How to connect tulip to LG TV?

On individual TVs there may be no tulip connector. In this case, it will be necessary to use the adapter. It can be SCART. RCA and HDMI. RCA, VGA SVGA. RCA and other options. Thus, if necessary, connect the bells to absolutely any TV or monitor.

That side on which the SCART connector, the cord is inserted into the player, and where the “tulips” is in the TV. On one side of the component cable there are five plugs. They must be connected to the DVD player, following the color marking. Three of them are responsible for the picture and two. for the sound.

How to connect a digital console to the TV

Digital console connection scheme is quite simple, if on the TV, and on the console there are appropriate connectors. Most often in their quality f-connectors or “tulips” as most of them are called. However, better quality pictures can be achieved if you use HDMI connectors. But they are only in new models of TVs.

But there are old TVs in which the entrance is not provided for “tulips”. But they have SCART connectors. Then you can use this connector to connect the console to the TV. And it is not necessary to look for a scheme how to replace the “tulips” on SCART, for this you just need to buy a cable with different connectors or adapter. And the one and the other option is not so difficult to find in our stores.

It is more difficult if the TV is completely old, a kinescope, in which there is no connection for additional devices, except the entry for the antenna. The modulated high-frequency signal falls into this input. But here the scheme of a special adapter will not need. You just need to purchase a modulator where there are inputs for RCA connectors.

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Is it possible to connect a digital console to the old TV?

To connect digital television to the old TV often used SCART cable. from the TV side is also equipped with 3 wires of yellow, red and white. But from the side of the console. only one. You must also perform the connection when the technique is turned off.

The process of connecting a digital console to a new TV

  • Disconnect the TV power cord from the outlet and do not connect it until you complete the connection of all devices;
  • By cable, connect the antenna to the decoder through the antenna entry;

How to set up a digital console for receiving 20 digital television channels

Consider the whole process of debugging and checking the quality of the signal from the console and antenna.

Instructions for setting up TV channels on the prefix DVB-T2

You can find free channels in automatic or manual mode. The first is simpler and fast. Manual use when automatic does not cope with the task.

First consider the easiest way:

    On TV Switch to video mode. The menu of the connected console must be loaded. In the setup wizard (should appear if you have turned on the prefix for the first time and did not yet be set it up).

Wait for a while while the prefix finds all the channels

If this mode of searching channels did not work, use manual mode:

  • Go to the Prefix menu to search section. Highlight the “Manual Search” item.
  • Click on OK to start the process.

How to set up local channels on a digital console

Many people complain that with the transition to digital TV they disappeared with local channels. So that they appear again in the list, you need when setting up (before starting the automatic search), select the search for immediately and analog, and digital channels, that is, put the value of DTV-T / DTV-T2.

Federal channels that already exist in the “digit” can later exclude from analog TV, but the local regional from the analog will not be removed.

connect, receiver, which, support, digital

Wireless connection. if it were not for one “but”

Some models have the option of the wireless connection of Bluetooth rear speakers or subwoofer, and sometimes. and other components. Very convenient. you do not need to pull long cables, hide them into the plinth or box. But there is also a back. “Blue tooth” can be swirling in an apartment or a country house Wi-Fi.

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In mathematics of primary classes, they taught that the amount of the terms did not change. But modern technique works on more complex principles. Answers to questions how to connect a home theater to a TV, and how to perform an opposite connection, not at all the same. We understand what the difference.

Search for available channels

How to set up a digital television console to TV has already been determined, now proceed to finding all available channels. The most affordable method is to activate autocatting. We act as follows:

  • go in the receiver menu using the appropriate key on the remote control;
  • Select the section “Search channels”;
  • In the menu that opens, select the autopoysk and launch it;
  • The procedure takes a few minutes, after which we save the result.

If the number of channels found complies with the declared, the setting is considered to be fully completed. In a situation where there are not enough definite broadcasts, it is better to try to search for them manually, be sure to check the position of the antenna.

If after all manipulations of certain channels and not, and the connection is made correctly, then we restore the basic settings on the console. Next, re-launch the search.

How to connect free digital television to TV through different types of receivers

Digital signal, the transfer of which is carried out by transformation through a television console, can proceed from different receivers. Before connecting the TV tuner to the TV, it should be sorted out about which of the three types of receivers is speaking, and consider each of them.

Helpful advice! If you compare the antennas for the ether, then satellite broadcasting is universal. At the same time, in order to receive signals of different formats, it is enough to simply connect the receiver to the reflector using a new head.

Meter Range Antenna. This is the oldest device for receiving a television signal, so the broadcast occurs exclusively in analog format. This type of broadcasting in early time will cease to exist, giving way to digital television. Since RTRD repeaters are far installed far from everywhere (in particular, they are missing in distant cities of small-free points), analog broadcasting has yet to demand from the population. Although there are only 10 channels, television in analog format, thanks to widespread, is available almost everywhere.

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Antenna of decimeter broadcasting. a later generation receiver, so it can already be used to receive digital channels. According to the design and dimensions, such an antenna is similar to the receiver for analog broadcasting. It can safely serve to take high resolution ether, and completely free. It should be noted that digital television appeared relatively recently, so all channels are available yet. To enjoy a digital repeater, you should figure out how to connect the amplifier to the TV.

In order to properly connect the prefix to find out the view of the receiver

Plate for receiving a signal from a satellite. Such an antenna is used to receive both digital DVB-S2 and analog signal. Broadcasting from the satellite is carried out on gigahertz frequencies, so the signal can be caught at any point of the country because it is available.

Features of models

LG produces huge series and family of televisions that do not differ among themselves. Even the guidelines of users are alone for dozens of different models. Therefore, no significant differences in configuring one or another TV from this brand you will not find.

Here is such a list of 30 family families on the title page of one of the manuals

How to connect an AV receiver to a computer?

At first glance, the complex question of the AV receiver connection to PC is actually solved simply. The most important condition is the availability of video cards with HDMI support. It is almost all modern devices. In this case, the connection occurs according to the scheme:

If there is no HDMI connector, then you can use a special adapter with DVI on HDMI.

connect, receiver, which, support, digital

Using the “HDMI IN” connectors on the AV receiver can be connected to another equipment. As can be seen, everything is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance. However, if there is still no time for these manipulations or you want one hundred percent to ensure the absence of an error during switching and adjusting the equipment, it is always possible to resort to a specialist.