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How to connect Lenovo to a computer for connecting the Lenovo smartphone to a personal computer otherwise speaking a laptop there are many. We are talking about wired connected via USB cable. O

Methods for connecting the Lenovo smartphone to a personal computer or laptop there are many. We are talking about wired connected via USB cable. About wireless ways we will talk in one of the following articles.

At the same time, Lenovo has certain differences in the methods of connecting compared to other smartphones based on the Android operating system.

“Media Ministry”

You can work (copy, download and upload files) both with a memory card (if installed) and internal memory.

  • Connect the phone with the supplied USB cable.
  • When a connection type request appears, select


When you first connect the Lenovo smartphone to the computer, you will need to wait until the PC finds the driver for the device. If the installation fails, you will have to download the drivers for your model yourself, for example, on the official website: http: // www.Lenovo.COM / RU /.

Connecting a smartphone Lenovo to a computer. Connection Modes

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Choosing a smartphone connection mode to a personal computer or laptop. With what mode what memory.

Why does the computer sees the phone via USB 100% will work.

Solving the issue of connecting the phone to a computer via USB, provided the driver installed.


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You can copy the captured photos and media files even without installing drivers on a computer.

  • Connect your smartphone using a cable to a computer.
  • Select Mode

“Demand memory”

“USB Drive (MicroSD)”

Only an external memory card is available to you.

  • Connect the Lenovo smartphone cable to a computer.
  • When the query appears, select

“Enable a USB drive”

If an external memory card is installed in the phone, this mode is not available or is not displayed at all (depending on the phone model).

“Just charging”

(at the bottom) serves to charge the phone battery. In this mode, memory work is impossible. Also in this mode, you can use the phone to extend the time of its operation (without discharge battery).

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How to connect Lenovo mobile phone via USB to computer, Windows laptop

Many users of Lenovo devices sooner or later begins to occupy the question “How to connect a phone or tablet Lenovo to a computer via USB” or similar

Connection through this port may be needed for a variety of purposes, for example:

Many users of Lenovo devices sooner or later begins to occupy the question “How to connect a phone or tablet Lenovo to a computer via USB” or similar. Connection through this port may be needed for a variety of purposes, for example:

connect, phone, lenovo, computer

What to pay attention to if you want to connect Lenovo devices via USB?

Download new music or movies on your device,

Copy various information and other.

than it is clear that first of all you need to get acquainted with the instructions for your device. Different models of tablets can be connected differently to a computer. For some you need to install a special program, some are connected via USB or Bluetooth.

If you need to connect several peripheral devices to USB, it is recommended to buy Lenovo USB Hub. It includes several USB. Portov. With 2.0 Internet Adapter and 3.0 Docking Station You can also connect various devices. With the help of the first of the named. to enter the Internet, albeit at enough speed.

In order for any device to work fully, you need to install the drivers. Many believe that LenovousBDriver can be installed once, and then it will be reinstalled automatically. This is not true. Outdated drivers may adversely affect the device performance. Collecting, for example, USB 2.0 CRW Driver free download for Windows 7 G580, make sure that it will work with the operating system installed on your device.

For the keyboard (for example, SmartCard Keyboard) and other devices, you also need to install your drivers. They are easy to find on the Internet and download free, including Lenovo website. You just need to pay attention to them to be designed specifically for your modification of a laptop or smartphone.

Download free driver on Lenovo.

Search for drivers for equipment manufacturer Lenovo S660, A2010, A1000, S580, P70, S60, A319 and other models best on the official website of the manufacturer. Here you will find the latest software and drivers that can be downloaded for free and quickly, without loss of time on different sites. Here you can find and download the driver Lenovo by clicking on this link to the official user support site, enter the name of your model in the Search field and press ENTER. The Site System is then offered you to select programs, instructions and drivers for your OS to choose from: Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Linux, MacOS.

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Read more to find out how you can connect the Lenovo manufacturer phone to the computer, via USB 2.0 You can here. And also read, why the Windows laptop does not connect via USB port, where you can download and install the driver for Windows 7 operating system for Lenovo’s tablet the following models: CRW, 580, 5000, C90, S580.

How to connect lenovo to computer?

So we start our guide with your Lenovo Association with your computer. In practice, connect it quite simple, but tie a little more difficult. This feature appeared quite recently and appeared in Windows 10, it aims to continue using your Lenovo on your computer, programming, writing and reading SMS from your computer, transfer web pages, view photos and more in the coming months. In fact, Microsoft announced that it will continue to work on this project and will offer more and more functions. Find a procedure for managing your Lenovo with your PC below:

Prerequisites for binding your Lenovo with Windows

  • To have a Microsoft account, you will need an email address and password associated with Outlook / Hotmail / Windows or other Microsoft applications. As a rule, we have one with the creation of a user for your computer.
  • Install the latest version of Windows 10 on your computer, do not hesitate to check and update if necessary.


  • Click on the “Windows” button in the lower left corner of the taskbar or on the keyboard.
  • Go to your »Parameters”, Star Wheel Symbol
  • Click on “Phone” Then “Add Phone»
  • In the window that opens, write your phone number with the country code.

Make on your lenovo

  • You will receive an SMS from Microsoft with reference to downloading the application “Microsoft Launcher”, watch it and download the application.
  • Open the application and click »Connect to complete the link”
  • Enter your password to complete the procedure
  • Accept various application access requests, we recommend that you do not receive a request “The default application starter” What will change the main screen change.
  • Now you can find in the section »Phone» on your computer Your Lenovo
  • Now in the Android browser you can transfer your webpage to your computer.

What to do if the tablet does not connect to the computer?

If the computer does not see the tablet via USB, then it makes sense to go to the Device Manager (in the “Computer Properties”) and connect the tablet. If the software appeared in the list, then click on it right mouse button and select “Update Drivers”. To the process be launched, you need.

Connect the phone cable with a laptop and run the client application for PC “MyPhoneExplorer”. Press “File Settings” and in the “Connection via” group Set the switch to the “USB cable” position and click on the “OK” button.


Another good program for complete Lenovo synchronization with PC in Russian is Airdroid. You can also download it in the Google App App. After starting, the program will provide the address to enter into the address bar in the computer browser. Then requires confirmation of Wi-Fi connection on a smartphone. It is important that devices are connected to one network.

After connecting to the device, an inteeis appears in the PC browser, which is made as desktop. In the right corner all information about the smartphone and its memory is provided. Using the control panel, which is located below, you can send files and folders with PC.

The advantage of the program is that any action can be performed. For example, when you click on the call icon, detailed details of calls will be displayed. You can call or write a message via PC, even use the smartphone camera remotely.

What is Mobile Assistant?

With this program, you can delete programs on the phone, control the contacts (add and edit), send messages and edit them. Also software allows you to work with audio and video files. export, import, delete them. Software scans the device’s memory and displays the statistics of free and busy space. Using an application, you can archive data and restore them.

In order to install Mobile Assistant to the computer, you need to connect the Lenovo phone to it. After that, the computer will determine the gadget and installs the drivers. Next, in the menu that appears, you need to select the “Open file to view the file” item. Then you need to open the conductor, and find a disc with the name “Lenovo_Suite”. On the disk we need two files: Lenovo USB Driver and Lenovo_Suite. First you need to install a USB driver, and then the second program. After installing all components, you can use the Lenovo Mobile Assistant program.

Connecting a phone via USB to a computer

Often the owners of the phones appear the need to connect its device to a computer to transmit different files. However, in some cases, the computer does not see the phone via USB. Usually this problem is associated with the firmware of the device.

To eliminate a malfunction, it is important to comply with the correct sequence of actions:

  • First of all, you must connect the Lenovo model to the computer via the USB cord;
  • In the smartphone, find the parameters of the USB connection and select the media device mode (MTP);
  • In the computer‘s operating system to find a section that is responsible for working with various devices. With the correct installation of the drivers, a connected device will appear in it. You need to right-click the context menu and go to the “File Review” item. After that, you should click on the name of the model Lenovo;
  • In some phones, Lenovo has 2 memory cards, so in the window that opens, a similar number of disk drive will appear. You can work with any such disk, performing operations for moving, copying and removing various files.

Finally, perform a computer check for viruses and malicious programs that can have a negative impact on the performance of the entire operating system. To do this, use quality licensed antivirus.

How to connect Lenovo to a computer for connecting Lenovo smartphone to a personal computer or laptop there are many. We are talking about wired connected via USB cable. O

Methods for connecting the Lenovo smartphone to a personal computer or laptop there are many. We are talking about wired connected via USB cable. About wireless ways we will talk in one of the following articles.

At the same time, Lenovo has certain differences in the methods of connecting compared to other smartphones based on the Android operating system.

If the problem of detecting a computer of a mobile device is not solved, discard the settings

If so far, your computer does not see the phone via USB should help drop smartphone settings using Hardreset. Go to the settings of your phone, select the “Backup” menu item, and select “Data Reset”.

But immediately I warn you that you will lose your files and settings that are in the internal memory of the phone (the files on the SD card will remain intact), so this item is worth using only in the extreme case!

What to do if the computer does not see the USB phone connected via android. video instruction

If you concluded that the cause of problems when connecting the phone are its physical problems (socket, something else) or simply do not want to understand for a long time, then you can transmit files from and on the phone in other ways:

  • If you have Windows 10. use the built-in application your phone (only transmission photo) if Samsung’s phone is Samsung Flow.
  • Synchronization through cloud stores Google Drive, ONEDRIVE, DROPBOX, Yandex Disc.
  • Use of programs such as Airdroid (convenient and easy for novice users).
  • Creating an FTP server on the phone or connect it as a network disk in Windows.

I complete this, and if you have any questions or additions after reading. I will be glad if you share.