Computer Management with remote control

To control the computer from the remote control, a lot of solutions, for example, IR receivers from Microsoft, GotView and T.D. The existing auxiliary software allows you to flexibly configure the management of application programs from the remote control, such as video or audio players, almost turning the computer into a multimedia center. Unfortunately, only “almost”. For the most part, IR receivers are devoid of one very important function. they do not allow you to include the computer remotely. from the remote control.

This means that someone will have to get up with a “favorite” sofa to include a computer that performs the role of video player in the living room. As a rule, this “someone” was I myself, that I began to raise sneezing. As you know, laziness is a progress engine, so I began to look for options for solving the issue of remotely inclusion of the computer from the remote control.

1 Computer Management with any IR-remote.

1 Doubts.

I doubted for a long time in the need to write a computer management program from the IR-console. On the one hand, there are many similar devices / programs (both paid and free) with good functionality and I can not add anything new to this area. On the other hand, since the hardware part of us is collected (the IR-to-Uart converter) why not use it also to control the computer? Trifle, but nice :). In addition, in the context of the development of 1W-IR network and managing the “smart home” / “worker_stol”, it will be useful to run through some ideas in life. As a result, I decided to write a small program and see how it will work with various consoles.

So, we have a ready-made fee (even several options) of the reception of household IR controls in UART messages. UART signal via the converter (for the COM port it can be MAX232, for USB. we made a previously USB-to-UART converter or, if there is a ready converter, such as a lace from mobile) you need to send to the computer. Next, the program part, depending on the received message (pressed on the button with the button), must perform the specified actions. Actions can be different, for example: Mouse Control, Starting specific programs, Volume adjustment and T.D. This is how it should work in the complex. Now we will analyze in parts.

As I have already written above, the main idea of ​​this implementation use the IR-UART converter is ready. I will use the converter collected on attiny13, although you can also take on attiny2313. any of the boards or firmware for them (and they have already accumulated enough, here and on the forum) will work correctly. Who has no such handkerchief yet, I quickly do it. the article here. By the way, specifically for this device made an update of a single-path firmware by changing the work algorithm. Therefore, if there are any problems with old. try a new one (or vice versa).

Move on. We have a UART signal how to take it on the computer? There are several options:. the first that suggests sending messages through the COM port of the computer. To do this, you will need to use the UART-TO-COM converter (do not forget, directly UART to the COM port is not connected. the microcontroller burns. You can buy ready-made or collect yourself, for example on MAX232 (see Datashet, there is a scheme as connecting) The second option is a bit more complicated, but preferably. connect via USB. The advantages are obvious: unlike COM, the USB port is in any PC, in addition, the power for the IR-UART converter can be taken directly from the USB port (from the COM port, too, you can also manage to take 5V, but it will be much more difficult). To connect via USB, you can buy a ready-made UART-TO-USB converter (they are rather cheap) or assemble, for example, on the PL-2303 or FT232 chip, or on a microcontroller (article about the UART-TO-USB converter), or, I am for this article, take the old lace from the mobile and “attach” to him with a scarf IR-UART converter. choose yourself. To connect via USB to the system, do not forget to put the driver that will create a virtual COM port when the device is connected. With iron. all. Look at what happened:

You can check the performance above the described design by running the terminal program by opening the appropriate port and ponphone the keys on the remote control. Each press must be accompanied by accepted characters in the message taken messages.

Now, we go to the most guilty of this article. a computer management program with IR console. Program assigning. Match anyone key Action on the keyboard (keystrokes or their combinations), mouse actions (motion of the pointer, pressing buttons, scrolling wheel) or system actions (run the program, disable the computer, adjust the volume and T.D.). The program is able to automatically boot when Windows starts and connect to our device. The advantage of the program is the possibility of working with any consoles (and you can work simultaneously with different consoles). Reception of the IR-to-Uart message in the program is organized according to a special. In order to not be attached to some specific type or length of sending the program from any parcel calculates the hash amount and works with it. This allows you to work with various ways to transfer messages both ready-made devices and those that will be made later. IrControll.Zip (7076 downloads) IrControll1.ZIP (3356 downloads)

The principle of operation of the program is very simple To start, in the “Work with COM” tab, select the COM port to which our device is connected (it can be a virtual COM-port created when connected via USB. no difference), click “Open”. Now the program can receive messages from our Devices. If everything is fine, then in the Status area, when you click on the button buttons, the green “OK” icon should light up and the hash-sum of the received message appears Now open the “Keys” bookmark you need, “Mouse”, “System” Fill the fields and add an action to the table (a button with a green plus card). In the “IR code” window, the values ​​will be entered automatically when the control key is pressed. After adding to the table to the table, it automatically become active. Remove the line and action from the table will not be made (it is possible to add the activity switch in the table line?). On each code, you can “hang” any number of actions (for example, the selected action, you can confirm the audio message by putting the audio file with the message to the same IR code). Tables are automatically saved when leaving the program and loaded when repeated input. A more detailed description of all functions is in Helpe Program. Here is a separate help file: rchelp.PDF (2776 downloads)

USB Media Center Remote Controller PC DVD TV (PC Remote Control)

Remote Control for Computer with IR receiver. I have LCD TV connected as the second monitor to PC.Watch the movie on it is quite convenient, but sometimes the need arises to rewind a little or pause. At first, I used the radiolyature, but as it turned out this is not very convenient because of its dimensions and an unstable signal from the sofa. Therefore, I decided to buy myself about.

Having walked around in the neighboring stores, I did not find anything for myself (our town is small, the choice of goods in electronics stores is small). Therefore, addressed online shopping. There was no experience of buying online abroad, I decided to order something cheaper (in case it does not come to not be in a big span). Climbed several sites, cheaper than the gameSeilor did not find. So I bought this device there (as well as a little more little things on 20).

There was a pretty parcel for a long time, 40 days (and who came up with send to the Far East of the parcel through Moscow. ). But still got to me safely and preservation.

It was packed everything was in a small, but strong enough cardboard box, a complete seal, all the devices were wrapped in poultry polyethylene. So, here he is the pulmit:

Packaging as such was not, ordinary polyethylene bag. Also in the bag found a manual for 1 page.

The gasket was stuck in the battery compartment so that the batteries did not discharge while the device did not use (it works from 1 CR2025 battery, but for some reason 2 AAA is written in the manual).

Dimensions of remote control approximately 12 per 5 cm. However, you can also appreciate the dimensions in comparison with the other consoles in hand:

Made of medium quality plastic. I think the scratch will appear during operation. Signal receiver has a wire length about 60 cm., that weight is convenient, Allows you to arrange it as convenient. For example, there are receivers that do not have wires. They have to connect to the front side of the system, and the number of USB ports on the front side is usually very limited. With our sample such a problem will not arise. Shock where we want, we have, as we want, so that nothing prevented the successful reception of the signal 🙂 We connect this miracle to PC. Window (XP) informs us about the discovery of the new device (HID keyboard). Everything worked fine, all buttons function. 4 multicolored buttons need to be configured. To start something you need in the properties of the desired program label (the label must be present on the desktop), specify the CTRLALT A (B, C, D) key to each button in the “Quick Call” line for each button, respectively.

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The quality of reception is good, at least from 4 meters separating my computer from the sofa. The seller’s website stated a reception distance of 8 meters. In the instructions written 18.

Supports support for Windows 2000, CE, XP, MCE (I am before meeting the manual and did not sugone about the existence of this :)), Vista. On the seven I think there will be no problem.

For the sake of interest, I decided to check how the device will behave on a netbook with the installed Linux. (Linux Mint 9 Rosinka). After connecting Linux, unlike the winds did not report anything, but the device earned. The truth is not quite as in Windows.For example, the “A” button (one of the customizable) displays some kind of context menu, it is not clear from what. The button for calling the browser opens the conductor, the “My PC” button opens the selection of desktops. The POWER button does not turn off the computer (although it is even good, and when you look at the movie and click on the “Power” automatic instead of “close” immediately remembers a lot of mothers. ). The remaining buttons seem to work as it should be.

And now Spoonful: A little uncomfortable mouse control button, it works tightly, and a sticker on the receiver. It seems more flaws did not find.

Remote IR Computer Management via USB

To date, there are quite a lot of various solutions for a personal computer. All of them have different complexity and functionality. For radio amateur devices, it is possible to conditionally carry out:

The receiving module is not combined with the decoding part. Decoding IR parcel is carried out on a PC special program. As a rule, the receiver scheme is extremely simple. Connection can be implemented via COM or LPT ports. 2. Reception and decoding the signal occurs in the device hardware. On PC sent already recognized package. Recognition can be made in the form of a real code, or a certain conditional code, which is not real for this console, but provides unambiguous identification of the button.

Both methods are inherent in dignity and disadvantages. For example, disadvantages for the first type: such ports like COM and LPT are found in computers more and less often, and in laptops almost translated. PC decoding requires realtime access to ports, which is not guaranteed, as a result of which the parcel is not always true. Advantages: simplicity, lack of need to program iron, the existence of programs capable of recognizing most of the protocols. The advantages of the second approach should include the ability to use the USB intees, is not required by Realtime. Disadvantages. more complex hardware, the need for its programming.

Your attention is offered a receiver-decoder, connected via USB inteeus, allowing you to manage applications on PC by infrared channel. The device is recognized by real codes, such protocols as: NEC, SAMSUNG, JVC, RC5, Sony SiC (15 Bit). This is enough for the overwhelming majority of the remotes used. The computer sequences the sequence of the type: (TOOGLE, DEVICE_LOW, DEVICE_HIGH, COMMAND: SYSTEM). For example, in the case of sending the NEC protocol, where the youngest part of the address of the device 134, the older.107, the command code.18: A string will be sent to PC (0.134,107,18: NEC_Code). TOOGE value will be either 0 or 1. alternation from pressing pressing. When holding the button, the value of this parameter will not change. In the RC5 standard, this is a full-time function. There are no other formats, so the receiver software defines hold for protocols other than RC5. The receiver can work using one of the USB devices. CDC or HID classes, depending on the firmware. This is done due to the fact that there are certain advantages and disadvantages in the work of these classes in front of each other.

Advantages of CDC: Since the CDC is a virtual COM port, the principles of working with it are simple and no different from working with the usual COM port. Special drivers from PC are not required (INF files are used for different OS). Works in XP, Vista, Win7. You can see the packages of the device by the usual terminal, if necessary. Does not load the processor. the parcels are practiced only during the reception.

CDC Disadvantages: As with the Real Port, a permanent connection of the device is required. The disconnected device will have to manually attach in the PC application (reapperate port). in some cases it may be inconvenient.

connect, console, computer, device

The advantages of HID: You can disconnect and attach the device “on the hot”, the program on the PC will automatically track it and in the color of the icon in the tray, it is possible to determine the connection status.

HID Disadvantages: Special driver is required for application. LIBUSB-WIN32-FILTER-BIN-0 driver was, which works so far only on WinXP 32 Bit. If you have another operating system, then the CDC remains. The program periodically polls the device, so the meager loading of the processor in a simple still is.

Controller. ATMEGA8 16AI (without index V, it is important). The D1 LED is applied to reduce the supply voltage of the controller (5B) to improve the coordination of voltage levels from the MK with USB intermediate lines (3.3B). Its transition also has stabilizing properties. I applied a bright SMD LED Dipped out of the ribbon. The voltage drop on the diode should be about 1.5V. At the same time, the IR receiver IR1 is powered by 5V, so the diode d2 (it is better to take a Germany or Schottky. with a small voltage drop in the transition) protects the input of the controller from overvoltage. Switch SW1 is applied to switch to device programming mode. About this below.

Installation made predominantly SMD elements, design option:

In order for subsequently, it is convenient to reprogram the device, the first time you should flash the bootloader (see. Project Archive, Tools Folder) Inteeis ISP Any convenient programmer. The firmware of the working program is further performed by usb. To do this, close the switch switch SW1 PN PB1 microcontroller to the ground and attach the device to the USB port. After that, run the Upload program.EXE (BootloadHid shell.EXE) From the Default folder (or folders in which the hex file) of the corresponding project is. Window opens:

In the Firmware line, you must add the name of the firmware file (without expansion). After that click CMD Flash and confirm the selection. In the window:

Press the Confirm button and the firmware loading process will begin in the controller. It remains only to extract the device, disable PB1 from the Earth switch SW1I. Connect again to USB port. If the HID device class has been selected, the request for the installation of drivers will not follow. New equipment can be seen in the device manager. For the CDC class in the driver’s installation request, you must specify the desired inf file from the INF folder (cm. project), depending on the OS. After that, a virtual COM port will appear in the system to which recognized parcels will come.

The PC application is located in the iRServer_Winlirccompatible folder. The output of this program is identical to the data of the well-known WinLircus program. Because are, de facto, the standard for controlled by application sockets. This means that with this program you can manage all applications that allows you to manage WinLirc. Many of the multimedia programs have built-in tools or plugins for work. Lightalloy, Aimp, KMPlayer, Winamp, etc. The rest of the applications or PC functions can be controlled using programs that are also clients WinLirc, but implement reference to managed WM-messages applications or the package of hotkeys (Girder, Device Control, MKey and many others).

Remote Control for Computer

It is no secret that listening to high-quality music and video, much easier and cheaper to implement using a modern computer. Having a fairly good sound card, a video card with access to TV, a decent acoustics and a DVD drive, you can easily make a home cinema. However, one problem remains. management. In principle, you can run to the keyboard, or purchase a wireless keyboard or mouse. But the usual will use the usual IR remote from the TV or VCR.

Unfortunately, the easiest way, use the IR port of a computer or an external, connected to the USB port is not possible due to the difference in the synchronization of the console and the IC port. However, there are many low-cost solutions, on self-assembly of an uncomplicated IR receiver, corresponding to the IC standard of audio-video techniques.

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Honestly, most of the proposed solutions have two significant drawbacks. First of all, the need for self-assembly, which requires not only the skill of assembly work, but also understanding what you do. The easiest way to make a small hole for an IR receiver on the facial panel of the case. In the case of the manufacture of an external receiver, something like a receiver in soap.

The second, an important problem is depending on the driver and software. Suppose you competently spotted the scheme, found a cute case, however, the schema developers wrote a program that for some reason does not work on your computer, or the driver is not suitable for your operating system. In other words, a perfectly collected scheme becomes useless until the developers rewrite the program, or you will not write it yourself.

As a result, we get that the console for managing computer players, it is expensive enough, and the time was spent neuroran.

Some time ago, I encountered a similar problem, but, in spite of the big ammunition experience, I decided not to collect. And I have not long received an advertising letter, which tells about a fairly interesting, you can say the unique development of St. Petersburg computer, universal remote control for any computer with any operating system.

Remembering the forgotten problem, I decided to contact the Moscow representative, thanks to which, the console has already hit me for testing.

The kit consists of an IR receiver and a console. How can you see the receiver has two cables. One to connect to PS / 2 port port, Other Keyboard. On the front side is the actual receiver of IR signals and a service LED displaying the status of the device.

The basis of the IR receiver is a microcontroller and non-volatile memo and. allowing you to save the sequence of the keypad keys, assign them any remote button and issue the appropriate data to the PS / 2 port. In other words, the IR receiver and the remote control are parallel to the connected keyboard.

Thus, the remote control can manage any applications using a sequence of hot keys.

Among the already invented and tested methods of using the console can be called the following:

  • Remote control of audio and video players (volume, recycling, rewind and t.D.).
  • Remote control of peripheral devices of your computer, including FM radio and TV tuners.
  • Remote control by showing a photo album or presentation with the ability to control the mouse pointer using the remote control.
  • Quick launch of programs, for example, checking mail using a single remote button.
  • You can use the remote control when recording multimedia data on PC from audio-video and other techniques located at a distance from the computer.
  • Use together with computers involved in production.
  • Remote control by multiple computers at the same time when using several admirers of infrared signals with one remote control.
  • Control using the keyboard and console not only with a computer, but also at the same time other independent devices (possibly, its own development) connected to the additional TTL-output of the base unit. Additional output is not included in the standard delivery and is provided by special order.

In general, as you can understand the possibilities of application are limited only to your fantasy.

As already mentioned above, the IR receiver is connected to the usual PS / 2 port. Computer keyboard connects to an IR receiver. Thus, the receiver becomes “transparent” for the keyboard.

In case of connecting the remote control to the laptop, a temporary keyboard connection to the IR receiver is required. This is only necessary at the time of programming. As we said above, the receiver reads the sequence of the keyboard buttons, and saves it in its memory. If you do not connect the keyboard, but use the laptop keyboard, then the IR receiver will simply have nothing to read.

For ease of use, the developers have provided a sufficient cable length, and a special sticky tape for fastening the receiver in a convenient location.

Before you start working with the console, you need to pre-program it. It is absolutely no important to which operating system is running, and that at the moment happens. The main thing to remember which combination of hot keys must be assigned for a particular action.

To enable programming mode, you must first click on the red button in the upper left corner of the remote control and hold it for a few seconds.

After that, a red LED lights up on the remote control, signaling readiness to take another key combination.

After that, you can click on the keyboard the desired key combination (each button of the console can be assigned a sequence of 25 keyboard keys).

IR Control Panel for Computer

If you are watching your favorite movies lying on the sofa, or listen to Winamp, and you are too lazy to reach the clave to rewind the composition or seduce the sound or something else. This is something other as the usual COM IR-port managed by any remote control, and a special program that actually controls the work of a particular application. So, in order.

We will need:. Remote Control (except for “horizontal” consoles and some Panasonic models. Their carrier signal frequency is 400 kHz, and the frequency of the COM port. up to 115 kHz. Basically, the remotes of the signal frequency of 30-40 kHz.). RadioThe: photodetector. The simplest option is the domestic TK-19 or TK1833. Import analogs of TSOP 1738, TSOP1836. In general, any 5 volt. Pinout is shown in rice.2, voltage stabilizer 78L05, but domestic roll5a will also fit. Pinout is shown in rice.3. Condenser 20MKF 25V Resistors. 5.1, 10KK 0,125 or 0.5W LED. any. Cathedral leg short 9 needle COM Mom connector with housing.

We collect “the most complicated” scheme shown in

If there is no desire, the switch does not put. We cling all to the leg 1 or 2. Here is the molding of the SOM connector that can be found on the Internet:

But we take into account that when the signal on foot 2 works better. Here is the pinout of the receiver contacts:

Twice or three times we are convinced that everyone soldered right with all the polarities, and connect to the COM port of the computer.

-Where is the Windows message about the new device no. And there will be no! 🙂

Program. WinLirc and Device Controller. Simple programs, require a plug-in for applications (for Winamp- installed a separate plugin, for Light Alloy is not required).

After starting, the program will say that it must be configured.

Click OK and get into the configuration menu. For the collected scheme, set the parameters as shown in the figure below, except for the port parameter. In this parameter, you specify your COM port number to which the collected IR receiver has been connected.

(It all depends on which leg you attached a receiver, or in what position the switch.) To check the collected circuit, you need to select the Sample temporary file in the Config string.CF, which lies in the WinLirc-0 folder.6.5 by pressing the Browse button. Next, press the RAW CODES button, the signal reception check window opens. Pressing the buttons on any PD in the window must be accepted by PULSE: 300, Space: 4000 packages. If nothing happens, you need to check the correctness of the collected IR receiver scheme, the parameters are correct and the port number is correctly selected correctly. If packets are accepted, then the collected scheme can be considered true. Close the window and return to the program settings window.

After that, you must specify the WinLirc Drive, with which model the remote control it will work, for this you need to select the PD file in the Browser button by clicking on the Browser button. and click OK in the Settings window. You can get a file to your remote control by downloading it from the WinLirc http: // LIRC driver.SourceForge.Net / Remotes / or sending a request for free receipt at Devicectrl @ with the “Console file” mark (specify the PD model). All, WinLirc is configured! Click Hide Winlirc and the program will come to the tray. Click the PD and WinLirc button will start response to pressing only the selected remote control, which will signal a flashing in a circular icon. If the flow file you did not find on your model, or you do not know the model or for other reasons you can not select the PD file, you can create it (to train WinLirc to any remote control). To study WinLircus in the config line, specify the path and name of the new file to which the learning result will be recorded, for example:

Click Learn. A window will appear for training WinLirc.

To begin with, the program will ask you to enter the name of the remote control. Please ENTER a Name for this Remote. Enter an arbitrary Name of the remote control and do not use the spaces when entering !

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Further, WinLirc asks to introduce the percentage of the disposal (from 1% to 99%)

Desired Margin of Error for this Remote? (1-99, ENTER = 25).

The more percentage, the more severe WinLircus will schedule the received signal in the future (if you select 99%, the WinLirc will most likely not respond to the signal from the remote control, since the flow signals are not stable and not ideally the same), the smaller the parameter will be, Those WinLircus will relate more loyal to the received signals (if you select 1%, the WinLircus will react to the remote control, but can confuse buttons and react to interference). Experimental studies have shown that it is optimally introduced 40%. We enter and press Enter, then WinLirc will write Gap and Length? do not write anything in the string and press ENTER. Next, the program will ask to press the same any button the required number of times in order to analyze the type of transmitted signal from the remote control. Click and release until WinLirc will write:

To Finish Recording Buttons, ENTER A BLANK Button Name.

Next, you need to make all the data of the PD buttons. To do this, enter the name of the button (Do not use spaces!), Press ENTER After that, WinLirc will need to click and not release the button whose name you entered Press and Hold Down The ‘Entered_In_In the name of the’ Button Until Told to Stop.

During clicking on the PD, the WinLircu button will receive data from the remote control, as will indicate the increase in the value “Matches Faults Instructions for setting up Vinlirk” SRC = “/ COMP / COMP91-10.GIF “/

Entering all the necessary buttons for each other, the program will record everything in the file. If you want to finish entering the buttons, then enter the buttons not name, but leave the field empty and press Enter, while WinLirc reports that the configuration is saved. Click everywhere OK. All, WinLirc is configured! Click Hide Winlirc and the program will come to the tray. Click the PD and WinLirc button will start response to the press of the trained remote control, what will be a flashing flashing in a circular icon.

Pow for your PC. USB PC Computer Remote Control Media Controller

Hello everyone, I was somehow for watching Muska, and came across a review of the PD for the PC, I have long wanted such a balalaik to switch the video from the sofa, at first I thought that the wireless mouse would be the most topics, but changed my mind I decided to take this remote and did not regret. For those who do not like to read. I recommend hot remote.

And so why this is this remote, not similar to those obsessed here. Two things 1-design 2-. Risked and ordered. I was not satisfied with the design of the remote controls that were here, well, and the price stopped, this console came out about 5 including shipment. The seller turned out to be responsive responded to my question about the trackner, and talking to decided that for such an amount also the track it would be really a lot. Come together on just sending.

Parcel reached 20 days before the distant Siberia. Although not so far from China. 🙂

The reverse side of the moon (see the receiver is attached to three bolts “” the tail that goes to the roulette the extension with the USB ending, the length of the roulette ~ 60 cm) from the bottom I fastened a piece of double-sided tape in the kitchen kit, a little thing, but for the money I am And did not wait.

I refer to the instruction in English in which it was wrapped.

CR2025 Battery (3V) is used for power

connect, console, computer, device

Now about the work, the mouse works, all the buttons work do what they are indicated, on the W7 x86 it did not need any drivers, connected the receiver began to poke the console everything earned everything. Multicolored keys from above four pieces, you can put any programs on Ctrlalta / B / C / D combinations actually in the instructions written. You can dial text by type SMS but Russian letters there will be in random order, you can flippays.

Simultaneous pressing for example, the left button of the mouse button on the remote control will not work with subsequent movement. t.E. It is worth understanding that only one button is always working, or click either we move the cursor 🙂 Yes, and we poorly imagine how the remote is to move something on the screen you may need. In the case of which one of the hot keys can be borne on moving if it is in the features of the axis.

Multimedia keys for the player (to the left of Joya controls the mouse cursor) I have not yet used. Maybe in standard windows media they work. In my video players they do not work but are replaced by the keys by others quite more than. In the same la.

The working distance between the receiver and the remote control I have 4-5 meters, then it is not possible to physically check it possible. 18 meters written in the instructions.

My verdict is unambiguously, the remote control is very high quality, plastic does not stink, in hand is normal, not heavy, the receiver takes well t.E. I don’t need to aim in it, the reflecting from objects finishes. The console itself is happy with more than. I think that for such a price it is better not to find a remote control and once again I repeatedly liked it for the design from the observed here, in the price category up to 15

Connect to computer remote control

Computer development trends suggest their integration with home audio video technician. At the same time, the computer remains deprived of such a wonderful input device, which is the remote control. The proposed solution to this problem bribes its flexibility and low cost.

Diodiodes. 1N4148 Resistor. one.2 com condensate. 10 μF 78L05 Analog Kren5a

IR-Receiver TK1833 convex to yourself, from left to right: DCD (Signal), GND (general), RTS (Nutrition)

Photodetector (FP) is an assembly: Actually FP and amplifier. They are 12 and 5 volt. You need a 5th voltaya, 12 even better, but then you need to remake the scheme. He has three legs, two. Power, one signal. Do not forget to ask what where. You can burn. I bought it on “Karavava Dacha” in Kyiv, the guys selling imported spare parts. I think you can ask in the repair of audio-video and spare parts stores. Chief criterion. Nutrition 5V. New worth depending on the model before the dollar. Schemk connect to COM port. You still need a remote. I would not recommend using electrical. According to rumors, they have very high work frequencies, although I have not checked. The most successful was Sony. Short often repetitive packages. Philips. worse though also works. The only remote control with which I could not figure out was from Toshiba air conditioner. Soft can write everything yourself, there is nothing complicated. But why to invent a bike? The program received from me is debugged, verified and ready to work. It allows you to produce almost any manipulations with applications: open, close, emulate keystrokes, mouse clicks. Implemented the possibility of performing a sequence of actions by pressing one button of the console, with this sequence depends on the order of pressing. In addition, you can turn off the computer, manipulate the volume. All settings are put in INI standard format file. The program is actively operated from March 2001. The program is written on VC and uses MFC libraries. You can download full setup (950 KB) settings in the INI file for the remote control from the Sony Music Center. If you have another remote, then before you start work you have to configure the program.

None Published: 2004. 0 0

Remuneration I collected 0 0

The choice of the application mainly depends on the purpose of using it. Replace to some extent the keyboard or mouse can each of the applications considered (with the exception of Ultimate GamePad). The developers of these utilities have tried to fill them as much as possible by all possible functions for the remote control of PC, while forgetting sometimes about the quality of their implementation and convenience of use.

If you have not yet decided what exactly you want to control the PC, but you need a universal console for all occasions, the choice will be between Unified Remote and Max Remote. In their paid version of Unified Remote, contains the largest number of ready-made control schemes by the most popular programs and other possibilities for remote PC management. In addition, this is the only utility that contains a full full-screen keyboard with a Russian layout. In turn, Max Remote can manage not only with the mouse and keyboard, but also gamepad, and also makes it easy to create custom consoles for any program.