wi-Fi password.

Classic. cable

The classic connection through the cable is presented in the figure below.

The easiest way for those cases when there is access to RJ45 router ports is to use a regular network UDP cable. To connect the phone, you can use a USB LAN adapter by connecting it through an adapter with a large USB-shatter to Mini to the smartphone itself.

IP address settings for those cases when DHCP will not give them out automatically, you can look at the nearby computers. Or try standard 192.168.x.y, where classically x is from 0 to 126, and y is the first free.

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Let’s look into the safe with one eye: if there is no Root right

In fact, the phones do not forget anything. They carefully store passwords of all networks to which they have ever connected. However, they are in no hurry to share them with us. On the one hand, this is good. the password will not get to outsiders, but on the other. in the role of the one to whom the “entrance is prohibited”, we can be ourselves.

It is useless to bury in the settings of the device. there is nothing there. Search among personal files is also a waste of time.

connect, wi-fi, password, android

The lucky ones are those who have Root rights on the phone. they can say, the key to the entire password storage (what and how to open them a little later). But in some cases, some data can be found without the privileges of a super-user.

Most of all in this regard, the owners of smartphones on Android 10 and newer were lucky: to find out the password of the wireless Internet, they have enough Another phone. The owners of Xiaomi and Huawei have the same opportunity, starting with the Android 5

The others will help the programs to control the router (only when connecting to your Wi-Fi network), as well as a special file manager that allows you to look into the system catalog from the Recovery mode without starting the smartphone operating system.

What will help the router control program

To find out the password from Wi Fai of your own access point, it is enough to install a mobile application for setting and managing the router on the phone. Each brand has its own. For example, the TP-Link Tether utility is designed for TP-Link apparatus, for Xiaomi-Mi Wi-Fi, for Synology-DS Router. Other manufacturers are also not behind: utilities Keenetic, Netgear Mobile, Linksys, Tenda Wi-Fi, Asus Router, etc. D. For the same name, devices are easily on Google Play.

One of the functions of such applications is to set a wireless network connection, including the creation and change in password. And if the password can be changed, nothing will hurt and just see it!

Below is an example of how the Wi-Fi settings section in the Xiaomi router control program looks like:

The treasured code is hidden behind the points. To see it, it is enough to touch the eye icon.

Aroma Filemanager to detour system protection

Users without Root rights do not have access to Android catalogs. And the passwords from Vifay are there exactly there. One way to see them is to download the phone in the recovery environment, where the restrictions of the operating system do not apply. Aromanager is perfect for this-an application that is launched from an SD card and opens free access to all system folders.

Wi-Fi configuration file is called WPA_SUPPLICANT.Conf and is along the way/Data/Misc/Wi-Fi. Data in it is stored in open form. We, in particular, are interested in SSID. the name name and PSK. password.

The screenshot below shows a fragment of wpa_supplicant.Conf in the Root Explorer file manager:

In the same way, this document looks in Aroma Filemanager.

connect, wi-fi, password, android
  • Copy a downloaded Aromanager zip arch on the SD card and install it on the phone.
  • Reload the device into recovery mode in any supported way. How to do this, for example, on Samsung, is told in the article on the link.
  • Select the “Apply Update from SD Card” item in the Recovery menu (apply an update from the SD card) and followed by “Zip Aroma Filemanager”.
  • After starting, work with the application in the same way as with a regular file manager.

How to view Wi-Fi password on Android mobile phone without Root/Wi-Fi ka password kaise pata Karen

Unfortunately, the use of aroma Filemanager is not always and not on all smartphones is smooth. Much has been written about the possible problems and ways of solving them in the discussion of the program on the Russian.speaking resource dedicated to mobile devices.

There are other applications allegedly designed to search for saved Wi-Fi passwords on phones without root. But these are essentially ordinary QR scanners, but not universal, but “sharpened” to recognize codes with network passwords on other devices. The meaning of using this to the author is incomprehensible.

What to do if you could not restore the password

If you have tried all the above methods, but you could not get a password, there is only one way out. drop the router settings. Having done this, you will roll it up to the original state. Keep in mind that all other settings ever made by you will also stop acting.

To reset the router, just press the Reset button (usually it is small, located on the rear panel of the router and can be slightly drowned in deep) for 10-15 seconds, not releasing it until the router goes into rebooting. As soon as the router turns on again, the settings will be reset and the network will stop having a password. It should be put immediately to avoid connecting strangers to your network.

connect, wi-fi, password, android

Click the Reset button for 10-15 seconds to reset the router to factory settings

The password from the Wi-Fi network can be viewed on devices that were previously connected to the router. You can also use WPS technology to connect to a network without a password. The current access code is located in the router control panel. If the password cannot be restored, you can reset the settings, and then install a new password.