Practical manual, how to connect the phone to the LG, DEXP and TV TV through Wi-Fi

Modern phones, like TVs, “grow” all with new functions. The only drawback users consider the size of the screen, but now you can correct it: just connect the phone to the TV. Below in the article we will consider all the available methods of connecting the phone to TV so that everyone can choose the most convenient option for themselves.

With this connection, the phone will play the role of the projector. this means that you can use all the functionality of your smartphone on the big screen. Depending on the phone model and the firmware version, the possibilities will be slightly different. But there are several universal functions that you can use when connecting the phone to TV:

  • View photos and videos.
  • Listen to music.
  • Create video presentations.
  • Play games installed on the phone.
  • Launch applications.
  • View sites and “sit” on social networks.
  • Use the phone as a remote control.
  • Launch a video on YouTube on a smartphone and they will be broadcast on the TV screen.

How to connect a network to a device with Smart TV via Wi-Fi?

After you set up the distribution of the Internet, it remains to connect the Smart TV to the network. In this article we will consider the process of connecting on more popular Samsung models. Connection:

How to Connect Laptop Screen to TV (Wirelessly, Free, No WIFI, No HDMI) [Step by Step] 2021

  • Press the Menu button on the remote control or TV itself.
  • The settings menu will open, select the “Network” item in them, then “Network Settings”.
  • A window will appear on the screen where you will need to select the type of connection, select wireless and click on.
  • Smart TV will start searching and give a list of available networks.
  • In it we find our own phone, acting as a router. Enter the previously installed password and connect.
  • Everything, the TV is connected to the Internet, click “OK”.

On other TV models, the connection is characterized only by the name of the points in the settings.

How to connect the device with Smart TV depending on the OS?

A special function on the Windows Media Center laptop will need to activate. This process depends on the type of operating system installed on PC.

Windows 7

The connection algorithm to TV Smart is as follows:

  • First go to the Start menu, then find the search there.
  • Enter the Windows Media Center program.
  • A list will open in which you need to find a “media reception”, and then. “installation of media recovery”.

Then just carefully read the instructions that will explain in detail how to display and select files for viewing on the screen.

Windows 8

How to make TV second monitor PC with Windows 8 OS without wires via Wi-Fi:

  • Dill the mouse cursor to the upper right corner.
  • In the menu that opens, find the search.
  • Keep the name of the same Windows Media Center program.
  • Open and run.
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Windows 10

This OSC has a function of transferring files to a large screen, and therefore it is more convenient to work. How to use TV as a second computer monitor via Wi-Fi:

You can choose a simplified option: click on the file with the right mouse button and find the “Put on the device” function. Knowing the details of your OS, there is no need to download a special paid software for synchronization of the laptop and TV.

How to connect a PC to a TV via Wi-Fi Direct?

A way to connect a computer to a TV, or vice versa, will differ from the above presented.

  • Using the instructions that comes with the LG or Samsung TV, we connect the device to the same router as the PC.
  • Now we set up a DLNA server on a laptop or stationary PC. To do this, in the conductor in the menu on the left, select “Network”. There will be a notification that “network detection and overall access to files are disabled”. Click on this message by the right mouse button and select “Turn on network detection and overall access to files”.
  • After the DLNA is activated, you need to go to the menu of your TV to view the contents of the connected devices. For example, in LG TVs you need to select the “SmartShare” section. It will display the contents of the 10 folders permitted for viewing in Windows.
  • Next, to launch some movie on the LG TV, you need to click on it with the right mouse button and select “play on” and select a model of the device that will be displayed in the list.

This is a standard Direct settings instruction. In the instructions for each TV model there is a section on Direct. You can use the advice of TV developers.

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Connection using widi miracast

Widi Miracast. a technology that allows you to completely broadcast everything that happens from the laptop screen on TV. To synchronize two devices through a miracast, the following actions must be performed:

  • Make sure that both products support this technology. WIDI is available for laptops with Intel Core i3/i5/i7 second.generation processors.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi on both gadgets and activate the mirakast function on TV.
  • Press on the laptop a combination of Winp keys, and then select the projection mode.

After the connection is performed, it is not required to additionally carry out any manipulations. This is a huge advantage of Mirakast. Find out whether the Miracast technology supports TV on the manufacturer’s official website or by careful study of the instruction manual.

To activate this technology on the TV, you should go to the menu, select “Settings”, then “Network” and activate the “Miracast” function (on some models it is called “Screen Share”).

Подключение по WiFi Direct (WiDi) к телевизору LG

Features of using the function on iPhone

Consider the connection of the Wi-Fi Direct function to the iPhone.

  • First you need to see that the latest version of the operating system is installed on your smartphone. If there was an update, you need to install it, and then restart the mobile device.
  • Also, on TV, you need to check the update of the OS, as well as connecting Wi-Fi Direct.
  • First, the function is turned on on the device that you want to connect. Entering the “menu”, go to the “Settings” section. Find “Wi-Fi connection” and activate it.
  • Then Wi-Fi is turned on on the phone. Among the available networks, you should find the one that the TV creates (the name TV will be displayed).
  • You can connect to the device by entering the Wi-Fi password indicated on the TV screen.
  • If there is no connection, then a mistake was made somewhere. Check all points carefully, especially the correctness of the password and the availability of an update. You can turn off and restart the iPhone.

How to transmit Android files using Wi-Fi Direct

To transfer files from Android on TV, you need to turn on Wi-Fi and connect the devices together (read below more about connecting) and follow the algorithm:

  • Go to “My Files” on the Sending Gadget and select the file that you are going to broadcast.
  • Squeeze the file with your finger until the menu is displayed on the display. Next, click on “Send through”.
  • After that, the menu opened with possible methods of sending. Choose the right one.

As you can see, transmit any file from android on the screen is very easy. In addition, there is a special application for this technology on the Internet, having downloaded which you can simplify and speed up the connection of a smartphone or tablet to TV.

Using a mobile application

One of the most common methods for connecting a phone to a TV via Wi-Fi are applications. Especially many applications for connecting a smartphone with a TV is designed for mobile devices with the Android operating system.

over, the developers are constantly working in this direction, and new programs appear constantly.

An example of such a program is IMediaShare. On expensive models of modern smartphones, one of such applications, as a rule, is built into the software (software).

For Samsung TVs, the Samsung Smart View app, which also allows you to use a smartphone as a TV remote control. Application support will be stopped on October 5, 2020. Perhaps by this time the company will offer replacement.

One of the universal applications is called “Broadcasting to TV”. The program was developed by Inshot Inc. A feature of this application is the presence of rewinding function.

Users note the periodic freezing of video images while watching. Perhaps this is due to the availability of advertising in the free version. There is a paid version without advertising, which, according to reviews, works more stable.

Both devices should be connected to one Wi-Fi point. If the TV does not support the connection, you should buy a prefix.

Now on sale there are many inexpensive models, some prefix manufacturers offer their own software for connecting mobile devices with a television receiver. An example of such a device is MIBOX.