Samsung Smart View Features

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The program is supplied by the developer for smartphones, tablets and personal computers running on Android, iOS, Windows and Windows Phone platforms. The main task of the utility is to fully interact with Samsung Smart TV with other electronic devices.

Smart View includes the following features:

  • using an external device as a remote control. You can control the TV using a phone or a computer mouse;
  • viewing the contents of any external storage device, as well as playing any multimedia files (video clips, audio clips, images and animations);
  • watching movies, news, digital TV sports on a smartphone or PC;
  • software turning on and off the TV using an auxiliary device;
  • management of widgets and other utilities of the Smart Hub service;
  • configuring and managing sleep mode.

All these possibilities are opened by me thanks to several utilities that can be used in the Samsung Smart View application:

  • TV Remote. This option allows you to control your Samsung TV using your mobile phone or PC. When you enter the utility, an electronic layout appears on the device screen, duplicating the buttons on the remote control. The selection of the desired pressure is performed using a sensor on a tablet or a computer mouse.
  • Dual View. With this utility, the user can fully synchronize the broadcast of the image. In practice, it is possible to watch TV channels from a smartphone or laptop, or vice versa, access to the content of an external device on the TV is opened. Synchronization is performed via Bluetooth wireless technology, therefore, delays of up to several seconds are not excluded.
  • Bluetooth PowerON. This option allows you to control the sleep mode and system power on of the TV. To use it, Smart TV must have a built-in Bluetooth router or a Bluetooth router connected via USB.
  • Game Remote. A utility for the game mode, with which the smartphone turns into a joystick. Includes limited and full modes, the latter of which supports gyro control. Option not provided in the app
  • Smart. The user gets full access to the Smart Hub service. Synchronization of the TV with a remote server is available.

Advice! The quality of the wireless connection directly depends on the distance of the device from the TV. If there is a strong delay in playback, it is recommended to shorten the distance.

Smart View Samsung does not see the TV, problems and solutions

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of modern TVs. Starting with the 6th generation series, the concern began to produce smart smart TVs, which expanded the possibilities of television. Together with modern digital TV, the user received a powerful multimedia device that can be compared with a stationary computer.

How to screen mirror your phone to TV | Samsung smart view native feature

Smart TVs are rightfully considered the pinnacle of TV technologies, they have powerful processors, video adapters and large RAM. The software capabilities are no less perfect. interactive and social television. In the latter case, access to remote services over the Internet is considered, which are supplied by Samsung and third-party developers. Among the interesting services. Smart View, which is offered to familiarize yourself below.

Installation and configuration

To use the first step, you need to download the Samsung Smart View app and perform a connected installation. After that, you need to set up and connect to the TV. How to do this on a smartphone and PC is discussed below.

Supported Devices

The application is available for all known platforms that run smartphones and computers.

The program is compatible with any version of Android from 4.1, and computers must be running Windows 7 or higher.

On the computer

The downloaded file must be unpacked and the custom installation option selected (this will simplify the process). If the installer interrupted the operation, you will need to download the new version. NET Framework (version 4.4 or higher), after removing the old version, and re-installing.

After successful installation and launch of Bluetooth, a list of all found devices will be displayed on the computer, among which the TV is selected. The computer has a more powerful module, so it can take up to 30 seconds to establish a connection.

Important! If the TV does not have a built-in Bluetooth module, and an external router is used, it will be displayed in the list of active devices, and not the TV model.

On the phone

After downloading, you need to confirm permission for the application to access the functions listed by the installation manager. After starting, Bluetooth turns on on the phone, then you need to find the TV and confirm its choice. After 10 seconds, a connection will be established and you can use the application.

Possible problems

Occasionally, a situation may occur where the Samsung Smart View application refuses to work.

Below is a list of common problems and their solutions:

  • Doesn’t find the TV. Software update required. This issue is relevant for TVs and other supported devices from 2011-14, which are not yet Smart devices, but already support the Smart Hub service. The update package can be obtained by synchronization with the TENET service.
  • The connection is not established or there is a large delay in data transmission. It is necessary to shorten the distance between the TV and smartphone / PC. Wireless transmission is characterized by the loss of part of the data over a long distance.
  • Content from a computer or tablet is not playing. It is necessary to disable the antivirus on the connected device. it blocks access to it.
  • The TV does not respond to commands. You need to check the functionality of the built-in Bluetooth module or the correct connection of an external router.
  • The application crashes. In this case, the phone is not designed to work with Samsung Smart View, you need to update Android.

Important! Each device has a pixel resolution limitation. Therefore, if the broadcast is transmitted to a device with a low resolution, the image quality will deteriorate. In the opposite case, it will not improve, because the screen is not able to increase the original pixel resolution of the incoming file.

Smart View can’t see or connect to TV: solution

Hi everyone! Today we will talk about the issue where Smart View does not see Samsung TV. The most important thing is not to panic. it can happen to anyone. It was today that I ran into this problem when connecting my smartphone to the TV. And now I will tell you how you can deal with it. But first of all, let’s make the correct connection.

Supported TVs

First of all, you need to see if the TV supports this function. I would also like to note that if the device does not have a Smart TV system installed, there is no LAN port on the back, to connect to the network, then, unfortunately, your “box” will not support this program. Now a little explanation on the table. A series of models will be presented below. The plus sign means that in addition to this model, support is also provided for later models. For example, LED D7000: LED D7500 also supports.

Year Model
2011 LED D7000, PDP D8000
2012 LED ES7500, PDP E8000
2013 LED F4500, PDP F5500
2014 H4500, H5500
2015 J5500
2016 K4300, K5300

NOT SUPPORTED! J6203, F9000, H6003, H6103, H6153, H6201, H6203.

The rest of the models from the 2017 release fully support this application. If you have any difficulties in determining which model is supported or not, then you can write your questions in the comments below. Just remember to include the full model name.

Can’t find Samsung Smart TV

Sometimes the problem occurs precisely from the side of the application and the operating system of the phone. Therefore, first of all, completely uninstall the application. Then go to the “System” section and update the Android OS to the latest version. Then download the app again from Google Play or App Store.

On old “boxes” that have been released since 2011, you need to update the operating system. To do this, you need to synchronize via TELNET in the menu. Sometimes the update takes place in a separate settings menu. I can’t say exactly where, I’ll have to look.

Reboot the router, for this, go to it and click on a special button. If you are afraid to press on something, then just unplug it. You can try to wait 2 minutes, and only then turn it on. If this does not help, and the application still does not work, then reconnect the phone to the network. Also check that the TV is connected to the router.


  • First of all, you need to check that the TV is connected to the same network along with the phone. In this case, the TV set can be connected both by wire and by Wi-Fi. The most important thing is that the connection is to one router.
  • After that, download the Samsung Smart View program from the App Store or Google Play. Nothing is complicated, we just launch these applications on the phone, enter the name of the program in the search bar. Next, download and install.
  • After starting the application, you need to click on the button to connect to the TV. There will be only one. don’t mix it up. After that, we select the TV. I have only one at home, so only one device is displayed. If you have a TV model from 2011-2013, then you need to click on the “Allow” button. If the TV is newer 2014-2015, then on the screen you will see 4 digits. they need to be entered on the phone.

After that, Connect should already happen. Then you can use your phone as a remote control. But sometimes it can be difficult to connect.

How to use

First of all, the application greatly facilitates the management of a large menu via a smartphone. It is very easy to search for information in the menu, tune the TV set, and enter data. If desired, you can view pictures, photos, videos from your phone, tablet or laptop directly on the TV.

If your smartphone is equipped with a gyroscope, you can use it as a controller in some games and applications. Also on new TVs, you can use the phone’s gyroscopic functions as an electronic pointer.

Connecting and setting up work

To use Samsung Smart View, you need to download it to a PC or phone, and then connect all connected equipment (along with a TV receiver) to one wireless WI-FI network.

Samsung Smart View. features and functionality

Before you start using Samsung Smart View, you need to understand what kind of program it is. This app is designed to work with third party devices with Samsung TV panels. Its functionality includes the following features:

  • control of the TV receiver without a remote control;
  • using a smartphone or tablet as a joystick for games;
  • transfer and playback of multimedia content (video, photos, music) from a mobile gadget to a large screen;
  • formation of playlists to quickly start watching your favorite movies, photos or audio compositions;
  • loading one file or a whole directory from PC memory into the program and launching in one action;
  • viewing the contents of the connected equipment on the TV set.

For phones (or tablets) Samsung, this software allows you to set the viewing mode for TV programs. This will be relevant for those who do not have access to TV, but want to watch a certain program. Also, the option will be interesting in large families, where everyone wants to watch different channels, and there is only one TV set. Dual View is a great solution in these situations.

Sleep mode is another interesting feature of the Smart View app. It allows you to watch TV channels on your PC or mobile device even after turning off the TV. This will be convenient late at night when everyone is asleep. In order not to disturb anyone, you can set up sleep mode, turn on your phone or laptop, plug in a headset and watch your favorite show.

All the features of Samsung Smart View

To transfer multimedia content to a large screen, as well as to control a TV receiver without a remote control, the user can connect a phone, computer or laptop to the TV through Samsung Smart View. This is a special application from Samsung that can be easily downloaded to the required device and synchronized with the TV panel for further work. You just need to correctly establish a connection between devices, and then correctly configure and use the utility. How to do it. in our material.


To install the program on your computer, you need to open the official website, find the “Support” section (at the top of the screen on the right) and select “Instructions and Downloads” in the drop-down menu. The page that opens should be scrolled down, click “Show additional information”, after which the Samsung Smart View section will appear on the screen. You should go to this section and click on the button “Download version for Windows OS”. After that, a window will appear in which you will need to select a folder to download the file. Next, you need to wait for the download to complete and go to the directory in which the distribution was saved.

To start the installation, you need to double-click on the installation file. In the Application Setup Wizard window, the user will need to accept the terms of the license agreement, select a folder for installing the application, and then wait for the process to complete.

After installing the software, a small window will appear on the monitor with a description of the main functions of the program and the “Connect TV” button, which you need to click on. Next, there will be a description of the steps to start the program. the user needs to make sure that the TV is turned on, and then connect it and the PC to the home wireless network. After that, the TV receiver should appear in the list of available devices. You need to click on it. Then, the connection loading circle will rotate on the PC display, at the same time, a notification will appear on the TV panel screen of an attempt to connect a new device. It is necessary to confirm the pairing of the equipment.

Next, a new window will appear. To broadcast video or other multimedia files to the big screen, you should select the required content by clicking on the “Add content” button. It can be a single file or an entire folder. After downloading, click on the file that the user wants to play. It will be displayed at the top of the monitor and will also appear on the large TV screen. Further control is carried out using the PC mouse and keyboard.

On the phone

To use the program on a mobile device, you first need to download and install it. For iPhone and iPad, you can find software in Russian in the App Store, for smartphones and tablets based on Android. on Google Play. Next, you need to connect the equipment to one WI-FI network with a TV receiver.

The next step is to launch the application on the phone. If the TV panel is connected to a local network, it will appear in the list of available devices. You need to click on it to establish a connection. At the same time, a notification will appear on the TV receiver screen about an attempt to connect third-party equipment.

To play content, you must select the appropriate section (“Video”, “Pictures”, “Music”) and find the required file. To use your smartphone as a remote control, click on the remote control image at the top of the screen.

On TVs

There is no need to make any TV setup. All that is needed is to connect via cable or WI-FI to the router, and then confirm permission to synchronize with an external device, be it a PC or a phone.

What devices is the program suitable for?

The latest version of the app is Samsung Smart View 2.0. It works equally well on both desktop and mobile platforms. But there are a number of limitations.

The program works on Samsung TVs released in 2011 or later, but not all models are supported. Therefore, it is recommended to refer to the instructions or to the official website of the manufacturer to find out if the software in question will interact with a specific TV receiver model.

Displaying the image on TV sets of other brands, for example, JVC, will not work with this application. But most TV panel manufacturers can find their own programs for transferring content from smartphones or PCs to the big screen. They are usually based on DLNA technology. LG has this option called Smart Share, Philips. Simple Share, Sony Bravia. VAIO Media Server. On Samsung, a similar solution is called AllShare. This function works differently from Smart View. its principle is based on organizing all DLNA-enabled devices into a single network for sharing multimedia content.

To install the program on Windows-based equipment, the computer must have the following characteristics:

  • 32- and 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10;
  • Intel Pentium 1.8 GHz processor, equivalent or higher (recommended Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or higher);
  • at least 2 GB of RAM.

You can download the distribution kit of the version of the program for Windows on the official resource of the manufacturer.

AirPlay technology

Apple TV lets you quickly and effortlessly connect your tablet to your TV. The prefix is ​​expensive, but useful, as it simplifies the synchronization of all Apple devices with each other. Its main task is to show videos from streaming web resources like YouTube, iTunes and others. The set-top box includes support for AirPlay. the function of broadcasting video from mobile devices to a large TV display. After basic setup, it becomes possible to watch any videos, listen to music, run programs and even games. All this is available in high quality.

  • We connect a smart set-top box to TV.
  • Open the settings and turn on AirPlay.
  • We set up a connection to the same Wi-Fi network on both devices.
  • Press the “Home” key twice to switch to multitasking mode, and then specify the correct parameters for the brightness settings.
  • Click on AirPlay and wait until the device is identified.
  • Select the prefix and turn on the “Mirroring” option in the “Video replay” position. Now the picture from the tablet is duplicated on the TV.

Using Google Chromecast

Another method of connecting devices wirelessly requires a Google Chromecast adapter. The device practically does not differ from a flash drive, but for connection it uses an HDMI connector. For it to work, TV with a mobile gadget must be connected to the same network.

Is it possible to connect iPad to TV?

IOs, although it is a closed operating system (OS) with an increased degree of security, but it still allows you to quite easily interact with the TV. The easiest method to display an iPad image on a TV is to use the Mirror or Wireless Display mode. The idea is to duplicate the image from the tablet onto the TV screen. TV turns into a large monitor on which we can adjust scaling, resolution and more.

How to Connect iPad to Samsung / LG Smart TV?

In search of a tablet that will work without lags for a long time and have support for modern technologies, buyers often prefer Apple technology. It also has a weakness. the difficulty of connecting to devices on other operating systems. So the procedure for communicating with TV is a little more complicated than in the case of Android, but it is quite simple to implement if you have basic knowledge. We will show all the best ways to connect iPad to Samsung Smart TV / LG Smart TV.


The main advantage of the method lies in the high quality of the picture, and all because of the huge network bandwidth. The method allows you to easily watch 4k and even broadcast video from games, etc. Among the other advantages: the ability to stream high-quality audio and video, ease of connection and ease of use. True, tablets of previous generations can limit the quality of the picture.

How to connect iPad to TV via HDMI:

  • We connect one plug to the TV.
  • We connect the other end to the tablet. This requires either a dedicated cable or an iPad HDMI adapter.
  • Selecting the HDMI signal reception mode on the TV.

How to connect iPad to Smart TV:

In general, all connection methods can be divided into 2 main groups: wired, where you need some kind of cable, and wireless, most often. via Wi-Fi. We cannot point out the best way to connect iPad to LG Smart TV, as each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. The choice also depends on whether there are houses, the appropriate cables and whether both devices support the necessary technologies.

Via Wi-Fi

How to connect iPad to TV via Wi-Fi:

  • We enter the Wi-Fi network on the TV.
  • We activate one of the programs on the tablet.
  • Go to “Settings” and activate the element “Show”.
  • We open the site through the program, content will be broadcast on it.
  • In the properties in the “Display Device” section, select your own TV.
  • Press the button “Beam”.

Important! If the button to start viewing is not displayed, you should reload the site and wait a little.

The advantages of the method include the absence of cables that tie the tablet and TV to each other. On the other hand, the picture resolution will be limited by the network bandwidth. often than not, you’ll have to settle for FullHD instead of 4K.

VGA adapter and USB

The method implies the ability to synchronize the picture between devices in the second display mode, but it does not support sound transmission. You will either have to be content with the sound from the tablet, or purchase wireless speakers. The method is more suitable for demonstrations and presentations, but not for full movie viewing at home. The advantage of the approach is the ease of setup, since the USB interface is on all TVs, and the cable is included in the package of all tablets.

  • Connect one end of the wire to the corresponding port on the TV.
  • The second side should be connected through the adapter to the tablet.
  • On the tablet, display the notification curtain and set the mode of operation as a drive.
  • As soon as a device is found on the TV, you can start playing video or music.

Each way you sync your TV to your tablet works differently. Wireless methods offer more freedom, but require a good network and can limit image quality. Wired counterparts are easier to implement, but make it inconvenient to use a TV with a tablet at the same time. Usually you have to put your gadget aside and watch TV.

How to connect iPhone to Samsung Smart TV via Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI, programs

Faced the question of how to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV? Despite the size of mobile screens, watching movies and TV shows on gadgets is inconvenient. Modern gadgets are connected to TV players. They play any files on the screen. This option shows slides with photos, interesting videos and episodes of your favorite TV series. In the article we will tell you how to connect a mobile phone to a TV, turn on a video. Follow Basic Tips for Getting Results.

Connection features

Device owners connect gadgets to a monitor. With this, it is easy to play any video content on the big screen. When connected, users also play games and use social media. Functions are available depending on activation. The USB connection does not allow watching clips from the Internet. Mobile like a regular USB flash drive. Based on this, a popular method is a standard HDMI connection.

Screen Mirror for Samsung

The utility of the same name is needed for all Apple devices. The software is paid and costs 5. Install using this method:

  • download the widget for IOS appliances;
  • then enable the “screen recording” option in the “Settings”;
  • select the program “Mirror” on the screen;
  • go to sync and confirm activation;
  • files from the internal memory of the smartphone will appear on the screen.

Special programs for connecting iPhone to Samsung TV

To accomplish this task, special software has been created from different companies. In fact, they work the same way, however, each of them has some nuances.

Is it possible to duplicate the screen via Bluetooth?

The smartphone allows screen mirroring via Bluetooth. The user will need to open the App Store and download the desired application. After opening, go to sync.

Analog cable connection

To use this method, you need to connect both devices with a separate cable. This wire is popularly called “tulip”. The only caveat is that with such a connection, you cannot watch videos in high quality, resolution. It is possible to connect to TV using the following cables:

  • Composite. Insert the wire into your TV and smartphone. You do not need to set parameters. It is enough to turn on the AV button and click on the “Mirroring” button.
  • Component. The instructions for execution are the same as in the previous version. This method is suitable for users with an operating system higher than version 4.
  • VGA wires. Purchase the appropriate cable to use this method. Remember that this option is suitable for all mobiles above 5S.

AirPay (screen replay)

Use the built-in functionality of your mobile phone. Unlock your smartphone and swipe down from the top of the screen. In the quick menu, click on the key. Wait for connection.

How to Connect Smart View to Samsung TV

To launch Samsung Smart View, you first need to download the program. After downloading the utility to the phone, its installation starts in automatic mode.

After the installation process is complete, you can use certain functions in View to customize it. Then you need to connect to the Internet and find TV using the Refresh button.
If your smartphone does not see your Samsung TV, you need to make sure they are on the same network. When the phone can detect Smart TV, you need to find it in the list and join it.
Once connected, the smartphone image appears on the TV screen. When viewing files, the broadcast may be delayed by 10 seconds.

Let’s consider the option of wireless connection using an Android phone in stages:

  • Samsung Smart View is installed on your phone. It is uploaded via Istore or Google Play.
  • Phone and screen connect to adapter.
  • Then you should turn on the TV and turn on the utility.
  • TV will appear on the screen of the mobile device, which can be connected.

After these manipulations, the device is ready for use.

You can access the Smart View application from the computer.

To do this, you must perform the following actions:

  • The program should be downloaded to your computer. Then unpack it and install.
  • If the process slows down, you may need to additionally use the Net Framework program, and then try to install Smart View again.
  • You need to connect to the same network that the PC is working on.
  • Then you should open the application.
  • A tab will appear in which you will need to find the TV. After that, you should click OK and wait until the PC connects to the TV.

After installation, you have access to all the functions of the application. a free playlist and watching videos.

Samsung Smart View Features

Samsung Smart View is available for download on the Play Store. Additionally, the phone must be iOS or Android.

If necessary, you can find a version for computers, but the PC must have an operating system of at least Windows 7. A tablet is also suitable for installation.
After connecting the utility, you can use the following Samsung Smart functions:

  • TV Remote mode is provided for using a smartphone instead of a remote control for remote control. After connection, the screen displays the buttons that should be present on the remote control. A keyboard is displayed to enter text.
  • With the Dual View option, you can view information via a tablet or mobile device. It is also possible to play content that is hosted on a PC via TV.
  • Turn off and turn on the TV from your own phone helps the Bluetooth PowerON function.
  • Game Remote allows you to use your cellular as a controller to control.
  • Smart is for applying Smart Hub widgets.
  • Sleep mode allows you to put your TV into this mode.

An important advantage of the application is the presence of a remote control emulator. This allows you to split images on the screen. watch movies and chat in messengers.

The View utility demonstrates not only files in video format, with its help you can create a slideshow from the pictures contained on the device.

How to Connect Smart View to Samsung TV

Smart TVs are becoming more and more popular. Such devices provide many useful features, which include controlling equipment via a smartphone and using files from a PC.

Many users are attracted by Samsung TVs. If you have Smart TV, you can connect your phone and watch files without installing complex programs.

If the equipment belongs to another company, it is also used, but for this you need the Samsung Smart View app.
You can find out how to connect SmarTView to a Samsung TV from our review.

Suitable for what devices

The functional utility can be installed on such devices:

  • Samsung Smart TVs that were produced in 2011-13. The utility of the original version is installed on them;
  • Samsung TV models with Smart capabilities that have been produced since 2014. New configurations are installed on them;
  • mobile devices running on the Android 4.1 operating version;
  • Windows PC, higher than the seventh version.

What to do if Samsung Smart View can’t see TV

If the application cannot find the TV, the following methods can help resolve the problem:

  • You can try to update the factory settings and firmware.
  • Antivirus software can interfere, you need to turn it off for a while.
  • We recommend using the optional Samsung PC Share Manager. The program was designed to be combined in a TV network with a Smart app and an external device.

A simple application opens up great possibilities for broadcasting content from mobile devices to large screens. It is possible both convenient and joint operation of the TV with a tablet or smartphone.

How to connect iPhone to Samsung TV via wi-fi

Since most of the new generation TVs support wireless access, the over-the-air method is the fastest and easiest. To do this, from two devices, you connect to one access point, which is located the closest. in an apartment, house or office.

AirPay (screen replay)

Another method that will help you duplicate the iPhone screen on your Samsung Smart TV is using AirPay. For streaming content or sharing visual content, it is sufficient to adhere to this guide:

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • make sure both devices support AirPay technology;
  • connect to one access point, and make sure that the Internet is stable;
  • find and open the recording you want to play via AirPay;
  • click on the TV icon;
  • select a device;
  • confirm action.

Is it possible to duplicate the screen via Bluetooth?

Yes, Bluetooth sync is available now. For this, it is important that both devices support the specified module.

Image output via HDMI

This method requires a cable. Be sure to make sure you have an HDMI connector in your TV beforehand. If your TV does not have an HDMI connector, you will have to purchase an appropriate adapter.

Turn off all equipment, connect the wires. Turn on everything and turn on the search for the smartphone. When TV “sees” the phone, the “Mirroring” option is activated. Due to what the picture enters the TV screen.

If the action fails automatically:

  • on iPhone, turn on data transfer using an HDMI cable;
  • wait up to 15 seconds.

Samsung Smart View

Samsung Smart View is a system enhancement utility. You can download the current version of Samsung Galaxy Eps, Google Play, Epp Store and Windows. To establish a contact, you need to download specialized software on both gadgets, and then connect them to the general Wi-Fi and confirm the pairing with a code. All the functionality of the program is completely free.

DLNA connection

If the TV supports DLNA digital content, then this option will also help establish contact between gadgets. How to connect to Samsung TV from iPhone via DLNA:

How to connect iPhone to Samsung Smart TV: Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI, programs

How to connect iPhone to Samsung TV? Regardless of what screen your mobile has, its diagonal will clearly not surpass the TV. On TV, it is more convenient to watch TV shows, films, use the 3D option, and so on. For owners of modern phones of an American company, several channels of contact with technology are available: Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI, third-party programs.

Wireless connection methods

It is these types of synchronization that are considered the most simple and quick to implement. No additional cords are required to connect.

You just need to execute certain commands both on the smartphone itself and on the TV.

There are several options for implementing a wireless connection.


For this type of synchronization, neither wires nor a home router are required. The main thing is that the phone and the TV are compatible. It is very important that both devices have a program such as Wi-Fi Direct. In this case, data transfer without wires will be performed after the following actions:

  • on the TV, select the “Settings” menu item, then select “Network”;
  • in the drop-down window open the launch of the “AP” program;
  • then you need to set and remember the password for the Wi-Fi Direct point;
  • now you need to select the “Connections” menu in your smartphone, open it, and select Wi-Fi Direct in the Wi-Fi window;
  • go back to the list of wireless networks and select the one that was created for the TV;
  • enter the invented password;
  • in the phone, open what needs to be displayed on the TV screen, and press the “Share” button.

After that, the pictures or videos should start playing on the Samsung TV screen. At the same time, it is important to know that with such a synchronization of devices, access to the Internet on both must be disabled, otherwise nothing will work. Therefore, you can only transfer files that have already been downloaded to your smartphone.

If you have such a wireless network in your home, you can use one of two options for connecting your phone to a TV without using wires. In this case, in all cases in advance, it is necessary to check the general compatibility of both devices with each other.

Why is it necessary

At first glance, it may seem that the synchronization of these two devices is completely unnecessary. In fact, this is not the case. Connecting the TV to a mobile phone allows some operations.

  • Send the image to the big screen. This will allow you to view all images more conveniently, will make it possible to carefully examine even the smallest details.
  • Conveniently watch the video. over, it can be either a short video or a full-length feature film. You can enjoy watching movies, TV shows or just photos with maximum comfort.
  • Copy data. This function is possible in cases where the TV has a removable memory card, and the data from the phone will be saved to it.
  • Listen to music or watch clips. The TV has a much wider screen than even the largest modern smartphones. Plus, the device itself does not need to be constantly held in your hands.

In addition, connecting a mobile phone to a Samsung TV also allows you to play your favorite games on the big screen, and if you also connect a keyboard, you can create an impromptu computer.

But in order for all these functions to be possible, it is necessary to synchronize these two devices correctly.

How to connect your phone to a Samsung TV?

In some situations, you may need to connect your favorite smartphone to a Samsung TV. There are several options for performing this operation. How to properly connect the phone to a TV receiver, how to solve the problems that may arise in this case, we will consider in this article.

Screen mirroring

Such a program is installed in every Samsung smartphone on the Android platform. At the same time, experts say that it is best to bind the Smart TV of this brand to the phone in this way. there are almost never problems during synchronization and further use of the units. You can make such a connection by following a series of steps.

  • Both Samsung devices must be connected to the same wireless network.
  • On the TV, you need to open the menu and select “Source”.
  • Activate Screen Mirroring.
  • Now the same function must be activated in the phone via the quick settings panel. Please note that in some phone models it is called Smart View.
  • Within a minute, the TV should appear in the list of local connections.
  • Select the desired name of the video stream connection in the menu that appears.

How to Connect Smart View to Samsung TV

In order for the program to work correctly and fully, you need to connect your TV, smartphone or PC to the same Internet network. When this prerequisite is met, you can try to start installing the application itself. The instructions may differ (depending on which device is being installed on).

Smart TV Samsung

Owners of TVs that were released later than 2011 can take advantage of the program:

  • 2011. models LED D7000 and older, as well as from PDP D8000;
  • 2012. versions from LED ES7500 and PDP E8000;
  • 2013. ever higher LED 4500 and PDPF5500. The only exception is F9000 and everything that came after it;
  • 2014. this year’s models from H4500, H5500. But apart from: H6003 / 6103/6153/6201/6203;
  • 2015. versions of models later than J5500 (except for J6203);
  • 2016. models after this year support Smart View from versions K4300, K5300.


The program will work on a PC if its OS meets the following requirements: Windows. OS from 7 onwards 8, 8.1, 10.

  • processor frequency at least 1.88 GHz,
  • RAM from 2GB,
  • power of VGA adapter is not weaker than 32 and support for resolution from 1024768.

Connection drops

This can happen because the distance between the two devices is too large.

Streaming files from a smartphone

If the purpose of such a connection is to view data on the TV screen on a mobile or broadcast online video, the following requirements should be met:

  • enter the gallery (or YouTube, for example);
  • determine the transmitted stream;
  • select the data transfer button (in the form of a rectangle and a wireless network signal or the “Broadcast” item);
  • there will be an automatic search for devices and the TV will be highlighted, on which you need to click;
  • there will be a broadcast of media files on Smart TV.

How to use

When all the actions are done correctly, it will be easy to understand the program. By default, the Russian version is loaded and from this all sections are clear, you can immediately try to work with them (widgets installed on the TV will appear in the program on the phone or PC).

You just need to remember a few special nuances:

  • in certain cases (for example, when broadcasting TV programs from the TV on the phone or playing a video), differences and some lag are possible. On average, no more than 10 seconds;
  • some functions may not be supported by your TV model and therefore may not work. often on older versions, or depending on the region (for Russian versions, there may be some restrictions).

How to use Smart View app on Samsung: step by step guide

Have you bought a modern Samsung TV with Smart TV, but have not yet been able to evaluate one of the interesting features called Smart View? Many newbies simply do not know what it is or how to establish synchronization between two devices. This article will provide answers to all possible questions about Samsung Smart View.