How to connect Sony Bravia to a computer via Wi-Fi

If you want to watch a movie or play on a big screen, then it is best to connect a computer to the TV and enjoy a large image. In this article, you will learn how to display a picture from PC on a TV screen using wires and through Wi-Fi.

Connecting with wires

The easiest option to connect a computer and TV is to connect them to each other using a special cable. In this case, you do not need special settings or programs, since the PC determines the external output devices the same, whether it be a computer monitor or a full.fledged TV. The difference is only in the cord through which the devices will be connected.

In modern TVs, digital outputs are used, which in most cases are similar to connectors on the PC or laptop motherboard or laptop. The most common option is HDMI. Below is an example of such a connector. Also on the back of the video card or on the motherboard are VGA or DVI ports.

If the second device has only one of the presented ports, then get a converter (adapter). You can purchase an adapter HDMI. VGA, HDMI. DVI and so on.

If we are talking about the analogue method of connection (through a tulip), then it will not work without an adapter, since the RCA format is not supported by computers. An example of connectors is shown below.

A correctly connected wire to one and second device will give a positive result: the image will appear simultaneously on two screens. Modern Windows OS can automatically determine connected devices without installing additional drivers. After that, you need to configure the picture through the parameters of the operating system.

Image setting

To open a window with the parameters of monitors and images, it is necessary to make the following:

  • Often the image on the TV screen is not optimized automatically under the diagonal and resolution, especially when it comes to old technique. In this case, you will have to manually configure the resolution. To do this, scroll the “Parameters” window down and find the appropriate item.
  • There is also the opportunity to expand the screens (2 desktops) in Windows, duplicate them or leave only one workers. Convenient functionality if you need to quickly change the image.

If you have a tube or kinescopal TV and it will connect through tulips, then the variability in setting up the quality of the picture is minimal. Modern devices have branded software (for example, LG Smart Share), the ability to connect the Smart TV prefix and much more. This expands the possibility of operation. You can also connect a TV without wires.

Connecting a regular TV without a built-in Wi-Fi

To combine PC and TV, an external Wi-Fi adapter or Smart TV prefix is ​​required. One of these devices is necessary if in your TV the lack of corporate party and intenses.

To connect, you can use any Wi-Fi adapter that connects to the device via USB:

There are also external HDMI or USB prefixes that allow you to run the Android operating system on the TV screen and connect with devices through the air.

The second option is to connect by ordinary Bluetooth adapter. Both the computer and the TV must be equipped with this device. The PC should also be installed by the branded software from the adapter manufacturer.

Playing films and video via DLNA

If your TV does not support Wi-Fi Direct, then all devices must be connected to one router. The presence of this function can be found from the documentation or on the Internet on the manufacturer’s website. Most modern devices Samsung, LG, Philips, Lenovo, Sony Bravia and others support Wi-Fi Direct.

The easiest option is to organize a chain “computer-tale-TV”. To do this, your router must maintain DHCP mode. To turn it on, it is necessary to make the following (on the example of the asus router):

Now you need to install the connection between two devices. First you need to configure the media server on the PC. It is best to use branded software from the manufacturer of your TV. For example, Samsung has such a PC Share Manager or SmartShare, Lenovo has Lenovo Cast, and Sony Bravia has VAIO Media Server. You can find them in the public domain on manufacturers’ sites. However, you can use the Windows functionality, which will be discussed next.

  • Next, you need to enter the name of the library with multimedia files (1). Below will be displayed a device connected to the same local network via a router. In this case, this device is Sony Bravia TV. Instead of this name, you will have “samsung”, “Philips”, LG or DR.

How to connect an audio system to Sony TV?

Connect the TV to the audio system using the HDMI cable. Connect a TV with the inscription “ARC” to the entry connector of the HDMI entrance. It is recommended to use a certified cable improved high.speed HDMI cable (‐) with the HDMI logo.

To do this, press the “Start” button and go to the “control panel”. Next, select the “screen” parameter, and in the column on the left select the option “Setuping the screen parameters”. This is HDMI setting on a laptop.

How to install fork player on Sony Bravia?

To download Forkplayer for Sony Smart TV, you need:

  • In the parameters of the “Network”, click on the “Repeat” key “;
  • Select the settings method and click on the “Specialist” mode;
  • Determine the connection method-wire or Wi-Fi;
  • Now click on the line “IP address installation”;
  • In the “Initial DNS” section, write combination 85.17.thirty.89;
  • In the line “Second DNS” Code;
  • Click on the key “Ready”.

Installation through DNS shift

Download the utility on Sony Bravia Smart TV is possible in such methods. There are several installation instructions below.

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Method 1

  • First, we start the “Settings menu” folder for network connection TV.
  • In the opened tab, click on the section with manual installation.
  • In the new window we insert a combination for DNS
  • We start connecting to the network.
  • Immediately after the end, we open the now Theeta.
  • Fork player will open on the TV screen.

Method 2

  • We open the www platform in the
  • At the end of the authorization, the necessary ID will display on the page. It is located in the All Programs folder, then the ABOUT tab.
  • ID indicator enter the line on the site;
  • Next, drive the device model and in the URL Loader line insert the link address in the column;
  • Thus, Opera Store will display a separate species called Develop.

Install through the IDE developer

  • Download the current version of Java for the operating system;
  • Bring the current version of SDK Webos TV;
  • If GIT errors appear on the displays, install the latest version of the program;
  • Register the profile on the Webos TV website;
  • Connect PC and TV to Wi-Fi;
  • After activating the TV

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Installation from a flash drive

Get Forkplayer is easy to use an additional carrier. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the media files will not be provided completely. To get it, you will need to download Remote ForkPlayer. The option is included in Smart TV parameters

The first way

The first way will be needed for Sony Bravia:

  • upload the file and open it to the USB flash drive.
  • Next, open a personal account that is located in Smart TV.
  • Insert a compact flash drive.
  • After click on the “Home” button on the distance.
  • Open the application on TV, after which on the device with the application.

The second method

This method is useful for Sony Bravia technology, which has been sold since 2010, as well as for NETCAST equipment:

  • upload the archive and send it to the compact flash drive, then unpack it.
  • Launch the Smart TV Sony Bravia page.
  • Turn on the park “My software”;
  • Click on a line about USB utilities.
  • Select FORKPLAYER further.

How to display an image from a computer to Sony TV?

In the case of Intel Wireless Display, the Widi application allows you to connect a laptop and a computer with a Wi-Fi card to TV. Open it on the device, select the “connect” parameter and select the TV you want to send the image. When the first connection of this type, you need to enter a pin code.

Installation of applications

Additional applications can only be installed on Sony television receptions based on Androidtv. Loading is made from the Google Play store. You need to understand that not all programs and games that can be seen in Play Market, but only adapted to TVs will be available to the user. For installation, you must click on the “Home” button on the PDU, select the “Applications” section, and then “Store Google Play”. From the opened application store, the user can download and install any programs and games. You can look for the necessary content by leafing through the page or using the search bar. For installation, you need to click on the icon of the selected widget, switch to its description and click “install”.

SONY Bravia: How to Display PC Screen on TV with HDMI

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In addition to Google Play, you can install applications on Android TV using a flash drive, having previously loaded the right game or program downloaded from the Internet on it.

Important! On TVs with Linux OS, the installation of additional software was performed from the Opera TV Store store. The content available in it could be launched directly from the service or added to the “My Appendices” tab. Unfortunately, since 2017, this store has not been available on Sony SmartTV TVs, so downloading applications is impossible.

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Nevertheless, on SMART TENSHERS Sony under the control of Linux, you can use the available applications that provide access to a large number of video content and music.

Installation of applications

Any manufacturer of television equipment tries to install an original browser in its products, which, in addition to the presence of many convenient and useful functions, carries an image load. For Sony Bravia, such a browser is a stylish and multifunctional Forkplayer.

To install this application on the Sony TV can do any user, for this it must be downloaded from the official website where the latest official version, or other resource that you trust is always available.

Before starting the installation of new programs and applications, we first need to update existing ones that are available by default in our TV.

To download updates, you should take the following steps:

  • Enter the main TV menu.
  • Find the installation section and enter it.
  • Next, we find the network, click
  • In the menu that appears, select the option “Updating the Internet”

After that, an automatic connection to Sony servers and applications update will occur. At the same time, you should not turn off the supply of TV and take other actions.

If you want to add other applications that are absent in the “All applications” list, then you need to use, for example, Operatvstore or Playmarket. Everything is simple here: we find the application that interests us (it is very convenient that they are all sorted by categories), select it, add it to the “My applications” list and use it.

As you can see, the addition of new applications is a simple and quick process that does not require a lot of time.

Methods of connecting devices

There are several ways to connect smartphones to the Sony Bravia TV designed to solve a particular problem:

  • Using a phone as a remote control for managing a TV panel;
  • launch of specialized media content;
  • Using as a full-fledged Smart setup.

The connection algorithm depends on the selected method. The most common options are wired through HDMI/USB port and wireless Wi-Fi network.

It is difficult to organize a wire connection of a smartphone and TV, since devices may not be equipped with the required connectors or support for such a connection. Due to problems with compatibility of wired methods of connecting smartphones to TV Sony Bravia, we will further consider the wireless method.

Possible problems

In general, most problems in the functioning of applications installed on Sony SmartTV TVs are associated with incorrect users’ actions. Rarely arising software errors, as a rule, are taken into account by developers and eliminated when releasing updates or new versions.

A failure in the operation of applications is also possible due to untimely flashing of the SMART-voltage OS or the use of an outdated version of the program. In this case, the problem that has arisen is solved by updating the firmware of the TV OS or a simple installation of a fresh version of the widget.

In addition, applications can be disturbed due to a failure in the network settings or an incorrectly selected method of connecting to the last. Such violations are corrected by eliminating deficiencies. For example, in some cases, refusal of wireless connection through the Wi-Fi module and use for connecting with the network of the Internet Lan Cabel.

Summarizing the above, let’s draw the reader’s attention to the fact that if the existing Smart-TELIRITER from Sony works under the control of Android OS, the installation of additional software on it is similar to a similar process on ordinary smartphones, so it will not cause difficulties even among newcomers in the industry of “smart” technology.