One Airpod is quieter than the other

  • One of the headphones is discharged. Need to put the headset in the charging case.
  • Check that the holes are clean and not stained, and there is no debris on the screens. If there is contamination, then it is necessary to carefully clean the device with a brush.
  • Be sure to check volume settings on iPhone.

Reference! If the sound quality remains poor, you hear clicks, whistles, squeaks, we recommend taking the headset to a service center for repair.

Simple ways

There are two ways to pair any wireless headset with an iPhone:

  • Bluetooth settings,
  • Automatically.

The process of connecting Airpods does not take much time and comes down to simple instructions:

  • First, the user must turn on Bluetooth. To do this, you need to slide your finger across the screen from bottom to top (in the locked state),
  • Click on the pictogram of the same name,
  • Turn on the device,
  • Airpods will automatically be connected to the smartphone.

If the wireless headphones are not from Apple, then the device should be connected via the settings:

  • You need to get the “plugs” out of the case and, if necessary, turn on.
  • Wait for them to connect to each other.
  • Then on the phone go to “Settings” and select “Bluetooth”.
  • Turn on Bluetooth.
  • Start searching for other devices.
  • Find the name of the gadget in the list of available devices, and start the connection.

After the headset is connected, the user can exit the settings and play music. If the device was connected correctly, the corresponding icon will be in the upper right corner of the screen. Some models transmit information about battery charging.

Not determined

Sometimes Airpods, Freebuds, Mi AirDots or other branded headphones are not detected by the iPhone.

In this case, we follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Check if Bluetooth has turned on on iPhone.
  • Restart the wireless system. turn off and then turn on the “plugs”.
  • Make sure the headset is well charged.
  • Check the compatibility of your phone and headset. In some cases (on newer Airpods models), to connect a wireless device, the operating system must be at least iOS 7.
  • Make sure that there are no devices nearby that can intercept the signal. laptop, MacBook, candy bar, another smartphone with synchronization enabled.
  • In rare cases, powerful Wi-Fi routers can interfere with connections. move to a safe distance (5-10 meters).

Connection issues after upgrade

Very rarely, there is a synchronization problem after installing a new version of iOS on the iPhone.

  • Restart Bluetooth first and re-pair,
  • Ideally, restart your smartphone,
  • Remove all major sources of interference that could interrupt or interfere with the signal.
  • Open the case next to the phone. A corresponding prompt should appear on the display.
  • Try connecting another wireless headset to your iPhone. If this does not help and there is still no connection, we recommend contacting technical support.

Pairing occurs, but no sound or poor sound

In this case, we are talking about a poor-quality headset or a sudden interruption of the signal.

If the problem is a bad signal, follow the instructions:

  • Restart headphones.
  • Disconnect the headset for about 30 seconds and only then reconnect.
  • Shorten the distance between the smartphone and the wireless headset. Long distance may interfere with the connection.
  • Disable extraneous Bluetooth devices.

Doesn’t connect

The device may appear in the list of connections, but not connect. An error may appear on the display or the connection may take too long. more than 1-2 minutes. Then it is necessary:

  • Remove all devices from the “My devices” list that are no longer in use. click on the exclamation mark on the right and tap on “Forget this device”
  • Restart wireless headphones and turn off / turn on Bluetooth on smartphone.

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Possible difficulties

Even though the wireless device is convenient to use, connection problems may occur. It is important to note that there are almost no difficulties with the original Airpods headset, but it will be useful to know the solution to standard problems.

method to connect any wireless earbuds to iPhone

Airpods and lesser-known plugs are only gaining popularity with the development of streaming and music services. But sometimes, users are faced with the problem of how to properly synchronize devices. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at how to connect wireless headphones to iPhone. In parallel, we will consider the main problems.

The manual is universal and suitable for all iPhone models: 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max.

Description of Apple Wireless Earbuds for iPhone

Airpods let you play audio content, make calls, and use Siri’s voice assistant features. The headset is controlled by touching one of the wireless iPhone headphones with a finger. For example, by double-tapping one of the Airpods, you can:

  • activate the voice assistant and ask him to execute one of the supported commands;
  • start or pause playback of audio content;
  • switch to the next or previous music track in the playlist or rewind the podcast being played;
  • interrupt audio playback.

Below are examples of requests that Siri can make through the Airpods microphone:

  • “Play Playlist X”.
  • “Make the music louder”.
  • “Build a route to home”.
  • “Skip the started track”.
  • “Pause the music”.
  • “Tell me, how much charge is left in the Airpods?”.

The easiest way to control Airpods is with Siri

The Pro version of Airpods also allows you to control the level of audibility of the user’s environment by toggling between Open Headphones and Active Noise Cancellation modes. Changing modes is carried out either from the iPhone screen, or by pressing and holding a special button on the headset body. To enable / disable the active noise canceling function in the second way, the user needs to configure the gadget as follows:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu on the iPhone.
  • Open the “Bluetooth” section and go to the “Airpods Pro” tab.
  • Click on “Press and hold Airpods”.
  • Check the box next to the desired action.

This setting needs to be done only once.

Additional Information. Any Airpods model can simultaneously connect to iPhone and iWatch.

Airpods must be placed in a case to charge. The branded case that comes with the regular versions of the headphones (1st or 2nd generation Airpods) is of two types: with and without wireless charging support. The first type of case supports charging according to the Qi standard, and the second only with the help of Lightning-to-USB-A and Lightning-to-USB-C wires.

Airpods Pro only come with a charging case that supports both wired and wireless charging. To view the current status of the case and headphone batteries when charging wirelessly, the user needs to touch the indicator light on the case body: if, for example, the indicator glows green, then the case and headphones are at least 80% charged.

  • 1st generation. not produced, but the original can be found on sale from some resellers for about 10 thousand rubles;
  • 2nd generation. 13 490 rubles and 16 990 (the more expensive version is sold with a case that supports wireless charging);
  • Pro version. 20,990 rubles.

How to Connect Chinese Wireless Headphones to iPhone

To connect wireless headphones made by third parties, including Chinese manufacturers, to an iPhone, you will need to pair the smartphone and a Bluetooth accessory:

  • Open the “Settings” of the smartphone and activate the “Bluetooth” function in the corresponding section.
  • Turn on wireless headphones for iPhone, and then wait for their name to appear in the menu on the phone screen. The headset must have a factory name.
  • Click on the name of the Bluetooth headphone. In some cases, you may also need to enter the accessory password on the smartphone screen. You can find it out in the factory instructions attached to the device.

After completing these steps, the wireless headphones are ready to use with your iPhone.

Connecting Samsung Wireless Headphones to Apple Technology

Important! When choosing headphones from third-party manufacturers (JBL, Samsung and others), the user should pay attention to the Bluetooth version supported by the accessory: only headsets with Bluetooth 4.0 are compatible with the iPhone.

Wireless headphones for iPhone and iPod

Thanks to wireless headphones, the iPhone owner can save himself from annoying and constantly tangled wires, since modern iPhones are compatible with many wireless headsets. The article will talk about connecting not only branded Apple Airpods to a smartphone, but also devices from third-party manufacturers.

SOLVED Not able to Connect Samsung Ear Buds on Iphone?

What Bluetooth headphones is iPhone compatible with?

1st generation Airpods are compatible with any iPhone running iOS 10 or later. To pair your iPhone with 2nd generation Airpods, you’ll need to update your phone to at least iOS 12.2. At the same time, Airpods Pro can only see iPhones with iOS 13.2.

Note! Headphones made not by Apple, but by Chinese Honor, for example, can be connected to any iPhone, except for very old 3G and 3G S.

In retail, you can find not only white Airpods, but also their custom versions.

Which iPod models support wireless headphones

Airpods are only compatible with iPod touch. Depending on the version of the operating system installed on the player, it will support:

  • Airpods 1 (iOS 10);
  • Airpods (iOS 12.2);
  • Airpods Pro (iOS 13.2).

How to Connect Wireless Airpods to iPhone

The main advantage of Apple Airpods is that the user does not need to make any efforts to connect them to the iPhone: the headset removed from the case automatically connects to the smartphone and is immediately ready for use. To start playing music or other audio content, just insert branded headphones into your ears.

Despite the ease of use of Airpods, their owner will still need to set up pairing the headphones with their phone. To connect a headset to an iPhone for the first time, you need:

  • Unlock Smartphone.
  • Open the case in which the Airpods are stored and bring it as close to the phone as possible.
  • Click on “Connect” when the initial settings window automatically opens on the iPhone screen.
  • Activate Hey Siri. The user will have to perform a few simple steps following the instructions of the setup wizard. If this function has already been activated on the smartphone, then this stage of pairing devices can be skipped.
  • Press the displayed softkey “Finish”.

After following these steps, you can play audio through your new iPhone wireless headphones. If the smartphone is signed into an iCloud account, Airpods will independently “learn” to connect to other user devices, such as Apple Watch or iPad.

Important! Before performing the initial setup of pairing the headphones with your phone, you must make sure that the latest version of iOS is installed on the iPhone.

Wireless headphones capabilities

Wireless headphones are gaining popularity not only for their convenience, but also for a wide range of functions.

Duration of work of the headset. from 2 to 5 hours in music playback mode

  • automatic music playback;
  • call control;
  • regardless of the model, they can fit any gadget;
  • switching audio tracks;
  • the presence of a microphone, which allows you to talk on the phone without taking out your smartphone;
  • volume change;
  • opening Siri.

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy Buds to iPhone/iPad

Features and availability of listed options may vary by model and manufacturer.


Program released under the direction of George Friedrich. Suitable for Air Sub headphones. With its help, it is easy to monitor the charge level. The app automatically detects the position of the headphones and plays music if they are in your ears. But the function is limited and only works with some sources (Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Music).

AirBattery has a paid service that significantly expands the functionality. To find out all the information about the headset, just open the main menu.

Important! Thanks to notifications, the user will be regularly informed about the charge level of the gadget.

How to Choose an App for Wireless Headphones on iPhone

The headset is an indispensable thing in a person’s daily life, as it allows you to always be in touch, enjoy music and movies. Sound quality depends on the type of headphones and software used. Wireless headphones have an undeniable advantage, as they take up less space and do not get tangled with wires. To always stay with music, you need to properly set up and use your device.

Wireless Headphone Apps for iPhone

With the help of additional programs, you can expand the functionality and simplify the work with the device. At the moment, there are many applications for wireless headphones, each of which has its own characteristics.

Any application can be downloaded from the official Apple market

Potential Problems Connecting i7s and i9s TWS Wireless Earbuds to iPhone

Wireless headphones can work correctly only with correct connection and no mechanical damage. First of all, you need to determine which device is the problem. The malfunction can be both in the headphones and in the smartphone software.

Experts recommend immediately testing the headset on another device. If there is sound, then the reason is in the phone, if not, you need to understand in more detail.

The i9s TWS looks almost identical to the Airpods.

The phone settings are checked immediately, in particular the visibility of Bluetooth with the connection to the headset. Sometimes a banal reboot helps to deal with the incorrect operation of devices. In addition to software problems, mechanical damage is common. Airpods analogs are not made so well, so if you fall inside the device, a wire or board can easily break off.

For your information! Bluetooth may malfunction in cold weather. In some cases, even at 3 ° C, the headset refuses to turn on.

Sony Mobile Communications

  • wide panel for changing settings;
  • regulation of noise reduction;
  • surround sound setting;
  • equalizer control.

With the help of the notification line, the user will always be informed about new versions of the application for installation.

What to do if pairing fails

If the connection fails, you should check the following parameters:

  • Bluetooth device is turned on and in discoverable mode.
  • Both accessories are next to each other.
  • The headset must be fully charged.
  • If the program is additionally used, then in its settings it is necessary to confirm the connection to Bluetooth.

If you cannot pair again, but the device was previously connected to the iPhone, you need to disconnect the connection, then put the headset in discoverable mode and try to do it all over again.

A possible reason for failures lies in compatibility. This applies to non-original headphones. In this case, you need to contact the manufacturer and clarify whether the device supports iOS or iPadOS.


To create a pair, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • On your phone or iPad, open the settings menu and select the Bluetooth item, activating it. The section should not be closed until all steps have been completed.
  • Switch the accessory into discovery mode and wait until the corresponding icon appears on the screen.
  • To create a pair, you must click on the name of the headphones. Further, an access key or pin code may be required. In this case, it is necessary to study the documentation for the device, where the manufacturer indicates the data.

After pairing, the gadget can be immediately used with the phone.

List of devices that support this feature:

  • Apple smartphones starting with iPhone 8 and newer;
  • iPad Pro 10.5, 11 and 12.9 inches;
  • iPad Air 3rd and 5th generation
  • iPad mini 5th generation
  • iPod touch 7th generation.

To successfully connect multiple pairs of headphones, the gadget must have iOS 13, iPadOS 13 and newer OS versions.

iPad mini 5 connects seamlessly to wireless headphones

The most convenient way to control two pairs is through the Control Center menu. Here you can change the direction of the sound simultaneously to both pairs, or to each separately, as well as set separate volume.

Important! Using the “Batteries” application, the device charge is monitored.

Assistant Trigger

This app is for second generation Airpods owners. It displays the percentage of charge, and also has pop-up notifications so that the user always knows when to charge the headset. The program detects the position of the headphones in the ears and automatically plays audio tracks.

Double-clicking on the application icon opens the menu, and a single click stops the music. The charge level is displayed with a small error of 7-10%. This is due to the peculiarities of the air pods, which do not immediately give data.

Note! Charge and location display feature is only available on the full account, which should be purchased for 2.

Pay attention to this kit:

Micro-earphone with good sound size of 10 mm and a unique Bluetooth Phone headset, which completely eliminates the need to use a phone.

About the manufacturer

The iPhone 6s is manufactured by Apple. It is an American corporation that develops tablet computers and personal computers, software, audio players, etc. Today, its activities are known in all world states. In our country, the management has registered the organization “Apple Rus”.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to iPad or Android

The principle of pairing devices is the same as in the previous manual. After activating the headset, turn on the wireless data technology on the mobile device, find the headset and pair them.

Before connecting Apple Wireless Headphones to your phone, you should know that the Bluetooth connection is actively consuming the battery power of both devices. Try to turn them off until you need them.

Possible problems

How to connect wireless headphones to your phone if there are problems and malfunctions of paired devices. Here are the main possible problems and their solutions.

Problem Decision
The phone does not see the Bluetooth headphones Make sure the devices are fully charged; restart by holding the power button for at least five seconds; refresh the list of devices available for connection on the phone
Communication problems after updating the phone OS (new driver versions conflict with the headset firmware) Fix by downgrading OS or installing updated firmware on wireless headphones
The Bluetooth signal on the phone is cut off or the connection is not possible The reason is a mismatch between the Bluetooth versions on the phone and headphones. Requires contacting the service center, or the choice of headphones with a Bluetooth version corresponding to the phone

Connecting Sony headphones

The procedure for connecting Sony headsets to phones Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei:

  • If Bluetooth headphones are turned on, turn them off.
  • Phone pairing mode is activated on the headset.
  • Press and hold the ID Set key.
  • After the indicator starts flashing, release the button. The headset enters the prioritized device pairing mode.

Important! Before you start pairing your wireless headphones and your phone with each other, you need to make sure the headset is fully charged and at least one meter away from the phone.

Why the connection might not be established

For example, you do everything according to the rules, the device appears in the list of available for connection via Bluetooth, but the connection does not occur. Or your gadget doesn’t appear on this list at all. There may be several reasons for this:

  • If you turn on the headphones, but they do not appear in the list, try pressing the pairing button on them again. If this does not help, turn off the gadget and turn it on again. Then try disabling Bluetooth on your phone and enabling it again by manually searching for nearby devices. Also try to place the earbuds as close to the phone as possible, especially for the first connection.
  • If the headphones are on the list, but pairing does not work, check if they are already connected to another device nearby. If the connection has already been established with another smartphone, tablet, computer or TV, the second connection will fail. You need to find this device and turn off Bluetooth on it, then the connection will be cut off and you can connect to another gadget. If you do not know what kind of device it is, just turn off the headphones, place them directly next to the phone with an active network, and only then press the power button. In this case, the gadget will connect with the device that is closer.
  • Interference from other wireless devices may cause failures. Take them away and try again.
  • If the device takes too long to connect, but there is no result, click on its name in the list and select “Unpair” or “Disconnect”. Then restart your smartphone and try again.

How to connect Bluetooth

All iPhone models are synchronized with gadgets that have a Bluetooth version of at least 2.1. When buying wireless headphones, keep in mind that in order to connect and work with Apple phones, they must support at least one of the following Bluetooth profiles:

  • Human Interface Device Profile (HID).
  • Audio / Video Remote Control (AVRCP).
  • Personal Area Network Profile (PAN).
  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP).
  • Hands-Free Profile (HFP 1.5).
  • Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP).

To turn on Bluetooth on iPhone, you need to:

  • press the button “Sleep / Wake up”;
  • click on the “Settings” icon;
  • in the window that opens, click on the Bluetooth column;
  • in the new window, move the floating button opposite the Bluetooth function to the on position (green color), the enabled Bluetooth devices will appear on the page.

Wireless earphone instruction for iPhone

We discussed the theory, now, in practice, we will describe in stages how to connect a wireless earphone to an iPhone. Curiously, the wireless headset connection algorithm is common to almost all Apple devices and iPhone versions.

  • turn on the headphones;
  • we activate on them the ability to connect to a previously unknown device (usually by pressing a button and holding it for more than two seconds);
  • when the headphones become open for searching, turn on the power.
  • expect the blue indicator to flicker.

If the indicator refuses to blink, we use a special key on which you can see the Bluetooth designation. In some cases, you have to use the headphone power button. In this case, you will need to hold down the specified button.

It is necessary to achieve from the indicator exactly blue blinking.

How to connect headphones

Different models of wireless headphones turn on the Bluetooth function differently, so carefully read the instructions for the headset before connecting with an iPhone. For the first time, for better synchronization, the headset is turned on next to the device. Connecting headphones to the phone is as follows:

  • on the iPhone, a line with the name of the connected wireless headphones should appear in the Bluetooth window;
  • when you click on this line, a new window will open, in which, opposite the “Synchronize” option, the floating button must also be moved to the on position (green).

Problems connecting wireless headphones to iPhone

In some cases, the iPhone may refuse to recognize the headphones. In such a situation, we check the availability of the headset for detection by other devices. If the Bluetooth indicator is constantly on, and not flickering, to activate it, press a separate button or use the power key hold.

In different models of headphones, this action has its own characteristics. Disabling Bluetooth and reactivating it can help. There is a chance that after this the accessory will appear in the list of devices that are available for connection. Subject to the instructions given in the instructions for the headphones, the connection is successful.

True Wireless Stereo translates from English as truly wireless stereo, so TWS headphones use Bluetooth not only to connect to the device, but also to each ear monitor with each other.

Missing sound after updating the phone

  • The first thing you can do is check what settings are set for your device on the phone. To do this, click on the information icon next to the name of the device in the list of available ones and check that the profiles “for conversation” and “for music” are active.
  • Restart your headphones and smartphone. Check the charge level of the devices. If there is sound, but disappears and is interrupted, try checking the operation of the devices in another place. Strong electromagnetic radiation may cause malfunctions.
  • If all else fails, “roll back” to the old firmware or reset the phone to factory settings. this will help if the sound disappeared after installing any unreliable applications.
  • If the problem is mechanical: the battery is faulty, the headphone board is damaged, for example, due to water ingress, you need to contact the service center.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to iPad or Android

The principle of pairing devices is the same as in the previous manual. After activating the headset, turn on the wireless data transfer technology on the mobile device, find the headset and pair them. Before connecting Apple Wireless Headphones to your phone, you should know that the Bluetooth connection is actively consuming the battery power of both devices. Try to turn them off until you need them.

So, we have figured out how to connect Bluetooth headphones to iPhone. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Bluetooth earphone activation

After completing the described steps, the phone will assign the status “Connected” to the headphones. A new designation will appear next to the battery level indicator, which indicates that the headphones are connected and ready to work.

Thanks to the function marked “i”, we can temporarily disconnect the headset or completely delete all connection information. For the latter case, the item “Forget this device” is provided.

The indicator that notifies the user about the headset charge level is called “Batteries”. When you reconnect the headphones to the phone, the device recognizes almost instantly and without user intervention.

Possible connection problems

Important! There is no point in restarting your iPhone, you just delete all the data, and this will not solve the problem. If the gadget is not visible at all, and other smartphones recognize everything perfectly, then there is simply no support, you need to look at another option.

How to connect wireless headphones to iPhone

You can easily connect wireless headphones to the iPhone regardless of their manufacturer, it is not necessary that they be branded from Apple.

It’s easy to do this using Bluetooth wireless technology and easy configuration of its connection in the settings of your phone.

Samsung Galaxy Buds how to pair with iPhone

In the last article, you learned how to take a screenshot on an iPhone. Today we will talk about how to connect wireless headphones and speakers to iPhone via Bluetooth easily and quickly.

Interesting! Also, in a separate material there is detailed instructions on how to connect Airpods to iPhone easily and correctly.

How to connect a wireless speaker to iPhone

Be sure to charge the Bluetooth speaker before pairing / pairing and press the button on it.

Go to the phone settings and open the “Bluetooth” section, make the item of the same name active to start searching for devices.

Immediately after the column appears, select it from the list, if asked to enter a password, then you can find it on the column itself or on the box from it. often it’s just. 0000.

If you encounter problems and do not play music. delete the added column in the same menu by clicking on “Forget device” and then adding again.

Interesting! You can check music playback and sound quality immediately. So you can easily decide before purchasing whether you like the sound quality or not.

How to connect wireless headphones to iPhone

Charge your wireless bluetooth headphones and press the bluetooth enable button on them.

Open the smartphone settings, go to the section with the name “Bluetooth”, set the switch of the item of the same name to the active position and wait until the headset is found and displayed in the list below.

When the device is found, click on it to establish a connection. In rare cases, a PIN may be required, it is usually located on the headset itself or its box.

Immediately after connection, the sound will work from the headphones and, if there is a built-in microphone on the device, then conversations can be conducted through it, which is very convenient.

Interesting! If you have problems with playback or with pairing in general. in the same section, do “Forget device” by clicking on it and then adding it again. This often solves the problem.

Thus, you can connect any wireless headset to the iPhone. These can be overhead or plug-in options from Xiaomi, Samsung, Honor or others.

How to connect Samsung headphones to iPhone?

Many people have a question: how to connect Samsung headphones to iPhones? These 2 organizations have long been competing in the market of all kinds of electronics, and although Apple products are more expensive and are in great demand among representative buyers, Samsung is also far from lagging behind, and the latest innovations: Gear IconX headphones and Samsung Galaxy S 9 bring the famous South Korean company to the favorites of the permanent rivalries.

So, does this fact affect the compatibility of similar products, but from different manufacturers. Will Samsung‘s wireless, wired headphones work with an iPhone? Let’s figure it out in this article.

Does Samsung Earbuds Fit iPhone?

As for the wired headphones from Samsung, they certainly will not fit Apple products. Firstly, everyone knows that Apple deliberately uses everything of its own, original (software, methods of connection, charging and signal transmission). Android devices and iOS phones cannot be connected via Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi is quite difficult. It is thanks to this fact that the apple has developed its own third option for connecting headphones, which does not coincide with Samsung or Nokia.

precisely, there may be sound, but the microphone function, track switching buttons and others will not be able to work. The problem is the different contacts for devices from different companies.

On the iPhone, contacts were deliberately rearranged to stand out from the crowd and promote their products. It should be noted that the company succeeded in this.

Samsung‘s new Gear IconX headphones show good compatibility with iPhone and other Apple products.

A wireless headset is significantly different from a wired headset. Therefore, via Bluetooth, it is possible to establish the compatibility of the headphones with the iPhone. It is necessary to enable the connection through the phone settings, after some actions taken, the wireless connection of the Samsung headset to the iPhone will be configured.

How to connect them to iPhone?

The principle of connecting a wireless headset is very simple and consists of several common steps:

  • We turn on the iPhone device. Go to system settings.
  • Find the “Bluetooth” section, go on, turn on the Bluetooth signal.
  • We are waiting for a few seconds and the name of your headphones will appear on the display. Do not be alarmed if there are some incomprehensible letters and numbers, electronics have their own naming and connection algorithms. At least there should be no mistake, because you should have only one Bluetooth headset from Samsung nearby.
  • The last step: click on the name of the headphones and after a few seconds the sound will go to the headphones.

Unfortunately, there are coins when the iPhone cannot find a connected device nearby. In this case, there are no exact recommendations, but you should check how close your headphones are to the phone, then turn off and then turn on Bluetooth on the device. If this does not help either, restart the phone and try again.