How to connect the set-top box correctly

Before installing the set-top box, make sure that the 3RCA-3RCA connecting cable is included in the package. Also make sure you have the correct input on your TV. There is no red “tulip” on older models, in this case it is not used. Also, some in some TV models only have a SCART input. In this case, you need to additionally purchase a SCART-RCA adapter, because it is usually not included in the set-top box.

Connect the set-top box to the TV with the above cable, then connect the terrestrial antenna to the set-top box. Connect the set-top box to the power supply, the green indicator on the receiver should light up. Wait 5-10 seconds, because it takes some time to turn on the set-top box.

Now you need to switch your TV to video input mode. To do this, press the appropriate button on the TV remote control. It can be called “AV”, “TV / AV”, “SOURCE”, “INPUT” or indicated by an arrow pointing inside an oval or circle. If there are several video inputs on the TV, you need to press the button several times, as a result, the setup menu should appear on the screen. In most cases, it looks like this:

If the menu appears on the screen, you need to press the “OK” button on the remote control from the STB, the search for channels will start, after which the STB will be ready for operation. If the menu does not appear, make sure that all the previous settings are correct: the set-top box is turned on (the green indicator is on), the connecting wires are connected correctly (do not confuse the input and output on the TV).

If the channel search did not return any results, or if not all channels were found, you need to check the antenna and connections. Very often the cause of poor reception is poor contact in the antenna plug or the short circuit of the central core to the braid. How to properly tune the antenna, you can read in the article “Installing and configuring the antenna”.

How to use the prefix

If the setup of the set-top box turned out to be successful, then you need to master the basic nuances of using the receivers. Please note that switching channels and adjusting the volume is done with the remote control from the set-top box, the remote control from the TV is also needed to turn it on and off. The set-top box, in order to extend its service life, also needs to be turned off and on, but with the remote control from the set-top box.

You can switch channels on the set-top box in different ways: by digital buttons; using the “up” and “down” buttons (next to the “OK” button); or by pressing the “OK” button, then selecting a channel from the list and then pressing the “OK” button to turn on the selected channel. The volume is adjusted with the “right” and “left” buttons. Remember that all actions are performed by the console from the console!

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Screen connection

Connect Apple TV to your screen (TV, monitor, etc.) with an HDMI cable.

connect, receiver

If you are using an HDMI receiver or junction box, connect your Apple TV with a cable to them and another cable to your TV, monitor, or other screen.

How to connect to a TV and set up Apple TV

Connect to power supply and internet

Connect the supplied Apple TV power cable to your set-top box and plug into a power outlet.

connect, receiver

If you’re going to use a wired internet connection, use your Ethernet cable to connect your personal router to Apple TV.

If you want to use a wireless connection, you can set it up later.

What you need:

4th generation Apple TV with 32GB or 64GB of internal storage;

personal wired or wireless internet connection. use of public networks is not allowed;

TV, monitor or other display with an HDMI connection interface;

HDMI / HDMI cable not included with the set-top box. an accessory of the required length must be purchased separately.

Setting up Apple TV for the first time

Step 1: Turn on the display you connected your Apple TV to. If the Apple TV setup screen does not appear automatically, select the HDMI output that your Apple TV is connected to as the video source in Display Settings.

Step 2: Connect your Siri Remote with a single tap on its touchpad.

connect, receiver

Step 3: Use swipe gestures on the remote’s touchpad to select your preferred language, country, and region. If you select the wrong settings, go back using the Menu button.

Step 4: You can continue the setup using your iPhone or iPad, or you can directly from the set-top box using the remote. The first option is preferable, since it is more convenient to enter passwords and other data on the touch screen.

Make sure Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your iPhone or iPad is turned on. Connect to Apple TV and follow the onscreen instructions.

connect, receiver

Thus, it will be possible to transfer Wi-Fi settings, Apple ID and other settings from a mobile device to the set-top box.

To set up your 4th generation Apple TV manually, you need to enter your Wi-Fi network data, your Apple ID login and password.

connect, receiver

In the process of manually setting up the set-top box, it will go through an activation procedure, which can take several minutes.

Step 5: Define sharing options for location services, screen savers, and statistics. And complete the setup by following the instructions on the screen.

You can now use Apple TV. We recommend visiting the App Store and downloading your first apps.

How to connect the receiver to your LG TV

All modern models of LG TVs give owners the opportunity to watch all types of channels: all types of channels: digital, satellite and cable, as well as download multimedia content from the Internet or connect to online streaming services. Since Russia completely switched to digital television in 2019, analogue broadcasting has been cut off everywhere. To have access to 20 free TV channels, you need to have a TV with a built-in DVB-T2 tuner, a Smart TV or purchase an external receiver. This is necessary in order to decode the signal.

In modern LG TVs, the tuner is built in by default, and you do not need to buy anything separately. However, for older models of TVs, including plasma and LCD TVs, it may be necessary to install a receiver, since such TVs are set to work with analog broadcasting by default.

What is the difference between digital and analog television?

The main advantage of digital television over analog television is higher picture and sound quality, absence or minimal amount of interference. Also, unlike analog television, which transmits a signal using one protocol (DVB-C), digital television is capable of transmitting a signal in three ways:

  • satellite broadcasting (DVB-S, S2),
  • cable broadcasting (DVB-C),
  • over-the-air broadcasting (DVB-).

In this regard, it is customary to distinguish three types of receivers: cable, terrestrial and satellite. But at the same time, the principle of operation is the same for all types of tuners.

  • They receive and amplify a digital signal.
  • Decode and convert digital signal to analog using SCART, RCA, HDMI or Tulip connectors.

Also, some receivers have additional capabilities: play multimedia from external media, record content with the further possibility of deferred viewing.

No matter what model and type of receiver you prefer, its main function is the transformation of a digital signal into an analog one, while maintaining the image and sound quality remains unchanged.

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How to find out if you need to buy a receiver for your TV

As mentioned above, all modern LG TV models do not need an external receiver, as they are equipped with a built-in T2 tuner. Comprehensive information on a specific model can be found in the technical data sheet of the device, which comes with every LG TV.

To choose the right receiver for your LG TV, you first need to decide on the type of signal.

  • The cable receiver is suitable for apartment buildings in which a cable with a digital signal is laid. Such a receiver is connected simultaneously to a cable, TV and power source (mains).
  • The satellite tuner is suitable for owners of private and country houses who receive a TV signal using a satellite TV antenna. In some cases, in addition to the satellite tuner, the owner may need a signal amplifier.
  • The terrestrial receiver is the most widely used receiver model that allows you to connect to a package of free TV channels. Such receivers were often installed free of charge during the massive transition to digital television in Russia in 2019.

In addition, receivers differ in technical characteristics:

  • signal strength.
  • TV connection type.
  • Additional options.

How to connect the receiver to your LG TV: step-by-step instruction

Depending on the model of the receiver, the kit may include an adapter for connecting to a TV or not. In this case, you need to purchase it separately. Then you can connect the receiver to your LG TV.

Receiver connectors in LG TVs are located on the rear panel (in some models, they may also be located on the side of the TV).

To start connecting the receiver to the LG TV, you should disconnect all devices (TV and receiver) from the mains.

After that, the receiver can be connected to your LG TV through a pre-selected connector using an adapter.

Then connect an antenna or other signal source to the receiver.

Plug the TV and receiver into the network and start the automatic channel tuning process.

You can connect the receiver to the TV using various cables. The most preferred method is with an HDMI cable (will allow you to watch content in Full HD quality), DVI / D-SUB, and a Scart cable. The method of connecting the receiver using an RCA (tulip) cable is less preferable, since the maximum signal quality with this type of connection is 1080p.

Is it possible to connect two TVs to the receiver Lg simultaneously?

If you need to connect two LG TVs to one receiver at once, choose a tuner model with the ability to distribute the signal.

Necessary equipment

To watch digital broadcasting, as opposed to analogue, you need a receiver that decodes the signal. Many modern TV models (Philips, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, LG, Panasonic, etc.) are equipped with such a unit. To verify this, you should refer to the user manual, this quick guide is included with each product. At the same time, check if the built-in tuner supports the DVB-T2 format, if not, you will need to purchase a receiver.

How To Connect Satellite Receiver To TV

Receiver Supra

Depending on the set of functionality, Note that many digital cable TV providers provide receivers for rent to subscribers.

In addition, we need to receive a digital signal. In cities and large settlements, this will not be a problem, it is enough to contact local providers. Residents of rural areas will need to install a UHF antenna or satellite dish. The latter is preferable, since it is not a fact that your house is within the coverage area of ​​the nearest digital repeater. In addition, the option with a satellite dish provides a wider selection of TV channels.

Connectors and their purpose

There are various connectors on the back of the device, we will briefly tell you what they are for.

Fig 3. Connectors of the SDT-96 receiver from the SUPRA model range

  • Antenna output.
  • Connector for connecting a satellite dish, decimeter antenna or local provider cable.
  • HDMI cable jack, allows you to connect a monitor or TV equipped with such an input (digital output can transmit sound and image).
  • Tulip sockets (transmits analog video as well as stereo sound).

Some devices may be additionally equipped with a “SCART” connector, which connects to a TV, VCR or DVD-player with video recording function.

Receiver with SCART connector

In addition, there may be devices where D-SUB or DVI outputs are installed instead of the HDMI jack.

Fig 5. Digital set-top box with standard VGA (D-SUB) output

Please note that such interfaces do not transmit audio, so an additional tulip connection will be required to transmit it.

Digital set-top box standard equipment

Consider what is included in the standard set for the receiver, this information can be useful when connecting it to a television receiver.

connect, receiver

Digital set-top box standard equipment

Let’s list what is shown in the figure:

  • A. user manual, we recommend that you carefully read this manual in order to get a complete picture of all the functionality of the device and its connection to TV and antenna.
  • В. “Tulip” (RCA) cable with characteristic connectors, allows you to connect the set-top box to almost all modern TV receiver models.
  • C. a device for decrypting and converting a digital signal to analog (receiver).
  • D. packing box.
  • E. remote control for the device.
  • F. batteries for the remote control.
  • G. power adapter for connecting the device to a household power supply.
  • H. warranty service coupon.

The basic equipment may slightly differ from that shown in the photo (for example, “Tulip” is replaced by an HDMI cable).

The process of connecting a digital set-top box to a new TV step by step

Important! All manipulations must be done with the equipment turned off. If you connect a working equipment, there is a high probability of its failure.

Let’s describe the order of our actions:

  • It is necessary to select the interface for connecting the set-top box to the TV. It can be analog (tulips, D-SUB, SCART) or digital (HDMI, DVI). The choice is made depending on the specific TV model. Despite the fact that many television receivers of the Full HD class have an analog input, it is better to feed them “digital”, since double conversion of the signal will negatively affect the quality of the “picture”.

HDMI input on TV

This interface allows video and sound transmission, so the connection can be made with one cable.

If the TV does not have a digital input, it connects to any analog interface, the easiest way to do this is with tulips. In the event that the device has only a bulky SCART connector, you can purchase a tulip adapter for it. In this way, you can connect almost any model, except for the very ancient ones.

  • We check the availability of the cable necessary for connecting, it can be included in the set to the receiver or television receiver. If you cannot find one, you will need to purchase it.
  • We remove the protective film (if any) from the set-top box, install it in the chosen place and connect it to the TV. The cables are made in such a way that it is physically impossible to insert them into a connector that is not intended for this. The exception is tulips, they can be confused in places. But to prevent this, manufacturers make nests for them in the appropriate color.

Standard colors of RCA connectors of the interface (tulips)

As you can see, the colors of the connectors match the colors of the jacks (4 in Fig. 3).

  • We connect power to the console. If the mains adapter is built-in, just plug the plug into the socket, pre-connect the external power supply to the corresponding socket of the receiver.
  • We connect the provider cable, decimeter antenna or satellite dish to the antenna input (2 fig. 3).
  • We insert the batteries into the remote control, turn on the set-top box and the TV.

This completes the connection procedure, and you can start setting up the channels. If your TV does not have the interfaces listed above, do not worry, we will tell you how to get out of this situation.

How to connect a digital set-top box to a TV?

The state program of a phased transition to the digital TV broadcasting standard DVB T2 is approaching the final stage. a gradual reduction in the number of analog repeaters. This suggests that the time has come to join new technologies and switch to digital. We will tell you about the equipment required to receive a television signal in a new format, as well as how to properly connect a digital set-top box (receiver) to a TV or monitor.

How to connect 2 TVs to a digital set-top box

Two television receivers can be connected through the antenna output, for this you need a special adapter from one to two cables (splitter).

connect, receiver

Double splitter

Since the set-top box is intended only for one device, then two TVs will work synchronously, that is, show the same channel.

Connecting to an old TV

The signal converter can work even with old models of television receivers when connected to the antenna output (1 in Fig. 3). To do this, you need a piece of antenna wire of the appropriate length and two antenna plugs. In order not to bother with soldering, you can take special F-connectors, the procedure for installing them on the cable is shown in Figure 8.

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connect, receiver

Mounting on an F-connector cable

  • We remove the insulation from the antenna cable, carefully so as not to damage the braid (it is enough to clean 15 mm).
  • Bend the braid as shown in the picture.
  • Carefully remove the insulation from the central core.
  • You need to strip 10 mm of the center wire.
  • We screw the connector clockwise.
  • We do this until the central core protrudes 2 mm from the connector.

Using the manufactured cable, we connect the antenna input of the TV to the corresponding output of the set-top box. In this way, you can connect any TV, be it Horizon 101 or the legendary KVN.

Connecting a digital device to an old TV

Many people still use older TVs. If the attachment is attached to modern models quickly and easily, then the old “electrons” do not have a connector for “tulips”.

Some older TVs do not have an A / V input, but they do have a SCART connector, some of the pins of which accept component signals. Therefore, you can find the tulip-to-SCART adapter circuit yourself and solder.

In addition, an AV to SCART adapter can be purchased. It can be of two types: an adapter cable and the adapter itself, to which a standard RCA cable is connected from the set-top box.

Old Soviet televisions of the “Electron” type are not equipped with any inputs at all, so you should only use the antenna jack, where a high-frequency modulated signal is supplied. Thus, it will be necessary to find a modulator with RCA inputs.

How to connect a digital set-top box

Connecting the set-top box to the TV is as follows:

  • It is necessary to unpack the TV set-top box and remove the protective film from it. This is done so that the film does not heat up during operation of the set-top box.
  • The cable is taken and the protective sheath is cut off from its ends, retreating by 10. 15 mm. The sheath must be cut so as not to accidentally damage the shiny film protecting the center conductor. Such a film is shielding.
  • Carefully fold back the foil and screw on the f. Connectors.
  • Then connect the set-top box cable to the TV.
  • After that, connect the tulip wires to the set-top box and the TV.
  • At the end, an antenna is connected to the TV. Install the antenna on the outside of the house or on the balcony. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the antenna does not interfere with the wires of the mowing line of power transmissions or tree branches.

How to Connect TV to Receiver ( With and Without HDMI and RCA ) Onkyo Receiver Install

After that, it remains only to configure the digital receiver.

Required equipment

In order for digital television to broadcast in an apartment, the following equipment is needed:

  • television;
  • receiver;
  • antenna or satellite dish.

The TV must be such that it has an antenna input, connectors for “tulips”, scart. an input with a video input. Modern TVs have an HDMI. connector, it is also suitable for connecting a receiver.

Before purchasing a set-top box, you need to familiarize yourself with the list of companies providing digital TV broadcasting services. You can consult with the specialists of the selected company, who will advise the required receiver model. Some companies hold promotions that allow you to purchase and install the device for free.

The set-top box itself is just an attribute that allows you to receive and tune channels for a specific TV, broadcast in a completely new format and much better quality. In order for them to broadcast through the receiver, you need to deal with the broadcast source. This could be:

  • the Internet;
  • satellite dish;
  • other similar items.

However, do not rack your brains too much over this issue, you just need to contact service providers who will explain everything in detail and in an accessible manner.

How to connect a digital set-top box to a TV

The whole world has long since switched to digital television. Our country began the process of transition from analog signal transmission relatively recently. Digital television has contributed to the emergence of digital channels broadcasting throughout the country. TVs supporting digital broadcasting DVB. T 2 appeared on sale.

It is very convenient, you just need to connect the TV cable to the TV, and no other wires are required anymore. However, if TV does not support digital broadcasting, then a digital set-top box comes to the rescue. Many, having purchased this device, do not know how to properly connect it to a TV. Therefore, it is necessary to fill this information gap.

Setting up a digital set-top box

Set up a digital set-top box as follows:

  • take the remote control of the set-top box and press the “Menu” button;
  • a window will appear in which you need to select the “Configure channels” item;
  • click “OK” and wait for the set-top box to automatically tune the channels;
  • then you need to accept the detected channels and save them.

Thus, it is quite easy to set up the receiver.

Having connected digital television, do not forget to pay every month for a certain package of channels. Some providers offer the purchase of digital set-top boxes with a set of digital TV channels, which are already included in the price.

The main thing is to get distracted from watching your favorite TV shows from time to time in order to make time for your family.

Connecting to a Samsung TV

You can add a voice assistant through the TV set-top box settings menu. To set up a connection, you need to go to the “Smart TV” section, the “Advanced” tab, select the “Teletext” item. In the window that appears, you must specify the channel by pressing the “ENTER” button on the remote control.

This will bring up a menu allowing you to connect Alice to your Samsung TV. In the window that opens, select the “Voice control” link, and then. “Connect“. So, you “teach” the column Alice to control your device.

After confirming the actions, the user will be able to use the capabilities of the voice assistant to control media files from the screen. Using Alice allows you to quickly find any video file or document, open it in a browser or launch it using voice search.

You can also navigate through directories, including Photos, Music, and Videos, and search for media files by type, title, and size.

connect, receiver

Step-by-step instructions: how to connect Alice to a TV and recommendations for models with Smart TV

Connecting Alice’s voice assistant to your TV will help make your life more convenient. With the help of the voice assistant Alice, you can see the weather for tomorrow, listen to your favorite music, make a voice announcement for the house, find out the exchange rate and much more!

Voice assistant Alice uses neural networks to accurately reproduce your phrases and maintain dialogue. She understands natural speech, so you can ask her something like: “Alice, how do you think it will be cold today?”, And she will confidently answer “Yes!” or not”.

The voice assistant will help you when watching movies and TV shows. Alice will duplicate your speech so that you understand what she is saying. When Alice is unable to support your dialogue, she will tell you where to click to start watching, or what characters are we talking about.

What you need to set up a smart home system

To set up a smart home system, the following elements are required (in the case of using ready-made solutions):

  • control controller (“gateway”);
  • sensors for presence, motion, temperature, illumination, smoke, water leakage, etc.;
  • executive devices (sockets, switches, timers, speakers, sirens);
  • Wi-Fi router;
  • SIM card from a mobile operator for the ability to control your home over the mobile Internet;
  • a mobile phone with a Wi-Fi module (smartphone) or a laptop with a Wi-Fi adapter;
  • program for a computer, smartphone or laptop;
  • smartphone / tablet with Wi-Fi adapter.

Voice assistant “Alice” will allow you to remotely use all the functions of the control system using a smartphone or TV. The system will be constantly updated and at the same time itself will track downtime. By connecting the voice assistant to the TV, you can control all its functions remotely.

Also, “Alice”, as an assistant for controlling home devices, has a function of voice search for information on the Internet. To connect a smart home system to a computer, you need to have a Wi-Fi module installed. The module is connected to the USB port of the computer. For ease of control, you can purchase a special remote control and keyboard, as well as purchase additional wireless controllers to control a group of devices.

connect, receiver

Adding Convenient Commands

connect, receiver

Connection by TV brand

Depending on the brand of TV, Alice mini can be connected in different ways. At least two possible options. The first is to connect via Wi-Fi, the second is to turn on Alice max in TV receiver mode.

If the TV only supports Wi-Fi, then you can connect Alice only through a router. To connect Alice, open the TV settings and switch to TV-receiver mode. Further in the section “Applications” you will find the item “Enter voice search”, and then everything is simple and clear. Open voice input and set application options. After connecting, in the phone or on the TV, Alice, she will perform voice searches and report the answers to them.

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The second way is to set up Alice as a TV receiver yourself. On a computer or laptop that has a Google Voice Assistant installed, you need to install Google Assistant. Then create an account for him, as well as configure voice requests, as described above. And then add Alice to your TV. To connect Alice to a TV set-top box, you just need to connect her to a TV or video set-top box and turn on voice control.

connect, receiver

Connecting to a Sony TV

To connect the voice assistant to a Sony TV, you need to download the Alice for TV application from the Play market or App store, and then add the Sony device to the list. Then just turn on the TV and adjust its volume. After that, Alice will be constantly present on the TV screen.

Connecting to an LG TV

It is enough to download and install the application for LG smart TVs. After synchronization with the TV, the Yandex Alice station will begin to recognize your voice requests. It is also possible to control the TV by voice.

This allows you not only to solve many everyday household tasks, but also to enjoy watching TV programs of films and other videos on TV. TV control is now much easier and more convenient. To add Alice to your TV, connect your smartphone (tablet) to the TV using Wi-Fi or cable (depending on the model).

Next, you can easily configure the launch of the Alice application on the TV (the Menu button, Settings, sound and video settings, Alice TV application). You can start Alice’s voice on the TV using voice requests: “Alice, hello!”, “Alice, listen”, and you can also simply specify the name of the application and get the desired result.

In order to use voice control, for example, turn on the TV and change channels, it is enough to tell Alice the name of the channel. If you enter the “Alice” application in the search field, then you can control your LG Smart TV with your voice, even if you do not have a smartphone in your hands.

connect, receiver

How to Connect a TV to AVR surround sound Receiver

Setting up voice control

You can enable Alice on any device with a browser installed. To get started, you need to enter the browser and open any site. On the page in your browser, there is a microphone icon next to the Home button. Click on it to start voice typing.

Alice and other mobile apps can automatically connect to Alice on your TV. For this to happen, the TV needs to support Alice through the mobile app. If the TV does not support the voice input function, connect your mobile device to it via Wi-Fi and say the phrase “Hello, Alice”.

The voice assistant will begin to process the request and follow your voice instructions. By launching the Alice for TV application, you can control your TV using voice control. Voice control lets you control your TV while watching TV.

It is recommended to use the Alice app during a live TV program, but in other cases, you can use the voice functions. For example, when choosing a channel or watching a movie. To do this, you need to say the phrase “Hello, Alice” to call the voice assistant. Through Alice, you can turn on the TV screen, select a channel, and turn on or off the sound.

If you want to ask a question, then say “Hello! Please tell me what the weather is like today? ” If Alice answers incorrectly or does not answer your question at all, you can try asking it later. If the answers are correct, she will give additional advice. Customize channels, choose programs, add them to your favorites list, search for movies and TV shows by keywords.

You will be able to change channels by voice. Alice will tell you which channel the transmission starts on. To open the desired channel, say the password word or the phrase “Open!”. In order to quickly find all possible programs and TV series, use the “All Channels” function.

Customize the list of your favorite programs, films and series by adding them to your Favorites. Select the “Favorite Program” section in Alice’s menu, and then select the list of those TV channels that you watch or plan to watch. You can select the desired program, film or series by clicking on the “Like” button.

connect, receiver

How to connect a satellite tuner to your TV

It seemed a very simple situation, but as experience shows, many ordinary users, for the most part, are far from such subtleties.

Razsmotrim first the most common options for connecting a satellite receiver to a TV.

all about satellite tv

  • Satellite antenna
  • Toroidal satellite dish
  • Satellite tuner. receiver
  • DiSEqC switch
  • Satellite converter
  • C range converter
  • Irradiator for satellite converter
  • Mount satellite dish. bracket
  • Multifeed
  • Multiswitch
  • Ortomod satellite
  • CAM modules
  • Satellite dish tuner
  • The principle of operation of satellite television
  • How to choose
  • Selecting a satellite dish
  • Selecting a satellite tuner. receiver
  • How to choose a satellite converter, LNB, head
  • Cable. Choose a good satellite TV cable
  • How to choose satellite equipment to watch free open channels
  • Technical subtleties
  • Installing and configuring a satellite dish yourself
  • How to assemble a satellite dish
  • 75E85E90E satellite dish tuning
  • Setting up a satellite dish at 36.0 ° E Eutelsat to watch NTV and Tricolor
  • Multifeed calculation
  • F connector mounting the plug on the cable for satellite TV
  • Polar suspension, moto suspension. Setting up a satellite motorized suspension
  • Codes for entering the emulator of satellite receivers
  • Entering the BISS key on the internet, tet, sts
  • Entering bisc (BISS) key in different satellite receivers
  • Input of biss keys into receivers Openbox F300, x800, x810, x820
  • If the biss encoding in the tuner is missing. Create a biss section in pictures
  • If the signal from the satellite is lost
  • Satellite converter local oscillator frequency
  • Connect the receiver via FTP. Internet for satellite receiver
  • Mounting a network drive
  • How to flash a receiver
  • How to flash a receiver from a USB flash drive
  • How to flash a receiver in pictures
  • Globo 4100c receiver firmware
  • Receiver firmware GI 8120
  • Firmware for receiver Openbox F-300, F-500, X-800, X-810, X-820
  • With your own hands
  • Null modem cable (RS232) wiring
  • C KU for receiving Yamal 90E in two bands for one antenna
  • Alteration of a universal linear KU converter in a circular one for receiving Eutelsat 36 e NTV
  • How to convert a Ku-band to C-band converter
  • If the cover of the satellite converter bursts
  • Repair of satellite receiver Orton 4100 C and its clones using JTAG
  • Clones of satellite receivers
  • Files
  • BISS Keys
  • List of available channels
  • How to connect a satellite tuner to your TV

    It is worth looking at the rear panel of the receiver and we will immediately see all possible connectors for connection.

    connect, receiver

    It’s important to find the same ones on your TV.

    The most common connectors are SCART and RSA composite, the so-called tulips. To connect, you need an appropriate cable.

    There are adapters from SCART to RSA and vice versa, but it is best to use a straight line. with the same plugs at the ends.

    Such a two-way switch is also possible.

    So we connect the receiver to the TV, turn them on and there is no picture. The reason is simple. you need to switch the TV to video mode with the corresponding AV / TV button, in some older TVs there is a mechanical switch near the connector. I note that the receiver is loaded from the map automatically, and from the composite connection you need to press the AV button.

    For a better picture, some satellite receivers provide other video connection options.

    In different satellite receivers, there is almost always such a connector.

    It is quite versatile and can be connected to a TV using this or a similar adapter.

    HDMI connector. connected with an appropriate cable.

    Used in modern plasma and LCD TVs for a better video picture.

    I think its connection will not be difficult for you, approximately as described in the first post. It will be enough to connect the required cable to the appropriate connector.

    May be found in some more advanced receivers.

    Used to connect to a computer monitor, plasma or LCD TV with the required cable.

    In older TVs, where there are no such outputs, the connection can be made using an antenna 75 ohm cable, like a regular terrestrial antenna. We set up the video as one of the channels. The quality is certainly not very good, but when there is no choice. as an option.

    connect, receiver

    In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we write all kinds of connections.

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