How to connect a phone to Samsung TV

The combination of a TV with a smartphone or tablet opens many convenient ways to broadcast and play multimedia.

Television of a television phone opens a lot of possibilities. For example, you can watch several family vacation videos, YouTube video in higher resolution or continue to play the Netflix series.

Most TVs are currently “smart”-that is, they will be connected to Internet applications such as Netflix, YouTube, and T.P While using prefixes you can get most of the video or translated content to which you need to access.

But sometimes the files are transmitted from the phone and therefore I just want to continue the viewing session on TV. To do this, there are many ways to connect the device to the TV.

What is a MIRACAST for TV

Wi-Fi Certified Miracast is a popular technology created by Wi-Fi Alliance in 2012.

It allows you to organize a connection between the TV and other device through a wireless channel. Mobile gadgets contain many photos, work files, video and game content. On a large TV screen, it is more convenient to watch them. Using Miracast, you can view a smartphone, tablet, laptop on the TV screen.

  • On the Android platform, starting with version 4.2;
  • with the Windows 8 and higher operating system, as well as Windows 7 when installing the Widi driver;
  • Linux.

Mirakast is based on the improved Wi-Fi Direct technology. We can say that it replaces the HDMI or MHL cable. You can transmit data in both directions.

There is no compatible protocol for Apple devices. The analogue is AirPlay.

What technique supports Screen Mirroring

Theoretically, this technology is used in any of the Samsung TVs and smartphones. If the gadget does not automatically connect, the presence of additional devices is required. For example, the High-Definition Link mobile wire, which is responsible for the “mirror display” of the content. Miracast technology or the NFC module is also often used.

How to connect a phone with a Samsung TV via USB

If the TV receiver does not support the SMART TV function, or the Internet does not work on one of the devices, the use of the USB integration is a great way to connect. Not even the newest models are equipped with a similar port, and its presence in a gadget is mandatory at all.

Unlike Screen Mirroring, the connection via USB does not translate the image from the smartphone screen to the TV, but only turns the mobile device into an external drive. That is, the TV receiver is perceived as a flash drive through which you can watch photos and videos or play music.

  • Connect one part of the USB cable to the smartphone, the other to the TV.
  • Open the TV receiver menu.
  • As a type of connection, select USB.
  • Indicate the smartphone model.

At the same time, on the screen screen, it is necessary to note the recognition of the gadget as a media carrier. Otherwise, the files on the TV receiver will not be displayed. If everything is done correctly, it will remain using the remote control to launch the file of interest, and get acquainted with the content on the big screen.

How to screen mirror iphone to samsung Smart TV

What is DLNA, and how it works

Digital Living Network Alliance or DLNA technology is perhaps the most common type of connection among new Samsung models. It is a set of standards, thanks to which compatible devices on the Internet are transmitted. take media content (photo, video files, video from YouTube, music) and broadcast it in real time.

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To broadcast the image from the iPhone to the Samsung TV via DLNA, the following actions are performed:

  • On the iPhone from the AppStore, you need to download and install a specialized application (for example, “TV Assist” (direct link for downloading https: // Apps.Apple.COM/UA/App/TV-SSIST/ID760661078?l = ru), “iMediashare” or dr.).
  • Launch the application.
  • Through the main screen, open the desired tab: “photo”, “music”, “browser” or “files”.
  • Select the desired media content.
  • Further, the program will offer possible devices for connecting. Select samsung.
  • We get the broadcast of the picture on TV.
  • In the “TV Assist” application through the “paint” tab, you can independently create inscriptions or drawings, and broadcast them to the screen.

note! To connect the iPhone to the Samsung TV using the aforementioned DLN technology, both devices should lie on one local network. Otherwise, they may not see each other.

You can also use the Twonky Beam application:

  • Download (https: // Twonky-beam.Soft112.COM/) and install the selected program.
  • Open the application settings by clicking on the corresponding sign in the upper left corner.
  • Activate the function “Show Or Hide the Visual Indications” by clicking on it with the mouse.
  • Go to the main page of the utility.
  • Open a browser.
  • Find and open the right photo or video file.
  • Open an additional menu in the application, clicking on the right side of the strip window.
  • Turn on the TV.
  • Next in the program, indicate the name and model TV.
  • Open an additional menu.
  • Run the video.

note! This application can work in Offline-mode.

We connect a Samsung tablet or Samsung TV smartphone

Unfortunately, connecting devices through standard Android programs will not work. you will have to use a special cable or software from Samsung. It is already installed on the smartphone of the manufacturer, so it will be easier to connect them. But take into account that the smartphone and TV should be located on the same network: both devices can be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Lan.

On the TV, open the “Sources” menu and go to the Screen Mirroring tile to enable the data transfer function from the mobile device.

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If you use a smartphone or tablet Samsung Galaxy, draw a finger down from the upper edge of the screen and turn on the Smart View or Screen Mirroring function in the menu. After that, the connection between the mobile phone and the TV will begin to establish. If the TV is not found, press the Source button on the remote control and select Smart View or Screen Mirroring. If the connection is installed, the desktop of the phone will be displayed on the TV screen.

How to connect a phone on iOS and Android to the Samsung TV

Consider all the current options for connecting the phone to the Samsung TV TV.

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Using Screen Mirroring

If you also have a phone from Samsung, use Screen Mirroring to connect, everything that happens on the phone screen will duplicate the TV display.

Before connecting, make sure your TV supports a function, especially if you have a more old TV model. You can find out about support from the documentation to the device (in technical specifications). If there is no access to the documentation, find the information on the official website “Samsung”. TV series F, J, K, M should definitely support the technology.

The connection process depends on the version of the “Android”. First, consider the instructions for old versions 4 and 5:

    Turn on the TV device. Using a special button on the control panel, call the “Sources” list. In the menu, select the Screen Mirroring tile to activate the option.

For Android version 6, the procedure is simplified:

If you have a version of Android is already higher than seven, you need to do the following:

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Using Smart View and one local network “Wi-Fi”

This method is suitable for all phones models on which the Android is not lower than 4.1 or iOS not lower than 7.0. Before connecting, both the phone and the TV need to be connected to one Wi-Fi network so that the devices are in the same LALLEK. After that, we do the following:

How to do screen mirroring in Samsung Galaxy A30

    If you have Android, download the Samsung Smart View app with Play Market by link. If you have iOS, go to the App Store to install a mobile program.

Download the Samsung Smart View program from your market

The functionality includes duplication of the screen, control of TV using a phone as a remote control, using a phone as a game joystick, turning off TV or activation of a sleeping television mode.


Miracast or Wi-Fi Direct-functions that allow you to connect two wireless devices, but without the use of an intermediary-a router. That is, the TV and in our case, the smartphone should not be connected to one Wi-Fi network. Condition. phone and TV must support the miracast function.

Let us consider in more detail the connection process by the example of the Sony Xperia smartphone:

  • Turn on the Mirakast on TV device.
  • Go to the Xperia connection unit in the settings. Choose there the point “Duplication of the display”. Click on “Start”.

Through “MiRAKAST”, the picture with quality videos will be transmitted in normal mode. But with the games there will be a small delay of 0.5-1 seconds.

MHL technology

All previous technologies were based on wireless technologies. Here we will use cable connection. To connect two devices, we will need a wire with HDMI and Micro USB outputs. At the same time, both TV and the smartphone should support MHL technology. You can find out about support again from the documentation.

If there is no support, you will need to buy the MHL-HDMI adapter. It is best to purchase a corporate adapter from Samsung. But you can find cheaper analogues from other manufacturers.

How to organize a connection using an adapter and a cable:

First you need to connect the phone to the adapter (adapter)

The wired connection will be more stable and fast than wireless. But at the same time, wires will increase in your apartment.

If you also have a phone from Samsung, choose Screen Miroring technology, such a connection is very simple. If you have Android from another manufacturer or “iPhone”, use the Samsung Smart View application. download it with Play Market or App Store. Another wireless communication option is Miracast. If the wireless connection is not suitable for you, use the HDMI-MIRCO USB cable.

Features of the connection with iPhone

The iOS operating system installed on iPhones has a number of restrictions. They make it difficult to connect the iPhone to the Samsung TV, so only 2 interfacing methods are provided for the owners of Apple technology:

Both options were previously discussed in detail in the material, so there is no reason to return to them. It is only worth noting that the proposed methods suggest the presence of a Smart TV function on the TV and the active connection of Wi-Fi.