Connecting two computers to the Internet. Scheme, description, example

We have a banal, but the actual task, as well as for all those who have two computers, but only one dedicated line for trimmer connected to the Internet. The task of how to connect two computers to the Internet. In addition, it will be important for us and the economic components, that is, the low cost of the equipment for connecting two computers to the Internet and since we live in the nominally civilized world, then decency. What have a decency when connecting the Internet?! I think you will understand by the end of this 1 way to connect two computers to one internet line.

Analysis of the existing equipment market indicates that one of the simplest and cheapest way is the connection of two computers to the Internet through the SWITCH (Desktop Switch), its value begins on 12 and it will be necessary to just two connecting 8-core network wires. The photo provides equipment for connecting two computers to the Internet from one selected line.

Immediately I will give the connection by which the connection of two computers and an incoming cable with the Internet should occur.

We connect the switch to the power supply and see on the front panel flashing indication indicating the activity of connections

The switch is actually a device with which you can access the Internet on one line, but only if you are given two IP addresses, while the home network is not organized, that is, computers will not be able to “see” each other. Most of the providers for the additional address take extra charge. Originally configuring an Internet connection on one and on the second computer, we will get an error on one of them, which will indicate us that there are two computers that refer to one IP. The fact is that the provider server “sees” two different computers with the same settings, key criterion allowing or no computer to the Internet is the actual network address stitched in a network card, which is individual for each card and the corresponding computer. And even rather the connection criteria. This is only the prescribed address of only one network card on the provider server at the same time and no more. Physical address You can view clicking on the network icon (two computers) right below, then the Support tab. Next button “Details”

Now if you still decided to connect your two computers in this way you need to replace the actual network address to the virtual, which will be issued for the actual, while replacing it adjusting to the first computer, thereby seeking to be disguised as it and, accordingly, access the Internet. Rewrite the address from the first computer and install the same on the second computer. Change the actual network address can be changed with this program “TMACV5_R3”. In the program, in the “Enter the network address below. ENTER NAME. “Drive the desired and click on the” Change. CHANGE NOW “.

Then at the top of the window, choose the connection with the address we need

Now about the very decency, developing our idea of ​​substitution of the actual network address, we continue to fantasize in this direction and get the following picture. In the event that you know anyone or actually the network address and the fact that this subscriber is paid for the Internet, even if you disable your internet, you can always change it on your computer to the address paid by the client and access the Internet unless of course you have one provider. But it is not necessary to rejoice so much, because providers can easily track all your game and if you still have been paid for Internet traffic and you are playing, it’s still like that you can close your eyes, then in the absence of payment and connection to the Internet it is already pulling on fraud. Additionally, I wanted to notice that if the provider assumes an IP connection with any band in the Internet settings, then there is no need for any program. Everyone legally, we prescribe different IP on different computers in this range, which will solve the problem. In addition, I wanted to say that some providers connect and control customer computers are not on Mac, which also makes the use of this program useless.

How to connect 2 computers to the Internet through the Svish

If you plan to connect only two computers to the Internet, you just need to purchase a network cable of the desired length. If there are more such computers, it is reasonable to buy a switch (network hub). Whatever way you choose, network settings will remain unchanged. The difference will be only in the location of the local network. Select a computer that will distribute the Internet channel between other PC or laptops. This PC must at least have a minimum of two ports for connecting a network cable. If we are talking about a homemade or small office network, it is the most reasonable to use the most powerful computer for this purpose, which will be included most of the time. This is a prerequisite, because by turning off the computer server, you turn off the Internet connection for all other devices. Connect a provider cable to one network card, and connect the other with a network hub. To the last, in turn, connect all other computers or laptops using network cables for this. Set up an Internet connection on the first computer. Go to the properties of this connection, select the “Access” tab and allow the use of this connection to the Internet to all Local Network Computers. Open LAN settings. Find the “IP address” field and enter it It is better to use this address, because it will save you from Internet access problems from other PC. Open the LAN settings on other computers. Fill in the following fields with the corresponding values:. IP address: 192.168.0.M, where m is in the interval from 2 to 250;

Configuring the Internet connection of several computers is a very interesting process. The fact is that you can come up with a lot of options for such a local network. Let’s focus on the most popular examples.

Consider the options for creating a network using a switch (network hub). In the first case, we will get a local network in which all computers will receive Internet access, but not at the same time.

Connect the Internet connection cable to the network hub. Connect all LAN computers with the same device. Configure an Internet connection in accordance with the requirements of your provider. How to do it. you better know. Spend a similar setting for all other computers. Considering the fact that you cannot log in simultaneously with several computers, Internet access will be only one of them. Plus, you can change the computer at any time on which the Internet connection will be available. Now consider the option of creating synchronous Internet access from all network computers. In addition to the Svitche, you will need an additional network card (if there is no one). Select the most powerful computer and install the second network adapter in its system unit. Connect the Internet cable to the first network card, and the second connect with a network hub. Connect the rest of the laptops or computers to this device. Set up an Internet connection on the first computer. Open the properties of this connection and go to the “Access” menu. Activate the item allowing the rest of the network computers to use this Internet connection. The second network adapter will automatically receive an IP address Open the network connection settings on any other computer. Go to TCP / IP Protocol properties. Go to the “IP address” field. Enter Press the Tab button twice to go to the “Main Gateway” field. Enter, click Tab and fill out this field similarly to the previous one.

Repeat the algorithm described in the seventh step, replacing the last segment in the “IP address” field. Now you have access to the Internet from all computers at the same time. Note that the first PC must be enabled.

In most cases, providers deliberately create users those conditions under which the latter has to be used by the maximum number of services. For example, if your homes have two or three computers, you will be offered to connect PC to the Internet separately. And naturally, you will have to pay for each access point. Spending huge and not justified. Fortunately, there are cheaper and reasonable options to connect several computers to the Internet.

Choose the main computer. Ideally, it should be the PC, and not a laptop, because the switch will be connected to it. It is desirable that it was the most powerful of home computers. Connect the computer to the main port of the Switch (if any) with the RJ-45 network cable. All other PCs or laptops Connect to the same switch through the remaining ports.

Go to the settings of the local main computer network that appears. Open TCP / IPv4 Protocol Settings. Specify the IP address of this computer

In the same paragraph on other computers, specify the IP addresses of the 192 format.168.0.X, where x. an arbitrary non-repeating number. In the future, the number of each computer on the network will be the last digit in the IP address. In the “Preferred DNS server” and “Main Gateway” fields, enter Open your internet connection properties on the main computer. Go to the “Access” tab and allow the use of this Internet connection to your new local network.

Disconnect Windows Firewall and all sorts of firewalls installed on the main computer.

In the modern world, no one will surprise anyone at home of a computer or laptop. And even several such devices are not a luxury, but forced measure. And naturally, in such a situation, users want to create a miniature home network. It will facilitate data exchange between computers, and sometimes even can open access to the Internet at once for all devices on the local network. In such situations, a device called “Svitch” comes to the rescue.


Very often there is a need to perform a layout for the home network from the Internet access devices. Solve the problem is very simple because you need to purchase a router, set it up and connect all devices to it. In this case, the cable crimping is necessary. There are two exits from this situation: to contact a specialist or perform the crimp yourself. The crimping of the network cable is inexpensive, but in some cases it is unprofitable because you need to adapt and wait for the arrival of the specialist.

Types of twisted pair

A twisted pair is a special cable consisting of a certain amount of copper wires in the shell, and they are twisted with each other in a certain way. Wires twisted in a certain way to eliminate their influence on each other. Twisted steam applies to data transmission. The network cable connects to devices through special connectors using connectors.

Ethernet cable can be protected without it. The protective shell is made of aluminum foil or shell (braids). Protection can be of two types: common and pair. The overall protection applies to the entire cable, and pairwise only for each pair. The network wire can be divided into several types:

Types of network cables with UTP labels (unshielded) or FTP (shared screen from foil) can be used indoors. If you want to pave communications on the street, you should apply SF / UTP cable. If the Internet wire is paired together with an electrical cable, it is necessary to apply STP or S / STP, which provide for the protection of each pair and a double screen (length of more than 100 m). S / FTP cable (Each pair and cable itself) is intended for use in high noise.

Each ethernet cable veins may consist of one (single-core) or sets (stranded) conductors. Single-core wires are bad, but have improved characteristics affecting the signal transmission distance. They are better crimped, fixed and practically wondered. Network cable whose veins consist of one conductor applied to connect online sockets.

Category and protective shell

Very important category of twisted pair. To connect to the Internet or communications for the computer network, use a category not below SAT5. In exceptional cases, SAT6 and SAT6A will suit. Categories are knocked out on the shell. There are 7 types of categories for twisted pairs:

  • I. 1 pair (bandwidth 0.1 MHz): applied in telephone communication.
  • II. 2 (1 MHz): Networks with data transfer speed up to 4 Mbps.
  • III. 4 (16 MHz): 10 and 100 Mbps.
  • IV. 4 (20 MHz): up to 16 Mbps.
  • V. 4 (100 MHz): 100 Mbps (2 pairs are used).
  • VE. 4 (125 MHz): 100 Mbps (2 pairs) and 1 Gb / s (4 pairs).
  • VI. 4 (250 MHz): from 1 to 10 Gb / s.
  • VII. 4 (600 MHz): shielded to 10 Gbps.

Twisted pair is still distinguished by the shape and color of the shell. Normal Type of Network Wire. Gray Shell. Orange (bright red) The color of the shell suggests that the network wire does not support burning. The last type of wire makes sense to apply in places subject to fire. In addition, twisted pairs are flat and round. They do not differ in technical specifications.

Ethernet cable consists of 2 (4 wires) or 4 (wires) steam. At a speed of up to 100 Mbps, you can use 2 pairs. If the data transfer rate, which is in the range of 100 Mbps to 1 Gbit / s (1000 Mbps), should be used all 8 wires (pairs). When designing a home network or connecting to the Internet, these features should be taken into account. It is better to go straight to 4 pairs, because with an increase in the speed of information transmission over 100 Mbps you have to drag the cable again.

How to connect 2 computers to the Internet through one router | Do everything yourself.

The question of connecting multiple computers to one access point is now extremely relevant. Many more closely have a lot of computer or laptop, and by itself, pay the provider for connecting any of them to the Internet I do not want anyone. Solve this picking is allowed with the help of a switch or Wi-Fi routers. Routher settings will be different for different providers, but the general moments and nuances are still present.


To begin with, it is necessary to prefer a router. If you are going to connect two computers, and not laptops, then you absolutely pretty will be the router with 3-4 LAN ports (smaller does not happen) and the lack of probability of creating a Wi-Fi access point.

Configure Internet Access Point in Router. As you yourself understand, because of the large model range of these devices, it is impossible to write an accurate instruction for setting up the router. But there are highlights and items that should be considered when configuring this equipment.- Login and password are required to coincide with your standard connection.- The type of data transfer must be similar to the one that uses the provider.- Strictly install a difficult password to access the router.- Set the static or dynamic IP address on the router, depending on the requirements of the provider.

Connect the Internet cable to WAN-port on the router. Connect all other computers in free LAN ports on the router with network cable support.

If your router only supports one direct connection to a computer via a network cable, purchase a Wi-Fi computer adapter. Set for it drivers and software, later, connect to the router on Wi-Fi wireless channel.

How to connect a computer to the Internet

It is difficult to submit the current computer without stable and properly connected to the Internet. the owner of a computer A, who has no access to the network, is experiencing a lot of inconvenience, and in effect if you have a computer. not connected to the network, you can easily fix this atmosphere. Configuring the Internet in the Windows XP operating system is quite primitive, and it allows you not only to connect one computer to the Internet. but also combine several computers in the local network.


To connect to the network, the computer must be equipped with a network card. If you want to connect to a computer in some more machines, the second network card must be installed on it.

Configure the Internet while in the manager account. Open Start and go to the Control Panel. After that, open the “Network and Internet Connections” section. In the window that opens, select “Network Connections”. Select the desired connection from the list and right-click on it, and then select Properties.

In the Properties window, click the “Extension” tab and on the Universal Access Connection tab, check the line from the line “Allow other users to use the Internet connection from this computer A”. Also install the checkbox at the “Install the Call on Demand” string. Make sure all methamozes.

Your network card will be assigned a local IP address, as well as a subnet mask order to connect to the Internet, every other computer. United into the network with a computer OM-server, configure it by entering the manager’s account.

In the control panel of the second computer, and open the network connections section and right-click on the local network connection, in order to call properties.

In the properties, open the “Universal” tab and then call the TCP / IP Internet Protocol Properties. Set the “Get IP address mechanical”, click OK. You can also set the IP address manually. if the address of the main computer and, then the address of the second computer and will be further. Click OK and close the Control Panel.

Also for connecting to the network, you can run a mechanical internet connection wizard. Available in network connections in the control panel.

How to connect two computers to the Internet via router

In order to have the probability of accessing the Internet from every computer at home, you need to make a local network. And especially the best option today is the application for this purpose of the router (router). In order not to drag the wires around the apartment, connecting the network devices, rationally have a router with wireless inteeis Wi-Fi. It is correct and if your computers do not have a Wi-Fi module. It is allowed to buy adding in the form of a PCI card or a USB module. To connect computers to the Internet, do the following:


Connect to the WAN port of the router cable of your provider.

Connect the computer to the router cable by combining its network card with the LAN connector of the router.

Connect the router and the computer to the electrical network and turn them on.

Configure a router to purchase the Internet. To do this in the browser, enter the address of the router. Let’s say http: // / and log in by entering login and password. Address router. Login and password can be different depending on the manufacturer of the device, and allow them to learn from the documentation for the router. Setting up in accordance with the recommendations of your provider and the manufacturer of the router. Later settings reboot the router. Make sure that the computer connected to it got access to the Internet, going to any site.

Set the wireless connection on the router in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Connecting to a router using a network cable (LAN)

Everything is very simple. Take a network cable, one end connect to a router into one of the LAN connectors (they are signed by the LAN, or home network). And the second end of the cable is connected to the computer’s network card. It looks like this:

If you connect a laptop to a router, then we do everything in the same way. One end of the cable to the router, and the second to the laptop network card:

That’s all connection. If the router is turned on, the computer immediately must respond to the connection to the router. Changes the status of the connection in the tray (in the lower right corner).

If the Internet is connected to the router, and it is already configured, then most likely the connection icon will be:

It means that everything is fine, and the Internet is already working.

And if the router is not yet configured (you are just going to configure it). Or there are some problems in the computer settings, the connection status will be with a yellow exclamation mark. And without access to the Internet. Internet on the computer will not work.

If the Internet from this router on other devices works normally, and on the computer that we connected without access to the Internet, then you need to check the IP and DNS settings for connecting to a local network.


Good afternoon. Yes, such a scheme is quite working. Already I did it again, and now I checked everything again. You have a computer (I understand the stationary, not a laptop), which is connected to Wi-Fi network. If it has a network card, you can connect another computer using a network cable, and configure the bridge between the wireless connection and the local network connection. It turns out that the first computer will be divided into an Internet connection with the second computer.

Connect computers with a network cable. I used the usual network cable that comes with a router. You can make such a network cable with your own hands. I did everything on laptops, so it turns out something like this:

On the computer that is connected to the Wi-Fi network, you need to open the “Network Connections” window (Win R. NCPA command.CPL).

Clear Ctrl. Select two connections: Wireless Network and Ethernet (This is the name in Windows 10, in Windows 7 differently). Click one adapter with the right mouse button and select “Setting the Bridge”.

Now computers are connected using a network bridge. Use sharing wireless connectivity.

This is how easily you can connect the PC, or the laptop to the Internet from another computer, which in turn is connected to the Wi-Fi network. Bridge mode in Windows works less stable. I think you will succeed.

How to use Bluetooth to connect a computer to the Internet?

Connect the iPhone to a laptop to distribute the Internet and via Bluetooth. This is done as follows:

Go to the “Bluetooth” section in “Settings” iPhone.

Switch the Bluetooth toggle switch to active position.

iPhone will start searching devices for pairing.

Activate Bluetooth on PC. If the laptop is equipped with a corresponding module, the wireless adapter icon will be in the system tray (at the right bottom of the screen).

Click on the Bluetooth icon with right-click and select “Open Parameters”.

In the “Bluetooth Settings” section, check the box next to “Allow Bluetooth devices to detect this computer”.

Once again, click on the Bluetooth icon in the system tray and in the menu that appears, select the option “Add device”.

So you run the search procedure on your computer.

After the PC finds the iPhone and the pairing will be installed, you can enter the Internet through the browser on the computer.


The connection diagram you described is very strange. Probably even wrong.

You need to put one modem. Preferably TP-LINK TD-W8961ND. Near one computer, or how do you get there. It all depends on the location of computers, the padded telephone cable and T. D. And already from the modem to connect the Internet to two computers. Using a network cable.

Options are actually a lot. If you put an ADSL modem near one computer, the Internet can be connected to it with a network cable (which was complete with a modem). And to the second computer you can pave a network cable. If there is such an opportunity. Network cable you need long lengths can be made and any store. Or you can do. According to this (using a special tool), or this (using a screwdriver) instructions.

Or buy for the second computer Wi-Fi adapter. Then the cable will not need. TP-LINK TD-W8961ND, or TP-LINK TD-W8151N distributes Wi-Fi. So the second computer can be connected via Wi-Fi network. And if you like this option, you can take adapters for both PC, and make a modem somewhere in the corridor (near the outlet).



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Windows 10. All instructions for configuring the Internet and solving problems

Setting up router. Instructions for different models and manufacturers

Useful programs. To configure Hotspot, Wi-Fi, 3G / 4G modems. Login to the router or modem settings.

Connecting a computer to the Internet via the local network

Connecting a computer to the Internet via a modem, via a local network, through another computer and through a router, how to configure Internet connection and network setting between computers.

Connecting two computers to the Internet

We reviewed in the previous article Connecting two computers with each other through the local network, but if we need to connect two computers to the Internet, it will not go one cable. For wired connections, there are two solutions that will be described in detail below, the first is the Internet connection through another computer and the second, connecting via the modem that the number of network inputs is more than one. You can of course via Wi-Fi but talk about the wireless network in another article. Here we will consider only the setting and connection, and I will talk about the following items in the following article.

If we want to connect one or more PC to the Internet through one, we must make one to the main server. So far forget about other computers and start understanding the server. The system is this, the Internet from the modem must enter and exit the main PC, for this we need two network cards, one as usually built on the motherboard and the other if not available, then you can buy, it costs quite a bit somewhere one of one 5 dollars, Speed ​​does not depend on the price so do not chase for expensive goods. What kind of card it is to use as the main thing that does not matter, the main thing is not to be confused one on the other. After the installation is properly installed, the Start folder content → Setup → Control Panel → Network connections should look like this:

Next, we make an Internet connection via a modem, connecting the Internet cable to any of the network cards. If the Internet provider provides you with automatic IP addresses, the Internet will work 5-30 seconds, but suddenly you need static IP addresses and you do not have them, learn from the provider itself. Address change instructions See further. To enter the IP settings, the right click on the connection, properties → Internet protocol → Properties, select the use of the following IP address, and put the IP you need, save, I do not need a reboot.

After a successful connection to the Internet in the folder, we note this change of the icon of that connected. otherwise it will be so or remain without change. So, the Internet is already available, connect another computer over the network using a network cable through the second server network card, the correct connection of two computers with each other on the network, see the previous article. Now in order to allow other PC to use the Internet connection of this server, you need to use the Optional Map properties in the Advanced tab, put a checkbox to allow others to use, below to allow others to control I advise you not to put it, since you are a server for you security.

If you did everything correctly according to the instructions, then everything should work perfectly. Connecting to the Internet of two computers is ready with each other, but keep in mind that when the computer is the server, turned off, then another PC will not. If this is a problem for you, then use the following method.

The first method is suitable for connecting through a regular modem with one output and excellent for large networks, Internet clubs and so on, it can all use the Internet, but to configure it only one administrator, but if you have a small home network you can use The modem is steeper, a modem with a built-in router, as usual they support up to 4 network connections, and configure the PC is very easy, all PC needs to be configured alone, as written at the beginning of the article.

LAN connection to the Internet

If you need to connect a large number of computers to the network and the Internet, you need additional network equipment, and specifically, a router with a certain number of connectors or more routers with standard quantities 10 connections. But here the automatic IP addresses will not rise in order to connect to the Internet via the local network to configure correctly need to carefully repeat further instructions. First, you will configure the server how to connect it to the Internet we already know, go to the properties of the second network card, and write IP addresses as shown below:

To not be mistaken using the following IP address:

After saving the parameters, connect the router to the server, and then connect the rest of the PC.

The rest of the computers write the same IP addresses with the exception of the first, because two computers with the same IP address are not compatible on the network, only the first included. So in the first line IP address: 172.20.thirty.254, change the last digit.254 on 1, on 2 and so on. Do not forget that on the network the same names are also not compatible, it is better to change on comp1, comp2 as IP. Well, the name of the working group should be the same, you can read about it here.

If you have different operating systems on computers, Windows XP, 7 or even Windows 8, do not be mistaken, all of them on the network work on the same principle.

I tried to describe how to describe how to configure the connection over the local network and connecting to the Internet through the local network if you are new to and before you did not understand this, I know exactly what you are satisfied. But still if you have any questions, write me to E-mail Burdianov @ I will gladly help you.