In this case, the cause of all the problems is the incorrect operation of the router. To resolve this issue, you must do the following:

  • reboot the router and, if necessary, reset the settings to the factory settings;
  • eliminate the presence of interference, for this it is recommended to shorten the distance between the routers and the TV itself as much as possible;
  • ask your internet service provider if the mowing line is being repaired;
  • if an external Wi-Fi device is used, it is recommended to turn it off and turn it on again after a while.

As a last resort, if the user is sure that the matter is in the router, and not in the TV, you can call the specialist of the Internet company that provides communication services. He will diagnose the equipment and help set up a Wi-Fi connection to the TV.

Also, malfunctions in the operation of network devices will help to remove the following recommendations:

  • Just update your Samsung TV software. This can be done on the official website of the company.
  • Launch an Ad-Hoc network that does not require a router or router and works quite well from a tablet or laptop.

It’s not that hard to set up a Smart TV and connect it to Wi-Fi. In most cases, Samsung TVs will automatically set up this connection. But it will not be difficult to manually connect and activate Smart TV. The main thing is to follow all the instructions and take your time if problems arise.


If there is a failure in the chain: Smart TV. router, you need to re-configure Smart TV Samsung. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Activate the “IP” key and select manual input of parameters.
  • Maintain the properties of the router, which are indicated on its case.
  • Then save the ethernet connection.
  • Check connection result.

If this method does not work, there may be another problem.

If the TV does not connect to the Internet?

The factors that block the connection and prevent you from turning on Wi-Fi on your Samsung TV are in most cases related to your router settings. This reason is obvious if other devices connected to the router cannot access the Internet.

If the devices used in the wireless network function properly, and the TV cannot access Wi-Fi, then the obstacles are recommended to be removed as follows.

Reboot equipment

It is often a simple reboot to eliminate the reasons that prevent the connection. Here it is suggested to turn off the router with the TV for two minutes and resume the setup procedure when the devices are turned on.

Automatic device connection

If you have the WPS function on your Smart TV and router, it is recommended to connect automatically. Connection is carried out by simultaneous activation of the WPS keys for 15 seconds (on two devices).

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What to do if it doesn’t connect?

Most often, problems with connecting to a Wi-Fi network are related to the settings of the router. Most often, in this case, other devices connected to this router cannot connect to the Internet. If this is not the reason, then you should follow the instructions and either set up Smart TV manually, or try to connect the Internet without the Smart TV function.

Eliminate interference that affects signal quality

Obstacles in the form of many concrete partitions and furniture negatively affect the quality of the connection. In order to maintain a stable transmission rate and to avoid intermittent disconnections when working on the network, it is recommended to reduce the distance between devices.

Instructions for connecting the Internet on a Samsung TV via Wi-Fi

To connect in this way, you need to make sure that there is a built-in Wi-Fi module for signal reception. The exact parameters of the characteristics of the purchased TV can be viewed on the official website by entering the full model name in the search bar. The necessary information is in the tab “Built-in wireless support”.

If there is no module, you will need to purchase an additional USB adapter.

To establish a wireless connection, you need a name and password to access your home network. If the parameters are unknown, contact your provider for information. In the case of the first activation, the setting is automatically carried out. the TV system starts searching for Wi-Fi. You can easily connect your Samsung Smart TV to the Internet via a router.

Instructions on how to set up a Samsung Smart TV over Wi-Fi step by step.

  • enter the menu and select the “Settings” item;
  • select “General”;
  • select the “Network” line;
  • in the new window, click on the item “Open network settings”;
  • priority network type. “Wireless”;
  • wait for the list of available Wi-Fi networks to appear, select the line with the name of the home network router;
  • in the field that opens, enter the password for accessing the home network. To make sure that the characters are entered correctly, check the box “Show password”;
  • after checking the authentication, click “OK”.

After a successful connection to the Internet, it is recommended to go to the “Menu”, select “Support”, go to the “Smart Hub” option. The function gives access to media content.

Connecting Samsung Smart TV to a Wi-Fi router

Consider the connection process on a TV that runs on the new Smart TV Tizen OS system. You need to open the Smart TV menu. To do this, press the button with the house icon on the remote control. You may have a different remote control. It does not matter.

Hover over the “Settings” item, go to “Network” from above and select “Network Settings”.

connect, samsung

Or open “Options” and go to the section “General”. “Network”. “Open network settings”.

connect, samsung

Next, you need to select the type of network. Since we want to connect the Samsung TV to the router via Wi-Fi, we select “Wireless”.

connect, samsung

How to set up your Samsung Smart TV

After searching, the TV will display a list of Wi-Fi networks available for connection. Choosing your wireless network. In the screenshot below, my network is called “iPhone” (I was distributing the Internet from my phone).

connect, samsung

connect, samsung

Enter the password for the Wi-Fi network and click on the “Finish” button. If you want to see the password that you enter, check the box next to “Show password”.

connect, samsung

If the connection was successful, then a message should appear that the TV is connected to the Internet.

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connect, samsung

connect, samsung

Now you can go back to the Smart TV menu and use your internet connection in different applications. For example, browsing websites through a browser. On Samsung TV, it is called “Internet”. Or watch YouTube on TV through a separate app.

You can also set up playback of movies from a computer, laptop, or mobile devices via DLNA. The main thing is that the TV and the other device are connected to the same network. I am leaving a link to the instructions for setting up a DLNA server in Windows 10. You can also display photos and videos on a TV from an iPhone or iPad. From Android devices, you can also configure the broadcast of media content via DLAN.

Connecting a Samsung TV with an old Smart TV system is similar. In the settings you need to go to the “Network” section and start the network setup. Select a wireless network type. Then select your network from the list of available networks and enter the password.

If your TV does not have a wireless network, then most likely your TV does not have built-in Wi-Fi. Or you need a proprietary USB adapter. But in this case, it is easier to connect by cable.

How to connect your Samsung TV to Wi-Fi?

After purchasing a Samsung smart TV, the first step is to connect it to the Internet. In this article, I will show you how to connect your Samsung Smart TV to a Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, Smart functions will not be available. The menu itself will open and function, but we will not be able to watch videos, download sites, install applications, etc. All modern Samsung TVs are connected to the Internet both using a network cable and Wi-Fi (via a router).

If you have a TV with Smart TV, then it definitely has the ability to connect to the Internet using a network cable. The TV has a LAN input. How to make such a connection, I wrote in the article connecting a Samsung Smart TV to the Internet via a network cable. And if you have the opportunity to connect the Internet via cable, and not via Wi-Fi, then it is better to use a cable. The cable connection will be faster and more stable. This is very important for the TV. If the router is installed far from the TV and there is no way to stretch the cable, then we will connect the Samsung TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi. The wireless connection speed is sufficient for most tasks. Of course, a lot depends on the speed of the Internet connection (tariff) and the router. If the TV supports Wi-Fi 5 GHz (802.11c standard). and your router is dual-band (distributes Wi-Fi at 5 GHz). it is better to connect to this network.

Samsung Smart TV: How to Connect to Internet WiFi (Wireless or Wired)

If you are confident that your Samsung TV has built-in Wi-Fi, then you can proceed to setup. If you are not sure, it is better to check right away. You can see the characteristics of the TV on the manufacturer’s official website. There this function is referred to as “Built-in wireless network support”.

It is a pity that the site does not indicate the Wi-Fi standards that the TV supports. One could immediately see if there is support for the 5 GHz band (802.11ac standard), just there are TVs with Smart TVs (mostly old models). in which there is no built-in Wi-Fi module. And you can connect them to Wi-Fi only through a proprietary Samsung USB adapter, or by cable. But, since it is almost impossible to find this adapter now, you can use a router or repeater as an adapter (receiver). I talked about this in this article: how to connect a TV without Wi-Fi to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Almost every modern Samsung TV with Smart TV Wi-Fi has a built-in.

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Possible problems with connecting Samsung TV to Wi-Fi

I think it will not be superfluous to consider the most popular problems and solutions that may arise in the process of connecting the TV to the Internet via a wireless network.

how to screen mirror on your samsung smart tv

  • The TV has no wireless settings. I already wrote about this above in the article. Most likely, your Samsung TV model does not have a built-in Wi-Fi module. Your model may support the connection of an external receiver. It looks something like this: But it is better to check this information with the support of Samsung.
  • The TV does not see the Wi-Fi network. This problem is rare. Perhaps, in the place where the TV is installed, it does not catch a single wireless network. This needs to be verified from another device. You also need to remember that not all TVs can connect to Wi-Fi networks at 5 GHz. By the way, if your TV does not see Wi-Fi networks only at 5 GHz, then try the solutions from this article: why Smart TV TV does not see Wi-Fi at 5 GHz.
  • An error appears when connecting to a wireless network. The first step is to reboot the router (by turning it off for a minute) and try to re-establish the connection. Make sure you enter the correct Wi-Fi password. If you forgot your password, then try to remember it according to this instruction. In order for Samsung TV to connect to Wi-Fi, the password must be at least 8 characters long. Try connecting your TV to a different network. So we can figure out what the problem is. In the TV itself, or on the side of the router.
  • The TV is connected to Wi-Fi, but the internet is not working. There can be many reasons. I recommend that you first check if the Internet works on other devices that are connected to the same network. If it does not work, look for a malfunction on the side of the router, or the Internet provider. If it works on other devices, try on a Samsung TV, register static DNS in the properties of the Wi-Fi network. In the settings, open the “Network Status” item and select “IP Settings”. Then “Configure DNS”. “Enter manually” and enter
    connect, samsung

    Click “Finish”

  • If you have any connection problems, you can try to reset the network. This will restore the factory default network settings. After selecting this item, you need to confirm the reset. Nothing bad will happen. The TV will disconnect from Wi-Fi. You need to re-enter the password when connecting.

I will be glad to answer your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. If you have any questions. write. Don’t forget to share article information. Perhaps I missed something, or I was wrong somewhere. Always ready to correct or supplement the article.