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Frequent question: how to connect the sega console to modern TV through the antenna?

Connecting to TV via AV Login (In this case, the color rendering and the graphic image will be the best)

  • Insert the AV Cable Combi-Plug in AV Output Consoles located on the rear panel.
  • Insert the yellow cable AV plug into the video input, and the white plug in the audio input of the TV.
  • Translate TV to AV mode.

How to connect dendy junior to tv?

Connect the TV antenna to the Antenna Switch TV slot, and connect the switch with an antenna jack of the TV. Television Cable Connect the GAME Socket and Antenna Socket (TV / VHF) Cable. Turn the antenna switch to the GAME position.

Connecting to TV via AV Login (In this case, the color rendering and the graphic image will be the best)

  • Insert the AV Cable Combi-Plug in AV Output Consoles located on the rear panel.
  • Insert the yellow cable AV plug into the video input, and the white plug in the audio input of the TV.
  • Translate TV to AV mode.
  • 1 What television panels come?
  • 2 Features of consoles
  • 3 Connection Methods 3.1 HDMI
  • 3.2 HD AV Cable
  • 3.3 S-Video
  • 3.4 VGA HD AV Cable
  • 3.5 Scart Adapter

Acquiring a new entertainment console, you need to attach it to the TV. How to connect xbox correctly? This can be done in different ways, but for this you will need adapters and converters.

Connection via Port AV

Even a TV, designed to receive a digital signal, has analog connectors in its configuration. In addition to the console, in turn, an AV wire with a “tulip” type plugs for transmitting the beep and broadcast pictures from the console. AV input may be present in the TV case. it is located on the side or on the back of the case, is indicated by input. Looks like such a block as located in a row Colored connectors, among which there is white and yellow. It is on this basis that the plugs are connected in the future. to confuse them quite difficult.

Procedure when connected via AV cable looks like this:

  • The SEGA Prefix Power Supplies is inserted into the network, the wire from it with the plug must be connected to the connector on the console. It is located on the corps of the back. Before connecting to the network, you should make sure that the power button is not pressed, is in the off position.
  • Connect the AV cable to the connectors, first on the console, then on the TV. To broadcast sound in mono mode, only a white plug is needed, yellow is responsible for the transfer of a video clip on video channel.
  • Turn on the game console and TV, you need to wait for the loading of devices and make sure that the game cartridge is inserted correctly.
  • On the remote, it is necessary to enable AV / AV1 receiving mode. Modern TVs allow you to do this in 1 touch.
  • In the left side of the console, you can connect the joystick with the Start button. It is basic, used to select the menu items.
  • Run the game, you should make sure that the sound and the picture are passed correctly. In the absence of an image, you can try to search through the channels to detect what receives a signal from the SEGA console.

If the usual AV jack is not detected, you can use a component entrance when presented.

Such a module has from 5 and more connected connectors. Here you need to find a nest with the mark Y, where the yellow plug is inserted to transmit video alarm, and L to transfer sound from the console. On the SEGA case, the cable is connected to similar connectors. White in audio, yellow in video entrance.

SCART. contact group in which there are already all components for receiving audio or video signal. To her, too, can be connected to the Prefix SEGA, but you will need an adapter. It is inserted directly to the SCART connector and use as a splitter to connect an external analog device. Search the right socket should be on the posterior wall of the television panel.

Determine what scheme it will be possible to connect an AV cable connection, only by samples and errors. Manufacturers of different brands of modern television equipment do not seek to facilitate the life of users. We use the switching algorithms between video inputs may noticeably vary, to determine the appropriate option is unlikely to succeed.

What is “Dandy

“Dandy” is a prefix with one or two joysticks. Special cartridges served carriers. This is a microcircuit, closed in a plastic case, which wore a recorded game. In the era of insufficient Internet in order to play something new, the cartridges with neighbors or friends were relevant.

Connected prefix through cables directly to the TV. And the game itself was carried out with the help of one or two joysticks equipped with buttons.

connect, sega, modern, prefix

How to choose a prefix

The main criterion when choosing TV-box is the support of the built-in DVB-T2 tuner, through which digital television in Russia is broadcast. As a rule, almost all devices presented in the market are equipped with. But just in case it is recommended to clarify the moment, having studied the characteristics or contacting the seller a consultant.

Also important factor is the presence of the necessary connectors. After all, external devices are connected to old TVs to one protocol, and to new. on a completely different. In more detail about what connectors are equipped with average consoles, we will also tell. In the meantime, focus on another important moment.

So, for sure, everyone knows that TV broadcast can be carried out in the format of different permission. Essential TV operators are SD with a fairly mediocre picture, but cable, satellite and interactive providers are ready to offer an image in the resolution of HD, FullHD and even Ultra HD. The higher the permission, the better the picture on the screen is displayed. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the purchased prefix supports high standard.

connect, sega, modern, prefix

Now let’s talk about the criteria that distinguishes the usual digital consoles from Smart consoles. This is the presence of a built-in operating system (for example, Android TV) and connecting to the Internet. In such functions, there are no need to have the need for older generation, but the overwhelming majority of people they will not seem unnecessary. Yes, Smart consoles stand just more expensive, but they are worth.

Finally, do not forget to determine the budget that you are willing to allocate on the purchase of equipment. Someone is ready to lay out 1-2 thousand, and then you will have to do the easiest console with DVB-T2, but without the Internet and other smart chips. But in the case of a more impressive amount of up to 5 thousand and, perhaps, even higher, should be supervised to the SMART TV segment devices.


It is not subject to warranty service of a product that have mechanical damage (faults, cracks), which have lost its transport (stickers, strong pollution, scratches), with signs of independent repairs or maintenance in foreign removal organizations (with impaired enclosure seal). Free warranty repair does not apply to jackets and network adapters.

Smart TV and Android TV Box are amazing devices that give almost unlimited possibilities. This time, I will show you from any SMART TV / TV Box to make a game console (Sega, Sega Dreamcast, Dandy, Nes, Sony Playstation, and.) without additional equipment.

In order to get a game console on the usual hardware from TV, we do not need to change the firmware, dance with the tambourine in fact, everything is much easier! This instruction is suitable for all devices and no matter what you have a TV model or console.

How to connect Sega Mega Drive 2 to a modern TV?

To do this, click the “Source” button on the television remote. The source list will be displayed. Select “AV”. Click the Enter button. 4 Make sure the external device is powered by and it works. 5 If all of the above actions were executed, a signal from an external device will be displayed on the TV screen.


Standardly included with the prefix comes cable RF, which is connected to an antenna connector on the TV.

Remember that you can connect and turn off the antenna only when the device is turned off!

Connection itself is as follows:

After that, the game should appear on the screen, the cartridge from which you installed in the console.

AV cable

If you want to achieve the best image quality, use instead of the standard RF cable AV (low-frequency) cable. With it, it is switched to the consoles with a TV not using an antenna connector, but through the video input.

Additional equipment setup In this case, it is not required: you need to simply connect two devices using a cable, and then go to the TV to AV mode.

If there is no AV output from the TV, but there is a SCART connector, use a special adapter.