Create a tablet connection to a computer via USB without problems and wires

Good afternoon, dear readers of my blog! Today we will talk about what options the capabilities of the tablet to the computer via USB. Apple devices with iOS operating system, you will need to preset iTunes. Otherwise, work between devices will be simply impossible. All actions performed with the tablet file system on Android OS are extremely simple and intuitively understandable. Therefore, to master the work on the transfer of information through the standard configuration cable will not be much difficult. On how to configure this type of connection, read below.

Cable for USB connections always comes with the device. Carefully inspect the packaging box from the store and find it. Further, everything is easier simple. connect the computer and tablet via USB cord. One end insert into a suitable connector on the tablet, the other in the slot on the system unit.

The following actions algorithm will confirm the correctness of the connection of the devices:

  • In the lower right corner of the PC monitor, the inscription “Device is ready for use” and “Installing the drivers has been successfully completed”
  • The inscription “Connection is successful” appears on the mobile device screen. Activate it by clicking
  • At the bottom of the tablet screen, the Enable USB Drive button appears
  • Go to My Computer and find a new device by name
  • Click it double pushing a mouse. All files saved on hard disks will open before you
  • Now you can easily copy information from the tablet to the computer and vice versa.

This connection method is the easiest and most reliable. It does not cause difficulties from any, even a novice user, t. to. File sharing with Android is very simple. In this case, the mobile device acts as a simple information storage.

Wireless Tablet and Monitor

Wireless connection type is the most convenient and modern, as there are no cables and there is fast synchronization without delay. Lack of work with wires frees from the search for suitable ports, adapters, adapters and similar.

Two most efficient ways of wireless connection: Wi-Fi and Google Chromecast. There is still all ashare technology, exclusive for Samsung Galaxy gadgets, so it will not overlook in detail.

Via wi-fi

The best option to connect a tablet computer to the monitor. using a wireless network. With the help of it you can completely duplicate a picture with high quality image transmission.

Wireless network can be one of two types: Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi Miracast.

The direct connection function Wi-Fi Direct is most common on tablets running Android operating system. It is important that the monitor and the mobile device are in one wireless network.

Step-by-step actions to use Wi-Fi Direct:

  • Open settings on a tablet computer.
  • Go to “Wireless Connections” or “Wi-Fi”.
  • Press the item “Wi-Fi Direct”. Usually it is from the bottom of the section. If this tab is missing, then the device does not support this function.
  • Move the slider to the active position by turning on the function. On some devices you need to install a check mark instead of switching slider.
  • Now to the screen setting. This should be a display with the menu and the ability to connect to the wireless network. First you need to open settings.
  • Open section “Network” or “Network”.
  • Select the item “Wi-Fi Direct” and click on it.
  • Go to the tablet and using the Wi-Fi function directly find the name of the monitor by connecting to it.

After that, both techniques are instantly synchronized with each other. Since the source of the signal is the mobile device, the monitor will expect a signal while in standby mode. Using direct, you need to choose what to transmit to a large screen. This feature is called “Screen Mirroring”.

Now about Miracst technology. Unlike Direct, Miracast does not require finding in one wireless network. Roughly speaking, the Wi-Fi router with Miracstom is not needed, but both devices must support the connection to the wireless signal. Miracast will be a Wi-Fi point to which you need to connect and get into a single network.

Unfortunately, Miracst technology is supported only on new TVs and less often occurs on separate monitors. As for tablet computers, Miracast is available on new devices and on the flagships of previous years.

Objectively, this feature is the best, and both among wireless connections and taking into account cable connections. Miracst can only pass the image in 4k.

  • Open Screen Settings.
  • Find the item “Wi-Fi Miracast” by including it.
  • Open tablet settings.
  • Select a tab that is named with technology.
  • Activate image duplication function.
  • Tap on the inscription “Start”.
  • Display a list of available networks for connecting. Here you need to find the name of the monitor and join it.
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Miracst is configured and ready to use.

Using chromecast

Chromecast. a small media player device that can connect to a wireless network and play multimedia elements from there.

There is a chromkast inexpensive (up to two thousand) and is a decent alternative to direct connection via Wi-Fi. The device is connected to the HDMI connector.

Through Chromecast, you can reflect the screen of the tablet computer, reproducing on the monitor video, movies, images and games. To enjoy the transmission of a signal in 4K resolution, you can purchase an improved version. Chromecast Ultra.

How to connect the tablet to a computer via Wi-Fi

You can also connect your tablet to a computer using Wi-Fi wireless network. In this case, you will not need a USB, but you have to install a special application on the tablet.

For example, you can use the Wi-Fi File TRANSFER app. The principle of operation of this application is very simple. A small web server is launched on your tablet. With this web server you can manage files on the tablet from any computer that is connected to the same local network.

So, in order to connect the tablet to the computer using the Wi-Fi File Transfer, this program must be started on the tablet, and then click on the “Start” button.

Next, the application will start the web server and inform you its address.

After that, you need to open a browser on any computer (connected to the same local network) and enter the web server address that the Wi-Fi TRANSFER program has been issued. As a result, a small file manager should open in the browser.

With this file manager, you can transfer files from a computer to the tablet and back.

Connection via Wi-Fi Connections

Simpler version does not exist. In particular, if the tablet is not connected to a computer via USB-USB, PIN24-USB (or other).cabel. iPad on Wi-Fi is connected using the same program, but in Android, things are not so easy. So, for normal data transmission there are several options. The easiest of them is to download and install the FTP server. For example, the FTP Server application. The usual version is available for free on Play Market. The program is not unique, but super easy to use. After launch, just need to click the “Start Server” button. True, before use, make sure whether the option “Anonymous User” is active. When the server starts, its address will appear on the display. It must be driven into the address bar of the conductor or create an FTP connection in the file manager (Total Commander, for example). Everything, now you have knowledge, how to connect the tablet to PC, transfer information, as before, but without a lace. For computer I recommend buying UPS, or a well-known UPS. About his advantages is reported by many users.

But if the Android gadget needs to be synchronized, it is necessary to write messenger through it or perform some other actions? In this case, another primitive, but useful program. Airdroid. In order to open all the possibilities, you need to go through the registration process at the invitation of developers and pay a little. True, and a free version will more than satisfy requests for a regular user. Download and install Airdroid from the market. Running the application, you will see the IP address. As a rule:

connect, tablet, computer

Open any browser (IE or Opera) at hand and in the address line enter IP issued by AIR DROID. Specific inteeis will open, allowing you to make a lot of things with your phone, without holding it in the hands and without connecting it to the cable.

Settings on PC

What differences between 3G and 4G networks: features, advantages and disadvantages

Sometimes you need to make specific settings for correctly connecting through the tablet, namely to create a new connection. Often to spend it all just enough. You must perform the following actions:

  • To start work, connect both devices using a wire. In this case, the operating system will independently be installed by installing the necessary software from the device.
  • After that, you need to create and activate a new connection. On PC Open “Control Panel”.
  • In the window click on the “Network and Internet” icon.
  • Go to “Network and Shared Access Center” section.
  • In it, click on “Setting up a new network connection”.
  • In the window that opens, select the “Connection of the Phone Connection” string and confirm.
  • After that, enter the username and password.
  • Press “Connect“.

After performing all actions, if all settings were performed on the tablet earlier, the PC will be able to enter the global network.

There are two ways to activate the Internet on PC. In the first option, you can use the tablet as a wireless connection point. Then there will be good connection speed and often the lack of traffic limits. In the second version, the tablet is used as a modem for mobile communications. In the absence of other ways, this one can be called satisfactory in quality. However, the connection speed will be lower, in addition, it is necessary to monitor the spent traffic due to the fact that it is often possible for cellular operators.

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Podgornov Ilya Vladimirovich’s articles of our site pass the audit of the technical consultant. If you have any questions, you can always set them on his page.

How to connect a tablet to PC via usb

Connecting a tablet to a computer via USB is performed very simply and quickly regardless of the operating system. The following are methods for the two most popular platforms: Android and iOS.


To connect the mobile device on Android, you need a USB cable. If the device is old, then this is a USB Type-B, which can be inserted into the connector only in one position.

If this is a modern device, which has been published in recent years 3, most likely it was supplied with the USB Type-C Wire, which can be inserted in any position.

  • Connect the tablet to PC through the appropriate cable.
  • Select MTP connection mode. If you want to detect the machine as an external drive, you need to select the “USB drive” item.

connect, tablet, computer

To connect the iPad, a corporate Lightning wire is used for Apple mobile devices. To the computer detect the device, it must be installed iTunes latest version. It’s all you need.

Alternative use

When installing an automatic connection with the tablet, information is highlighted not only from the main device, but also with a microSD card connected to it. A variant of using a mobile device as camcorders to PC.

The third common use of the USB connection is charging the tablet through the system unit on the cable. In this case, the tablet (device) is translated into standby mode and all work with information stops until the battery is full.

Attention! To disable the tablet from the systemist, you do not need to just pull the cable from both devices. So you can lose important not saved information and cause failures in the program.

Sometimes, the tablet is connected to a computer in order to use it to control or to flash through the computer.

Those who have no router, USB cable can be used for the Internet. T.E. In fact, the distribution of the wired Internet through a laptop on the tablet.

If the PC does not see the device

Often situations occur when Windows gives an error “Unidentified device” or does not at all react. There may be several reasons.

Check the mode

On all modern gadgets with the pre-installed Android OS, an appropriate confirmation feature is implemented. Most often it automatically pop-ups for the center of the screen or on the notification panel.

Check what parameter work with PC you have installed. If you are a tick in front of the “Charging” item, the laptop will not see files on the tablet. Select a USB drive and wait for drivers. After that, the “My Computer” will display an external removable disk.

Use another wire

Symptoms of a faulty cable, regardless of the species, simple: cord will not charge and transmit information. Visually not always visible damage. But if you carefully try to feed the wire, you can detect exactly where the hall occurred or gap.

Not to waste time repair, use the other wire. If you have an ordinary Micro-USB or Type-C, then it will not be difficult to find it: a cable and a zoom is always supplied to each smartphone and other portable techniques. But the owners of the devices from the “apple” manufacturer are not so lucky.

Check the connectors

Mechanical damage or clogging of the connector. another reason why there is no contact. To check the socket, try to attach a flash drive, smartphone, camera, keyboard. Often the PC contains no USB connector: We recommend trying everything.

We recommend to inspect the nest on the tablet for damage and pollution, how to clean it right yourself read here.

Reload both devices

Sometimes the failure or glitch of the operating system prevents contact. Restart both devices and try to connect.

Disable antivirus or firewall

Antivirus or firewall can block the connection of third-party gadgets. For a while, turn off the antiviral software on both the tablet and on a stationary computer and try to synchronize again.

Install updates

You should not neglect the update of the operating system, because it does not work in most gadgets automatically. Many disable this feature to reduce Internet connection traffic. In this case, we recommend checking for manually updates.

Large manufacturers of tablet PC periodically post new software on the official website. In Windows, even when the automatic loading is discharged, a message about new updates, and everything you need is to give consent to download them.

Reinstall Drivers

Synchronization of the tablet and computer is successful only if the corresponding drivers cost on the latter. If your mobile PC is not defined. the message “Unknown device” appears on the screen or nothing happens at all, then the problem is just in this. Make the following for download:

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“Start”. “Control Panel”. “Device Manager”. “USB Controllers”. “Update Drivers”. “Automatic Search for Updated Drivers”;

After installation, you must restart both devices.

If this procedure does not help, you will have to google and search for drivers manually on the manufacturer’s website.

The difference of USB protocols (1st and 3rd versions are incompatible)

As noted above, there is not one variant of USB protocols, and sometimes there is a conflict of standards. In order to combine the devices of different generations, it is necessary to comply with port compatibility. There are three main versions of protocols: USB 1, 2.0 and 3.0/ It should be remembered that specifications 3.0 Fully compatible with 2.0 and younger, but version 1.0 is not compatible with the 3rd. We recommend using more modern PC.

Problems with firmware

Incorrect operating system update can be a problem when synchronizing devices. The only way out in this situation is to install a suitable firmware and as a result, reset all settings to factory installations. In this case, all personal data will be lost, so you should not flash without creating a backup. How to reflash told here.

connect, tablet, computer

Burned board or controller

If the controller or information exchange fee burned down, then without the help of specialists there is no way to do. Diagnostics are needed and accurate identification of problems in. Independent replacement of the module, without special knowledge and equipment can lead to a deplorable result.

What to do first

Below are actions that will help connect the tablet to PC.

Turn off Antivirus and Vaierolov

Antivirus and Firewall on PC can block any external security connection connections. Most often such a problem occurs at the old version of the OS on the computer.

You can disable firewall and antivirus, opening both, and then making the output.

Restart PC and Tablet and Check

iOS or Android tablet may be subject to a small system error, which is solved by rebooting.

Reload any device regardless of its operating system, you can hold the power button, and selecting the Restart option in the displayed menu.

On a personal computer or laptop this happens much less often, as the architecture is freer, and the hardware components are not so miniature. But still, together with the tablet, it is better to restart and PC.

Tablet Settings

Mobile devices running the Android operating system, after the connection to the computer is detected, reflect the request on the screen in which you want to select how to use the machine.

Some users can close this request or not to notice it, because of which the connection will be interrupted and without starting. Pulling out a USB cord from PC, and inserting it again after a couple of seconds, the request for using the tablet will again appear on the screen.

Check updates or drivers

You can check the Windows updates on the Windows Update Center.

If from there the update is not loaded, you can go to the official site of Microsoft, and download the latest USB drivers for the desired version of the OS. Downloaded file needs to open and start the installation.

This method is effective if the tablet does not see PC, but it is charged from him. Then in the device manager in the properties of the computer, you can see that opposite the USB bus, an exclamation mark symbol in a yellow triangle.

After installing the USB drivers, the symbol must aby, denoting a successful connection.

Change cord

If the reason is in a damaged cord that does not charge the Android device via USB, do not try to repair it.

In any store with mobile devices you can buy a new cable, and both cheap and original option. Obviously, the original cord will last much greater, will not be heated, twisted and t.D.

Hard Reset

Hard Reset is a refund to factory settings. He will delete all user data, and can help solve the problem, because of which the PC does not see the Android tablet.

  • Turn off gadget.
  • Press and hold the inclusion button and decrease the volume (the keyboard key depends on the model).
  • Select “WIPE DATA / Factory Reset”.
  • After resetting and rebooting, select the item “Reboot System Now”.

We flash the tablet official firmware

If all of the above did not help, and the computer does not see the tablet via USB so far, it remains only to reinstall the operating system of the gadget to officially supported. Also this is the only option in the case of a custom or not supported version.

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