How to connect dandy to modern TV: features and rules

We all loved to play video games as a child and for each teenager are familiar to the names of the prefixes of Sega, PlayStation 3, 4 and its predecessors. We exchanged the Cartridges of SEGA and discs with friends, argued for the possession of the main joystick and these consoles remained forever in our memory.

But before their appearance was the dandy junior prefix, truly becoming legendary. It went out such religious games like Mario, Mortal Combat, Contra and many other.

Children of the 90s were spent in front of the TVs of the TV hundreds of hours, once over time passing the levels of loved games. Therefore, those who in childhood were lucky enough to become the owner of the feet of the dandy, it causes bright nostalgic emotions.

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How to connect two or more TVs to the console

Using an antenna connector, you can connect several TVs to one digital console. To correctly form a scheme for connecting technology, you need to buy a special device called splitter. The lack of the proposed method consists only that absolutely all TV will work synchronously. They broadcast the same channel because only one receiver is used.

There are alternative methods for connecting two TV to one console. The essence is to use not involved intees. For example, one can be used through the “tulips” one TV, and the second using an HDMI intees. If absolutely all inputs are busy, then you can purchase a high-frequency modulator.

RF-modulator. a compact device that provides for each TV separate decoding of the signal. Using this adapter has only one impressive drawback. high cost. The price of the modulator can significantly exceed the cost of the console itself.

Connectors and their purpose

On the rear panel of the device there are various connectors, briefly tell me why they are intended.

Figure 3. SDT-96 receiver connectors from SUPRA model range

  • Antenna exit.
  • Connector for connecting satellite plates, decimeter antenna or local provider cable.
  • The HDMI cable socket allows you to connect a monitor or a TV equipped with such an input (digital output, can transmit sound and image).
  • Nests under the cable “Tulip” (transfers analog video signal, as well as stereo sound).

Some devices can be additionally equipped with a SCART connector, a TV, a video recorder or a DVD player connects to it with a video function.

In addition, devices can occur, where instead of the HDMI socket, D-Sub or DVI outputs are installed.

Fig. 5. Digital Prefix with Standard VGA (D-Sub) Output

We note that such inages do not transmit sound, so additional connection will be required using the “tulips” for its transfer.

What is a Smart TV function

Smart TV is a multifunctional software filling that is installed on the TV, and expands its capabilities, turning the standard apparatus in a home computer. In order for the technology to work fully, you need to provide access to high-speed Internet.

By purchasing a “smart” TV, ask the seller about basic parameters, as well as whether it is possible to expand the existing capabilities of the aggregation during operation. After all, the technical equipment of the device will determine the “Advance” of the equipment.

For example, a special program for decoding voice commands will allow you to do search queries or run the necessary tabs in the menu. It does not need to use the PD or manual control. If still in TV there is a built-in Skype, then take care of a webcam and drivers, with which you can fully establish the work of this function.

Also purchased Smart TV model should be combined with other devices. Android, smartphone, tablet, TV-box, hard drives, drives, and t.D.

How to set up digital channels on the old TV

After successfully connecting the equipment, you will need to configure the channels. What do we have to do:

  • By connecting the console and TV, we turn on the technique;
  • On the control panel, click the “AV” button, depending on the type of connection, the name of the connector is displayed, on new models it can be HDMI or SCART;
  • Activate the “Auto-job” mode by going to the receiver settings.

Why Samsung TV does not see digital channels: reasons what to do?

Save the channels that appear and assign numbers on the remote.

If there is no desired output or input

It often happens when a person bought a prefix, and the HDMI cord comes in a set or even tulips are useless. There are simply no such connectors on the TV. Therefore, before buying a tuner you need to inspect the TV panel. Write or take a picture of the panel to bring a suitable console. Or to immediately take additional cords with adapters.

    On the receiver only HDMI, but there is no television. Connection can be organized only through an adapter.

Simple cable, at one end of which the HDMI plug, on the other. under the TV, will not work. Cause in different types of signals. HDMI transfers digital, and others (VGA, AV, S-Video) analog signal. Conversion is necessary. Of course, there will be loss of image and sound quality, but it will be connected in a different way.

For example, on TV Inteeis RCA. Then the adapter is needed, or rather. the converter (converter), HDMI-3RCA. Additionally, you need 3RCA cord to connect the converter to the TV.

For example, on TV, except antenna, only S-Video connector. Then connect via HDMI-S-Video converter.

Similarly, with other outputs, for example, with the same computer connector VGA. The HDMI-VGA converter will be required.

Advanced Cable for Sound Transmission, as VGA broadcasts only video channels. Its direct purpose. Connecting computers to TVs and monitors. By the way, it is signed by the panel (PC IN), which gives an exact understanding of its destination.

What will be needed for connecting

In order to proceed with this procedure, it is necessary to ensure the presence of the following:

  • You need to purchase a digital console with appropriate features. Mandatory requirement is the ability to work with digital television.
  • You will need an antenna that can catch a signal corresponding to the DVB-T2 standard.
  • It is necessary to prepare all the necessary connecting cables.
  • The RF-modulator is necessary in cases where the TV model is so old that does not have the necessary connectors.

After everything is prepared, you can start connecting.

How to set up digital TV on the old TV

Immediately, it should be noted that after the digital tuner is connected to the TV, the remote control from TV will no longer need. All further configuration and switching channels will occur through the console remote.

Step-by-step setting

After connecting the first thing you need to do is run the search for all possible digital channels. Usually, new models of TVs by default determine the connection of a digital tuner if this does not happen, go to step by step management:

  • Take the remote remote control from the TV, find the “TV / AV” button.
  • Click on it, after which available sources will appear on the screen.
  • Inputs for AV signal can be somewhat, you just need to press one button several times in a row until the picture appears on the screen, usually with the title name of the same name.
  • Set primary settings, choose a language, region, click “OK”.
  • Tuner himself will start the automatic search for possible channels for viewing.

That’s all the settings after these simple manipulations, each user expects a long-awaited list of 32 digital channels on the TV. But this does not happen, because in the tuner it is originally wrong settings. What to do. go to manual configuration.

Channel Setup

Search and setting up digital channels occurs in two stages. search for the first and second multiplex. Before switching to the settings, you need to go online and find out what frequencies there is a specific television in your region.

  • Go to the main menu of the console.
  • Go to “Settings” section. DVBT settings, click “OK”.
  • Then Tab “Channel Search”.
  • Section “Search band”. change to “UHF”.
  • Section “Frequency Channel”. change to “CH30”, launch “Search”.

After some time, the receiver should find 10 channels of the first multiplex in this frequency.

To search for second multiplex channels. make similar actions through the receiver menu by changing the “Frequency channel” section “CH38”, start the search. After these manipulations, 20 digital channels of good quality will appear on the usual TV.

If the prefix for some reason cannot find the channels, you must check the signal strength on the bottom panel of the menu, pay attention to such indicators as “intensity” and “signal quality”. If they are weak to stop the antenna to another place or simply expand in the right direction.


Connecting a digital console to TV starts with a cable connection with a video signal receiver. antenna. T2 ether can be successfully taken on the same antenna that you have left from analog TV. If you showed classical television without any interference, then there is no reason to replace the antenna installation. However, if the antenna does not provide a good admission, it is worth considering the possibility of buying a new. But before you make it, check if the bad image of the antenna malfunction or its incorrect setting.

Outdoor antenna

Figure 2 Street antenna To view the HD DVB-T2 digital television, you must pay attention to the parameters of its reception in your region and adjust the antenna correctly. First of all, check the transmission direction, that is, the place of the nearest transmitter to correctly set the antenna. Secondly, check the multiplex broadcast frequency to select the corresponding frequency in the console to the TV. Thirdly, the stronger the transmitter in your area, the wider its range. On the quality of reception affects the local landscape, obstacles. Be sure to make sure in an acceptable state of the antenna cable.

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If it turns out that your old antenna does not provide you with a good reception, whether because of a weak signal or locality, you will be forced to buy a new antenna with the best parameters. What antenna is suitable?

In special stores you will meet various modifications of antennas. They differ not only by the range of received frequencies (strips), but also form, size, quality and material manufacturing. But, as it happens, many proposals do not make it easier for making decisions.

Small cunning. Before the decision and purchase of the antenna, look at the roofs of neighboring buildings to take advantage of the experience of residents who have a reception of digital essential TV.

  • If possible, use antennas without amplifier (passive). They are less susceptible to interference. Each additional signal processing (amplification, division) is source of noise and causes a deterioration in the quality of reception;
  • In the conditions of good “visibility” of the transmitter (a small number of obstacles) makes sense to choose an antenna directed antenna. She has a good advantage: it concentrates and enhances the signal;
  • In difficult conditions, admission, when the transmitter is hidden, for example, a forest belt, choose a wide-antenna. Due to its design, it has a wider coverage than the directional antennas and is able to “capture” signals from several directions, including reflected;
  • If the TV reception situation is completely unfavorable (away from the repeater, a weak signal, the accuracy of obstacles), then there is no other option, how to connect an antenna equipped with a preamp.

Room antenna

Rice 3 bedroom antenna

Think about how to connect a room antenna for receiving T2? The use of indoor antennas for ground digital reception has its own limitations. If in your area a strong airy stream, then you can easily afford an aesthetic and comfortable inner antenna. Unfortunately, the indoor antennas themselves are characterized by a low gain ratio, and very often equipped with amplifiers with a large gain coefficient. As a result, even if there is a signal, the reception in the room antenna is susceptible to local interference (steps around the apartment, the work of electrical appliances passing cars outside the window). This is manifested by pauses in a reception with “freezing” images or with characteristic squares on the screen.

Because, despite an attractive appearance, this antenna may not be enough for the reception of digital television to the console to TV.

Is it possible to connect a satellite antenna to a digital console?

Figure 4 Satellite Antenna

As follows from the name of digital terrestrial television. it is broadcast by terrestrial. Therefore, a common question: “Is it possible to connect a digital console to the satellite plate?”There is a natural answer. will not come out. The capabilities of the satellite plates do not include the reception of the signal of ground television. She “understands” only the satellite signal to which it is directed and is configured.