How To Fix Disabled IPAD, Connect to Itunes

How to unlock the iPad, if it is blocked. what to do

The concept of “unlock iPad” is relevant for several types of situations. Perhaps the owner of the device forgot the password for access to the main menu and other related functions. There are frequent cases when a device blocked under a specific mobile operator falls on your hands. It happens that after a purchase from the hands there is an inscription indicating the blocking by the icloud service. These options do not have a direct relationship in relation to each other, so the algorithm of actions to restore the work will be different.

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There are at least six reasons why the blocking occurs. The situations described later are relevant not only for the iPad (Air, Mini, etc.), but also for iPhone. Both categories of devices use the iCloud service to block the operating system:

  • The happy buyer received an iPad, created Apple ID, entered the device data, but forgot to save information for the entrance. After some time, the owner wanted to upgrade to the new version of the operating system, or drop the settings to factory. The result is the appearance of the Apple ID window that requires an introduction to a forgotten login and password.
  • The man bought a tablet, but did not want to set it up on his own. This was done by a store consultant or a familiar master who forgot to transfer data for the entrance. The problem makes itself felt when trying to reset or update the device.
  • When buying a gadget on the Internet, the previous owner either consciously did not want to, or forgot to remove his Apple ID data. When updating or discharge, a typical problem arises already. Unscrupulous sellers do it so specially, then to demand money for unlocking.
  • The man lost his tablet, but he was informed about the loss. When transmitting, it turned out that the founder was already trying to unsuccessfully guess the password. If you yourself have found such a tablet, it is still better to give it, especially when it comes to a model with Wi-Fi. It is automatically blocked during synchronization with the first open connection point.
  • Someone “lent” the owner his device. The latter noticed, but it was too late. the tablet asks to go into its account.
  • Someone took the iPad from the owner, and he had to block access to data via iCloud.

note! Buying stolen things, like theft, are strictly punished by applicable law.

How to protect the password on the iPhone works

The protective mechanism is based on the number of password inputs. If the gadget is improperly introduced for resuscitation, it will automatically “fall asleep” and will monitor the security of the information available on the device. This option arises in rare cases, the user has exactly six attempts to introduce code.

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After their exhaustion, the cell will turn off for one minute. The developers considered that this period of time was enough to concentrate and recall the forgotten information. At the end of the allotted minute, the last attempt to return the smartphone to life will be given. If the new code is also incorrect, then the device is completely blocked.

The problem has exhausted its relevance and became less common after the appearance of a fingerprint scanner on the gadget. Now the need to memorize the keys and their constant input has disappeared. To identify the personality, it is enough to attach a finger to the button, and the smartphone will automatically open access to work. The only ones who remained suffering from the need for regular key input is the owners of old or acquired from the hands of technically outdated smartphones.

Fix “iPad is Disabled Connect to iTunes” without COMPUTER

Important! Unpleasant moments can occur in exceptional cases: when trying to conduct surgery in gloves or a cell phone in children’s hands. If the device is not available for babies, and the owner remembers the impossibility of removing prints through the fabric, then problems with the gadget are usually not found.

Password reset via iTunes

If you synchronized the iPad with a computer, it will be easy to deal with the problem.

  • Update iTunes to the latest version.
  • Connect to it. If the program requests a password or gives an error, then this method is not suitable.
  • Click on a button with a tablet image. It is located upstairs next to the list, through which you can go to the tabs music, films or photos. This must be done when the device is attached to the computer via USB port. If the gadget is disconnected, the buttons will not be there.
  • The menu will appear information about the device. Select “Review”. iTunes can immediately open on this window and you will not need to look for the buttons.
  • Click “Create a backup”. So you can save your notes, photos and other files.
  • Click “Restore iPad“. It will be dropped to factory settings. But it will turn out to unlock it.
  • Now choose to “restore from a copy” to return your files. After that, the record “iPad is disabled” will disappear.

To remove the error, you can also click “update”. The program will upload a new version by. This method is relevant for gadgets on which Jailbreak is not installed. Jailbreak is a program that opens access to files on iOS. This utility may not support new versions of the Apple operating system.

When you connect to the tablet, you will still have to enter a password. What to do if you don’t remember it? Reset the iPad to the factory settings and do not upload a backup copy. So you will lose your files and personal data. On the device you will have to download all applications and configure it for yourself. But this is better than looking helplessly at the inscription “iPad is disabled”.

Transferring a computer data to iPhone without iTunes.

If you want to transfer films, songs or e.books from a computer to your iPhone, you can try Fonetrans do a job.

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Fonetrans. One of the best applications for data transfer for iOS users, you can use it as a bridge to connect your iPhone and computer, you can transmit all types of data from your computer to your iPhone, including photos, films, and t. D

In addition, Fonetrans supports data from the iPhone on the iPhone, you can connect two iPhone to the computer at the same time and transmit data from one to another.

Now let’s see how you can use Fonetrans to export films or music from your computer on iPhone.

Step 1 upload fonetrans to your computer

Remove the USB cable and connect the iPhone to the PC, then start Fonetrans.

On Fonetrans, select the data you want to transfer to your iPhone.

For example, click a video click add.

You can add one video or a whole folder to Fonetrans. Select a video file that you want to export to the iPhone and click open.

Fonetrans will begin to display a video to your iPhone.

connect, itunes, ipad, blocked

Wait for the program when it is completed, the video will download to your iPhone.

If desired, you can continue exports of other files to your iPhone.

Now you know that all possible ITunes correction methods cannot connect to the problem with the iPhone. Now you can start correcting the error yourself, and I hope that these methods will help you easily get out of the problem. If the error does not disappear, you can also contact the alternatives of iTunes.

The reason and the solution for “iPhone” is disabled

As a rule, if the blocked iPhone was broken 5 times incorrectly, this iPhone will be disconnected for 1 minute. Failure 6 times, it will be disconnected for 5 minutes. It will be completely disconnected if someone cannot unlock it 10 times. If your iPhone viphone is disabled, connect to iTunes ”, the priority is to turn it on so that it functions normally. To achieve this goal, your iPhone should be restored. After recovery, your iPhone can work normally again. But the restoration of your iPhone means completely reboot your iPhone, all data and settings will disappear.

To restore the disconnected iPhone, Apple Inc would give us a sign to connect to iTunes, because in iTunes the IPhone restoration can be deleted, in general, the restoration of the disconnected iPhone can bring it to the normal state, and to restore the disconnected iPhone, you must connect to iTunes.

And in the following sections, I will introduce you to how to connect to iTunes so that your iPhone works normally, and with other solutions that can also return the disabled device to working condition.

How to unlock the disconnected iPhone / iPad using iCloud

If iTunes does not help unlock the disconnected iPhone, you still have the opportunity to go around the iPhone password without iTunes, try ICLOUD. If the “Find iPhone” function is enabled, you can unlock the disconnected iPhone using iCloud. Let’s see how it works. Visit ICLOUD.COM via a web browser on a computer or other mobile phone.

Enter iCloud using your Apple ID password associated with the disconnected iPhone.

Tips: If you find that Apple ID has a two.stage check, this means that you need to use the disconnected iPhone to get a confirmation code. The most effective way. extract the SIM card and install it on another phone to get the code. Or you can try the following method of using a tool to unlock the disconnected iPhone.

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After a successful entrance to iCloud, click “Find iPhone”.

connect, itunes, ipad, blocked

Just click the “All devices” button to find the iPhone disconnected and its location.

To get rid of the disconnected iPhone, just click “Wipe the iPhone” to erase everything on your iPhone, including the screen lock code.

After that, you can activate and configure your iPhone.

If you want to quickly unlock the iPhone without using iTunes or iCloud, it is recommended to use a professional unlock. UKEYSOFT Unlocker. I hope that the method described above will help you unlock the screen password.

Causes of error

The reason for the appearance of an error that says that the iPad is disabled “connect to iTunes” can only be one: iPad or iPhone has been blocked. Such a blocking occurs due to several incorrect attempts to enter a password.

The fact is that if you enter the password many times, then after 10 attempts the iPhone will be blocked. The same thing will happen with an iPad.

This measure helps to protect the device from unauthorized persons who can choose a password by random set (the probability is extremely small, but there is).

connect, itunes, ipad, blocked

Before blocking completely and request an iTunes connection, there will be other stages of protection:

  • After five wrong attempts, the device is blocked for one minute, which will be reported on the screen.
  • After seven incorrect inputs, the device will become impossible to use for five minutes.
  • The eighth time iPad is blocked for 15 minutes.
  • For the ninth time, the mobile device is deactivated for an hour.
  • If you enter the code incorrectly 10 times, you will have to connect to iTunes.

In the IOS 13 version and older, you can go to the settings and turn off the lock function in case of entering the wrong code

How to restore data without iTunes

The Epplov operating system allows you to restore data without resorting to iTunes using the ICLOUD cloud service. This method can be useful if there is no PC at hand, to which a blocked iPad could be connected. But in order for the operation to be successful, important conditions must be met:

  • On a locked device, an entrance to the iCloud service should be executed and the “Find iPad” function is activated.
  • Blocked gadget should be connected to the Internet.

If these conditions are fulfilled, then all that needs to be done is to go from any device in iCloud and log in there using your Apple ID. From the list of available devices select a locked iPad and press the data deletion button.

After that, the tablet will return to the factory settings and will be unlocked. Put it already on it using your Apple ID and “pour” a backup from ICLUD.

Well, if for some reason none of the proposed methods has helped, contact the authorized Apple service center-there your problem will be solved there!