What devices the program will work for

The latest version of the Samsung Smart View 2 app.0. It functions equally well on both desktop and mobile platforms. But at the same time there are a number of limitations.

The program works on Samsung TVs released in 2011 or later, but not all models are supported. Therefore, it is recommended to refer to the manual or the manufacturer’s official website to find out whether the software in question will interact with the specific model of TV receiver.

You will not be able to display images on other brands of receiver, for example, JVC, with this app. But most TV panel manufacturers have their own programs for transferring content from smartphones or PCs to the big screen. These are usually based on DLNA technology. LG has an option called Smart Share, Philips. Simple Share, Sony Bravia. VAIO Media Server. On Samsung, a similar solution is called AllShare. This function works differently from Smart View, it is based on the principle of organizing all DLNA-enabled devices into a single network for sharing multimedia content.

To put the program on a technique running Windows, your computer must have the following characteristics:

  • 32- and 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10;
  • Intel Pentium 1.8 GHz processor, similar or more powerful (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or more is recommended);
  • At least 2 GB of RAM.

Download the distributive version of the program for Windows on the official resource of the manufacturer.

How to watch movies on your Samsung TV from your phone. step by step setup

There are several ways to watch video from your phone on a Samsung TV. Smartphones and TVs of this brand support Screen Mirroring technology, and the connection between them will be the easiest and fastest. In case your device is made by another brand, you need to check which of the instructions will work for it. All the options on how to watch movies on your Samsung TV from your phone are described in the following article.

Connection scheme

If you decide to connect your phone to your Samsung TV, you should follow a certain pattern. There are several effective ways to transfer an image from your smartphone to your TV screen using Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Direct

Let’s review the most popular variant. Pairing of two devices can be realized with the help of modern technology Wi-Fi Direct. It’s available on almost every Smart TV made today.

This option is also supported on most modern smartphones.

The main task is to pair the devices with each other without getting an access point. The implementation of smartphone recognition by the TV is in the form of a multimedia device.

connect, samsung, your, phone

In order to pair your phone with a Smart TV using Wi-Fi Direct you need a certain algorithm.

  • Go to the settings of your smartphone.
  • Select the section with the parameters of wireless connection
  • Activate the Wi-Fi Direct function.
  • Next, open the Samsung TV settings. Run the specified function on this device as well.
  • The TV will display a notification that the scanning has started.
  • The TV equipment will show you the entire list of devices available for connection.
  • Find the name of your smartphone in the list.
  • Your cell phone will display a notification asking you to synchronize your devices.
  • You’ll need to confirm the connection.
  • Now you can start playing any selected files on your smartphone. everything will be streamed from your phone to the big screen of your Samsung TV.

Using a router

This is an easy way that many users turn to. To use your router as a connecting device, you will need to perform the following procedures:

  • You will need to open the menu of your Samsung TV;
  • then it is necessary to click on the item “Network” and go to an additional subsection;
  • Choose “Wireless Network.

Select the desired network by looking at its name. After tapping the correct item, you will need to enter the security password (your Wi-Fi network security code). After that you will be able to connect your cell phone to your home network.


Modern models of cell phones with the Android operating system support the Miracast technology. The release of this wireless standard is performed by Intel.

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Please note that there may be some delays when using this method. This only applies to cases where you broadcast images from your smartphone directly to the TV screen.

To connect your phone to the TV this way, you will need to open the settings of both the TV and your smartphone. Activate Miracast on both devices.

Broadcasting via YouTube

  • Before you start syncing your TV and smartphone, you need to make sure that the YouTube app is installed on the latter. If it’s not in the menu, you need to download the program from the market.
  • Launch the YouTube app installed on your smartphone. Open the settings menu. Activate the Watch on TV option. If you have done everything as it should be, the Samsung TV will display a guide with hints relating to all the following steps.
  • Launch YouTube on your TV. Go to the settings. Set the connection type to “In manual mode.
  • On the screen of the South Korean TV there will be a special code, which must be entered in the appropriate field on the screen of your smartphone. After that you will need to click on the “Add” button.
  • In the list of detected devices you will need to find your Samsung TV. Having found the desired equipment, give consent for broadcasting. Then you will be able to watch the video not on the small display of the phone, but on the big screen of the TV.

How to connect your phone to a Samsung TV

Viewing content on a large TV is much more comfortable than on a smartphone screen. Modern TV-equipment easily works in tandem with mobile gadgets, the main thing is to connect and configure it correctly. Despite the apparent simplicity of the procedure, some people have serious problems with the synchronization of devices. Let’s find out how to connect the phone to the TV “Samsung“. Let’s look at the popular and most effective ways.

Wireless connection options

These variants of synchronization are considered the most simple and quickly done. You do not need any additional cords to connect.

You just need to execute certain commands on both the smartphone itself and on the TV.

There are several options for implementing a wireless connection.


For this type of synchronization you do not need any wires or a home router. The main thing is that your phone and TV should be compatible. It is very important that both devices have such a program, such as Wi-Fi Direct. Data transfer without wires in this case will be performed after the following steps:

  • On the TV, select the “Settings” menu item, then select “Network”;
  • in the drop-down window to open the “AP” program;
  • Next, you need to set and remember the password for the Wi-Fi Direct point;
  • now in the smartphone you need to select the “Connections” menu, open it, and in the Wi-Fi Direct window select Wi-Fi Direct;
  • go back to the list of wireless networks and select the one that has been created for the TV;
  • enter the password you have guessed;
  • In your phone, open what you want to display on the TV screen, and press the “Share” button.

After that, the images or video should start playing on the Samsung TV screen. It is important to know that when synchronizing devices in this way, access to the Internet must be disabled on both devices, otherwise nothing will work. So you can transmit only those files that have already been downloaded to the smartphone.

If there is such a wireless network in the house, you can use one of the two options for connecting the phone to the TV without using wires. In all cases you need to check the overall compatibility of the two devices with each other beforehand.

Screen Mirroring

Every Samsung Android smartphone comes with Screen Mirroring. In this case, experts say that the best way to tie the Smart TV of this brand to the phone is this way. there are almost never any problems during the synchronization and further use of units. You can make this connection by following a number of steps.

  • Connect both Samsung devices to the same wireless network.
  • On the TV set you need to open the menu and select “Source”.
  • Activate Screen Mirroring.
  • Now you need to activate the same function in your phone via Quick settings panel. Note that in some phone models it is called Smart View.
  • Within a minute the TV should appear in the list of local connections.
  • Select the desired video stream connection name in the menu that appears.

After no more than 1 minute, the menu of the cell phone itself will appear on the TV screen. This connection is quick and easy.

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This is a special device that works only when you are connected to the TV jack and there is a Wi-Fi network. All you need to do is:

  • connect the device to the TV and the network;
  • download and install the Google Home program on your phone and activate it;
  • it is necessary to wait a few minutes until Chromecast is synchronized with the program installed on the smartphone;
  • On the TV, select the “Connections” menu and select the HDMI port in which the device is installed;
  • Then a step-by-step instruction will appear on your TV screen, and you will have to follow it to finish the installation.

Such synchronization of the TV and cell phone allows you to broadcast absolutely everything. both single images and large video files.


This synchronization option allows you to connect your smartphone to your TV only for viewing images. Only in exceptional cases it will be possible to play video files on the TV screen. To make this connection, you need to ensure that the function is included in the TV itself. If it is not present, then this option of wireless data transfer is not possible.

In some cases the synchronization by any of the above-mentioned wireless methods is impossible. Then there is another option.

How to connect to a Samsung TV through Screen Mirroring

Screen Mirroring is software which is included in Samsung brand televisions. Not all models have this function, but owners of N, M, Q, LS, K, J and F series devices can count on a seamless connection through this technology.

This way of connection works only when pairing smartphones and Samsung TV. The function is not supported on other manufacturers’ mobile devices.

To connect your phone to the TV receiver via Screen Mirroring, you will need:

  • Set up both devices to connect to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Using remote control press “Source” button, and then select “Screen Mirroring” function.
  • Lower the notification curtain on the Samsung smartphone.
  • Activate the same option.
  • Choose a TV to connect.

If everything is done correctly, the smartphone desktop will appear on the TV. The user will be able to run any applications and view any files on the big screen. At the same time it should be noted that depending on the version of the operating system the name of the function in the system curtain can be different. Detailed information about the differences is shown in the instructional video.

How to connect your phone to a Samsung TV set?

In this article we will describe how to connect your phone to a Samsung TV. Let us dwell on each of the available options. Before pointing out step by step how to connect your smartphone to the TV, including Samsung, it is worth to understand what models have the “Screen Mirroring” function.

The “Screen Mirroring” feature allows you to duplicate the screen of a smartphone / tablet from Samsung, without any cables. Thus, all actions performed with the phone/tablet will be displayed on the TV screen.

We would like to point out that not all modern TVs have the above function. If you have a model of the F, J, K and M series, for more accurate information, it is necessary to check the capabilities of your device. You can view this information:

  • opening the user manual, namely the section “Connecting with mobile”, did not find a mention of “Screen Mirroring”. so your device does not support this feature;
  • By contacting Samsung‘s online chat room daily from 9 to 20 (MSC), via a link to the official user support site at https://livechat.support.Samsung.com/Customer/Notice.aspx?Code=-200

Check your smartphone and tablet in the same way. After making sure that your device and mobile devices support the function, go to the settings. We would like to stipulate at once that the function “Screen Mirroring” makes it much easier to pass information, but in its absence there is also an option.

By connecting your smartphone to the TV, what happens on the phone screen is transferred to the TV screen. At first glance, the idea of connecting your smartphone to your TV may seem strange to some, but in fact there may be several reasons for this:

  • If your TV doesn’t have Wi-Fi connectivity, a smartphone connection will fix that problem.- you can turn on the same YouTube clips on your phone, but watch them on the big TV screen;
  • When your smartphone screen is not enough to enjoy the beauty of the pictures, you can examine them in detail by connecting your phone to a TV set;
  • Phone games will look more colorful and comfortable in scale;
  • Movies on a small screen are almost always uncomfortable to watch. Showing a movie on your TV will fix this problem and will also improve the picture and sound quality;
  • It will be more convenient to browse websites for which there is no mobile version;
  • When you show your presentation to others, it’s much more intuitive to transfer it to the big screen.
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There are several ways you can connect your phone to a digital TV set-top box. This can be done through wires or wirelessly (using special programs).

You’ll need an Android phone, a TV set-top box, or a TV with a USB port.

Note that this method is only suitable for watching videos, photos or other files available on the smartphone. In this case it makes no sense to connect the phone to the TV set-top box via USB, because it is easier to connect the phone directly to the TV. The general algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Confirm connection mode on your phone (if needed).
  • On the TV screen the list of folders and files you can enter to watch.

Knowing how to connect your phone to a TV set-top box or TV set via USB, you can watch different files without loading them onto a flash drive.

An equally popular way to connect your phone to a Smart set-top box is via HDMI. As in the previous case, this option is more suitable for direct connection to the TV. There is no need to use the tuner as an “intermediary”.

How to Connect Android Phone to Samsung Smart TV (Fast Method!)

With a direct connection to the TV, you can watch movies, stream games, chat on the Internet, etc. д. Once connected, the picture from the mobile device is sent to the TV screen. But take into account that from the side of the phone must be a different connector. USB-C, Lightning, microUSB or other.

Using MeeCast (over Wi-Fi)

Many people ask how to connect your phone to a digital set-top box via WI-FI. You can use MeeCast, which is supported by some tuners and suitable for devices with Android 5 and higher.0 and higher. This option does not work with all receivers. Here’s how to connect your phone to the set-top box Tiger T2 IPTV PLUS.

  • Download new software and update your receiver via internet. Alternatively, download it in advance and throw it on a flash drive, then insert the drive into the USB slot.
  • Go to Network Setup and select WI-FI network.
  • Specify a password and confirm the data entry.
  • Wait for the connection and try to access the Internet (for example, through YouTube).
  • Go to the MeeCast QR section and read the code with your mobile device.
  • Download the program and, if necessary, allow the download from an outside source.
  • Enter the Devices section and find the tuner to which you want to connect your phone.
  • Click the desired line and connect with the device.

Then you can play videos on the internet and watch them on the big screen. This is an easy way to quickly connect your phone to your TV through a digital set-top box.

WI-FI Direct

Today, many smartphones have a WI-FI Direct option that allows you to give out information. You can use it to send photos, videos, and other data to another device. Before you connect your smartphone to TV without a set-top box, make sure you have the option on your mobile device. Do the following steps:

You can then transfer different files and watch them on the big screen.


Let’s highlight another way to connect to TV through your phone without a set-top box. using DNLA service. To implement the method it is necessary that the TV and the smartphone support this option. To implement it, do the following steps:

  • Launch Android Gallery and locate the desired media file.
  • Enter the menu and click on select player.
  • Click on the name of your TV in the list.

It is also possible to install an additional application to expand its capabilities, for example, Bubble UPnP.

Via Miracast

If the question is how to connect your smartphone to the Smart TV set-top box, use the Miracast capabilities. Do the following steps:

Alternatively, you can use the standard Android option. To do this, enter Settings, then Screen and Wireless Monitor.

In addition to those discussed above, there are other ways to connect your smartphone and TV, but they are used less often.