Wi-Fi problems on the LG Smart TV TV: Does not see the Wi-Fi network, does not connect, the Internet does not work, network error 106, 105

To the article in which I showed how to connect the TV LG Smart TV to the Wi-Fi network, at the moment more than eight hundred Комментарии и мнения владельцев are left. These are mainly questions related to the most different problems that occur when connecting LG TVs to Wi-Fi network. Samem.


Look inside the television channels on Smart TV LG

The main difference between smart TVs of this popular South Korean company from previous models. availability of a special digital block. This unit allows the owner of the device to enjoy all the advantages of Internet television in the presence of a network connection.

However, to view ordinary television, the owner of the smart TV can safely do without installing Internet connection. Currently, the territory of Russia is covered by digital broadcasting, and 20 free information and entertainment channels are available to all users living in this territory.

LG SMART-TV Owners will be able to view public channels if you connect to the corresponding connector that supports the DTV-2 standard (if there is no such input, you will have to additionally buy a special TV console), on the back panel of your telephone or small one. about 6 inches. room Antenna and make a simple setting using the remote control (remote control):

  • open the “Menu”;
  • Go to “Settings”;
  • Select “Channels”;
  • We go to the “Channel Search”;
  • Select the source of the signal in the form of “Ether TV”;
  • Activate the link “Only digital”, we launch the “Autopoysk” and confirm your actions;
  • Expect the end of the process and leave the “menu” by simply pressing the “OK” button.

Before setting, it is recommended to select the inteeis language so that the alerts on the TV screen are displayed on the user’s usual. Make it easy. Just take into the hands of a television remote and go on the next path: “Menu”. “Settings”. three points. “General”. “Languages”. choose in all sections Language. “OK” (“Ready”). In addition, in the General section it is recommended to establish your region as well as the date and time.

This is so simple way to the LG TV owner can connect to viewing all-Russian channels. You can expand the list of television broadcasts using cable, satellite or IP television connectivity. At the same time, the cable and satellite TV (“Tricolor”, MegaFon and other operators) connect along a similar scheme, but the installation and setting of IPTV is possible only with a sustainable and high-speed Internet connection.

How to log in on the TV LG Smart TV TV?

As in the case of any other TV, you must first connect to the Internet. These articles can be useful for you:

connect, smart, cable

We connect the LG TV to the Internet, we are convinced that it works and perform the following actions:

connect, smart, cable

  • Button “Home” or “Smart” open the Smart TV menu. Or open the list of programs with the “My Apps” button.
  • Among the installed applications on LG Smart TV, we find and run the application “Web browser” (WWW).
  • The browser on the LG TV also has a targeted string that combined with a search string. This means that you can register the site address in it, or a search query. Everything as in other browsers. The browser even immediately gives prompts.
  • Open tabs are displayed below. You can create new tabs, or close them.
  • The icon with the screen on the icon panel (right) opens over the browser window a small window in which you can watch TV channels. There is also a button to change the scale of the page in the browser, the icon that opens the menu, turns on the view “full screen” and closes the browser. On LG TVs, it is especially convenient to sow on the Internet using the Magic Remote console. Even the mouse is not needed.

In general, the browser on LG TVs works very quickly and supports all the necessary technologies. You can even watch online video on sites. True, on these TVs sometimes the error is “not enough memory”. It seems to help connecting a blank flash drive to a USB port of the TV.

Connection via cable

If you select this method, you will need to connect the Internet cable to the LAN connector located on the rear panel. If you have only one computer connected to the Internet, it is recommended to purchase a special splitter to which the Internet cable is connected. in this way, the Internet will be able to work simultaneously and on the computer and on TV. Connect the splitter is not difficult. one of its outputs (LAN 1) with a network cable is connected to the computer, and the other (LAN 2) is connected to the television.

Now you need to configure TV. Take the remote and follow the steps below:

  • Press the HOME key and log in to the menu;
  • Go to the “Settings” section, then in the “Network”, then in “Network Connection”;
  • After select the “Configure Connection” key and go to the “List of Networks”.
  • You will need to go to the “Wired Network” item, click on the “Update” key, and wait for the connection of the connection. Having received this message, press the “Finish” key. Connection successfully completed.

SmartShare function on LG TV

Collect all devices in your TV you can with a very convenient function called SmartShare. precisely, this software that will allow you to view and listen to files in any format, and they can be installed on any electronic device, provided that it is also connected to the wireless network. Such technologies used to even imagine it difficult, and now it is a reality available to everyone.

Hundreds of entertainment content operators are collected in one single application that combines all possible areas: cinema, talk shows and music, all in one place. Such extensive capabilities can get a Smart TV user from LG if installing SS IPTV on its device. In essence, the installation is not much different from other programs and widgets, but if you come across it for the first time and you have difficulties, use the step-by-step instructions, which is shown below.

  • On the remote control, select the SMART button and move to the menu in the following order: Smart WORLD, in the appeared string drive SS IPTV, click “Search”, after that the list will appear from which it is necessary to click on “Set” and wait for the program initialization process.
  • As soon as the program is adapted to the TV, you will be offered to familiarize yourself with the Custom Agreement, which of course will need to take.
  • After that, you can safely guide to “run” and begin to get acquainted with a huge list of proposed channels and programs.
  • In order to start viewing, it is enough to choose one of the channels and click “OK”, here in principle and all nuances with setting up and installing.

Only competent configuration according to the instructions will allow you to fully use SMART TV.

You can ask a question to masters from our service center by calling or writing your question about the feedback form.

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We connect online

For full work SMART TV Requires Internet connection. And various USB modems from mobile operators will not fit. It is necessary for the houses to have a full-fledged Internet and preferably Wi-Fi Router.

At the moment, two Internet connection methods are available to LG TVs:

  • Cable. Used if there is no Wi-Fi Network or not desire to configure it, also some TV models do not have a built-in adapter for wireless connectivity.
  • Wireless. convenient option, provided that the Wi-Fi network is available.

What method to apply to configure your LG TV with SMART TV to solve you exclusively. Both options will ensure the stable operation of the application.

Use cable

Such a method involves connecting a network cable to the corresponding connector on the TV. You can find it on the rear panel of the TV. To ensure simultaneous work of the Internet on a computer and TV, a special splitter RJ45 will be required. With its connection problems will not arise.

It remains only to perform certain settings. We take a panel in your hands and follow the following manual:

  • Applying the Home button, open the main menu;
  • Go to the category “Settings”, and then “Network” and “Network Connection”;
  • In the section that opens, you need to “Configure Connection”;
  • Select a list of available networks and install a wired option.

After a few seconds of the expectation, the notification is displayed on the screen that the connection is successful. Now you can understand how to use the Smart TV functionality in the LG TV.

Via wi-fi

To organize a wireless connection, you need to manually perform the following settings:

  • As in the previous version we go to the main menu, whereby go to the “Network Connection” section;
  • In the connection settings, select the wireless network;
  • A list of available connections will appear, select your network;
  • We enter a password;
  • We are waiting for connections.

If everything is done correctly, a successful connection will appear on the screen.

How to register an account

After the user has made the main job, if you need to correctly register your account to view various programs registered. Without account, the system will not allow it to view. For this you need:

After that, the registration can be considered completed, however, you must log in using the registered login and password through the system and the login button on the TV.

Connect LG TV to Wi-Fi

Turn on the TV, and immediately go to the settings by clicking on the Settings button.

connect, smart, cable

In the settings, open the Network tab, then select Network Connection.

We see the screen on which we are reported that SMART TV often uses Internet connection and suggests connecting via cable, or wirelessly. Click on the Configure Connection button.

Further in the list We are looking for your Wi-Fi network (if there are many of them). and choose it.

Use the on-screen keyboard Wr write a password from your Wi-Fi network and click OK. Password must be minimum 8 characters. Enter the password does not rush carefully.

Press OK again, and wait until our TV connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi network.

You must see the message that the network is successfully connected.

Click the Finish button, and you can start using the Internet. You can, for example, to read Help-Wi-Fi through the browser.COM 🙂

How to connect and configure Samsung on TVs

Consider how a similar sequence of connection of smartphones occurs through Wi-Fi data transmission from other Smart TV on the example of the Samsung TV.

Through iPhone

To use your TV as a monitor and open files on it, you need to prepare both devices:

  • Download on TV widget “Allshare” in the official store;
  • Additionally, install the Allshare TV-Cast application in the iPhone with the AppStore;
  • Connect on both Internet Internet (one router).

Next, you need to open the AllShare program on TV and mobile, and send the file to the big screen.


Technology is universal and can come up for many models of TVs (LG, Samsung, as well as Philips and DR.). To connect, you need to perform the following steps in order:

  • Connect the smartphone and Smart TV to the common Internet (router);
  • On the phone, open these sections are alternately: “Settings”, “Screen” and select “Wireless Display”;
  • After that, you need to click on “Enable” (the message will be displayed that Bluetooth will be turned off in this mode, confirm the consent);
  • On the TV, find in the “Screen Share” menu, run it;
  • The phone will detect found TV, make a connection.

When all actions are successfully completed, the TV will be broadcast the smartphone display.

  • The easiest way to technology is Direct;
  • Method associated with a home router. Miracast.
  • Using Screen Share by creating a local network.

If we are talking about the owner of the iPhone, then the sequence will have another, but the result will be one everywhere. design on the big screen of files from the smartphone.