How to connect a laptop to a Wi-Fi network?

Today we will tell you how to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi from your laptop. In most cases, the Wi-Fi icon is displayed in the lower right corner of the system treasury. To connect to the Wi-Fi network, just click on this icon, choose a wireless network of interest to you from the list available and enter the password for the correct connection. Thus, while in a cafe, at work or at home, you can easily use Internet services both from your laptop or netbook, and from any mobile gadget.

There are situations in which the laptop does not see Wi-Fi. Often, this is due to the fact that the wireless adapter is turned off or not built into the computer at all. We will figure out why there are problems with the activation of W FI and consider various ways to eliminate the problem with connecting to the network.

How to connect Wi-Fi on a laptop with Windows 7 or Windows 8

Using a laptop without a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet is very inconvenient. Therefore, many users who do not have much experience are interested in how to connect Wi-Fi on a laptop with Windows 7. In this article we will consider this issue.

In order not to get confused with the theory. Wi-Fi is a technology for creating wireless computer networks. Wi-Fi wireless computer network is created using the so-called access points. Access point is a router that controls the interaction of all computers on the network. If such a router has an Internet connection, then all computers connected to it via Wi-Fi will also get Internet access. If there is no connection to the Internet, then the router will be able to provide only a local network via Wi-Fi.

Another important point. Each access point has its own name. At the time of connection to the Wi-Fi network, you need to pay attention to the name of the access point. Otherwise you can connect not to your access point, but to a neighbor.

So, proceed to connect Wi-Fi on a laptop with Windows 7 or Windows 8.

All actions with Wi-Fi on the laptop are performed using a small icon, which is located on the taskbar, next to the system clock, the battery icon and the volume control badge. In this article we will call it the Wi-Fi network icon. Depending on whether the laptop is connected to Wi-Fi or not, this icon looks different.

In order to connect Wi-Fi on a laptop with Windows 7 or Windows 8, you need to click on the mouse button on the Wi-Fi Network icon. After that, a small window with a list of available Wi-Fi networks will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. Here you need to choose one of the Wi-Fi networks and click on the “Connection” button.

If the Wi-Fi network you selected by password, then Windows will ask you to enter this password. In this case, the connection to Wi-Fi will begin only after entering the correct password from Wi-Fi.

If the Wi-Fi network is not protected by a password, then the laptop will connect to Wi-Fi immediately after clicking on the “Connect” button. If the Wi-Fi network you have chosen has access to the Internet, then the Internet will appear on your laptop immediately after connecting.

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On my laptop there is no wi-fi network icon. What to do?

Sometimes on the taskbar may not have a Wi-Fi network icon. This can happen for two reasons:

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  • Drivers for Wi-Fi module are not installed on your laptop. This reason is unlikely, because in most cases Windows finds and installs drivers on their own, without the participation of the user.
  • Wi-Fi module is disconnected on your laptop. This is the most common reason for the disappearance of Wi-Fi icons from the taskbar.

So, if your laptop does not have a Wi-Fi network icon, then in order to connect a laptop to Wi-Fi you need to first turn on a Wi-Fi module. To do this, open the control panel and go to the section “Network and the Internet” and then to the subsection “Center for Control of Networks and General Access”. Here you need to click on the link “Change of adapter parameters”.

After that you will get into the “Network Connections” window. All network connections of your laptop will be displayed here. As a rule, there are only two of them: a wireless network connection (Wi-Fi) and connection via a local network (via cable).

You need to click on the “Wireless Network Connection” icon by the right mouse button and select “Turn on” the item. After the wireless connection is turned on, you will see the wi-fi connection icon and you can connect the laptop to Wi-Fi.

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On my laptop, the Wi-Fi Network icon is marked with a red cross. What to do?

Another possible script is a red cross on your Wi-Fi network icon. If the Wi-Fi Network icon is red cross, this means that the Wi-Fi network is disabled, and you cannot find and connect to Wi-Fi. In this case, there may be two options:

Consider the first option. Wi-Fi network can be disconnected through the Windows Mobility Center menu. In order to check this option, you need to click on the mouse button on the battery icon on the taskbar and in the menu that appears, select the “Windows Mobility Center”.

After that you will see a small window with energy saving settings. Pay attention to the Wi-Fi network section. If the wireless network is written there, then you need to click on the “Turn on the Wireless Network” button.

If in the “Center for Mobility” everything says that Wi-Fi works fine. Then most likely you have the second option. Inspect your laptop. Most likely, next to the keyboard you will find a button to turn on and disable Wi-Fi. This button can be hardware or sensory. Click on it and Wi-Fi network should turn on.

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I have empty in network connections I don’t have an iconak how to be in this case, please will be very happy

Most likely you need to install the drivers to the laptop. They should be on the disk that was included, or you can download from the official website of the manufacturer of your laptop.

Generally cool, thanks to me, but who did not understand just noobs

How to connect a laptop to a laptop via wi-fi. precisely, on Vin 7 they were able to create a network, and Vin 8 does not see it.

How to connect a router to a computer or laptop through a wireless connection?

If you want to connect a home laptop to the Internet without using the LAN cable, adhere to further actions:

  • In the lower right corner of the system trough, bring the cursor to the access badge to the network and click on it with the right mouse button;
  • In the window that opens, we select the Wireless network of interest to you (by name);
  • Enter the appropriate authentication password;
  • Similarly, various mobile devices can be connected.
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Owners of stationary PC also have the opportunity to connect their equipment in a wireless way.

This will require a special USB modem, which looks as follows (the appearance of different models may vary slightly, depending on the or external antenna).

On modern operating rooms, the driver is pulled automatically for new equipment, you do not need to configure anything. If you have more old versions of Windows XP, Vista or 7, you may need manual search and installation of drivers for a specific model of this small but very useful “USB receiver”. You can purchase such a Wi-Fi model in a computer store, its cost will not hit a much, and the user will be able to get rid of the need for a cord extension.

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Instructions for Windows 7

The connection icon to Wi-Fi (see the picture) should be displayed in the taskbar, click on it-there will be a list of the nearest wireless networks. The network that you need to click on the “Connection” button.

If it is parole, then enter the password in the window that appears and click on OK.

Access to the global web will be open, and you can easily visit the sites interesting to you.

Connecting a laptop to a wireless network

In this section, you will learn how to configure Wi-Fi on a laptop on which you decided to install Windows 7, as well as how to connect it to a home network that has an appropriate connection with the Internet.

Having turned on the laptop and waiting for the full loading of the OS and all the necessary services, you should pay attention to the taskbar. If the laptop has a connection with Wi-Fi, a special icon is displayed in the corner of the screen. By how the badge looks like a laptop is visible to the network or not.

If you need to check if there are available connections, you need to click on the left button (mouse) by the icon, then select the network you need.

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You may need authentication, t.e. Introduction of the Security Key. After the correct introduction of the password, your device will be connected to the Internet.

In some cases, when the laptop is turned on, the wi-fi icon is not displayed. This suggests that the Wi-Fi module does not work on the laptop or off. On some models of laptopes, you can turn it on by simple pressing the appropriate button on the device case, and in some cases, the module is turned on software.

To programatically enable the Wi-Fi module you need to go to the control panel where you need to find the network and the Internet and network connections. Next, we see the wireless network connection icon on which we click on the right button and select “Turn on”.

After these manipulations, the wi-fi compound icon in the taskbar should appear. If this does not happen, then you need to check the installation of drivers on a Wi-Fi module. You can do this by installing drivers from a disk that comes with a laptop or downloading the driver from the Internet, turning to the developer’s website.

After installing or updating the drivers, the module should turn on, as evidenced by the appearance of its icon.

Now you should choose the category of the network control center and total access, for which the control panel is used and configure automatic receipt of the IP address.

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Then you need to find and select the following item in the menu: Changes in the adapter parameter.

Choose the required network, after bring the cursor to properties and confirm the choice by pressing the mouse. In the newly opened window, the Internet protocol of version 4 (TCP/IPV4) should be indicated and press the properties.

After this procedure, the following category opens, where you already select an automatic receipt of the IP address and automatic receipt of the DNS server address. We confirm our actions, as before, with the help of the “ok”, which is located at the bottom of the window.

Now it remains to connect to the wireless network, as was described earlier and check the Internet connection.

Authorization in the web-integer

Note that to connect a laptop to a Wi-Fi through a router, you need to have access to a web-intese, which can be entered from a computer or laptop, already connected to the router via Lan cable or wireless network. Then you have to open a browser and perform authorization in the Internet center, which are read in a separate article on our website by link below.

Wi-Fi setting on a laptop

Laptop owners need to know several subtleties associated with the operation of a wireless network on their devices. Firstly, most often it can be turned off or activated using a combination of functional keys (on each model of laptopes they are your own). Secondly, to ensure the most stable connection, fresh Wi-Fi drivers will be required, which are downloaded from the official website of the laptop manufacturer, if the operating system did not load them automatically after the installation of the installation of. About all this, but in a more detailed form, read the article on the link below.

How to connect a laptop to a router via cable

Let’s now look at the laptop connection to the router via cable. Mostly, this type of connection is resorted to in the event of a wi-Fi laptop adapter or for the initial setting of the Wi-Fi router. Imagine that you have a completely new Wi-Fi router, just out of the box:

  • Check out to begin with all the information indicated on the box of the router, especially with the address that allows you to enter its settings integration;
  • Connect the Wi-Fi router to the electric network using the power supply applied to it;
  • Connect the Ethernet cable of the provider of your Internet to the WAN port on the router case (everything should be painted on it);
  • Take a double-sided Ethernet cable (usually in the kit), connect one end to any free LAN port on the router housing, and the other in the Ethernet laptop extension;
  • Open to the browser on the laptop and go to the address that was indicated on the device box, for example;
  • Complete the router, respectively, the network connection that your provider provided you (select the type of connection, enter the necessary data, etc.D. and t.P.) and activate the distribution of the Wi-Fi network.

As soon as you do everything correctly, your laptop will automatically find an affordable network connection, and the router, in turn, will begin to distribute Wi-Fi. If you performed the initial setting of the Wi-Fi router, and you are all right with the Wi-Fi adapter on the laptop, you can use the first item in the article to connect your device to the Wi-Fi router.