How to find out where the child‘s phone is (or husband / wife) is located using the Google Maps application

Each smartphone has a beautiful application from Google’s company called Maps (Google Maps). Most people use it exclusively for navigating or searching for a certain place \ addresses. But today we will tell you about how to keep track of the location of your child (or another family member)!

And at the end you will be waiting for some more interesting functions of Google cards that are not known about not all users.

Configuring and activating Android Device Manager

For all users, standard android geolocation is created, which is activated in the phone settings. The system of two parts, interrelated. First, you need to install the Android remote control utility. You can download it from the official store Play Market. Through it, data will be sent to Google profile, which can be opened through a web browser from a computer.

Some manufacturers on their smartphones immediately install this application. By default, it is disabled, so you need to activate it yourself. To do this, you need to perform such actions:

  • Run the device’s settings.
  • Go to “Security” and click “Device Administrators”.
  • Check the checkbox “Remote Android Remote Control”.
  • There will be an alert with the capabilities of the program. click “Activate”.
  • Close the settings.

Next you need to go to the account with accounts and link Google’s profile. If you do not have an account, then it must be created. Only after binding the phone to the account it will be possible to use the entire functionality utility. After activating the Google profile, the device will appear in the list of associated devices inside the profile, which will open the opportunity to:

  • Erase personal data from mobile with stealing or loss;
  • feed a loud beep even with silent mode;
  • track your smartphone on the map;
  • display a message.

Search for smartphone at home

You can lose the phone even in your own apartment, if a child or a pet shifted the device under the sofa or bath. You can determine the location of Android using a loud beep, which is served even when the sound is turned off. For this you need:

  • Open the browser and log in to Google’s profile.
  • Click on the Safety section.
  • A window will open where the device name should be displayed in the central part. Click on it.
  • There will be a list of actions that can be made. Click the “Single” button in the top menu.
  • A signal will be sent to the phone at the maximum volume, even when it is turned off / silent mode.
  • To activate this function, the Internet must be enabled.

Message or call to the lost phone

If after the actions described above, you could not find a smartphone, it means that you lost it not at home or device stolen. To do this, not enough to call, it is necessary to prevent access to personal data, photos. You can block access to the phone and display a message on the screen with a request to return the device for remuneration. To do this, you need to do:

  • Open Google Profile on Computer.
  • Run the Security section and select your associated device.
  • Click on the section “Block the phone”.
  • The form where you want to specify a password to lock the screen, the message that will be displayed and the number of another mobile to communicate with you.
  • Click “Block”.

Blocking and deleting all data If it is impossible to return the gadget

When stealing the phone and the absence of hope, it is recommended to confuse personal data. Perform this can only if you connect to the Internet. Features of the procedure:

  • Some data on the memory card will still remain;
  • Restore files will not work;
  • transk function, blocking work no longer.
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If you previously back up with a smartphone, then this data can be restored. To destroy information, you must do the following:

  • Go to Google Account.
  • Open the Safety section, select Device.
  • Click on the “Delete all data from the device”.
  • Click “Yes, erase” and follow the instructions.

How to track Android phone via Google Maps

Google cards received a new addition called “Show where I”. It has become part of the official application and helps determine the location of the Android phone. The function builds the program movement schedules along the route, marking points. To connect this method of tracking movements, you must perform the following steps:

  • Install on the Google Map smartphone.
  • Open the main menu and go to the application.
  • Activate the “Show where I” function, set the tracking interval.
  • Specify the phone number or mail.
  • To track or espionage, you need to open Google MEPS, start the section “Show where I”. Select the device of interest from the list and see the result of the route.

Another interesting function from Google to track the phone is called “Chronology”. It will not help track real-time user. Used to see where a person has been for a certain period of time, works by analogy with the tracker on the machines. For this, you must perform the following actions:

  • Open Google Maps under the Account to which the phone is tied;
  • Click on the item “Chronology”;
  • Specify the required period for viewing: year, month, day;
  • Wait for the formation of results.

Programs for building a route at Android addresses

All applications that are able to work with cards can be roughly divided into two types: offline- and online access. The last to work is required to connect to servers that contain data on cards, updates, and can pump up missing files. Connection Required during the route. If you save it later in the device’s memory (cache), then you will not need to re-activate the Internet. There are a number of programs that always require a network. The minuses of such cards are the following factors:

  • The traffic is required to receive traffic, spending low, but they are;
  • Mobile service life without recharging is reduced due to constantly active connection to the network;
  • Not everywhere there is access to the Internet.

Offline type programs do not require an Internet connection: only connectivity to a computer that has a network access. Through the cord from it, you can transfer maps to mobile or other devices on Android. The route is based on the already existing in the database, so the user does not get completely new ways. In addition, it will have to keep an extensive amount of data on the phone.


This service from the search engine Yandex, which is able to work both online and offline. Navigator helps solve problems, unexpected situations that arise on the road. First, it must be installed on the mobile with the Android operating system:

To start using, you need to conduct an initial setup of the application. Mobile owner can set parameters for itself according to the following instructions:

  • Click on the application icon, which appeared on your smartphone screen.
  • Only when you first start, two requests from the program will pop up. Confirm access to geolocation, microphone.
  • It is recommended to perform both permissions so that the navigator worked as correct as possible.

After the initial settings, a map will appear where the arrow indicates your current location in the center. Next, you can set the following additional settings:

  • Click on the “Menu” button, which is located at the bottom right. Open the “Settings” section.
  • The item “View of the Map” is responsible for switching between satellite and standard road and street scheme. You can choose one of the options, but the schematic option is considered more convenient.
  • To go to offline mode, you must open the “Loading” item, then click on the search line. The choice of countries, edges, regions, cities and provinces will appear. Find the area you need.
  • The “Cursor” tab is responsible for the icon of your current position.
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The “Sound” settings section is responsible for choosing a language on which the program will comment on the route, information about the road. On this tab, you can make the following settings:

  • Run the “Speaker” tab.
  • Select the appropriate setting for you (Female or Male Voice and T.D.).
  • Leave the last three items included so that you can pave the route with the help of the Voice Team “Listen, Yandex”. Just prey the destination point. and the program will pave the way.

These are all basic settings before starting work with the program. To build a route, you can use two methods of input:

  • Manual. Click on the search line, type the desired address and tap to “Search”. Navigator will suggest the street options.
  • Voice. Tell the phrase “Listen, Yandex”. Will appear at the bottom of the window with the word “say”. name the street or destination. It is very convenient to not be distracted by car management.

Yandex.Navigator will offer two shortest routes, distance to destination. Select the appropriate and click “Let’s go”. Android device will go into trip mode, the remaining time of the trip will be indicated, the speed of movement, the distance to the first turn will be. Follow the geolocation data and speaker instructions. Utility on an online connection indicates road load, probable and existing corks. You can activate this feature by pressing the traffic light on top.

To work with offline mode, you do not need the Internet, enough mobile on Android and enabled geolocation via GPS. To lay the route you need to download the area files to mobile. Algorithm Construction of the path in the presence of cards coincides with the online mode. To remember the route in advance, you must click on the “My Places” button and save.

2GIS. an independent project that does not apply to any of the search engines. Android geolocation is implemented on the principle of the navigator, you can set the route from point A to point B, specifying the address, name of the organization or simply pressing your finger anywhere on the map. The main minus of the Android application is paid. To use the same PC buy it.

The program will calculate the optimal route and will show how to get there by public transport. The way on foot or on the machine does not support the utility, so it does not suit motorists. The content of 2GIS is still small, not all of the cities of Russia are, not to mention foreign, but the developers constantly update the cards. The program uses more as a directory than as an option for geolocation on Android.

Track the location of the person through popular messengers

Thanks to the development of technology, it is possible to track the location of a person through popular messengers. These include:

  • Viber. In order to follow geolocation through this program, you must enable special settings on your spouse smartphone. To enable location, in the dialog box with it, you need to activate the arrow symbol next to the message sending key;
  • Whatsapp. To configure geolocation surveillance, you need to take your husband’s phone phone and open the general settings. In them to find the “Applications” section, select WhatsApp, click on “Permissions” and allow the application to determine the location. Next, in any of the chats in WhatsApp, you must click on the “Clip” symbol and send a spouse by selecting the desired address.

Before starting to watch her husband through his phone, try to talk to him. Perhaps it will help you know the information you need without the use of extreme measures. Also remember that many surveillance programs are legitimate and are considered by law, as a violation of the privacy of a person’s privacy.

Tele2 service: parental control

The operator offers the service, “Parental Control”. Its main features:

  • The ability to control simultaneously to 10 people;
  • Sending an invitation to the second trustee for joint control;
  • Include restriction on the use of the Internet at a specified time;
  • Control of application operation, account balance and charge control level.


The fee for using such a service is 9 per day. You can carry out control from your mobile device, this will help the application “My Children” (iOS, Android).

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How to track by phone number

If desired, you can track a person by phone number. It is very convenient when you want to know the location of a certain subscriber. Such services provide Russian operators of the big fourth. Beeline, MTS, MegaFon, Tele2. When connecting such a service to the subscriber’s smartphone, an SMS message comes with a query relative to the tracking function. Watch the person can only be able to consent to the surveillance.


To activate a mobile phone tracking service, you should send an SMS message to the number 684 with the text “L”. This function is connected only at once, with each time the consent of the subscriber is required to surround.

You can call 068 499 24. You can track the subscriber only during the call.

Tariff service “Beeline-Coordinates” allows you to immediately connect up to 5 subscribers, but only with their consent. You can activate the service free of charge or in the company’s branded cabin. An empty SMS message is sent to the connection to the number 4770 or call to the short number 0665. The first week can be used by the service for free, then the subscription is 1.7 rubles per day.

Here the service is called “child under the supervision”. She enjoyed parents to know where their children are. To activate the service, you need to number 7788 send the word mom or dad. The first days of this service can be used for free, then a month.

After the request comes a unique code that is more necessary for identification. To register the desired phone in the system, follows number 7788 Send a message to the child.

MTS offers tracking service for large companies. You can track passenger and freight transportation, as well as the movement of individual employees.


This mobile operator offers its customers several services that allow you to track phone numbers by numbers. The service called Radar will help keep track of subscribers not only within the network. After activating this option, you can follow MTS, Bilain and Tele2 subscribers2. First you need to install the tracking area, you can do this on the Radar website.Megafon.Ru. The data on the movement of the object is stored on the site for three months.

Connecting this service requires the consent of the subscriber, followed by a surveillance. This is done at once, every time you agree when viewing the location of the phone does not need.

Track your spouse by phone number and via service navigator from megaphone. Activation is performed on the site M.navigator.Megafon.RU or in brand mobile application.

Tele 2

This operator offers a service called Geopoisk. This service helps track the location of any mobile devices, ranging from push-button phones to modern smartphones. Information is transmitted in the form of SMS messages or through an inteeis program.

To activate the program send USSD request 11901 #. Connecting the desired number is done through the phone in the phone of the phone. Watch for a smartphone can only be consent to its owner. It is pre-sent a request to connect.

How much is the service

Definition accuracy

When using geoction tracking exist errors in meters. For example, if the desired object is located in the city center, you can determine where it is in a radius of 100 meters.

If on the outskirts of the city, the radius can reach 1 km along the highway or in small settlements the accuracy will be within 2 kilometers.

If you want to more accurately determine the position, then you need to put the radar application on the controlled phone, and include children’s mode. This manipulation will allow to determine the place not only in terms of the area of ​​cellular stations but also GPS or GLONASS, as well as by Wi-Fi access points.