How to connect a broken phone to a computer

Damage to the screen on a smartphone significantly complicates the work with the device, and in some cases even makes it impossible. However, users have the opportunity to display the image from the phone to a laptop or on a stationary computer. This does not need special equipment, just have a suitable USB cord. In addition, there are several programs that allow you to control the smartphone, even if the screen is broken or simply does not work.

The first stage for managing the phone, which is broken, is to prepare a smartphone. For this, it is necessary to allow debugging by USB. You can do this through the settings of the device. instructions look like this:

  • We go into settings and find the section “On the phone”.
  • Click according to the assembly or firmware (7 times), until a notification appears on the screen about the entrance to the developer mode.
  • We find a section with special capabilities and put a checkmark opposite the paragraph “allow debugging by USB”.
  • Reload the device.

Such simple actions allow you to further display the phone screen to the computer via USB to restore or get the necessary information.

Conclusion through the browser

One of the simplest and fastest ways to establish a smartphone through a computer is to use the Google Chrome browser. No applications are needed in this case. The image of the image on PC without programs is step by step as follows:

  • Open a browser, go to the application store and find the extension “Chrome Vysor”.
  • Click “Install” or “Add to Chrome”.
  • We connect the smartphone to the computer via USB and start the installed utility.
  • Click “Find Devices” and select the right device.
  • Confirm the debugging and get access to the phone via PC.

An important advice! In order not to confirm debugging every time, we recommend that you save the password and automate the connection to the device.


If the touch screen of your smartphone crashes, but the display is still working, you can use the USB OTG adapter, which costs a penny to connect a USB mash to a smartphone. After connecting the mouse, a cursor will appear on the smartphone screen, like on a computer, so you can control the Android device.

Option Second, soft

Many manufacturers in their arsenal have companions programs with which you can update the software or synchronization of the device and computer data. Some of these programs allow you to complete a complete reset without using the device screen. However, this method may work, or may not work. Here it is necessary to check separately for each device or even a model.

Of the advantages of this method. no expenses and additional equipment are required.

Cons is the need to use the scientific poke method and an ungranted result.

TeamViewer Quicksuport

The display of the phone screen is possible using the good old TeamViewer program. Previously, this program was used only for PC. With the advent of smartphones, remote access and to them.

A desktop version is installed on the computer (can be downloaded on the official website), and on mobile phones application marked QS. It is this application that makes it possible to display the screen to any computer (even remote) using a special ID for viewing and managing.

A projected phone monitor will open in a new window.

Preparation for work

Further steps of AndroidscreenCast settings will be given by the example of Windows, in other operating systems, act by analogy.

Installation Java

Check in the installed Windows programs if Java is installed on your computer? If not, download it from the official site and install it. Androidscreencast is needed at least Java 8.

Preparation of AndroidscreenCast

Download from the official page of the AndroidScreenCast application archive for your operating system.

Unpack the application into a folder convenient for you. This is not necessary, but we recommend that you unpack the Windows users with the application in the root of the disk C, then it will be more convenient to work with it on the command line.

Phone/tablet setting

To connect AndroidscreenCast to Android device, it is necessary that debugging by USB is enabled and here it all depends on the state of your device.

If the USB debugging has already been activated before, then you are more lucky and you can proceed to the next section of the article.

If your gadget has a partially non.working screen, try to activate the “USB debugging” option in the settings of your phone/tablet (settings for developers debugging by USB). Read more in the article “Transfer of a mobile phone screen to a computer. Phone control from a computer ”in the“ connection via USB-cable ”section.

If the screen of your device is completely broken, then you should use the instructions “Turn on the debugging on the USB on the Android device with a broken screen“.

Connection to a computer

Connect your Android device to a computer using a USB cable. If you have Windows 8.1 or 10, the phone/tablet should automatically determine the system and the necessary drivers will be set (the main thing is to be connected to the Internet). If you have Windows 7 or below, most likely, the drivers will have to be installed yourself. Visit the official website of the manufacturer of your Android device and look for support for it in the support section for it. Typically, along with this, the necessary drivers are installed.

Organizer, work with SMS and calls, phone information

I can’t help but add that in addition to the above, in MyphoneExplorer there is the opportunity to work with all the contacts that you have saved on the phone. To do this, just open the “All Capital” tab “. An example below.

Please note that any subscriber can immediately call from the program window.

Similarly, work is built with SMS (see. screenshot below). You can easily view all groups: drafts sent, incoming, and pr.

The program also displays an organizer, a calendar, a list of calls, disk drives (by the way, view what lies on a flash drive or memory of a phone. you can also!).

Well, it should be finally noted that MyPhoneExplorer allows you to find out information about the phone: the temperature of the device, the condition of the battery, the model of the device, the firmware, the screen resolution, the state of memory, etc.

On some smartphones, some of the options may not be available (for example, I have encountered the inability to print text in a number of applications).


Phone screen broadcast (Android) on a laptop or Wi-Fi computer-https: //

How to access Android phone access with a broken screen?

If the screen of your smartphone is broken, there are several ways to restore data. Some of these methods require additional equipment. The choice of data recovery method depends on how much the screen is broken.

The screen is broken, the image is partially visible, the sensor works

This is the best possible option. If the screen is partially broken, the easiest way to transfer the data from a smartphone to a computer in case the cracks are distributed and you need to completely change the screen. You do not need any additional equipment to transfer data to a computer. Only a USB cable is needed, which you already have to recharge.

The screen is broken, the image is visible, the sensor does not work

It happens that the image on a broken screen can be seen, but sensory interaction stops working. In this case, additional equipment will be required in the form of a USB mouse and a USB concentrator with a HDMI connector.

How to access damaged phone screen on pc

  • Check if your device is unlocked. If you’re lucky, you have an active unlock on fingerprint or face. In this case, you can unlock the device. If unlocking the pin code is turned on, do the following.
  • Take a USB cable, connect to a smartphone and concentrator.
  • Connect the USB mash concentrator.
  • Since you can see the smartphone screen, use a navigation mouse, enter a pin code or password and unlock the device.
  • After that, connect the USB concentrator to the computer.
  • A file transfer mode will appear on the smartphone screen.
  • Click on it with a mouse.
  • After that, the smartphone will be connected to the computer. On the computer, you can open the smartphone storage and copy the files you need for a hard drive.

The screen is broken and does not turn on, the sensor works

A similar option can occur with physical damage to the device. How to find out that the smartphone continues to work? For example, you hear the sounds of notifications and feel vibration. If you try to unlock the smartphone from memory, the sound of unlocking will be heard. Even in such a situation, you can access data. This requires another Android Smartphone.

  • Take another smartphone on Android, preferably a similar model. Most likely you do not have a similar smartphone, so you need at least the same version of Android.
  • Connect another smartphone to the USB cable computer.
  • A pop.up window should appear in which you select the file transfer mode.
  • Remember where you pressed on the screen to activate this mode.
  • Now connect a broken smartphone to the USB cable to the computer.
  • His screen does not work and there is no image. However, the sensor works and now you know which part of the screen to press to activate the file transfer mode.
  • If you press in the right place, you will hear the sound of a notification.
  • The storage of the smartphone will become available on the computer and you can copy the necessary files.

Note. If the smartphone is blocked using a fingerprint or facial recognition, it is easy to unlock it. The screen is not needed for this. If a graphic key is used, you can also try to practice unlock on another smartphone before entering the necessary pattern on a non.working screen. The same applies to password entering.

The screen is broken and does not turn on, the sensor does not work

This is the worst of the possible options. Enlargled data on such a smartphone will be difficult, but possible. There are several options for actions.

It will take a USB mash, USB concentrator, HDMI cable, mouse and TV.

  • Connect the USB concentrator to the smartphone.
  • Connect the HDMI cable to the TV.
  • Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the USB concentrator.
  • Connect the mouse to the USB concentrator. If you have a Bluetooth mud and Smart-TV, you can connect them directly without a concentrator.
  • Turn on the TV and select the HDMI source.
  • Now you can access the contents of the smartphone through the TV. You can back up files, change the settings, try to install one of the backup applications.

How to watch a video from a phone on a laptop via USB?

Connect the phone with a laptop with a cable and run the Client application for PC “MyphoneExplorer”. Press the “Settings File” and in the “Connection via” group set the switch to the “USB-Cabble” position and click on the OK button.

To broadcast the Android screen on a computer, we need a free Screen Cast application. This is a very simple program that allows you to share the screen with other devices connected to one Wi-Fi network. You can create an access point or connect a computer and phone to one network using a router.

Instructions for solving the problem

If you “have not sinned” over your Android, if it was more precisely not set the Root, then in your case everything is solved very simply! All you need to download and install the company manufacturer to manage devices!

To do this, you need a USB mouse and an adapter with a USB. microUSB connector, or a USB mouse with a microUSB connector.

After the USB mouse is connected, click the power button (to make the display caught up) and then perform all the controls using the mouse.

[Complex, solution time 40 minutes. 5 hours]

There is a fairly interesting program like Mymobiler. Interest is that with the help of this software, it is possible to view and control Android through a computer.

Mymobler will need:

Install the Mymobiler application (or through

If debugging is not turned on?

You can turn it on by trying to do this:

b) Find the Build file on the network.PROP for a specific model with the same version of the firmware that is installed with you and enter the following data to it:

c) create update.ZIP by placing the Build file.Prop to the root /system

Root received, but I can’t confirm the request?

If the display does not react to the press, then you can try to install via Update.ZIP from the Recovery menu given XML EU file.Chainfire.Supersu_preferences (located in the 7zip archive) along the way:/DATA/DATA/EU.Chainfire.Supersu/shared_prefs

Click the power button (to make the display caught up) and then perform all the controls using the Mymobler program!

Frequently asked questions about how to restore data from a broken Android phone

How to make a backup of Android data in Google’s account?

Be sure, this is easy to make a backup through Google. On the Android phone with a broken screen, open the “settings” and go to “backup and reset”. From there, select backup my data. After that, return to the “Reserve and Reset” menu and select the Google account in which you want to save your backup copies.

Is it possible to fix a cracked phone screen?

Fixing a cracked or broken phone screen is not as easy as it seems. This is not easy and mainly requires professional help. Depending on the degree of physical damage, you can or do not want to keep up with a broken screen. However, if you want to repair the phone screen, the cost depends on the brand and model of your device.

In addition, the most important thing to do when the screen of your device cracked or broke is to restore your data. Thus, you must turn to the decisions above and protect yourself from the loss of your favorite data.

On this, 5 different methods of restoration of data from the Android device with a broken screen end. As you can see, there is hope and exit for a broken screen. No matter how you break the screen of your device and whatever the degree of damage, this post will support you. Restore the data from the broken Android right now and save your data intact, despite the current state of your device.

via OTG and mouse

To enable USB debugging with a broken screen, you will need USB OTG and USB mash. Using this method, you can extract data from your broken Android device.

USB mush will allow you to move the cursor on your phone. USB and OTG will help you manage a damaged device.

In addition, if you have problems with the last USB device default on Windows 10? Click to fix them now.

Acts to include USB debugging on a broken screen:

To enable a USB control with a broken screen, follow the following actions, as indicated below:

Check the possibility of support

You need to check whether your device supports and OTG or not in the Comms section of your device.

Download the OTG detection application

You need to download any OTG detection application from the Google Play store to control the broken device.

It helps control the screens of mobile phones, but does not work on broken or black screens due to problems with visibility. Make sure your device is completely charged before trying this method to enable USB debugging on a broken screen.

In addition, let’s find out how to fix USB accessories disabled. Disconnect the accessory using too much energy to easily enable the problem with the USB device again.

Through the ADB commands

To restore data from a broken device, you can use this method to enable USB debugging on a broken screen.

Each device has a SDK tool that contains another tool, ADB that helps your device connect to a computer.

Acts to include USB debugging on a broken screen:

To enable a USB control with a broken screen, follow the following actions, as indicated below:

Install ADB

You need to download and install ADB on your PC with Windows and then connect your device to the system.

Download your device

As a rule, ADB opens the USB debugging, but due to the breakdown of the device, you need to download the device in recovery mode, ClockworkMod and at the same time press buttons such as Home, Power and Volume Down.

Enter the commands

Now you must print “Adb Devices” as a command while your device is in recovery mode.

Create a backup

After that, enter “Adb Pull/ Data/ Media/ ClockworkMod/ Backup ~/ Desktop/ Android-up” as the next command to extract data from your device to a computer.

This method will be complex and risky to enable USB debugging with broken screens. You can complete this task only once; Therefore, you need proper knowledge about teams and computers. You can damage your phone if you cannot execute ADB commands.

How to unlock a phone with a broken screen through a settings reset

If you cannot control your phone well due to a broken screen, this method is a good option for you. You can restart the phone by entering the recovery mode. This requires only the keys of your phone, so you can use it, even if the broken screen is faulty.

To unlock the phone, follow the following actions:

Step 1 Press the volume increase in the key power until you see Android Recovery Settings.

Step 2 shift down to Wipe Data/Factory Reset and select it using power button.

connect, phone, screen, broken

Step 3 Select “Yes” in the next integse, and your phone will automatically reboot and unlock.

How to unlock a phone with a broken screen using Android devices manager

You can also unlock the Android phone with a broken screen using the Android dispatcher, now known as “Find My Device”. This Google service allows you to block, erase or find a missing, broken or even ordinary phone. As soon as you enter the Google account on your mobile phone, the “Find My device” service is activated automatically. But you can use it only if it is included on your phone and the location is included.

Act in accordance with the instructions below to unlock the phone using the Android device manager:

Step 1 Visit the Find My Device website in your computer browser and enter the Google account, which you use on a broken phone.

Step 2 to the left of Find My Device Web Subta You will see sound playback options, protect the device and delete the device. Select the latter to unlock your mobile phone. Then select another delete the device option in the next window.

Step 3 enter your account to authorize the service to access your device. Press further and select wipe the button for restarting and unlocking the device.

Fix your frozen, broken, blocked on a black screen or a blocked Android system as normal or restore data from a broken Android phone or SD card.

  • Correct your problems with Android and restore data from the phone.
  • Extracting contacts, messages, WhatsApp, photos, etc. D. From a broken Android device or memory card.
  • Available Android phone and SD card phone.

How To Turn On USB Debugging With A Broken/Black Screen | O. Henry

What to do if Android came to you with a broken touch display

One fine day Nexus 4 fell into my hands. This is a rarity in our area, so I would like to use it as the main phone. Unfortunately, his touch is broken. One of the sores of all modern smartphones. Well, it was decided to restore. I bought a touch on ebay. Now wait for the sloopers for a month or two. I wanted to learn more about the device, work with it while the parcel is going. At the same time check if everything works. And maybe the camera or speakers also crushed. In this article, we consider the capture of the device control if the touch is broken.


During the test, Nexus 4, USB cable, ubuntu as an axis for work, information from the Internet and brains will be used.

First of all, I would like to note. the phone is completely in the stock state. The previous owner made a full reset of all data. After turning on, the WeelCome screen with a choice of language appears. The device can not be carried out without further intervention.

Let me remind you, Nexus 4 does not have OTG, so you cannot connect the mouse to it without a special cable with external power. I don’t have this, you can order on the same ebay, but wait again.


First of all, I put CWM. Install programs for working with androids:

You can put the recovery through Fastboot:

Naturally, notch version has been chosen. By the way, I still unlocked the Butlooder (Fastboot Oem Unlock). Changed the firmware to the latter right away. I don’t even remember why. For other phones, you need to look for your instructions. Some devices can be put through a built-in recovery, some have special programs for firmware.

We load in CWM. We are looking for Mounts and Storage and mount System (or then do it via ADB. Mount.o Remount, RW /System). Come in handy. In the console on the computer we write

Issues dials and recovery. What is needed!

Excellent. Our tasks include: Skip the WelCome screen and turn on USB debugging. To do this, download Build.Prop In the current folder

Open the downloaded file and replace the line:

If you consider it necessary, you can correct other other lines. I kind of turned off the lock screen for convenience, but now it’s too lazy to look for which line is responsible. If not difficult, check in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

connect, phone, screen, broken

We will prescribe the last lines and in Default.Prop. Just in case.

The screen dropped. However Adb Devices Shows Offline.

Still offline. It seems to have sailed. But no! The point is the keys.

We are looking for a folder in a domestic dirk /.Android

The file was supposed to be generated there Adbkey.Pub. It needs to be thrown on the device.

Reloading into the recovery, mount Data, perform

We reboot again. We look Adb Devices. everything is!

Next, for example, I prescribed the buttons on the team’s namepad Adb Shell Input Keyevent XX

connect, phone, screen, broken

0.- “Keycode_unknown” 1.- “Keycode_menu” 2.- “Keycode_soft_right” 3.- “Keycode_home” 4.- “Keycode_Back” 5.- “Keycode_call” 6.- “Keycode_ndcall” 7.- “Keycode_0” 8.- “Keycode_1” 9.- “Keycode_2” 10.- “Keycode_3” 11.- “Keycode_4” 12.- “Keycode_5” 13.- “Keycode_6” 14.- “Keycode_7” 15.- “Keycode_8” 16.- “Keycode_9” 17.- “Keycode_star” 18.- “Keycode_pound” 19.- “Keycode_dpad_up” 20.- “Keycode_dpad_Down” 21.- “Keycode_dpad_left” 22.- “Keycode_dpad_right” 23.- “Keycode_dpad_center” 24.- “Keycode_volume_up” 25.- “Keycode_volume_down” 26.- Keycode_Power 27.- “Keycode_camera” 28.- “Keycode_Clear” 29.- “Keycode_a” 30.- “Keycode_b” 31.- “Keycode_c” 32.- “Keycode_d” 33.- “Keycode_e” 34.- “Keycode_f” 35.- “Keycode_g” 36.- “Keycode_h” 37.- “Keycode_i” 38.- “Keycode_j” 39.- “Keycode_k” 40.- “Keycode_l” 41.- “Keycode_m” 42.- “Keycode_n” 43.- “Keycode_o” 44.- “Keycode_p” 45.- “Keycode_q” 46.- “Keycode_r” 47.- “Keycode_s” 48.- “Keycode_t” 49.- “Keycode_u” 50.- “Keycode_v” 51.- “Keycode_w” 52.- “Keycode_x” 53.- “Keycode_y” 54.- “Keycode_z” 55.- “Keycode_commma” 56.- “Keycode_period” 57.- “Keycode_alt_left” 58.- “Keycode_alt_right” 59.- “Keycode_shift_left” 60.- “Keycode_shift_right” 61.- “Keycode_tab” 62.- Keycode_Space 63.- “Keycode_SYM” 64.- “Keycode_explorer” 65.- “Keycode_envelope” 66.- “Keycode_enter” 67.- “Keycode_del” 68.- “Keycode_grave” 69.- “Keycode_minus” 70.- “Keycode_equals” 71.- “Keycode_left_bracket” 72.- “Keycode_right_bracket” 73.- “Keycode_Backslash” 74.- “Keycode_semicolon” 75.- “Keycode_apostrophe” 76.- “Keycode_slash” 77.- “Keycode_at” 78.- “Keycode_num” 79.- “Keycode_headsethook” 80.- “Keycode_focus” 81.- “Keycode_plus” 82.- “Keycode_menu” 83.- “Keycode_notification” 84.- “Keycode_search” 85.- “Tag_LAST_KEYCODE”

Although you can just put the VNC server (you need root).

I put the settings from the numbered, it turned out to turn on the poke command in the OFF zone. Adb Shell Input Tap 400 300 (these are poke coordinates)

Well, in order not to get into Wi-Fi settings

Launch the VNC client, introduce Localhost: 5901 And we do whatever the heart pleases.