Ways to enter the tablet into the World Wide Web

Tablet computers that gain more and more popularity among mobile portable computer devices are primarily created by developer companies to meet the user’s need for web seling. Naturally, in addition to this, they have a lot of opportunities, are able to provide a variety of opportunities for their owners in the field of games and entertainment, can perform the functions of many other mobile gadgets, such as phones, navigators, media players. But, nevertheless, the first question arising from the newly.made owners of tablet devices is: how to connect a tablet to the Internet?

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There are several ways to implement this task. Their choice depends, first of all, on the model of the tablet, its technical characteristics, as well as on the operating system on which this gadget is based. And an important role in this case is played by the operator of the communication selected by the owner of the device.

Internet setting in different ways

Any decent model is equipped with such a wireless module as Wi-Fi. Even the most inexpensive Chinese options have such a built.in opportunity. Undoubtedly, this makes it the most popular way for web set.

connect, wi-fi, android, tablet

Owners of devices based on Android OS can connect their tablet to an existing Wi-Fi network. Their actions will depend on the version of the operating system that supports the operation of their device. If it is Android 4.0 and above, then immediately in the installations you need to select the first Wi-Fi point and turn it on. If it is Android 3.0, then you need to go to the section of wireless connections, and there already turn on Wi-Fi.

After activating Wi-Fi, the device will offer a list consisting of the names of all networks he found. It is enough for the user to choose the one from which he knows the password, or an open access network. Next, a dialog box will appear in which it is necessary to enter the password from the selected network. After all these manipulations, the tablet will be able to connect to the network. If this process was successful, then an antenna icon should appear next to the clock.

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In the following connections to the network, the user will no longer need to enter a password, t. to. Android OS remembers it automatically.

Connection using SIM cards

The second way to enter the Internet is the use of SIM cards. This will allow using the Internet anywhere. First you need to buy a SIM card for a tablet, there are no special difficulties, it is only important to determine the size. ordinary, micro or nano.

Important! Today, universal options are sold, where you just need to squeeze the desired size from the plastic case. If the SIM card is old, then it can be trimmed or, conversely, inserted into the adapter. All this can be done for free in any communication salon.

How to connect your tablet to the internet without wifi

When the user has a SIM card, and it is inserted into the appropriate connector, you need to configure the Internet on the tablet. This will not cause any difficulties. As soon as the SIM card is inserted into the tablet, SMS messages with settings will come in automatic. They need to open them and press the button to save. Now it remains to include the Internet on the tablet not via Wi-Fi, but through a mobile network.

It happens that SMS did not come, in this case you can call a hot fishing line for a trimmer, and the operator will send the necessary data. If for some reason this is impossible, then you can make settings yourself.

  • We go into the smartphone settings.
  • We open the item “Mobile networks”.
  • Choose the item “Access points”.
  • Click “Create an access point”.
  • Depending on the manufacturer, options for the number of points may differ, but only one is important. APN. This is the address to which the tablet addresses to reach the network. Each provider is different, so the necessary should be sought on the site of the service provider. It usually looks as follows: Internet.MTS.ru. prescribe it and save it. The device writes “saved”, the setting is completed on this. Now the Internet will work through a SIM card.
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What to do if there is no Internet connection? First of all, you should make sure that the SIM card is installed correctly. There is a scheme near the corresponding connector on how to insert it correctly. The map should be inserted before click.

Advice! If the SIM card was inserted with the device turned on, then you should reload, since not every device supports a hot start.

Apple iPad Wi-Fi Settings

So, the connection of Wi-Fi on the aipad is no different from the android, the only difference in the graphic integration. So that it is more clear to you, I will schematically explain:

2.In the settings menu, select a Wi-Fi item and a window of available networks will appear on the right. If there is no network, then Wi-Fi is disabled. To turn it on, translate the sliders opposite the Wi-Fi inscription in the opposite position and the network will appear. Then choose the network to which you want to connect.

Click on the network if it is displayed under the password “Enter the Password for the Network”, enter it and click on the button “Silent.””.

After these actions, you will easily connect to the Wi-Fi network. If you have a nuisance, and you do not remember the password from your router, I advise you to read the article. how to find out the password from the router.

Elimination of problems when connecting to the Wi-Fi network on Android.

If a tablet/ Android smartphone cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network, do the following:. Turn off and turn on the Android device restart the router/ router delete the Wi-Fi network, and then add it again. To do this, click on your network in the list of networks and select “Delete” check the router settings Contact the provider (if there are also no Internet on other devices or the Internet indictor on the router/ modem does not burn). Update the firmware of the router/ router.

Why connect a tablet to the Internet

Portable PCs are multifunctional and convenient, but not devoid of disadvantages of conventional equipment. Portable computers need to configure the connection with the World Wide Web. The only exception to the rule can be considered more expensive models with built-in 4 and 3G modems.

But such a situation does not free from elementary settings.

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The owners of budget models cannot count on the distribution at any point where there is a reception of a mobile operator. But, in fact, the tablet cannot function normally without the Internet. The coordinated work of all applications depends on it. That is why it is necessary to know the main methods of connecting the gadget via Wi-Fi-Inteateis.

ROOT Rights and system updating

Sometimes it is likely that the reason for the problem of the non-execution of the tablet on the Internet with a correctly working router and Wi-Fi network lies that the user does not have the superfluoriner necessary for interference in the system of law. These so-called Root-right open before him the possibility of editing, deleting and changing system files, and this may well help in solving the Internet problem. In this case, he needs to download the right program and install it on his device. Further, the program is launched and to complete this task, it is necessary to select “Root Device” in the main menu in the main menu.

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It may also be the reason that the tablet is time to update the firmware for its more successful and correct work, as well as to obtain additional capabilities and functions. To update the firmware to a later version, you must choose in the settings menu. about the tablet PC. system update (this requires access to the Internet).

If the system finds updates for the tablet, then it will notify about it and offer to install them. Probably, with the updated version of the firmware, the tablet will independently cope with the problem of the non.working Internet.