The phone does not see the bracelet

Regardless of the brand of iPhone, Samsung or Honor, the Mi Smart Band 5 tracker sometimes loses synchronization due to various factors, the companion cannot find a partner. Check the network immediately. Is the location search mode and Bluetooth enabled, Internet.

There are two ways to restore Connect. The first is to perform the Hard Reset operation.

  • Go to the gadget menu. Scroll through the tabs, open by pressing “Other”, then “Configuration”, “Reset parameters”.
  • Make sure collaboration is restored.
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Use the second method if the first did not help.

  • Start the system application. In the profile of the fitness bracelet, click the “Disable” menu item. Agree to the deactivation procedure.
  • Clear information from the phone cache. To do this, go to “Settings”. “Applications”, tap on the name of the desired program. The function of deleting the cache is located directly in the task list or in the “Memory” tab.
  • Re-sync your smartwatch.

Synchronization error

When attempts to bind the fifth Xiaomi end with an error connecting the system utility, use the tips:

  • Check the battery charge of the fitness analyzer. Bluetooth connection status, Internet and location determination.
  • Perform reboot operation for smartphone.
  • Remember if you used a fitness bracelet with another device. Remove the pairing with the old companion if Connect was. If it is not possible to perform manipulation, start zeroing the indicators through the gadget menu.
  • Reinstall Mi Fit or use third-party software, for example, Mi master Band.
  • Sync the fifth Band with another phone. There may be a problem with the source.

Doesn’t connect to phone

Pairing a fitness bracelet for the first time is pretty straightforward.

  • Download Mi Fit software from Google Play or AppStore.
  • Install on smartphone.
  • Create a profile for a tracker.

The menu is intuitive and in Russian. Usually it does not cause difficulties for users. Especially for those who have used similar devices before. But the lack of contact strains the nervous system. What to do? Perform operations point by point:

  • Did not have time to charge the “smart watch”, now it needs to be done.
  • Make sure that the technical requirements are met: operating system Android 6.0 and higher, for iPhone iOS 10.0 and higher, Bluetooth 5.0 is optimal, but versions with 4.2 are allowed.
  • Check if the wireless module is functional. Remove devices that have not been used for a long time from the list. Restart Bluetooth.
  • Turn on GPS. And also in the settings of smartphone applications, allow Mi Fit to search for a settlement.
  • Place the bracelet next to it. You can put it on your arm if it is more convenient. Remember that the gadget should be no more than 10 meters from the source.

All actions have been completed, but Mi Fit still does not see Mi Band 5. Do the following steps:

  • Reboot your smartphone. As soon as it turns on, repeat pairing with the fitness tracker, pre-activate Bluetooth and GPS.
  • Reinstall the software. If upon opening the program asks for permission to send notifications or locate your location, answer yes.

After these manipulations, failures during the initial connection should be eliminated. Otherwise, we advise you to contact the service center to determine the cause. A factory defect is possible, and it is better to return the tracker to the seller under warranty.

Mi band 5 does not connect

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 purchased. The happy owner unpacks the box, retrieves the contents to sync with the smartphone and start using the gadget. But it just doesn’t work out to create a pair. Although the fifth Band is announced as a device with a stable connection. But no one is immune from such malfunctions. And not always the reason for the failure is only in the clock. We will analyze the arising connection problems in the material and write instructions on how to fix the troubleshooter yourself.

Bluetooth falls off

Situations when Bluetooth is connected for a long time, communication is interrupted and must be turned on manually, occur due to system failures.

  • Open Mi Fit, go to the “Profile” tab, tap on the settings and check for software updates. Or replace the current version, and download the new version from Google Pay or AppStore.
  • Revision the list of active devices over the air. If old gadgets are present, remove.

A recurring problem after the steps taken indicates an incompatibility of the companion module with the Band fitness analyzer or a technical problem with the tracker. Visit the wizard to find out the actual source of the problem.

How to connect two bracelets

Joint pairing of two devices to the program is allowed. But simultaneously using both in the active state will not work.

For correct synchronization, profiles are created separately for each gadget. For operation, some hours are left active, while others are turned off. The physical parameters are taken into account by the tracker working at this moment. The utility does not automatically determine which of the analyzers is on the hand; you will have to switch to the desired view yourself.

The fifth generation fitness bracelet is a device that guarantees a stable Connect with source. Connection problems are often related to software bugs or misuse. It will not work to work in tandem with the iPhone 5 due to software incompatibility, as well as Android older than the sixth version. The recommendations given in the material will help you find out the reason for the disconnect and get the job done.

Download links for Mi Fit

You can also find the application by the name of the application in the search bar or by scanning the QR code below:

We turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS on the smartphone.

Download, install and launch the Mi Fit app on your smartphone.

  • Via Mi Fit account
  • Via Mi account;
  • Through WeChat;
  • Through the profile in;
  • Through a Google account;
  • With Apple ID.

If none of these accounts exist, click “Create account” and follow the prompts to register. We considered the process of registering a Mi-account in detail in the instructions for Mi Fit, so we will not stop there.

We start connecting the bracelet. To do this, you can click “” in the upper right corner of the main screen or the notification that there are no connected devices at the bottom.

You can also go to the “Profile” tab and click “Add device”.

In the list that opens, select “Bracelet”

We give the application all the necessary permissions: to collect information, to media files, photos, etc. If you missed the first point, then at this stage you will be prompted to turn on Bluetooth and GPS.

The app will start searching for the device. After the bracelet is found (notifies by vibration), you must confirm the pairing on the bracelet screen by touching the screen.

We are waiting for all the necessary settings and updates to be installed.

Then the application will show some of the features of Mi Band 5. Scroll to the last slide and press the button “Try”.

That’s it, the bracelet is connected and ready to be configured. We will analyze all the settings of Mi Band 5 (Mi Smart Band 5) in detail in this manual.

If, after connecting, the bracelet interface is not translated into the desired language, go to the “Profile” tab, select the device, then “Language”. From the list that opens, select the desired one and click “OK”. If you have the Chinese version of the bracelet and the Russian language is not in the list, use this instruction to translate.

How to connect Mi Band 5 (Mi Smart Band 5) to the phone. Step-by-step instruction

Not so long ago, Xiaomi introduced a new version of the Mi Band 5 bracelet. In this guide, we will tell you in detail how to connect it to a smartphone running Android and iOS operating systems.

To connect Xiaomi Mi Band 5 to the phone, you will need the proprietary Mi Fit application. There are, of course, alternatives from third-party developers, but we recommend using the “native” application.

Mi Fit is free software, and you can download it from Google Play or AppStore, depending on the operating system of the device.

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First connection

The new Mi Band 5 is only used in conjunction with a phone. You won’t be able to use the device right out of the box. Even more, the gadget is in a “sleeping” state and does not respond to pressing the touch button. First of all, plug in the magnetic charging cable and connect to an outlet or PowerBank. The battery will restore energy reserves in 90 minutes.

While the smart watch is charging, you can prepare your smartphone for further setup. The manufacturer Xiaomi has developed a specialized application Mi Fit, which is necessary for the connection and customization of the functionality. Previously installed versions that were used to pair with the previous iterations of the Band will not work.

Download the version for the fifth bracelet. This can be done directly from Google Play, the App Store, or by scanning the barcode from the packaging or instructions that came with the watch. The utility is supported by iOS-based iPhones and Android smartphones. To work successfully, you need an Android version older than 6.0 and iOS older than 10.0.

There are also alternative utilities, such as Master Band. The software is shareware. Some users might like it better. But we advise you to use Mi Fit, adapted for Xiaomi gadgets.

How to connect Mi band 5

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness tracker is an updated version of the popular Xiaomi health trackers, presented in June 2020. A useful gadget helps to track physical activity, monitor the state of the cardiovascular system. But the device does not work without synchronizing the bracelet with the source. Therefore, the material is devoted to the specifics of pairing.

How to connect to laptop or computer

Some users of the Chinese fitness bracelet Mi Band 5 are thinking about how to synchronize the device with a personal PC or laptop. This can be done even though such devices are not designed to work with Windows. We offer two options.

In the first, emulators will help. special programs that create a virtual working environment.

VirtualBox, Bluestacks, Nox App Player simulate the illusion of an Android or iOS system on a computer. The user has access to functions like on a smartphone, including installing the Mi Fit utility.

We must not forget about the need for a Bluetooth adapter. If the module is not provided for by the computer design, it is worth purchasing it separately. Whether additional spending is reasonable, each person decides for himself.

For the second method, you do not need to purchase anything, but you will not be able to use the fifth Band in full. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. Set the connection type on the smartphone to “Data Transfer”. These actions will open access to the memory of the fitness analyzer. You won’t be able to manage the functionality.

How to connect to the phone

Synchronizing a fitness bracelet with a smartphone is quite simple. The connection diagram does not depend on the brand or model. Samsung, Honor, Huawei, Xiaomi, iPhone pair with the fitness bracelet in the same way. To avoid errors and disconnect situations, we recommend not deviating from the specified sequence of actions:


  • Make sure the Mi Smart Band 5 has more than 50% charge.
  • Install the Mi Fit software utility. Activate Locate and Bluetooth Modes.
  • Run the program. Sign in with your Xiaomi account if you registered before, or create a new account.
  • Agree to source location, access to wireless channels, and image and media libraries.
  • Go to the “Profile” tab, mark “Add device”. Select “Bracelet” in the dialog box. The inscription is located at the top of the list.
  • Allow the fitness tracker to collect performance data. Place the Band 5 next to your smartphone. Do not remove until the search for active devices is complete.
  • The bracelet will vibrate to inform you of pairing. Confirm the action by pressing the touch panel. A corresponding prompt will be displayed on the phone screen.
  • Next, Mi Fit will restore factory settings and basic parameters. As soon as the process is completed, the user will see a message on the screen that the fitness analyzer is ready for use.

The pairing procedure is complete. Connected smart watches are displayed in the Profile tab. By tapping on the name, the owner will go to setting parameters such as displaying notifications, changing the dial, displaying notifications and so on.

Can’t sync

Users sometimes have problems pairing the fifth Mi Band tracker: the program cannot find a watch within range, the connection is cut off. Malfunctions, as well as methods for their elimination, were analyzed in detail in the corresponding material. We advise you to read the article.

Connection to the source is necessary for the Mi Band 5 fitness tracker to carry out the tasks assigned by the manufacturer Xiaomi. The procedure for syncing with an iPhone or Android smartphone is the same. Connect with PC is possible thanks to the use of an emulator and a wireless adapter. The scheme of action is simple and straightforward, the owners should not have any questions.

How to connect the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet: to the phone or computer

Before connecting Mi Band 4 to the phone, you need to look at the characteristics of the smartphone. The manufacturer outlined the parameters of the mobile device, at which it is possible to connect the fourth device from the Xiaomi Mi Band family:

  • OS support. Android 4.4 version and higher, iOS. 9 and later modifications;
  • Bluetooth interface. version 5.0, although earlier versions are supported.

Via bluetooth

Once the application is installed on the smartphone, the following steps must be taken:

  • Turn on “Blue tooth” in the phone.
  • Go to Mi Fit app.
  • Register by creating a new account, or log into an existing one.
  • Initiate a search for a device (in this case, it is better to place the bracelet next to the mobile phone).
  • Select the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet by clicking on the bracelet image.
  • Wait until the synchronization of the two devices is completed (the process is displayed on the smartphone screen and tracker display).

After the connection is complete, the gadget is ready to use.

Connection and setup instructions

The connection to the Mi Band 4 mobile phone is carried out using the Mi Fit application, which can be downloaded from the Google Play or AppStore markets. And also. by scanning the QR code, which is available in the instructions for connecting and setting up the bracelet.

How To Connect XIAOMI Mi Smart Band 4 With IOS | IpadOS iPhone | iPad

If the application is installed for the first time, then you need to create an account. In this case, the program, in addition to standard parameters (such as username and password), will request data on height, weight, and of course the gender of the owner of the portable device. Monitoring of activity indicators, heart rate and activity of the owner of the tracker, as well as control of sleep phases depends on the reliability of the entered data.

How to connect a fitness tracker to another phone

In the case when you need to connect the smart device Mi Bend 4 to another phone, you need to break off contact with the connected mobile device. Otherwise, the bracelet will only “see” the phone to which it is initially tied. You can untie the fitness tracker in the following way:

  • Go to the Mi Fit app.
  • In the profile tab, select “Settings”.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap on the “Disable” button.
  • Confirm your decision.

After disconnecting the portable device, you can connect it to another phone by following the instructions for connecting and configuring the gadget described above.

How to connect the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet to the computer

You cannot directly connect the device via a USB cable, since the gadget does not provide support for Windows and other operating systems installed on the computer. But still there is an opportunity to bind the fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 4. There are several ways.

  • Using a smartphone. Connect a mobile phone to a computer or laptop for recharging via a USB cable. When connected, the phone displays options for using the USB connection. It is necessary to select “Transfer data to PC”, after which the device will be displayed in the connected devices on the computer. Thus, the user gets access to the phone memory and its functionality. After that, you should find the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet in the connected smartphone on the computer.
  • Using emulators like Bluestacks and Nox App Player. By downloading one of them to a computer and installing this program, the owner has access to all applications of the Android or iOS platform that are installed on the smartphone, including Mi Fit. This allows the computer to be used to control the fitness bracelet.

How to connect to the phone Mi Band 4: step by step instructions

The above information will be useful for owners of mobile devices on Android and iOS platforms, since the official app for the fitness tracker supports these platforms.

How to connect Mi Band 4 to Samsung Health

Before connecting the fitness tracker to Samsung Health, you need to make sure the following apps are installed on your smartphone:

  • Mi Fit.
  • Google fit.
  • Health sync.

Connecting a portable device to Samsung Health can be done by performing the following manipulations:

  • Log in to all three applications.
  • Synchronize all three programs by sharing data.

Thus, Mi Band 4 connect to Samsung Health.

How to connect the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet to the phone

Mi Band is a line of fitness trackers manufactured by Xiaomi. This tracker is attached to the wrist and looks like a small watch or bracelet. It can be used to track the number of steps taken, distance, heart rate and other indicators.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to connect your Xiaomi Mi Band to your Android phone. In order to demonstrate how this is done, we will use the 3rd generation Mi Band bracelet. But, Mi Band 4, as well as Mi Band 2 and an older version of this bracelet, connect in the same way, so the instructions will be quite universal.

Connecting the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet

Before you start connecting the Mi Band, you must first charge it. To do this, you need to use a special cable that should come with the device. Connect a fitness tracker to this cable and plug it into a USB port on your computer or your phone charger.

After installing the Mi Fit application, simply launch it on your phone, create a new account, if necessary, and go to the “Profile” section, the link to which is in the lower right corner of the screen.

The Mi Fit app profile will display all the basic information about Xiaomi devices that are connected to your mobile phone. You can also add new devices from here. For example, to connect a new Mi Band bracelet, you need to click on the “Add device” button and then select “Watch”.

A message will then appear warning you what data the connected device will collect. In this case, the bracelet will collect information about your activity, sleep and heart rate. To continue the connection, just click on the “OK” button and bring the Mi Band closer to the phone to start the process of binding the bracelet.

After that, the message “Press on Mi Band when vibrating” should appear on the screen. When this message appears, you need to wait until the Mi Band bracelet vibrates and then press the button on the bracelet itself. This completes the process of connecting the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet to the phone. If the gadget requires a firmware update, then it will start immediately after connecting.

After completing the connection and updating, the screen will display information about the main functions of the bracelet. You can scroll through it or immediately return to the Mi Fit app.

To make sure that the connection went well, open the Mi Fit app and go to the “Profile. Devices” section. Information about the gadget that you tied to the phone should be displayed here.

How to disable the old Mi Band

Only one Mi Band can be connected to one Mi Fit app at a time. Therefore, if you have an old Mi Band that is already connected to the phone, then before connecting a new one you will need to disconnect it.

In this case, when starting the connection, a pop-up message will appear on the screen, in which you will need to click on the “Unlink” button. After that, a page with information about the connected gadget will open, here you need to scroll to the very end and click on the “Unlink” button again.

After disconnecting the old Mi Band, the connection process will resume and you can continue it according to the instructions described above.

How to connect mi band to samsung?

Daria, to connect a fitness bracelet you need to: 1. download the official MiFit application; 2. you should log in to the application or register if you do not have a Mi Fit account yet; 3. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone; 4.

How to connect Xiaomi scales to Samsung Health?

Mi Body Composition Scale 2 and Samsung Health

  • download all software, register and log into accounts;
  • go to Mi Fit. profile. add accounts. Google Fit. turn on synchronization;
  • launch Health Sync and enable synchronization between Google and Samsung applications.

How to connect your watch to Google Fit?

How to install Google Fit on your watch and phone

  • Connect your watch to your phone. Read more
  • Sign in to the same Google account on your watch and phone.
  • Install the Google Fit app from the Play Store on your phone.
  • Open Play Store on your watch and download the Google Fit app.

How to connect Mi Band 4 to Google Fit?

How to link a fitness bracelet Mi Band to Google Fit on Android

  • Install Google Fit on your smartphone.
  • Open the Mi Fit app and click on the “Profile” button in the lower right corner.
  • Scroll down a bit and click “Add Accounts”.
  • Select Google Fit and click on the “Add Google Fit” button at the bottom of the screen.

How to connect a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet to a phone?

To connect the watch to the phone, go to the application profile and select “Add device”, click on the line “Bracelet” and “Agree”. After that, click on the line Mi Smart Band 4 and confirm the pairing on the watch by pressing its touch button on the screen.

How to restart mi band 4?

If this does not help, it makes sense to restore the factory settings.

  • From Xiaomi Mi Band, swipe up to the Advanced menu;
  • In the “Advanced” menu, scroll down and find “Settings”;
  • In “Settings” scroll down and find “Restart”;
  • From here, confirm the soft reset and wait for the tracker to restart.

How to wear Mi Band 4?

To wear the gadget correctly, it must be tightly fastened to the wrist, but the strap should not squeeze the hand too much. To obtain the most accurate measurements, the capsule of the gadget should be on the underside of the hand, where the veins are clearly visible. Under no circumstances should the bracelet be allowed to squeeze the hand.

How to connect a fitness bracelet Mi Band 3 to a smartphone?

You will not surprise anyone with such a gadget as a fitness bracelet, and if earlier only professional athletes possessed these devices, then today, the tracker can be seen on almost everyone on a person’s hand. The fitness bracelet helps to keep track of your activity during the day, shows the distance traveled, helps in training and monitors the quality of sleep, tracking its phases. In addition to sports “support”, fitness bracelets notify us of incoming calls, messages, notifications from social networks, wake us up in the morning and even show the weather. One of these trackers is Xiaomi Mi Band 3, if you have become the new owner of such a gadget and do not know what to do with it, then this article is for you. In it we will tell you how to connect a fitness bracelet to a smartphone and make the necessary settings.

So, the first thing you need to decide is whether your smartphone can work with Mi Band 3?

If you are the owner of a smartphone on an Android platform, then it must be at least Android 4.4 and higher, and your phone must also have a working Bluetooth 4.0 to synchronize with a smartphone. If you are the owner of an iOS device, then the software of your gadget must be at least iOS 9.0 with Bluetooth enabled. After that, going to the Apple Store or Play Market / Google Play, you need to find the Mi Fit application, and download the application to your phone, or you can make it easier, take the instruction and scan the QR code. Upon completion of downloading the application to your smartphone, you will need to turn on Bluetooth and open the Mi Fit application.

After opening the application, you will see a window with the input of the Mi account data. Most likely, owners of Xiaomi smartphones or gadgets will find it easier. they just need to enter an account. If there is not a single Xiaomi gadget in your house and you are not the owner of a Xiaomi smartphone, then you need to register, go through authorization and enter your data: gender, height, weight, date of birth. Having finished entering your parameters, you will proceed to the most important thing. pairing Mi Band 3 and a smartphone.

To do this, go to the “profile” tab at the bottom of the screen, click “add device” and select “bracelet” and the search for the device will begin. As soon as the Mi Band fitness bracelet is synchronized, and the program detects it, a window will appear asking for confirmation “press the button on the Mi Band 3 to confirm authorization.” Ready! Now you know how to connect a fitness bracelet to a smartphone, other fitness bracelets and smart watches from Xiaomi, for example Amazfit Bip, will connect according to a similar principle.

The second most important thing, after connecting a fitness bracelet to a smartphone, will be its “setting”.

And we’ll start with the alert function (notification). To do this, go to the “profile”. choose “Mi Band 3” and you will see a menu with possible notification settings:

In addition, you can configure Mi Band 3 so that it reminds you of inactivity or, on the contrary, vibrates if you reach your goal. You can also set the “do not disturb” mode so that you do not receive notifications at a certain time, for example, while you are sleeping. To set up an activity goal, you need to return to the profile menu and select the number of steps that you plan to walk in a day. According to the recommendation of the World Health Organization, the approximate number of steps per day is 8000, which is approximately 40 minutes. If you bought Mi Band 3 in order to get your body in shape and lose weight, then you can set the desired weight to which you strive and track its decrease. But this will only work in tandem with the smart scales Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2, because changing your weight manually will not be very convenient every time.

How to easily set up a digital clock?

Today more and more people use electronic watches. They are comfortable and practical and have a stylish design. But not every user knows how to properly configure such an accessory. Due to the large number of functions, it is difficult to.

stage. working with the system

In order not to look for the necessary utilities for a long time, read the manufacturer’s recommendation or scan the QR code that is located on the cardboard box. After downloading, create a personal account. Please enter your phone number or email address to confirm. An account allows you to transfer all data directly to your smartphone, which expands the set of tasks.

Bracelet or watch strap: which is better?

A wrist watch is not only a chronometer for determining the time, which is always at hand. It is also a stylish accessory that elegantly complements any look and speaks of the owner’s taste. over, the effect on others can.

How to connect a fitness bracelet to your phone: general recommendations

To access all the functionality of the fitness tracker, you need to synchronize it with your smartphone. If your fitness bracelet with watch is activated by the Adroid OS, then you will need the following:

  • The device itself with a charged battery.
  • A proprietary application for managing and configuring the bracelet, which can be downloaded for free on Google Play.
  • Active Bluetooth so that the device can display all relevant data, forward and receive information.

There is a universal instruction that is suitable for adapting most gadgets. In addition, pay attention to the recommendations offered by the manufacturer of the tracker.

What You Need to Know About Smart Accessories: Feature

Smart gadgets are connected according to the standard scheme. Although the process is flexible, there are separate exceptions for specific brands of devices. Popular Xiaomi got the following set of features:

  • Locate Band. to detect the tracker, light color. to change the LED color, vibrate for incoming calls. notify of incoming calls, early bird alarm. guarantees a comfortable wake-up.

Inexpensive Samsung products are exclusively for Android users. In order to “tighten” basic functions, you need S Health. Additional features will be shown by Charmby Samsung. In addition, the user can change the firmware, track the battery charge, analyze the information received during the day.

Honor devices interact with Huawei Wear. The utilities update the firmware automatically to the most recent version. It is characterized by constant improvement that developers regularly release. At the same time, there are no failures in the work, and the information is quickly read and analyzed.

In order not to face difficulties, follow the instructions that the manufacturer applies in the description.

Other nuances that depend on the OS

Smartwatches, like bracelets, are synchronized in the same way. Software that can be used for specific OS:

The alternative is Apple Health. Please note that earlier activation was performed only with Apple devices. Today it is possible to bind the tracker via Mi Fit. To do this, just use the program tips.

complexes operate in this OS, among which Notify @ Fitness for Mi Band remains popular. The main advantages are the variety of options that help optimize the chronometer performance. For example, an alarm clock, a pulse meter is attached to the main control button.

Another alternative is Mi Band Smart Alarm. The main advantage is the simple setup. To do this, you will need to enter the MAC address in the profile, which is located in the Bluetooth address section.

Taking action is easy. You need to choose the right software and follow the proposed algorithm, tips.

stage. activation via Bluetooth

The watch needs to be synchronized. To do this, make active Bluetooth through the network settings or the top control panel of the Android operating system. Next, you need to turn on the proprietary program directly and select the function of connecting to a smart watch. After that, you can experiment with the functionality available. For example, you can change the background of the theme or the type of light notification, the settings panel, the language (Russian, English).

Upon completion of the connection, the model will be displayed in the software package, and the user will receive a notification with the indicator.

We connect the M3 through Yoho Sports

We will tell you how to connect an M3 fitness bracelet to your phone. Before syncing, charge the gadget and turn it on.

If all the probable causes have been eliminated or you cannot determine the root of the problem, there may be a defect in the tracker itself. As a rule, branded products do not cause difficulties in work. In any case, in case of problems, we advise you to contact the service center or the seller under warranty.

Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев what methods you know that have helped you connect a fitness bracelet to your phone.